Fox News Judicial Analyst Slams Conspiracy-Pushing Colleagues, Paints Grim Picture for Trump (Video)

Once upon a time I referred to Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano as “Trump’s favorite judge.” After all, Napolitano was apparently the primary source Trump used to make his unfounded claim that Barack Obama had Trump Tower illegally wiretapped during last year’s campaign. He’s also someone with a fairly well-established past of being rather pro-conservative.

That said, here lately, the pro-Trump hysteria at his employer has become so ridiculous that he’s somehow become an occasional voice of reason.

Such as Tuesday when he and Shep Smith (another one of the rare voices of reason at Fox News) ripped into their colleagues for hyping ridiculous conspiracies against the FBI, slandering Robert Mueller, and pushing the idea that the special investigation somehow obtained thousands of Trump transition team emails illegally.

“It’s been widely said Trump’s lawyers believe this was illegal, this is a horrible thing happening,” Smith noted. “Which is ridiculous”

“When they ran the transition, the GSA, the Government Services Administration gave them the computers, the software and the server. And every time they went on those computers, every time you go in any GSA-owned computer, you get a notice, there’s no privacy, the e-mail you send belongs to a federal government,” Napolitano explained.

“So Mueller’s people either, we don’t know what, knock on the doors and say you have the e-mails or got a subpoena. Perfectly legal and done every day of the week,” the Fox News analyst added.

That’s when the two discussed the facts about what’s going on, painting a rather grim future for Trump.

“Based on the evidence, who is in the line of fire now?” Smith asked.

“Jared Kushner, Donald Trump, Jr and the president is in the line of fire,” Napolitano replied.

“I’m critical of our colleagues that say there’s no ‘there’ there,” Napolitano continued. “You know what, Shep? This is a jigsaw puzzle with 100,000 pieces and we see a piece here and a piece there and people say it doesn’t make any sense. It takes time to amass all of these pieces of evidence so that we see the jigsaw puzzle completed, that’s what Mueller and company are trying to do.”

“Indictments and confessions,” Smith explained.

“Yes, yes. Look, General Flynn was exposed to 60 years in jail, if he was convicted of every charge out there and sentenced to the max. He’s exposed to six months,” Napolitano replied.

“How did he go from 60 years to six months? He must have given them something,” he concluded.

That last bit is especially important because that’s what I said when the news of Flynn’s plea deal with the FBI first broke.

Unless Trump’s former national security advisor had some extremely valuable information to share, there’s absolutely no way the FBI makes a deal with him that reduces the charges he’s facing from upwards of six decades in prison (effectively the rest of his life), to just a few months. That means whatever information Flynn is providing the FBI must be extremely valuable.

I also like how Napolitano said what more people need to be saying. That this is a very complex puzzle they’re trying to piece together that’s being broken down and speculated on in bits and pieces in the media. While we can all try to connect our own dots based on what we know, the truth is, what we know is only a fraction of the puzzle Mueller and the FBI are piecing together.

Furthermore, I appreciate that Napolitano made sure to explain the stupidity behind those claiming that the FBI obtaining these emails was somehow illegal when there was absolutely nothing illegal about how they were obtained, even explaining how anyone sending emails on those servers was made fully aware that they were the property of the government.

At this point, only the people inside the FBI involved in this investigation really know what’s going on. While there’s plenty to speculate about, that’s all we can do at this point — speculate.

Unfortunately, since Fox News has essentially become nothing more than Trump’s own version of state-run media, the network has spiraled down a dark hole where it’s now apparently acceptable to claim that the FBI is operating as a “shadow government” or accuse Mueller of leading a “coup” to overthrow this “president.”

I just wish there were more people over at Fox News who had the courage to actually tell the truth instead of acting like Donald Trump’s own personal propaganda machine.

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Watch the exchange below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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