Fox News’ Dr. Keith Ablow: Jews Lacked Courage, ‘Surrendered’ to Nazis

keith-ablow-2What the hell is happening? I honestly cannot believe I’m now living in a society where it’s apparently acceptable for Republicans (or anyone for that matter) to blame the Jewish people for the rise of Nazi Germany. Where it’s apparently acceptable to ridiculously claim that “if Jews had just been armed, Hitler would have never risen to power.” Is this really the country in which we are now living?

Unfortunately, it seems so.

Following Ben Carson’s asinine comments concerning guns, the Jewish people and the rise of Nazi Germany where he suggested that a lack of guns is what gave Hitler the power to commit genocide, Fox News’ resident buffoon, Dr. Keith Ablow, took the Nazi rhetoric a step further. In an op-ed for, Ablow essentially said Jews lacked courage, surrendered to Nazis and didn’t do enough to prevent the atrocities that ultimately occurred.

Ablow wrote, in part:

The mindset that Jews surrendered with their guns is far more important than the hardware they turned over: They surrendered the demonstrated intention, at all costs, to resist being deprived of liberty. If Jews in Germany had more actively resisted the Nazi party or the Nazi regime and had diagnosed it as a malignant and deadly cancer from the start, there would, indeed, have been a chance for the people of that country and the world to be moved to action by their bold refusal to be enslaved.

Yes, that would have required immeasurable courage. Yes, that would have required unspeakable losses. But is that not the lesson of the Old Testament? Does not Abraham bind his son Issac to an altar, willing to sacrifice his son’s life to God’s Word—to the truth? Must not we all be ready to sacrifice ourselves to stand in the way of evil?

He also went on to say:

It turns out it was a bad idea for any Jew to have turned over a gun. It was a bad idea for any Jew to have boarded a train. It was a bad idea for any Jew to have passed through a gate into a camp. It was a bad idea for any Jew to do any work at any such camp. It was a bad idea for any Jew to not attempt to crush the skull or scratch out the eyes of any Nazi who turned his back for one moment. And every bullet that would have been fired into a Nazi coming to a doorway to confiscate a gun from a Jew would have been a sacred bullet.

This so-called “doctor” is essentially saying that the Jewish people should have known better, and it’s their fault for not doing more to fight against the Nazis.


Let me just point out the obvious that this was during the 30’s and 40’s which wasn’t exactly a time period in human history where mass amounts of information was readily available. Not only that, but the process by which the Nazis did all of this was systematic. They didn’t just snap their fingers and go from Jews being free to live normally to Jews being herded into Auschwitz. Then it’s truly amazing how “Dr. Ablow” – yes this idiot really is a doctor – discounts the psychological factors that went along with everything that was going on at that time.

His article is one of the most ignorant pieces of trash I’ve ever read – on any subject.

But it’s a damn sad day in this country when it’s now apparently acceptable for Republicans to try to exploit the horrors that happened during WWII to push pro-gun rhetoric (especially when guns had nothing to do with it) and to suggest that had the Jewish people only done more – millions of lives could have been saved.

Those who believe this asinine rhetoric are an absolute embarrassment to this country.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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