Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Makes a Fool Out of Herself Attacking Obama Over ISIS and Syria (Video)

megyn-kelly-fox-news-1Tell me if you’ve heard this one before. Someone on Fox News is ridiculously overly outraged because President Obama did – something, anything.

Well, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly made an absolute fool out of herself trying to seem way too angry about the fact that President Obama is going to a fundraiser this Friday, considering what’s going on with ISIS and Syria.

She clearly knew going into this segment that the president was going to a fundraiser. Even though once she was told of these plans from guest Ed Henry, she pretends to act like she was just made aware of it.

“Really? He’s gonna take a time out from all the work he’s been doing in the Vineyard to go do some fundraising while we consider whether we need to bomb Syria?” Kelly exclaimed.

Apparently a president can’t possibly address any vital issues facing this nation unless they’re in Washington D.C. And I guess we should ignore the fact that we’re currently conducting airstrikes in Iraq and working with our allies to decide what we might possibly be able to do in Syria.

Because, here’s a fun fact: Syria is still a sovereign nation. You don’t just bomb and send troops into a sovereign nation.

Well, not unless you’re George W. Bush.

Kelly then brought on Democratic strategist Penny Lee who agreed that the “optics” of President Obama attending a  fundraising event weren’t good. Well, that really set Kelly off as she shouted, “It isn’t just the optics! It’s the actual behavior! Get back and start governing! What’s he doing?!”

This entire segment reeked of nothing but a ridiculously over-the-top staged sideshow by Megyn Kelly and Fox News. They found out the president was going to a fundraiser this Friday and saw that as the perfect opportunity to do their usual Obama bashing.

And to add to the absurdity of this whole thing, Kelly admits toward the end of the segment that she fully believes that President Obama is having these meetings out of the public eye to address the ISIS and Syria threats.

So, she spends a few minutes going off on some tangent about President Obama not taking these threats seriously enough because he’s daring to go to a fundraiser on Friday – then admits that he’s probably having the meetings he needs to have to address those same threats.

It’s a really good thing conservative voters don’t like to think for themselves. Otherwise, Fox News would never be able to get away with this juvenile, pointless nonsense.

Watch the segment below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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