Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Mocks Ridiculous Republican Debate Demands (Video)

megyn-kelly-gop-demandsWhile I wouldn’t exactly call myself a fan of Megyn Kelly, I will give her credit for being one of the few people on America’s most watched conservative entertainment network to call out Republicans from time to time – though she still does toe the company line far more often than not.

That being said, she gave some rather hilarious commentary concerning the ridiculous demands some Republicans have been pushing for following the third GOP presidential debate, where several of the candidates were exposed after the lies they were trying to push were fact-checked directly to their face on live television.

“They want all the candidates to receive similarly-substantive questions. No so-called ‘lightning round’ of questioning,” Kelly said. “Approval of any on-screen graphics aired during the debate. Oh yeah, that’s gonna happen. The networks should commit that they will not ask hand-raising questions, yes-or-no questions, allow candidate-to-candidate questions. Then, maybe, like a foot massage?”

“Can you imagine having to submit our graphics for approval to the candidates?” she asked.“Good luck with that.”

It is absolutely ridiculous. What Republicans are trying to do is setup “terms” with these networks based upon rules that turn presidential debates into nothing more than 2-3 hour infomercials for GOP presidential candidates. Hell, Ben Carson suggested not even televising the debates.

Are you kidding me? 

It really is like the joke I posted on Twitter yesterday:

And that’s exactly what they’re trying to do. They want to have a “debate” where the moderators are nothing more than right-wing propagandists who’ll lob them softball questions and let them spew nonsense, completely unchallenged.

For the record, I would like to debunk this nonsense that CNN’s Anderson Cooper was easy on the Democratic candidates during the first debate. Here are the first questions he asked Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders:

To Clinton: Secretary Clinton, I want to start with you. Plenty of politicians evolve on issues, but even some Democrats believe you change your positions based on political expediency.

You were against same-sex marriage. Now you’re for it. You defended President Obama’s immigration policies. Now you say they’re too harsh. You supported his trade deal dozen of times. You even called it the “gold standard”. Now, suddenly, last week, you’re against it.

Will you say anything to get elected?

To Sanders: A Gallup poll says half the country would not put a socialist in the White House. You call yourself a democratic socialist. How can any kind of socialist win a general election in the United States?

Cooper also went on to ask Clinton if she changes her “political identity” based on who she’s talking to.

So this nonsense that started with Ted Cruz suggesting that Democrats were coddled during their debate is completely ridiculous. The very first questions asked of the top two candidates went after Clinton for sometimes seeming as if she’s simply pandering to whatever she feels people want to hear, and Sanders for the most controversial aspect of his candidacy, the fact that he’s a self-described democratic socialist.

But Kelly is absolutely right. These demands are absolutely laughable and I’m glad to see at least some Republicans are refusing to get onboard with this nonsense.

Though I think GOP candidate Chris Christie might have said it best when he stated that if some of his fellow candidates can’t handle a few tough debate questions, then they really have no business running for president.

Watch Kelly’s comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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