Fox News Moron Insists Walmart Will Spontaneously Save Us When Disaster Strikes (Video)


Obviously FEMA is a government agency, and we all know how conservatives feel about pretty much anything to do with the government. Funny thing, though; I always notice that when a massive disaster happens to strike one of these “strongly Republican” regions of our country, suddenly those impacted by the disaster become huge fans of FEMA and Republican leaders from the impacted areas are quick to seek funds and help from the federal government.

The truth is, when it comes to the government Republicans love to hate it – until they desperately need it.

Well, possibly the most asinine argument I’ve ever heard against FEMA was uttered Sunday morning on Fox News’ Fox & Friends when Fox Business host John Stossel stated that we don’t really need the government’s help following major disasters because private companies like Walmart will “spontaneously” come in and fix everything.

“If you hadn’t seen a skating rink, you would say, ‘No, you need skating police, people go in this direction,’” Stossel said. “Think of how much of life is spontaneous – jazz, there’s no direction. So much of life is spontaneous, but our instinct is to say, ‘Government, give us a plan.’”

The simplistic mind of the average libertarian never ceases to amaze me. They take very small, much less complex examples, then try to claim that an entire society can be run in the exact same way. As if the direction people go on a skating rink is anything like how a massive society functions.

But Stossel’s main focus was how overly dependent people are on the government to help them following a massive disaster.

“After Katrina, Walmart and private charities helped people in many more ways than FEMA did,” he continued. “Because FEMA is incompetent because government tends to be. But also Walmart everyday needs to know what people need, and they were ready. They had more weather forecasters than some of the local governments do.”

Fox & Friends host Tucker Carlson wholeheartedly agreed.

“You’re challenging the very idea of Washington, D.C.,” Carlson stated. “Good for you.”

Out of all the natural disasters we’ve had in the last decade where FEMA has provided much needed and sought after assistance, this fool has to go back to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to try to make his point? Wow.

While private companies and citizens did provide a lot of help following the storm, Katrina caused an estimated $108 billion in damages. Private contributions didn’t come anywhere near that level. Not to mention that FEMA does far more than just provide supplies, which is primarily what companies like Walmart do.

Besides, it’s not just ordinary people who seek help from the government – it’s the politicians (often times Republican ones) from those areas who are always quick to ask for aid from the federal government.

But the fact that Stossel tried to compare how we should run a massive and complex society using the example of the direction skaters skate at a rink, and how they don’t need someone to tell them which way to go, shows just how absurd and simpleminded he really is.

Watch his comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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