Fox News Most Likely Forced Megyn Kelly Off Air For 10 Days Over Trump Controversy

megyn-kelly-fox-news-1Anyone who’s been following the news the last couple of weeks is probably well aware of the Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly fiasco that started at the first GOP debate when she dared to ask the GOP presidential candidate questions pertaining to factual information about his past.

Now to be fair, it did seem as if Fox News was specifically targeting Trump while hoping that it might hurt his growing momentum – but what transpired in the days following the debate was basically a pathetic circus sideshow. Trump made several derogatory remarks about Kelly – yet still managed to see his poll numbers continue to rise. Meanwhile, Kelly admitted to receiving death threats from some of Trump’s supporters.

Well, in a fairly surprising announcement, Kelly abruptly announced that she would be going on a 10-day vacation from Fox News.

“It’s been an interesting week and a long six months without a vacation for yours truly,” Kelly said.

Her announcement definitely caused some to wonder if this fairly sudden vacation – in the midst of a fairly heated back and forth between Trump, Kelly and Fox News – was more or less forced upon her with the network hoping that her absence will make the story go away.

Yesterday, Mediaite received a response from a spokesman for Fox News:

The conspiracy theories about Megyn Kelly’s vacation rank up there with UFO’s, the moon landing and Elvis being alive. Megyn is on a pre-planned, annual summer vacation with her family, which is much deserved. To imply otherwise as Donald Trump and his campaign operatives have is not only wildly irresponsible, but downright bizarre. Perhaps Mr. Trump thinks it’s advantageous to his poll numbers to keep talking about Megyn, but that doesn’t change the fact that Roger Ailes has fully supported her and her tough journalistic questioning since day one and is thrilled with the added exposure from the debate which resulted in even higher ratings of The Kelly File this week. Anyone who knows Roger is aware of how historically and consistently loyal he is to all of his talent and how he protects them at all costs. As Governor Terry Branstad said today, ‘when you’re a candidate, you’ve got to basically answer the questions. You can’t just attack the person asking the questions. That doesn’t work.’

I’m sorry, but Kelly’s remarks when she announced her vacation didn’t sound like someone who had planned taking 10 days off ahead of time.

But even beyond that, that’s a very defensive (and borderline hostile) response regarding a situation that many people think is highly suspicious. The whole response just reeks of typical Fox News over-the-top rhetoric trying to deflect from the fact that Kelly’s vacation does (at least to logical people) seem quite “timely” for a network personality who’s been at the center of a fairly heated political controversy concerning the current Republican frontrunner for president.

Though I would like to point out another fact: Bill O’Reilly is currently on vacation. You don’t often see a major news network allow two of its most popular primetime personalities to take vacations at the same time. So even beyond the response from Fox News, it just seems highly unlikely that the network would allow both Kelly and O’Reilly to be off the air at the same time with so much going on right now.

Will we ever know the truth? Probably not. But considering all the circumstances, combined with the fairly hostile nature of the response given concerning her vacation, it’s a good possibility that Megyn Kelly’s abrupt vacation is directly related to the recent controversy surrounding her and Donald Trump.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • GimmeSomeTruth

    What if the Donald, instead of making his comments about Kelly, he made them about Hillary? He would’ve gotten a standing ovation. I’ve no doubt!

    • here is how you can fill up your bank-account with addìtional money every week.. check for more ìnfo in my profìle

    • Dennis

      He made several comments about Hillary.

  • ShibumiMC

    I tend to not trust people whose first name is “The.”

  • If only we knew how it all went down…

    Megyn Kelly Told “Take A Hike” By Ailes, Who Was Hit In Face By Vintage Stapler

  • Jillz

    “The conspiracy theories about Megyn Kelly’s vacation rank up there with UFO’s, the moon landing and Elvis being alive”

    Sorry FOX, as usual you think a little too highly of yourself.

    It is certainly more of a “conspiracy” though, than Jon Stewart’s publicly logged “secret” meetings with the President.

    • Dennis

      No one called that a conspiracy, just Stewart being an Obama shill and not teing anyone he went to the WH twice like it was no biggie to him.

      • Jillz

        Oh, sorry, my boo boo! With all the coverage at FOX thought they were trying to set up another fake scandal.

        I’m glad to be wrong though because what a dumb reason for a scandal considering there was no reason for Stewart to publicize it, and like he said, just because FOX doesn’t know something doesn’t mean it’s a secret.

      • Dennis

        Did you know, Jillz?

        He was a shill and a puppet, playing clown-nose on when it suited him, and clown-nose off when it suited him.

        His legacy will be that he promoted liberal smugness and worked to further divide the country.

      • Jillz

        Mmm. Riiiiiight. By exposing stupidity on the part of BOTH parties, and by supporting the President, he is a “shill” that divides the country.

        His legacy will be as a comedian who did the best job of all the “news” networks in keeping people informed. Pretty pathetic when you can trust your comedians more than your “journalists”.

        So, just for my interest, how do you categorize FOX News?

      • Dennis

        If you relied on Jon Stewart to keep you informed, you’re a moron, Jillz.

      • Jillz

        Have you ever watched The Simpsons? One of my favorite Mr. Burns lines was, “it’s funny because it’s true”.

        Jon Stewart didn’t report the news – he made fun of it. The sad part is that his fake news was more real than the mainstream news.

        So tell me, how do you categorize FOX News? Are they divisive in your opinion? Do you rely on them to keep you informed?

      • Dennis

        Fox is only divisive if you let it be. I get my news wherever it’s reported, and I’m on my computer a good part of the day for work and look at politics when I want a quick diversion. One of the sites I look at throughout the day is Memeorandum, which amalgamates stories from all over. All my favorite websites do that. And I spend more time than I should on liberal blogs, arguing mostly, but I learn that way. That helps see things objectively, hearing both sides’ viewpoints.

      • Jillz

        FOX is only divisive if you let it be? Are you kidding? lmao So then, you are admitting that yes, FOX is divisive. Period.

        You’re giving FOX viewers way too much credit though if you’re implying that a good majority of them don’t “let” FOX be divisive. They very clearly do.

        And I guess FOX isn’t full of Republican shills, either right. Or at least they are only “shills” if you let them be, I suppose.

        I checked the site you mentioned, (Memeorandum) and read an article there. I liked that there was a (small) left-leaning presence (of articles/sources), but the commenters were predominantly right-wing, and their inability to accept proven facts just got on my nerves. I will probably check that site again in the future though because at least they PRESENT differing viewpoints, and as you said, the commenters help with seeing things more objectively by hearing opposing viewpoints (and it wasn’t plagued with trolls and flaming) ((the article I checked, anyway)).

  • DeeDee2Die4

    I’d be interested to hear if Megyn thinks FOX is ‘fair and balanced.’ Nah, no I wouldn’t, I don’t give a $#!† about this soulless shill.

    • OMGface

      But she may have potential, let’s cut her slack and see what she does as a result of this if anything Mr. Alies, tho, is MACHIAVELLI incarnate. As per Rove,

    • Jim Bean

      Who do you think does a better job of dogging the Democratic Party?

  • OMGface

    I hope she makes this, if true, a learning experience…has a real epiphany, and is inspired to move to a milieu populated by worthier, more formidable members of The Fourth Estate.

  • amersham46

    Returned to Fox Central for reprograming

  • Dennis

    Nowhere in this blog article does Allen explain or indicates his headline that states Fox ‘most likely’ forced Megyn Kelly off the air for 10 days.

    Nowhere .

  • ventolin63

    Megyn Kelly got her feminist paranoia slapped back into her ‘bloody’ place. Don’t get me wrong, I love her, she looks great but….that’s about all! Another example of the ancient saying that ‘ beauty and brains don’t go together’. If she would have been more polite, this whole thing would have been avoided. But that doesn’t make interesting TV, does it? 🙂