Fox News Panelist Defends President Obama, Slams Tactics Her Network Often Uses Against Him (Video)

As most of us know, about 95 percent of what keeps Fox News going these days is devoting nearly every show on their network to bashing President Obama. Pretty much no matter what the president says or does, Fox News is often right there to tell conservatives exactly why it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to the United States.

It’s like I’ve often joked, if President Obama cured cancer, Fox News would say he was “waging a war on oncologists.” If he saved orphans from a burning building, it would be some kind of socialist plot to put fire fighters out of work.

Well, conservative Outnumbered panelist Jedediah Bila did something that you rarely see any conservative do on Fox News – she defended President Obama and called out the tactics often used by practically everyone on the network.

“There are some people in the conservative community who feel that they need to criticize Obama at all times, whether he’s saying something that needs to be criticized or not,” Bila said. “There are people waiting with bated breath on Twitter, and you can just tell they’re waiting to pick on something. Give him a chance to speak! Let’s see what he has to say!”

And she’s absolutely right. Though it’s clear by this interview that she’s still very much in the anti-Obama camp. But that’s how bad Fox News’ anti-Obama propaganda has gotten. Even a mild defense of the president by a conservative on the network is fairly shocking.

She also spoke about the hate mail she received when she dared to praise a speech the president had given. Because, you know, how dare anyone on Fox News say anything positive about Obama!

Considering a huge part of what Fox News does is nitpick at any little thing President Obama says or does, it’s interesting to see a conservative employed by the network specifically criticize these tactics. Because when I say that they nitpick and attack anything the president does, I’m really not exaggerating.

While there’s always going to be some kind of partisan pettiness found on both sides of the political debate, since Obama’s election in 2008, Fox News has taken this to a whole other level. It’s become so bad that nowadays when I’m watching the network I don’t even really get angry. I just sit there amazed, often laughing at the ridiculousness of their reporting. I honestly don’t even consider Fox News an actual “news” channel.

In my opinion, Fox News is nothing more than a conservative entertainment and propaganda network pretending to be a cable news channel.

Watch her comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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