Fox News Pathetically Tries to Blame the Fort Hood Shooting on President Obama

hasselbeckWell, you had to know this was coming.  Where there’s a shooting, there will be conservatives spewing their ridiculous go-to line of, “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”  I always like to counter that with the situation of someone with a gun, walking up and quickly shooting three people at close range – then being shot by a “good guy with a gun.”  Then I ask these people, how would a good guy with a gun have prevented the first three people from dying?  The answer is, it wouldn’t have.  Their “good guy with a gun” analogy assumes that everyone who shoots someone else has random targets and will fire until they’re stopped.  Their go-to line doesn’t at all address the initial victims, only those who might follow the initial shootings.

But you just had to know when the news broke about the recent shooting at Fort Hood that Fox News and their fellow conservatives would ratchet up their old rhetoric by trying to blame this on liberals and President Obama.

On Fox News’ morning show Fox & Friends, Elisabeth Hasselbeck said, “There you have our soldiers not being able to arm themselves.  Still, if they have a weapon, they are to register it within five days of purchase, and obtaining it. But then that must be stored away in these lockers so that it cannot be carried on their person, therefore leaving them vulnerable.”

That’s when co-host Steve Doocy decided to follow up by quoting a very right-wing blog, “Gateway Pundit, which is a way right-leaning blog, what they write this morning is, ‘The Obama administration is responsible for this mass shooting. They witnessed this before, they didn’t learn a thing. Gun-free zones are death zones. It is time to stand up to the lunacy.’ You know what? They protect all of us, but they can’t protect themselves.”

I love how these people never once look at the flip-side of that argument by saying that perhaps the reason why we don’t have more of these types of shootings is because of these gun-free zones.  No matter what we do, gun violence is going to happen from time to time.

The only person responsible for this attack is Army Specialist Ivan Lopez.  This situation doesn’t prove anyone’s point about the debate about gun violence.  He was someone on base who had a gun and decided to use it for whatever reason – that’s it.

But the pathetic attempt by Fox News to try to paint this tragedy as somehow being the fault of President Obama just proves how low they will stoop to try to attack the president for anything at all.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Connie Kay

    This is why I do not watch fox news! The crap they spew isn’t worth listening to.

    • ruggerd

      Really dingbat, who do you listen to? Brian williams

      • Sam I Am

        Again, name calling is a sign of non-existent brain. Do not fuck anything. hahaha!

      • ThatTechDude

        I hope you do not have children. So our kids don’t have to deal with your kids.

  • Lynn

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck is right at home at Fox. Look at the eyes…..

    • Francois Bergeron

      “please believe me” eyes…

      • RosemaryPeppercorn

        No, the eyes say, “There is nothing behind these eyes. No brain matter.”

    • her TPOG cra-cra runs deep

    • Robert Ledesma

      Elizabeth Hasselbeck has found the appropriate kitty liter box for her spew…………………….fox news.Idiot central

  • Rob

    It was Bush who made the base a Gun Free zone. Obama actually loosened the regulations to allow those who had a need to carry weapons to be able to do so.

    • Wano Nymous

      Actually it was Bill Clinton. Duh.

      • William Carr

        The policy change was ordered under H.W. Bush and implemented under Clinton.

      • Wano Nymous

        So you are blaming Bush again?

      • lime driver

        Has FOX “News” declared that “stating facts” constitutes “blaming”?

  • republic84

    That took a lot longer than I thought it would. What ridiculous nonsense. The GOP and their propaganda machine get more and more desperate by the minute. They would have a better chance at 16 if they’d all just SHUT UP.

  • Phil the observer

    The scary part is, you can’t make this stuff up!!!

    • FMJ

      The scary part is, there are actually people that believe this crap and never tries to learn the truth, then votes.

  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    The Gun-free zones in military bases was first introduced by George H.W. Bush at the end of his Presidential term and when Bill Clinton took office, he made amendments to it. Ultraconservatives waste no time to spread crapola with the expectations they will be believed. So if Vladimir Putin suffers from a chronic case of uncontrollable flatulence, they will blame Obama for giving him a bash of bad beans.

    • heheh, now you have to admit, Obama probably does give Putin heartburn….

      • Veritas vos Liberabit

        Yes, and while Obama is giving Putin heartburns, the reactionaries are lining up offering the antacids!

      • sad but true

    • Peace Monger

      Actually, the military not being allowed to carry weapons has been in place since before the 1960’s. My husband was in the Vietnam War and they were not allowed to carry weapons on base then.

  • Dave

    She is a Class A TWUNT!

  • Mom of 2 Veterans

    Even the officer who did the interviews after (can’t remember his name) said he is NOT in favor of carrying weapons on base. You have lots of soldiers walking around with yet undiagnosed and untreated PTSD, so if they had weapons, the shootings could potentially be more frequent or more severe. I guess Hasselbeck thinks she knows what’s best for soldiers, even though she has never served her country,been married to a soldier, or lived on a base.

  • BD

    Say every soldier on the base was carrying a weapon and they ALL LOOK THE SAME…. the shooter walks in and shoots his victims, good guy #1 hears shots, draws his weapon and runs to see what’s happening, good guy #2 hears shots, draws his weapon, runs to see what’s happening and sees good guy #1 with a weapon and shoots him, good guy #3 draws his weapon, runs to see what’s happening, sees good guy #2 shooting good guy #1, and starts shooting, and so on and so on and so on…. and it becomes a big circular firing squad. I am a Marine Corps veteran with some law enforcement training and I can attest to the fact that our military is NOT trained to deal with kind of situation.

    • Robin Carlisle

      That’s how I’ve always looked at it. If everyone has a gun and is shooting….. what chaos.

      • Sunny Ray

        That’s actually what’s happening in the country…

      • Janis H. Albert

        Great point, well put BD.

    • Daddycool67

      And that’s probably exactly why military bases have been “gun free zones” for almost 25 years now.

      • Amanda Lynn Case

        But wait…Obama wasn’t president 25 years ago!

      • Darkthunder

        Pfft… Republicans never let such things such as FACTS get in their way of bashing President Obama.

    • ruggerd

      Your as dumb as the author.

      • Sam I Am

        If name calling is the best you can do, It shows clearly how tiny your brain is. Please do not make any more children- we already have a lot of people with tiny brains loitering around.

  • FMJ

    I won’t allow Faux news in my home due to the stupidity. ANYONE that listens to these total idiots, is wasting their time. I just can’t believe these ‘anchors’ can’t see that Murdoch hires them because they are so stupid and won’t question common sense and reason. I would be embarrassed to death to work there, especially Elisabeth, she already has a proven track record as an idiot.

    • charleo1

      I think you nailed it. How could Elizabeth Hasselback hurt her reputation as an airhead, by joining Fox? She was made for Fox.

  • charleo1

    The thing many loyal Fox watchers do not realize about Roger Ailes, the director at Fox News, and the entire enterprise there. Is the people at Fox
    really don’t see informing the public, as the primary mission of the programs,
    or the station. But rather it’s ruse is to present itself as a news outlet. But it’s true goal, is first determining what it is viewers would most like to hear about a story. In this case, they know their audience doesn’t want to hear that one of our brave troops lost his mind, and killed his fellow soldiers. And, who does? But the thing that makes Fox so different from the rest, is they want this event to somehow reflect, and reinforce something their viewers already believe, and take a certain amount of joy in believing about President Obama. And, Fox never disappoints. It’s a game they run on their viewers. It’s what Roger, his boss Rupert Murdoch, or other Conservatives in the message manufacturing business, do to their willing devotees day in, and day out. It’s simply a matter of concocting a story line, including the narcotic their adherents are so addicted to, and handing it to their personalities, to read in front of the camera. It’s a ratings bonanza, but it’s not a news outlet.

    • pinballsdoll

      you’re exactly right, he has been quoted as saying that the “newcasters” say what he tells them to say. And of course they went to court in Florida (of course), for the right to distort the truth under their first amendment rights. The saddest part of all is so many people think what they’re saying is the truth. Really a shame

      • charleo1

        Yes, people do believe them. But, the good news about
        Fox is, that everyday there are more, and more people
        like yourself, that see Fox News for exactly what it is. The number one promotional, and propaganda arm of the not so conservative, but more the status quo wing, of the political Right. Those that favor that slant will continue to watch, and use the talking points it provides as a fodder to defend their own point of view. But, the long term problem for Fox, looks much like the long term problem for the politicians, and Party they represent. And that of course is demographics. Their audiences are older, Whiter, and dying faster than Donald Trump, in a fake campaign for the Presidency to promote his TV. show. So, could Fox one day stop being the cartoon version of cable news? I think the answer is, absolutely. As such things go, we are of the first, or second generation, who’s choices for obtaining information about the world around us wasn’t limited to radio, 3 channels on our televisions, or the newspaper. And even though our sophistication levels have greatly increased as consumers of news, partly due to just such operations as Fox. The trust of this more senior group in Fox, remains quite high. Even as an agenda driven Fox, ironically enough warns them daily, they may be being lied to by the press.

      • Georgia Woolett-Roy

        Not only a shame but truly scary that people believe them.

    • Sandy Greer

      >they know their audience doesn’t want to hear that one of our brave troops lost his mind, and killed his fellow soldiers.

      Our country does not want to know that, when we send our ‘treasure’ into Ugliness – that changes a man:

      Ugly can rub off, and ‘taint’ our gold. Ugly is contagious.

      Ugly is too ugly to face.

      • charleo1

        Regrettably, that’s a truth that less, and less of us can fully
        appreciate. Less than 0.75 of all Americans are serving in
        the military today. We are losing 800 WWII vets each day,
        that can no longer remind us, of the ugliness. The 2 million service members who’ve served in Afghanistan, and Iraq, can and do remind us, with their missing arms, and legs, and the demons in their heads, that have become too difficult for some, 6000 of our treasures to bear. And seeing nowhere to turn, and too few who truly understood, have destroyed themselves, since returning home. And what of the home they are returning to? The divorce/ domestic violence rates, among those being sent into harms way again and again, on deployment after deployment, could provide a hint. But, not enough of us are listening. Did it have anything to do with cameras being banned, as their flag frapped coffins were unloaded? I wonder. I’ve always suspected it had to do with the ugliness of war. And, the fear that we would not turn away. That we would demand these wars be stopped immediately! So it was decided, they would do the turning away for us.

      • Sandy Greer

        Vietnam and the Peace Movement (hippies) changed this country:

        We lost our ‘taste’ for war in Vietnam; haven’t been able to ‘justify’, nor have we poured our hearts/souls (given our ‘all’) into wars since. Maybe, we never will again.

        Yes, we should see each and every flag draped coffin.

      • Lu States

        except we didn’t change anything for more than 2 minutes. i thought it was forever, but the conservative backlash has our country in a ruinous grip !

    • FD Brian

      I would say you are mostly right charleo1, but Fox News’ real goal is make money.

      • charleo1

        Making money is undoubtedly a big part. But, I also see a
        concerted effort by some of these old geezers like Murdoch, and Adelson, both billionaires, both in their 80’s, to live long enough to see a completely changed America. Or, at least an America that’s well on it’s way to becoming the place they’ve spent a good deal of their fortunes trying to mold. That will serve as a kind of legacy for them, maybe. I don’t know. I don’t understand people like that. But I do think they want a Country that reflects who they sincerely believe ought to be calling the tune. And, of course it’s people like themselves. As evidenced by the years long project to sit the five Plutocratic lap dogs on the Supreme Court, that’s paving the way for them now. At least that’s the way I see it. Maybe I’m the nut? They say it’s possible for a person to be literally howling at the moon crazy, and be none the wiser. But as I see it, as long as corporations are people, and money is speech, the vast majority of people are going to be cut further, and further out of the democratic process.

      • Matt Mcneill

        and that is NOT the goal of Maddow or MSNBC?

      • MLR

        No, it is not. Stop comparing apples to oranges.

  • pitchspork

    Chances are both of the shooters would, at some point in their pasts, have been blessed as “good guys.” Are we going to do annual or monthly psych evaluations on all these “good guys” with carry permits to see if any of them are going off the rails and need their guns taken away? Didn’t think so.

  • Larry Hardee

    Fox has done more damage to this country since it started than any enemy we have.They love to divide the country and have pushed for revolution since Clinton was elected.

  • dan690

    Most bad things that have happened in this country for the last five years have either directly or indirectly been the fault of Obama. And that is a fact.

    • Georgia Woolett-Roy

      When you say fact…give sources please dan690 or your statement means nothing!!!

      • dan690

        It would take a book to list what Obama has done to damage the country. If you don’t at least know the hundreds of big ones you should come out of your cave more often.

      • Georgia Woolett-Roy

        Pathetic, you still haven’t posted any facts…you watch too much faux news and are gullible enough to believe an entertainment channel. You go ahead and live in your little cave with your limited tv news(?) I’m glad to be in the real world.

      • dan690

        Are you on welfare? You seem to want everyone else to do your job. Faux news is NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC etc. You probably didn’t even know that. Judging by your comments you must get your news from Jerry Springer.

      • Georgia Woolett-Roy

        No welfare, I am concerned about the world, which you my friend, are apparently not…it must be wonderful to live in your small conspiritorial world. I do think I’ll pass tho. I am here to help the less fortunate not slam then down with all the stupid ideas coming from the mouths of the GOP. I liked living in the 50’s and 60’s after things starting moving aead, why anyone wants to go back to those days boggles my mind. I am well educated have had a good job for many years and want to help mankind not hinder it. Your business is not my business and vice versa. You really need to get out more and get some facts instead of being like a sheep and just believing what you are told. In higher education we are taught to think for ourselves and you don’t seem to grasp that idea. I do feel bad for the fear you live in. Please do some actual studying, you really might learn something.

      • Sam I Am

        Oh Georgia, people like Dan690 are the kind that spew out things because they “heard” and call it facts, remember Sara Palin? her train of thought? remember how “great” her family is? yes, this is the kind that you and I are living with. I truly hope they don’t make anymore children…. hahaha!

      • Georgia Woolett-Roy

        Very sad, to say the least Sam, Too many really scary puppets out there and unfortunately they do breed.

    • Sam I Am

      Aw! says who? you? what are you? what do you know? Geez! You guys are so pre-occupied of hating, you forgot to educate your selves, and so are your children, and you wonder why all the jobs are going to the so called aliens, and just point fingers.

      • dan690

        Seems like you are the uneducated hater. Have you ever looked around?

  • Keith Tyler

    If SPC Lopez’s gun hadn’t been there, there wouldn’t have been a shooting. Did anyone bother to ask how he managed to skirt the rules?

    Also, you can’t tell me there is no one armed on base. Just because the grunts aren’t carrying doesn’t mean there’s no one on base keeping security. MPs?

  • Robert Carlson

    Most “Bad guys with guns” stop themselves, with their guns. But then the damage is already done.

  • Double-Ought_Pokey

    I wonder if Fox news would let me bring a gun into their newsroom?

  • hermanprovi

    IF, there is a “GOD”, then there is a Devil!. Soooo, GOD is GOOD, and the Devil is BAD! The good does NOT speak hatefully! The folks a Fox news{?}should stop their hate-filled nonsense and move to the light[truth]!

  • Sandy Greer

    Mantra on The Right is:

    It’s all Obama’s fault.

    ^^^Whatever it is, it’s his fault.

    They’re right about one thing: He got himself elected, twice. And that’s entirely his doing, his ‘fault’.

    But there’s always a good side: Right gets to have their ‘bogey man’; they don’t have to look to themselves for reasons why, or even solutions.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the country gets to see The Right for what they are.

    ^^^It’s what they call a Win-Win. And that, too, is Obama’s ‘fault’.

  • Sunny Ray

    Another Barbie without brain… Faux knows how to broadcast crap, dolls that can’t think will say anything they are told to say.

  • Elizabeth Hasslebeck=Stupid cunt!

  • Roberta

    Do their brains hear what their mouths are saying? No one can possibly take them seriously when they say things that really do make them sound ridiculous.

  • Rusti

    Yet they never blamed W for the Iraq war. Amazing, and extremely pathetic.

  • Matthew Reece

    For another interesting perspective on the shooting, read this: http://www dot christophercantwell dot com/2014/04/03/another-fort-hood-shooting-good/

    Note: I do not agree with this, as it sounds like a consequentialist argument in favor of murder-suicides. I just think it is good food for thought.

  • Youngblood


  • Youngblood


  • Peace Monger

    And, the one who killed the shooter WAS the shooter himself. Was he a “good guy with a gun?” I think not. There is no logic to the NRA mindset.

  • Demotage

    Hey, maybe we liberals shouldn’t be so,quick to dismiss this line of reasoning. After all, if Fox wants to get away from their usual “nobody but the shooter is at fault” narrative, maybe we can get them to indict Sarah Palin for Gabby Giffords shooting, or Bill O’Reilly for the murder of George Tiller.

  • Wano Nymous

    The shooting is Obamas fault! If Obama banned guns this would not have happened!

  • MLR

    Allen, don’t you know by now that everything is President Obama’s fault? Didn’t you get the memo that he’s responsible for the awful response to Katrina as well? And it’s also PBO’s fault that Bush got elected and started two unpaid wars and turned a surplus into a massive deficit.

  • Joyce Jacobson

    I have been saying that Obama is to blame for WW!I and the Korean War but no one believes me. Add the Influenza Pandemic of 1918 (I believe it was) as well as the assassination of JFK. Why will no one believe me? Noah’s famous flood has to be his fault as well. I could go on but I think everyone gets the point….LOL. FAUX News is a joke. It creeps me out to even watch a sport on a Fox channel.

  • ruggerd

    This guy is a moron, plain and simple

    • Sam I Am

      You’re good at name calling. Go back and clean the toilet. You seem to be so polluted, you are incurable. Sorry you have a miserable life.

      • ruggerd

        Sorry I am a highly paid, highly educated person. What an incredibly idiotic comment. How about you go f yourself.

  • ruggerd

    Let’s discuss benghazi, the fast the furious, the IRS targeting conservatives. Lets start there. Then we can talk about the obama turning Iraq over to Isis negating every sacrifice that was made. Lets start with that morons