Fox News Reaches New Low in Sad and Disgusting Attack on President Obama (Video)

Not much surprises me anymore when it comes to Fox News and the way they love to bash the president. If you want to dislike a president, that’s fine. But Fox News often goes far beyond simple political disagreements, to outright fear-mongering and slander against President Obama. That’s ironic considering this was the same network that often pushed the idea that criticizing George W. Bush and the office of the presidency was “unpatriotic.”

Well, as most people have probably already heard, President Obama announced on Tuesday that he had signed an executive order aimed at trying to reduce gun violence. So, what were these “radical” ideas he put into motion with the power of his pen? Essentially he’s expanded background checks by requiring that anyone “in the business” of selling guns register as a licensed gun dealer. In other words, it’s aimed at closing the loophole many have used to skirt around making sure those to whom they’re selling guns are legally allowed to own them.

Yet, to hear Republicans tell this story, you would think he just issued an order confiscating millions of guns, bans on ammunition and used the Constitution for toilet paper.

It’s ridiculous.

Well, during his speech where he announced his long-anticipated executive order to expand background checks, the president became emotional, wiping away tears as he spoke about the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting.

“Every time I think about those kids, it gets me mad,” Obama said

It should be noted that when President Obama addressed the Sandy Hook slaughter in December of 2012, he was also visibly emotional, wiping away tears as he spoke about the murder of these small children.

Sadly, if you ask several of the co-hosts of Fox News’ Outnumbered, this was all political theater and his tears were nothing but an act.

Andrea Tantaros said she didn’t believe his emotion, because if it was genuine he would have spoken about this before. Her statement doesn’t make a whole lot of sense considering the president has spoken on gun violence many times over the last several years.

“I would check that podium for like a raw onion or some No More Tears,” Tantaros mocked. “It’s not really believable.”

Co-host Meghan McCain agreed with Tantaros.

“It just didn’t seem horribly authentic. And maybe it is, I don’t know him at all,” McCain said.

Don’t you just love that level of “analysis”? Accuse the president of faking emotion over the deaths of small children – which is an appalling accusation in and of itself – then admit that what you’re saying is pure b.s. because you don’t know anything about him.

Another co-host, Melissa Francis, called his emotion “insincere.”

“They say he’s just cool, that’s the way he is, that he doesn’t get emotional,” Francis stated. “We haven’t seen this in a very long time and it’s about something that feels political, that feels somewhat insincere, that feels like it’s not going to make a huge difference.”

This whole segment was absolutely disgusting. Again, if you dislike this president, that’s fine. But to act as if a father of two was faking emotion while speaking about the brutal slaughter of 20 children is deplorable. This just shows the true, vile nature of what’s acceptable at Fox News.

Watch the disgusting segment below (if you must) via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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