Fox News Reporter Laughs at Trump’s Comical Excuse for Avoiding Reporters on Friday (Video)

It’s not exactly a secret that Donald Trump is a weak, gutless coward. Sure, he’s an arrogant bully who likes to run his mouth, but those character traits aren’t that of strength or confidence; rather, they’re signs of weakness and insecurity.

So it should come as no surprise that following the news that Michael Flynn has agreed to a plea deal with the FBI where he’s expected to testify against Trump, his family, and campaign officials, this “president” went into hiding.

Though we all know that it’s just a matter of time before he unleashes one of his infamous Twitter rants where he’s allowed to say whatever he wants from a safe place where no one can challenge his b.s. and propaganda.

Like I said, he’s a coward.

Well, after cancelling a planned photo-op with the Libyan Prime Minister, even Fox News’ John Roberts laughed while commenting on the official statement released by the White House as to why the event was cancelled.

“We were expecting to hear from the president this morning when he was meeting an official from Libya, however at the last minute, they canceled the Oval Office pool spray,” Roberts explained. “They said it was a scheduling mistake, that it should’ve never been on the schedule to begin with.”

“Uh-huh. I guess the president just didn’t want to talk about what’s going on today,” he quipped.

This is what I mean when I say Trump treats his supporters like idiots. Normally I’d ask the question, “Are there really people out there stupid enough to buy this excuse,” except I already know the answer to that — yes, there are millions of them.

Examples like this show exactly why I call Trump a coward. He’s absolutely terrified to face difficult situations or tough questions. Since being sworn into office he’s done very few interviews, mostly with Fox News, while he makes most of his boldest statements sitting in a private space sending out tweets where he doesn’t have to respond to any sort of push back concerning anything he’s saying. Strong, confident leaders don’t constantly run away to tweet on the toilet, afraid to confront people who might challenge their talking points — except that’s pretty much all Trump does.

But you know things are getting pretty bad for this “president” when even people on Fox News are openly laughing at the ridiculous excuses this White House is giving for cancelling a simple photo-op, claiming it never should have been on the schedule, when we all know the real reason why Trump backed out is because of the news concerning Flynn and the fact he didn’t want to answer any questions about it.

While I still think we’re a long way away from any sort of final conclusion to any of this, with Friday’s news about the plea deal Michael Flynn has struck with the FBI, I think it’s safe to say that the next few weeks/months are going to be a whole lot more interesting than many of us had anticipated.

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Watch Roberts’ comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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