Fox News’ Sean Hannity Embarrasses Himself by Evoking Benghazi Conspiracies While Discussing Eric Garner’s Death

hannity-garnerFox News’ Sean Hannity is probably one of the most detestable figures within the mainstream conservative media. He’s nothing more than a partisan hack who uses his show to push whatever radical right-wing garbage is making headlines. His is one of the few shows I just can’t stomach watching. I can sit through The Five, The O’Reilly Factor and even Glenn Beck’s nonsense, but Hannity’s propaganda repulses me in such a way I can’t stand to watch or listen to any of it.

So being that Hannity is a bottom-feeding right-wing troll, it comes as no surprise to me to find out that he somehow managed to evoke Benghazi while speaking about the death of Eric Garner. While speaking about John Boehner’s recent comments where he showed some concern about the Garner decision, Hannity said, “Anyway, So John Boehner, um, is now second-guessing the jury verdict in the, the grand jury verdict in the Eric Garner case. He says he might want to hold congressional hearings over the issue. Is this the same John Boehner who that showed zero enthusiasm about the Benghazi hearings, is that the same guy?”

Don’t you just love false equivalencies?

I guess Hannity wants Americans to ignore the fact that Republicans have been actively “investigating” Benghazi for over two years now trying to do anything and everything they possibly can to link some kind of coverup to the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. But despite their best efforts to do so, they’ve repeatedly failed to prove any of their asinine conspiracies.

But Hannity’s not just deceiving Americans about the level at which Benghazi has been “investigated” by Republicans, he’s completely wrong about Boehner’s stance on the recent GOP-led House Intelligence Committee report that debunked these right-wing conspiracy theories.

In fact, following this Republican-led Benghazi report that failed to validate these lies conservatives really want to be true, Boehner announced he’s going to reappoint House members to another special committee to investigate Benghazi. Because apparently these conspiracies run so deep that even the members of this most recent Republican-led investigation are a part of it.

This Republican fear-mongering over Benghazi is absurd. The way in which Republicans, and the conservative media, will find any way to bring up Benghazi in just about every major national story has just become a punchline for many liberals and progressives.

“Oh, record lows today? Well you know what’s to blame for that, right? Benghazi!” 

But Hannity took it to another level by not only exploiting the tragic death of Eric Garner, but by also embarrassing himself by claiming that Boehner blew off the recent Benghazi report from the House Intelligence Committee when he had, in fact, already announced he was appointing another committee to investigate the attack next year.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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    Hannity had to equate everything about liberal/progressive agenda to Benghazi conspiracy. That is why he has already raved about Michael Bay’s upcoming Benghazi movie. Hannity is going to have a hard-on during whole movie segment with his favorite conspiracist buddies likes Alex Jones to Lou Gohmert to Glenn. Beck.

    Hannity is pathetic example of lowest standard of journalism and he is self aggrandize his own viewpoint to make his loyal viewers blow up their heads off. I have seen it myself in this road rage incident I’m not involved in but that aggressive driver who would flip middle finger at anyone also got I <3 Fox News bumper sticker.

    • jonedevil

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        Flagged for being dipshit.

      • Gloria

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  • Mainah

    Journalism is dead. The fact that this is the same dickhead that sang the praises of a thief and the mob that was actively seeking an armed confrontation with BLM officers and is still on the air. Makes me want to hurl.

  • DMJ

    Well this is the same guy that will support white people taking up arms to stop cops and dismiss black people for the same thing in the same breath.

  • GenerallyConfused

    Hey. They have to have something to latch on to.. they’re like bulldogs, they just can’t let go of anything they sink their teeth into.

  • PitoDaddy

    Scam Hannity and the rest of the Fart Noise gang as well as other right wing brain-washers, know exactly what they’re doing. They sound ridiculous to progressives because progressives tend to be more fact-oriented and can think critically. However, the brainwashed flock of the right wing will gobble down any, and everything they hear from their brain-washers. They will rationalize the most ridiculous and outlandish right wing garbage they hear and create their own realities in their minds to make it all sound logical–to them. I know some of these people and they absolutely cannot be reached intellectually. They are hook, line, and sinker GOP flock. Even if they lose their Social Security and Medicare they’ll eagerly adjust their lifestyles downward and continue to mark their election ballots for their GOP butchers.