Fox News’ Shep Smith Embarrasses Donald Trump, Calls Out Blatant Hypocrisy (Video)

Those who support Donald Trump live in their own fabricated version of reality where blatant lies are “alternative facts,” while most of the rest of us live in actual reality where truth, science, and facts still matter. Trump’s frequent contradictions prove that he clearly believes he lives in a world where it’s acceptable for him to do the things he’s criticized and attacked others for doing. Such as his four-straight weekend trips to Florida to play golf after spending years slamming President Obama for playing golf.

Another example of this is Trump’s constant complaints about leaks being used against him by the media. Ignoring for a moment the fact that Trump frequently used leaks to attack Hillary Clinton during the election, he’s now pushing the idea that the media shouldn’t be allowed to use sources who won’t identify themselves.

Well, Fox News’ Shepard Smith, someone on the network who hasn’t held back from calling out the antics of Trump, embarrassed his administration on Monday by pointing out his network continues to get offered information from “anonymous sources” directly offered from the White House:

“The leaks are not the news. The substance is the news. President Trump has already cracked down on those leaks, and last week said news outlets should not be allowed to use anonymous sources.

Still, officials in President Trump’s own White House regularly ask to remain anonymous when speaking to Fox News and others. In other words, while saying reporters should stop using anonymous sources, the White House offers anonymous sources to reporters.”

Essentially, Donald Trump wants anyone speaking out against him to not be allowed to do so while remaining anonymous. However, he continues to allow his own administration to act as “anonymous sources” when feeding his propaganda-laden agenda to Fox News or other networks. This is another classic case where Trump feels that he can operate by a different set of standards and rules than he feels others should have to follow.

I would also like to point out that Trump’s infamous for pushing ridiculous conspiracies without citing a single source other than “he’s hearing” or “they’re telling me.” Though when he’s asked to provide evidence for any number of his asinine statements rational people know aren’t true — he never does.

It’s not often that I speak highly of someone on Fox News, but I fully believe Shepard Smith deserves a lot of praise for being one of the few people on American’s most-watched conservative entertainment network who’s not afraid to call out the stupidity of Donald Trump.

Watch the clip below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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