Shepard Smith Crushes the Ignorance of Kim Davis and Her Supporters on Fox News (Video)

shepard-smith-marriageWhile those supporting Kim Davis have been very vocal, the truth of the matter is I’ve come across several conservatives who have spoken out against her. When it comes to this whole situation and the foolishness surrounding it, there really seems to be two types of people:

Like I’ve said plenty of times before, there’s no middle ground when it comes to what Kim Davis is trying to accomplish. This isn’t a situation that’s left up to interpretation or judicial review. We’ve had the debate and the judicial review – her “side” lost.

But you know things on the right are getting fairly ridiculous when even some on Fox News are calling out the nonsense. That’s exactly what happened when Fox News’ Shepard Smith dropped some truth on Kim Davis and those supporting her at her “rally” upon being released from jail Tuesday:

They set this up as a religious play again. This is the same crowd that says, ‘We don’t want Sharia law, don’t let them tell us what to do, keep their religion out of our lives and out of our government.’ Well, here we go again. When this started, this lawyer said he needed an accommodation for a woman who wanted one. She said she didn’t want her name on a license for gay people. Now they’ve come up with one, they’ve let her out of jail — but it’s not what they want. This is what they want, what you’re hearing now (referring to the live clip being aired from the event itself) and this is what they’re going to get: stirred up argument and a couple of days in the news cycle, and they’re going to be able to make these claims.

He then went on to point out that the Supreme Court overturning bans on certain types of marriages is not unprecedented because it’s exactly what happened in 1967 when bans on interracial marriage were deemed unconstitutional.

“Haters are going to hate,” Smith concluded. “We thought what this woman wanted was an accommodation, which they’ve granted her, something that worked for everybody. But it’s not what they want.”

That last part was in reference to comments from Davis’s lawyer stating that she plans to continue preventing marriage licenses from being issued to same-sex couples upon returning to work – which would be in direct violation of the conditions of her release.

The bottom line is, this circus seems far from being over. Personally, I oppose any accommodations for Kim Davis. As an elected official, she either needs to do her job in accordance with the Constitution, resign, or be removed from office. It’s absurd that this has been allowed to go on as long as it already has.

But leave it to the often-hypocritical religious right to find a woman who’s been married four times, divorced three times and has had at least one extramarital affair to use as their “Christian hero defending the sanctity of marriage.”

That’s the sort of irony you just can’t make up.

Watch the segment below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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