Fox News’ Smith Blasts Trump for Being Too Much of a Coward to Condemn Russia (Video)

On Friday it was revealed that Robert Mueller had issued indictments for 13 Russians and 3 Russia-backed groups for their roles in interfering in the 2016 election. Since then, Donald Trump has criticized the FBI, the Department of Justice, the media, Democrats, Barack Obama, and even Oprah Winfrey for various reasons. He even went as far as to blame the FBI’s lack of response to concerns reported to them about the monster who killed 17 people at a school in Parkland, Florida on the on-going investigation into whether or not his campaign colluded with Russia.

Yet there’s one thing he didn’t attack or criticize in any way since news broke that Mueller had indicted several Russians for being part of a calculated and multifaceted attack on the integrity of the 2016 election and our democracy: Russia.

Continuing his pattern of refusing to say anything negative about Russia or its president/quasi dictator Vladimir Putin, Trump spent a good part of the last few days lashing out at various people except the country that attacked us.

A point Fox News’ Shep Smith made sure to point out Monday when he ripped Trump for being too much of a coward to call out Russia’s interference in our election.

“First from the Fox News desk this Monday afternoon, the president spent the weekend defending himself, misrepresenting the truth and attacking others from his phone in Florida,” Smith quipped. “The president attacked the Justice Department, FBI and his National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster. He attacked Congressman Adam Schiff, Democrats and the DNC. He attacked Hillary Clinton, President Obama, the previous Congress and the news media before going after Oprah Winfrey.”

“He did not attack Vladimir Putin or Russia,” he added. “Nor did he express concerns that the Russians attacked the United States. Nor did he pledge in any way to put measures in place to stop future attacks.”

This has actually been a reason why I’ve said that even if Trump didn’t collude with Russia, I still think he needs to be impeached. He’s put his own ego ahead of the best interests of the American people by continuing to cast doubt on the validity of the fact that Russia did, in fact, attack the United States, as well as undermining the credibility of those investigating this matter, all because he doesn’t want to admit that without Russia’s help he wouldn’t have won. He refuses to admit that he was the beneficiary of an attack against this country because an enemy who wants to see us weak and disorganized realized helping elect him was the best way to make that happen.

So even with faced with further indisputable evidence that Russia attacked this country, never once has Trump denounced the Russian government, or even shown much concern about possible future attacks against us. Instead, he spent the weekend coddling himself and feeding his ego.

In my opinion, this is another massive violation of the oath he took to protect this country. We currently have a “president” who’s proven that he’s always going to put himself, his ego, and what he perceives as his own best interests ahead of what’s best for the nation. Even when faced with a situation to stand up to an enemy who attacked us and protect us from future attacks, the only thing Trump seems interested in is trying to protect himself from those who look at his 2016 victory as tainted, weak, and a fluke that was handed to him by the Russian government.

That’s a big reason why so many people feel that Trump did collude with Russia. When it comes down to a man who’s not shy about attacking or criticizing others, the one constant has been the fact that, no matter what, he won’t say a single negative thing about Russia or its president.

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Watch Smith’s comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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