Fox News’ Smith Calls Memo Another Desperate ‘Act of Mass Distraction’ to Protect Trump (Video)

If you’re someone who staunchly refuses to watch anything on Fox News (and I don’t blame you), I’d ask you to reconsider as it relates to Shep Smith. An extremely rare voice of reason, facts, and calling out the many lies of Trump and those defending his dishonesty and vile behavior, Smith is one of the few people on Fox News who’s not afraid to actually tell the truth about the circus we’re all currently living through.

Such as Wednesday when he went after Republicans, in particular Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), for the infamous “secret memo” they plan to release that the FBI has called reckless and filled with inaccuracies.

“He’s House Intelligence Committee chairman that recused himself from the Russia investigation,” Smith explained. “He made that midnight dash to the White House last year and then staged a dramatic revelation news conference that turned out to be nothing. Nunes is a loyal supporter of the president and served on his transition team.”

Smith then later pointed out how the last time Nunes attempted to fabricate a giant scandal to defend Trump, it was widely discredited once more people were made aware of the facts.

“As we reported from the beginning, this is from Devin Nunes, whose last big act of mass distraction was eventually seen as exactly that on the midnight run on the building behind the White House, when he was supposedly taking information to them and instead took it from them and came out and had a news conference and it’s been widely discredited since then,” Smith stated.

“He had recused himself from this investigation,” he continued. “Here he is again and he’s effectively changed the subject. If that was the goal to distract, they’ve been highly successful thus far.”

This is exactly why I called for Nunes to be investigated last year. At this point it’s clear that he’s actively coordinating with the Trump White House to undermine, discredit, and even obstruct a federal investigation into whether or not this “president” is a criminal who colluded with Russia during the 2016 election.

He’s the head of the House Intelligence Committee and he’s actively trying to interfere in an on-going federal investigation. How the hell isn’t that illegal and why aren’t more people calling for federal authorities to look into his behavior and why he might be going to such great lengths?

Republicans aren’t trying to discredit the actual evidence against Trump. They’re not even trying to defend the four Trump associates who’ve been indicted, two of whom have already pled guilty to lying about their contact with Russians to the FBI. They’re simply trying to discredit those trying to find out what, exactly, might have gone on and whether or not this “president,” or members of his administration, have committed crimes.

That’s why I’ve said that I absolutely believe Republicans know Trump’s guilty, which is exactly why they’re pushing conspiracies against the FBI. It’s the GOP’s last-ditch effort to protect Trump, and by default their party, from being exposed as a bunch of fools who either backed a criminal traitor, or knew he was a crook, yet supported him anyway because they put the best interests of their party over the country.

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Watch Smith’s comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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