Fox News’ Stacey Dash Makes A Fool Out Of Herself Discussing Bush’s Presidency (Video)

stacey-dash-clueless-fox-newsFor those who might not be aware of who Stacey Dash is, you may recall her from such deep, thought-provoking movies such as Clueless or Mo’ Money. Now she’s a fairly prominent contributor for American’s highest rated conservative entertainment channel, Fox News.

Though I have no idea what qualifies her for a role on a supposed “news” channel discussing politics or anything at all important. While I obviously don’t know her personally, almost everything I’ve heard come out of her mouth is just gibberish. This is a woman who just a few months ago defended men when it came to the public sexual harassment of women.

Because nothing says “I care about women’s rights” quite like saying it’s acceptable for men to whistle, harass or say crude comments to random women out walking in public.

Well, now we have what has to be one of her most idiotic moments on Fox News when she decided to try to bash President Obama, while attempting to brag about how great George W. Bush was as president.

As most people are aware, ISIS is known for barbarically decapitating people they’ve captured. And with the massive growth of social media over the last decade or so, it’s easier than ever for these monsters to publicize their atrocious acts for all the world to see.

But long before ISIS ever existed, back in 2002, a Wall Street Journal reporter, Danny Pearl, was beheaded by Pakistani militants. And as we all know, George W. Bush was president in 2002.

Just moments after fellow Outnumbered co-host Andrea Tantaros brought up the tragic death of Pearl, that’s when Dash decided to take her cheap shot at Obama – by declaring no one would have ever been beheaded when Bush was president. 

“When George W. Bush was president, the most important thing to him was not to be liked, but to be respected,” Dash said. “And you better believe no one would have been beheaded when he was president.”

Before going forward I feel inclined to point out that practically no one respected Bush. He was a bumbling fool who made Americans look like idiots and he was (and still is) someone who much of the world frequently laughed at.

But for Dash to claim that “no one would have been beheaded when he [Bush] was president” – literally just after her co-host talked about the beheading death of Pearl that happened during Bush’s presidency – is just flat-out embarrassing. It shows that she wasn’t really paying attention to what was being said, she was just waiting for an opening to bash President Obama.

Then again, that’s all most people on Fox News do – just wait out their turn to speak so that they can bash the president about practically anything.

Though even going beyond the obvious idiocy of her statement, she completely glossed over the fact that the reason ISIS exists is because of the failures of the Bush presidency. Republicans can try to pin ISIS on Obama’s foreign policies all they want, but that’s complete bullcrap. ISIS, and the current chaos in the Middle East in general, is a direct result of Bush destabilizing the region by invading Iraq with absolutely no idea what he was going to do once he removed Saddam Hussein from power.

It’s amazing the revisionist history so many conservatives subscribe to when it comes to Bush. Without a doubt, his presidency was eight years of an unmitigated disaster that will cement his legacy as one of the worst presidents in our nation’s history. Just because they like to try to deny that fact, doesn’t mean that it’s not true.

Watch Dash’s comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jim Bean

    I would argue that Obama is the bumbling fool who makes America look like idiots and push-overs – Iran being the latest example. And while Bush made his fair share of miscalculations I’m inclined to believe that Bush made his decisions based on what he believed was in the nations interests while Obama clearly makes all his based on what he believes is in his personal political interests.

    There is no pragmatic comparison to be made between the two that give Obama the upper hand.

    • Doug Lanham

      You actually believe that Bush was a better president!? Apparently you haven’t haven’t done your homework and only subscribe to the revisionist history of the Republican party.

      Do your homework and come back when you are more informed.

      • Jim Bean
      • Doug Lanham

        That’s a public opinion poll and has absolutely no facts. Try again.

      • Flat Banana

        Exactly that is the best way to find out if the country is standing behind or against the current president. They work for the people.

      • Andy Kinnard

        Moreover, Obama’s current PO numbers are better than both Bush and Reagan presidencies at this point in their terms.

      • LOL!! Well said. Seems as if Jim Bean is still in year 2000

      • Ruth

        ahem *fox watcher alert* — equals Uninformed and Brainwashed. Don’t bother.

      • LOL so funny!! I bet Jim Bean still has the confederate flag glued to his front door :D.

    • Doug Lanham

      That’s a public opinion poll and has absolutely no facts. Try again.

      • Jim Bean

        There is no such thing as a scientific determination of which President might be worse than another. Public opinion is the only barometer.

      • Shinjo Dun

        Depends on the issue you’re discussing. Some issues, such as economic results, make determinations possible as there is concrete data behind them.

      • Yeah and PUBLIC OPINION states that Bush needs to be hanged for his war crimes.

      • Kaye Gohsman

        Jim, do you recall seeing the London, England newspaper the day after Bush was elected for a 2nd term? The whole front page of the paper said only this: “HOW CAN 63 MILLION PEOPLE BE SO STUPID”

    • Larry Wasnesky

      185,000 innocent people died in Iraq, for a war that should have never happened, all for a lie. Bush and gang are wanted by the Hague, for war crimes and crimes against humanity.Must make you proud. Bush began his first term with a good surplus and he walked away 8 years later owing 10 trillion dollars !! Bush told us that the Iraq war would pay for it self with oil subsidies. Well, we are still waiting, just like we are still waiting for the Regan economy to trickle down.Please and with links to back you up, tell us exactly how Obama is worse than Bush.

      • Jim Bean

        ISIS. Workforce participation at 40 year low. New business start ups at 30 year low. Food stamp (SNAP) participation at all time high. Wages stagnated. Middle class shrunken. Rich richer, poor poorer. Race relations set back 40 years. National debt nearly doubled. Division and hatred blanketing the nation. Our allies alienated. Our enemies emboldened. Aggressors world wide emboldened because of Obamas hands-off philosophy.

        The Obama presidency can be summed up as ‘and affirmative action experiment with extremely disappointing results.’

      • Elizabeth R. Lewis

        I’m curious, where do you think the most obstructionist Republican Congress fits into your theory. It’s the lowest rated Congress in history. Why do you think that is. And, the Republicans make no excuse for their well-known decision on the night of Obama’s first inauguration to make sure he got nothing done and was a one-term President. Well, look what he’s accomplished without them or in spite of them. I would say that the Republicans are the embarrassment on the world stage, not Obama.

      • Flat Banana

        Executive actions and Presidential memorandums really do help his cause to put things forcibly onto citizens. As soon as the Republicans took Congress, he said all the things they were planning to pass through, he would veto.

      • Jim Bean

        When Bush got elected the Dems made it their mission to make him a one term President. That’s the norm in politics and nothing abnormal occurred this time other than someone saying it out loud.

        The job of Congressmen is to represent the wishes of the constituents in their districts, not serve the President. The job of the Senate Majority Leader is to administer the affairs of the Senate – not sit on 350 duly passed pieces of legislation and prevent them from coming up for vote.

        Between Harry sitting on bills and Obama promising to veto anything that isn’t exactly what he wants, what do you think Pubs in Congress should have done differently?

      • Jim, I will defend your right to continue to revel in your ignorance. Your handlers must be so proud of your ability to regurgitate their lies. Do they pay you per lie or per post? I would hold out for a raise if I were you, you make such a loyal Kochsucker

      • Pipercat

        Sucks living in a Republic.

      • Jim Bean

        A banana republic is what this has become and if you elect Hillary it will become something along the lines of Venezuela and Russia’s governments.

      • Pipercat

        Slippery slope that I’ve heard since her husband was elected. Gridlock is a tango that takes two -to dance to. These claims of purity and non-responsibility devolve into parroted partisan whining.

      • Jillz

        “what do you think Pubs in Congress should have done differently?”

        They could have (and still can) stopped obstructing and put the country’s needs before their hatred of the President.

      • Jim Bean

        They are doing what their constituents elected them to do and what they want them to do.

      • What are you? a Kindergartener ? ?

        ISIS is a result of Bush’s administration. We are facing a shitty economy all because of Bush. He literally brought instability to the global economy (not just United States now).

        Poor Obama inherited a failed administration when he became president and has since been trying to fix everything. No wonder he’s aged so much!!

      • Jim Bean

        Yes, poor, poor, Obama.

      • Jim Bean, educate yourself

      • Ruth

        Yes, we know, Republicans LURRVE the War.

      • Kaye Gohsman

        You have no clue what you’re talking about Mr. Bean. Not one iota

      • Jim Bean

        I missed a couple of Obie’s accomplishments. Slowest recovery from recession in history, and yesterday he got to own a 0.2% first quarter growth in GDP. I know a few things.

      • LOL i couldn’t have said it any better! 🙂

    • Shinjo Dun

      There’s no economic indicator that doesn’t give Obama the upper hand.

    • Kipco

      You would be wrong. The invasion of Iraq was THE biggest blunder this country has made since Vietnam. Dismissing this as a “miscalculation” is being an apologist, making excuses for the incompetence of someone you are bias towards so you can criticize someone you are biased against. The facts are NOT on your side and history will (and does) clearly confirm this. Your statement about Obama making decisions for political reasons is pure projection, as it’s been proven that Bush, and especially Cheney, were answering the drumbeat of the war hawks and the oil industry, all while playing to the populist rhetoric that wanted revenge for 9/11. Once you step outside the right wing information bubble, all of what I just said becomes undeniable and blatantly obvious.

      • SmashnGrab

        Yes!! Nicely put.

      • PitoDaddy

        You have much more patience than I, and I applaud you. I have given up responding to these online troll-types as I have found doing so is more often than not futile and exhausting. They hate the president because they want to. They will latch onto any attack on the president, not matter how silly, illogical, or blatantly false. They are able to rationalize in their minds, even the most outlandish of charges against him to reenforce their hatred for him and progressives in general.

    • You are THE bumbling fool. You don’t even research your facts properly and then come here and start making illogical claims. That translates to a bumbling fool!


    • Sunnysmom

      Among Bush’s worst “fair share of miscalculations”, there’s the killing 4493 American troops and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis. All for a lie. Yes, it was a lie. You are so delusional it’s painful. Bush (more like Cheney) pretended we could have a democracy cake-walk across the Middle East and what we see today is a result of that policy.

    • Kaye Gohsman

      Mr. Jim Beam, err Mr. Bean, Do you sincerely believe that George Bush’s sending our Country down the tubes to the point of a near collapse of our whole economy was in our “Nation’s Interest?” Come on now…..

      • Jim Bean

        Of course not. But neither I nor most in the center or to the right are defending Bush. Y’all are still defending Obie.

  • Flat Banana

    What is funny is that in the article it says fox news takes every chance they can to bash Obama, in the early 2000s CNN did the same thing to Bush.

    • Yeah and that’s because Bush deserved to be BASHED. Now, he deserves to be hanged for his war crimes

      • so True!
        It’s a shame Obama had to spend 8 years fixing Bushes mistakes.

      • I agree! Still MORE works needs to be done. It won’t take 8 years to fix this kind of shit. More like 20 years!! Bernie Sanders can carry on the touch after Obama. If we left Hilary get into office, she’ll just drag us farther into the mud!

    • Leah Schultz

      Bush was a disaster that is why they bashed him. Obama has not been. Obama was also bashed before he even took office. Obama will be viewed by history positively GW is already viewed very unfavorably.

      • PitoDaddy

        “Obama will be viewed by history positively….” He deserves it, but, unfortunately, the oligarch-controlled brainwash media machine will never allow that to happen. They have already started the “Obama is the worst president ever” obviously bullshit mantra.

  • suziel813

    republicans = cult

  • Kipco

    This woman is just another pretty dipshit paid to buffalo the dipshits that watch Fox News. It’s also very telling that the other people on the show with her did NOTHING to correct her.

  • R. Eilers

    She is clueless and on a clueless fake news show

  • my god, IDIOTS! Stacey Dash is an ignorant twat and she probably had to suck lots of fox news’ directors for a chance to make those outlandish comments.

  • Pipercat

    The only thing extraordinary about the clip is Andrea (Darth Zhorrid) sitting on the right side of the coffee table…

  • Clintoris

    Any black person who does not identify with the left is immediately called an Uncle Tom and an idiot.

    • Rob

      The sad thing is you probably think she’s “intelligent” and made a super-valid point…

    • Ruth

      And you’re the only one to say that so far… doyy

  • GimmeSomeTruth

    Here is what I suggest: All those so called, self proclaimed Conservative Christians wearing their strap-on on their backs terrorizing American women and children in public parks and schools and businesses should put those strap-on to good use. Since ISIS is targeting and beheading Christians in the region, they should volunteer to go there and defend their fellow Christians, that is, if these strap-on wearers considered themselves true Christians and have the courage.

    • 2Smart2bGOP

      That is one mighty big “if.”

    • I wish! most of them are hypocrites anyway. Look at the most hated family in north america – Westboro Baptist church. They denounce America and curse the country. Yet, they’re still living in it! FAIL

  • Fact Checker Guy

    I watch #Outnumbered all the time, love the show, but I only watch it with the sound off. Love the leg eye candy.

    • Pipercat

      Tonight on the “Gam Squad!”

  • Ruth

    who is going to listen to this woman, what makes her so all-fired knowledgable to state that there would be no beheadings? The truth is, there would probably be no beheadings if Bush/Cheney hadn’t created a vacuum in the Middle East with their incompetent reactions to 9/11 and going to the wrong damn country!!

    • PitoDaddy

      Ruth, you’re speaking too factually…it’ll go right over the heads of the trolls.

  • 2Smart2bGOP

    Another pretty face, with an empty head behind it. Perfectly qualified for FOX “News.”

  • Kim Serrahn

    Got to be a fat paycheck for them to sit there day after day and make themselves out to be fools.