Fox News’ Tantaros Makes Ridiculous Claim About President Obama That Even Stuns Bill O’Reilly (Video)

tantaros-oreillyWhile Bill O’Reilly definitely isn’t someone I would call “moderate,” I’ll at least give him credit for sometimes (though it’s rare) calling out radical right-wing nonsense. And while he didn’t technically “call out” Andrea Tantaros during a segment on The O’Reilly Factor, it was fairly clear by his body language and reactions to what she was saying that he thought she was being ridiculous.

During the segment Tantaros essentially stated her belief that President Obama is anti-American, anti-western culture and sympathizes with the plight of the Islamic terrorist.

Tantaros said, “He [President Obama] has a world view that is very anti-American.”

“He has basically apologized for the west to the Muslim community in Cairo,” she continued. “He believes we’ve been an oppressor and this is why he’s fundamentally not able to protect the U.S. – because he has disdain for the west.”

But she wasn’t done. She finished her comments by claiming that President Obama is “allowing” ISIS to build this caliphate because he feels that we have been oppressive to Muslims.

Even O’Reilly clearly wasn’t buying this nonsense. While he let her speak mostly uncontested, his body language and demeanor during the segment made it pretty clear that he thought she was being absurd.

And she absolutely was.

I think that’s what’s annoying me most about this whole situation with ISIS. Instead of putting aside partisan politics to work together to decide the best way to handle this group, conservatives have done just about everything they can to exploit this situation. They’ve used it as just another staging ground for their usual fear mongering and anti-Obama propaganda.

But the thing is, I still never hear any of these conservative pundits really say what they think he should do. Sure, some might say “bomb Syria,” but you don’t just bomb another sovereign nation. And that still won’t solve the problem.

The only way we’re really going to be able to deal with ISIS is by using ground forces to essentially fight another war against them. And it’s my belief that President Obama is trying to exhaust every other possible option before committing thousands of our men and women to fight in another war where many of them will probably die.

Will he ultimately have to use ground troops? It’s very likely. But if it comes to that, at least he’ll be able to say that he did everything possible to avoid putting the lives of our men and women in uniform in harm’s way. Which is exactly how a president should act when determining whether or not to put our military into dangerous situations.

Because this isn’t a game. Even if most Republicans seem to treat war like it is one.

Watch the segment below via Media Matters and Fox News

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • deedee2die4

    Is FOX news for room temperature and below IQ audiences?

    • Adam Smith


  • OpenMinded

    Even if he exhausts all other options before putting troops on the ground, Republicans will still say he is making a mistake. It doesn’t matter what our President does, the Republicans have proved, time and time again, that they will speak out against it, no matter what. During a time when our nation would do well to pull together, we are becoming more and more fractured.

    • Jim Bean

      He has said emphatically that he will not be putting any troops on the ground, so why even bring it up? He never lies.

      • mandate0

        Unlike the Faux Snooze people????

      • Stephen Barlow

        It’s MORE important to be complainiantly Republican than it will EVER BE to be right.

      • Stephen ‘dimwit’ Barlow

        Spoken like a true REMF

      • Stephen Barlow

        Since you have DEFINED your self….

        REMF means?

      • DavidD

        Rear echolon and you can guess the rest.A term used by those getting shot at directed at those who are not.In the rear with the gear and the beer.

      • Stephen Barlow

        YOu Sign up, I’ll reenlist. 6 years of combat arms, 4 years S-2….

        Pony up them nuggets!

      • Jim Bean

        And still suffering severe PTSD.

      • Stephen Barlow

        As long as you keep posting.

      • Kelly Payne

        jim bean you are being an ass.

      • 2Smart2bGOP

        I fail to understand the mentality of the average troll; they aren’t willing to engage in any kind of intelligent discussion. It’s the equivalent to coming into a party that you weren’t invited to, walking around the room farting loudly, (and occasionally dropping trou and taking a dump in the middle of the room,) then giggling hysterically before scurrying out again. jim bean is a good example of such.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        jimbo is a lonely drunk ( old and retired) who hates all that America is becoming: equal rights and that stuff)

      • Geoffrey Harris

        Well the regressive retrograde redneck white trash are mean/hostile, stupid, willfully ignorant, intolerant/racist/xenophobic and religiously deluded. That should answer your question.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        he always is,,,, alcohol and his “Christian ” religion does that to losers

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        hey looksie! jimbo is again ADDING 2 the conversation!!
        hey jimbo– hows about : McCain 2013- ‘ we need 2 arm ISIS to fight assad” and McCain 2014 : ” we need to arm assad to fight ISIS”
        explain this to ignorant old me…. is it a lie? a subversion? a conflation?
        or,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just typical crybaby republicans TRYING to do ( as always) the OPPOSITE of what will make Obama successful?
        lemme know

    • Maurice

      During a time when our nation would do well to pull together, it would be good if our president would propose something that would be in the best interests of our country, instead of the usual garbage that comes from him. He has gone against our Constitution, broken our laws and basically done whatever he has wanted to do. Even some Democrats are beginning to wake up to that fact. Why should they be accomplices to “Jimmy Carter” type tactics? At least Carter had some military experience, but Obama doesn’t! They’ve both proved they can royally screw things up. But miraculously, Obama even gets a large segment of the population to support his refusal to act, to save American lives.

      • Stephen Barlow

        A) WHAT garbage? Make a list, check it twice AND ACTUALLY POST IT!

        B) HOW has he “gone against our Constitution….?” Then WHY are 12,000,000 JOBS on the desk of Chief obstructor, John, “I only wanna LOOK like one of THOSE people” Boehner….

        WHAT would you have him “ACT” upon and HOW?

        WITHOUT a Congress that can’t even manage to be in session more than 35% of the year??????

      • Steve Zakszewski

        You’re funny. Those teabilly fucktards in the GOP and teabagger party have proven over the past 5 years they won’t do fuck all in terms of working with the president and when those shitbags finally decide to go after Obama and sue him, what do they sue him for? For delaying implementing a section of ObamaCare, which those useless cunts have spent the past 5 years trying to repeal, and claiming he’s overstepping his authority to do so. (ignoring Dubya having done the exact same thing with the prescription drug plan for Medicare) And now they’re crying and pointing fingers at the Big Bad Black Man because he won’t act unilaterally and send in troops. Boo fucking hoo. As far as I’m concerned, Boehner and McConnell and Cruz can drag their skanky old asses over to Syria and pick up a rifle if they’re so eager to have a few thousand more US soldiers killed in a useless goddamn land war.

      • Nathan Frigerio

        Funny, isn’t it, the biggest hawks are republicans that never served. As well as the biggest “we support our troops” jerks. Well duh, through our taxes, we all support the troops. Good post.

      • Maurice

        And then we have the jerks who assume more than their little brains can possibly know. But why should you worry about facts now! Right! I am neither a hawk nor a republican, and I DID serve in the military of the United States of America.

      • DavidD

        Me too.So what.That doesn’t make your politics anymore credible.
        People from all sides of this issue on the posts curse and swear at each other and what does it prove?

      • Maurice

        Cursing and swearing seldom proves anything, other than the ignorance of the one who uses them. Just who are you saying cursed here?

        Not even I said that my politics were any more credible than anyone else’s. Is there some reason for your anger?

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        well for starts,,,, please list obamas incursion against the constitution: and be specific– NOT broad

      • Canuckledragger

        Your flat out lying up above may be a reason.

      • Nathan Frigerio

        I served as well, USMC 1983-1987, Charlie battery 1st battalion 12th Marines. Hawks are generally pussies that don’t have the balls to fight for their country, like dubya and cheney.

      • Maurice

        Thanks for your service Marine! But you conveniently forgot to mention that Obama has never served in our military either. I’m sure that was just an honest oversight!

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Big deal. Obama ISN’T one of those idiots who wants to start a war.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        did Reagan? U suckle his flaccid tete well past his burial-
        now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, about those splendid GOP policies of that past 25 yrs: shall we discuss them?

      • springerj

        @ Maurice: Obama is not a hawk. Nathan said “Hawks are generally pussies” that didn’t serve. He did not say that all who haven’t served are pussies.

      • Kelly Payne

        Maurice..even people who have served in the military can be are still being an ass.

      • Maurice

        So are you the “ass police?” You seem to be infatuated with that word. Why do you say I’m an ass? Just because I don’t subscribe to your opinions? What can I say? Life is tough!

      • Dennis

        No way you served…NO WAY!

      • FrankLooper

        F**k you. You never question a man’s service without proof. Sh*t like that even gets this old squid standing up for a former jarhead.

      • Canuckledragger

        You definitely lie like a republican. You push all the same bullshit republican talking points.

        And you have presented no facts.

      • Maurice

        You’re pathetic! Were you a younger brother when you were growing up? You seem like someone who was denied the ability to run around with the big boys when you were younger, and now you’re seeing how crude you can be, thinking you’ll impress all the girls.

        The name of your literary offering seems to capture your character perfectly!

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        hey tough guy— I didn’t serve and Im willing to lock horns with you any way U desire— preferably intellectually
        shall we start with comparing GOP federal policies VS democrat policies and the effects upon ALL americans ( not just white trash religious scum) over the past 25 yrs????
        we have LOTSA topics here-
        job creation
        soldiers killed and maimed
        equal EQUALITY for ALL americans
        energy independence

      • Hudep

        Steve, I was always taught that using foul language was a sign of low intelligence. the content of your post proves the point.

      • Gene

        There’s a funny little zombie novella that speaks volumes about how congress works currently. The part in it is small less than a quarter of the page. They enter the House of Representatives to find the doors of congress chained shut with what is obviously congress as zombies in it, on the door it says “stay in there until you get some damn work done” the main character thinks to himself “it only took the end of the world for them to go to work”.

      • Kelly Payne

        Maurice he has not gone against the constitution and he hasn’t broken any are being an ass.

      • Maurice

        And you have your head in yours! By your blind assessment, there isn’t a smidgeon of corruption in the man.

        Nobody on here seems to want to do anything but bash anybody with a different opinion than you have. So much for your support of working together with the other side!

        If our country were running smoothly now, after this five plus year rein of your savior, I’d be glad that things were going so well. But things aren’t going well in any part of our government. Laws have been broken and/or ignored! Our Constitution has been ignored, attacked and vilified. Several un-Constitutional things have occurred under this administration. Are Obama’s many czars constitutional? Have the American people given even one vote for any of them? Does the fact that most of them are muslims concern any of you?

        I suppose all that is Bush’s fault too! Cowards never accept responsibility; they just lay the blame on others!

      • Dennis

        “Cowards never accept responsibility; they just lay the blame on others!” – absolutely!!! But still, you should not call the GOP cowards…that’s just mean.

        “Our Constitution has been ignored, attacked and vilified. Several un-Constitutional things have occurred under this administration.”…. *yaaaaawn*. Show me where.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        he cannot,,,,,,,as FOX “news” cannot

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        How about proving your allegations instead of just being a FOX parrot?

        Who cares if anyone is a Muslim? Wasn’t this country founded by people escaping religious persecution?

      • Canuckledragger

        You STILL haven’t presented any sourced facts to back up your claims!

        All you’ve done is make a lot of broad generalizations without a shred of info to back any of it up!

        WHAT laws have been broken?

        HOW has the constitution been ignored/attacked/vilified?

        WHAT unconstitutional things have been done?

        WHICH ones are muslims, and why would that be a bad thing?

        You’re right. Cowards like you NEVER take responsibility for your action/words.

        Go fuck yourself, liar.

      • FrankLooper

        By all means, please feel free to offer proof for any of that nonsensical twaddle that you’re regurgitating.

      • Dennis

        LOL! Keep on foaming at the mouth Maurice-baby. You’re doing awesome. Obama’s successes make you feel worthless…we get it 😀

      • Neil Palmer

        Maurice as a citizen of the united Kingdom I am amazed at the ignorance of some of the citizens of the US. Here if we had the opportunity we would put Tony Blair on trial yet the Republicans seem to think Bush was good. We (the west) are reaping what we sowed by invading Iraq with no real plan for how to win the peace. Military experience is not that important if you are unable to anticipate the likely consequences of your actions, Bush and Balir clearly could not.

      • Geoffrey Harris

        Well, consider this:

        “Ideas that require people to reorganize their picture of the world provoke hostility.”
        ― James Gleick,

        WizardOfAahsWizardOfAahs 41-45, M No wonder Republicans and white trash in general are so hostile and intolerant all the time as every fact and most every idea is new to them and does not jibe with their fantastic delusions born of ignorance, stupidity, foolishness, selfishness, and mean-spiritedness.
        wombat456Me 41-45, M 3 seconds ago

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Oh, PUH-LEEZE. Breaking laws and doing whatever they want to do applies only to the GOP.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        I love U white trash regressive crybabies say the same stuff with no proof– I really do!
        did U get your BENGHAZI Tshirt from FOX “news”?

    • Stephen Barlow

      Even if the JimBeaners ad rallying?

  • john

    I like James Carvilles’ response when he said it’s so ridiculous he isn’t even going to respond.

    • The problem is, if we *don’t* respond, it becomes ‘true’.

    • Maurice

      Carville gave a response that, translated into “progressive speak” means “I can’t refute any of what she says!”

      For all of your bellyaching, nobody actually answered my previous questions or refuted what I said.

      • Gary Smith

        Some lies are so blatantly, so obviously, so fantastically ridiculous that they don’t require refutation … they’re so out of touch with factual reality that they self-refute, because anyone with three functioning braincells and a pair of eyes can plainly see them for the absolute hogwash they are.

        This is one of those flights of recto-cranial-inversion fancy. It is utter bullshit through and through: on its face, it the middle and underneath. Even its bullshit atoms are themselves made up composed of subatomic bullshit quarks.

      • Maurice

        Oh! Wow, Professor! You’re sooooo smart! And so clever! (Yawn!)

        I’m sorry about the death of your three previously functioning brain cells, but with your eyes so full of that fecal matter, I doubt they would have done you any good anyhow.

        Righteous indignation always gets you out of actually answering questions. Doesn’t it! How convenient that you always say that anyone with an opinion that’s different than yours has no real right to have an opinion. I’m sure that makes you the JEWEL of your wife’s entire life!

      • Dennis

        Keep it up Maurice-baby! You’re doing an AWESOME job…(of displaying your room temperature IQ)

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        hey crybaby—
        care to enter an expostulatory cerebral conversation regarding socio-economic contemporary events with me?
        Im really fun!

      • DavidD

        Since you are here just trolling nothing you say merits much response..
        Maurice ,restain yourself for a minute and give us an honest idea on what our military response should be.
        That is what the article is about and you might get a civil response.

      • Maurice

        I started here by trying to give some points for discussion, but I got only hateful remarks in return. So much for civility! People here criticize everything about Tantaros, but you all support the indefensible Obama.

        I had never heard of Tantaros before, but whoever she is, she seems to be paying closer attention to his presidency than anyone here is. Or maybe it’s just that she doesn’t REFUSE to ADMIT that your “savior” has faults! The failure of the author of this article, to find even one redeeming thing in Tantaros’s statements shows that he cares nothing for the truth, he just has to defend Obama, at all costs, and most of you are the same way. You continually parrot his words and say how great and wise he is.

        I have said nothing positive about Obama, because I too can see that the king has no clothes. And except for my opening statements, I have been responding to those of you who blindly adore this imposter.

      • Dennis

        So all you want is to see President Obama nude? My lord…hell of an ambition 😀

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        ” ive never heard of tantaros before”
        ……………………. yyyyyy-eah: we believe that

      • Canuckledragger

        You didn’t give out any points of discussion, you posted flat out lies with nothing to back them up, and keep running away and insulting others when asked for verification.

        Roger Ailes should fire you, you really suck at this propaganda thing.

  • cmtravels

    “When it comes to terrorism, he doesn’t act.” Are you brainless? Who was it that captured Bin Laden? Get a brain, woman

    • Pithy Eponym Here

      He also got one of the leaders of Al Shabab. Even if he did get the ISIS ringleader, they’d be on to another group and say “See, he’s not going after “X” group why does he hate ‘Merica?

    • Maurice

      If that’s your best example, you really don’t have much. We’ve HEARD that Obama basically captured Bin Laden by himself, without the help of the military, but being so against presenting any PROOF of anything, he conveniently had Bin Laden’s body buried at sea. So we saw no body, saw no pictures of said body, and have seen absolutely NO PROOF that Obama had anything at all to do with Bin Laden’s death, so we’re left with only the word of one who has proven himself to be a pathological liar.

      You really should try to be kinder to fellow posters. When you have such a weak argument, it makes you look bad.

      • Ryan

        Bush was also a pathological liar. See WMDs. And Clinton was before him, “I did not have sexual relations…” Get used to it. All presidents lie! It’s kind of a key ingredient for gaining and maintaining power and success.

      • Maurice

        All politicians seem to be liars these days, no matter what party they are. I’m sadly disappointed in all of them. I WON’T “get used to it.” I expect honor, integrity and truthfulness from our president, whichever president we’re talking about. To EXPECT less from them gives them permission to do a lesser job on our behalf. Is this the depth to which we have sunk? To hell with common decency, honor and truthfulness; just as long as your party wins? What a pathetic world this has become!

      • Ryan

        You miss the point of my post. I am saying, anyone that has power and authority automatically is a liar. There is no such thing as a perfectly honest leader of men. It’s a dream, a utopia, and an impossibility. So, how do we choose a good leader? I say find the person who has the least incentive to betray the masses for personal and private gain.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        so— O sage Maurice: who is YOUR splendid 2016 presidential candidate??

      • Kelly Payne

        Maurice He ordered the operation that killed bin laden dumb ass.I would think someone who claims to have been in the military would know better.

      • Maurice

        Are you sure that Obama gave the order to get Bin Laden? From the pictures I saw, it looked like Obama was in a fear induced brain freeze. And from what I read at the time, Susan Rice told Obama a couple of times NOT to attack yet, and it may very well have been her who gave the actual order to get Bin Laden.

        What would it have hurt to have obtained some PROOF that Bin Laden had actually been killed by our military?

        Since you’re fond of calling people names, I WAS in the military, bitch! Are you jealous of that? Don’t be! It wasn’t much fun!

      • Dennis

        SO, by your argument, Bin Laden had NOTHING do with 9/11 since he did not personally fly one of the two planes that crashed into the WTC or the one that crashed into the Pentagon. Right? RIGHT?!

        And you call others’ arguments weak?! LOL!

      • Maurice

        Dennis, you’re a childish fool! That argument is not only weak, it’s so weak that I won’t even honor it with a comment!

        Yeah! I think I’m beginning to get the hang of this now. Just act righteous and then don’t answer! Wow! What a plan!

      • Dennis

        LOL! Maurice – even at trolling you’re horrible.

        I’d spit on you but it’d only clean you up AND raise your overall IQ.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        would that include the seals who killed bin ladin and testified that it is true?
        you lose again

      • Canuckledragger

        Holy cognitive dissonance batman!

        You’ve posted the weakest arguments so far, Maurice and haven’t backed up a thing you’ve posted yet with factual evidence!

        Do you enjoy looking this stupid and uninformed?

    • DavidD

      Actually they didn’t capture him.They double tapped the SOB,put some more rounds in him and dumped him in the ocean.
      They have been finding thier leadership and killing them.
      Except for some agents on the ground and some teams going in and out they have been doing this offshore with drones and air strikes.
      One good day hopefully we can catch them out holding a little Death to America pep rally and drop a daisy cutter on them.
      War is Hell..

  • Mrs_oatmeal

    Take Sarah P., Michelle B, and her and put them on an island somewhere. She is just trying to put her stamp on the political scene like the other 2 dimwits did by being outlandish!

  • Francine Anoia Price

    Mr. Obama may just allow the Arab League first crack at policing their own and then wait and see if that works. The Arab League is none to happy with ISIS either. Hell, Al-Qaida wants no truck with them. If Al-Qaida thinks ISIS is too extreme, then that’s saying something. I’m not making any predictions, but something is going to happen that will unite this country again, and usually that means some type of devastating tragedy. Happened on 9/11, and Dec. 7th. I’m watching the situation with interest.

  • Pipercat

    Darth Zhorrid…

  • Lilarose Davis

    Last I knew we still have three branches of government. One is so political that their judgments are worthless. The other branch is Congress, and we don’t even know where the members are most of the time (vacation?). The third is, of course, the President, and it seems most people don’t realize that he doesn’t decide everything…..well, maybe he does, because the other two branches are spineless and immaterial at this point.

  • Stephen Polasky

    Pretty on the outside, ugly on the inside. That is how today’s conservatives like their women.

    • Hillary Clinton

      Ever since my stroke I wake up to a chocolaty surprise in my pantees each and every morning.

      • Kelly Payne

        she never had any stroke moron.

  • AL.


  • Brian Kirchner

    Tantaros only has the luxury of playing games with this issue because she knows that A) her opinion doesn’t really matter and people won’t live or die directly because of it, and B) she has no skin in the game. She won’t have to fight if it comes to that.

  • Janet D’Angelo Beardsley

    What does that say about Bush and his cabal? If it weren’t for them, ISIS would not exist, or at least not in the way it does now.

    • strayaway

      Bush and every member of Congress who voted for the Iraq Resolution, including Hillary Clinton, are responsible for destabilizing Iraq. President Obama made things worse by helping to destabilize Syria. Unfortunately, weapons Obama provided a friendly but weak Syrian rebel faction wound up in the hands of IS. Bush, some members of Congress, and Obama should all be given discredit for the rise of IS. Had the governments of Iraq and Syria been left alone, IS would probably not exist.

      • Ryan

        Exactly. We helped arm the rebels. Essentially, this government helped create ISIS. Did you know that Libya was the most industrialized African country at one point, before the US intervened? And Assad was democratically elected by the Syrian people. It’s fascinating how we get dragged into these kinds of wars, almost as if we somehow benefit from making these places more politically unstable…

  • Wiccy Shackleton

    Fox news conservatives are a special kinda stoopit.

  • aka Eric Blair

    Can’t watch her! She is a brunette, therefore she has no credibility – LOL.

  • FD Brian

    until you get the more moderate muslim countries to join this fight (and I use the term moderate loosely) you will never sustain any sort of order.

  • Sandy Greer

    It’s not anti-American to acknowledge Truth. The West (we) HAVE been oppressive. Neocons and CIA have meddled all across this world since WW2 – on the side of Oppression – when we judged it to our benefit. We are resented in many quarters, for the havoc we wrought. And, as Rev Wright said:

    Chickens come home to roost.

    That said, I DO see ISIS as a threat. And don’t see how we can avoid this fight. The rights and wrongs of it matter not, at this point. Whether we take it to them – or they come for us:

    We need to get ready.

  • Patricia Rudine

    I think it’s so great that these people are so knowledgeable about the President and how the President thinks. I wish I had that power to look inside someone’s brain and say, ” He believes …” I, for one minute, do not “believe” that their opinions are any more valuable than anyone else’s. Yet people look at them and listen and say, “By, golly, I think she’s right.” How stupid does one have to be to listen to this garbage and accept it as fact.

  • RBrenizer

    It’s true because she said it through lip gloss. LOL

  • RBrenizer

    Seriously, these shrill women on Fox News with their calls for war, their constant calls for “Manning UP” are truly hurting this country.

  • Maurice

    O’Reilly can handle part of the truth, but not as much as Tantaros gave him!

    The U.S. has always had the policy of not negotiating with terrorists. Obama not only negotiated with them, but he freed five Al-Qaida leaders in exchange for an American who was a deserter, who had been acting against his own country. How is that anything but an act of treason? What did the U.S. gain from that transaction?

    Obama refuses to make one phone call that would free our marine who is in jail in Mexico, just because he made a wrong turn and was in possession of weapons, which me made no attempt to use. Does that show concern for our military?

    Three representatives from the White House were in attendance at the Michael Brown funeral, but supposedly only one low ranking official from the White House showed up at the funeral of General Harold Green, the highest ranking officer to be killed in action since the Vietnam era. Does that show concern for our military?

    When Lt. Col. Terry Lakins requested proof of Obama’s legitimacy to be president and to legally order him and thousands of others to go to war zones and risk their lives, Obama refused. He ruined Lt. Col. Lakins
    military career just so he wouldn’t have to show the proof that he ISN’T
    legally eligible to hold the office of president. He even kept Lt. Col. Lakins from presenting any defense on his own behalf. That’s cruel and unusual punishment, just for exercising his right to know that his “supposed”
    superiors were legally in their positions. Lt. Col. Lakins had been in battle zones before and acted quite
    admirably, so he’s no coward! But there had never been a question of legitimacy before. Obama hasn’t been properly vetted for the job of president, but you blindly support him in whatever he does. If he’s legal, let him prove it. It would be a very simple thing for him to do! What could that possibly hurt? Was this another example of Obama showing concern for our military?

    Obama is methodically purging our military of those who would refuse to fire upon American citizens. Why would that be his utmost concern? He also wants our military to swear their allegiance to HIM, instead of to the Constitution of the United States. Does that show concern for our military, or just for himself? I could go on, but there are other issues.

    You bemoan the Republicans being so partisan about the ISIS issue, but you say nothing about the over 300 Republican sponsored bills that are basically dead on Harry Reid’s desk, because he refuses to allow them to even come up for a vote! Republicans have presented solutions to problems, but when Harry Reid leaves them on his desk to die, nobody can
    benefit from them. And who do you say is acting as if this is all a game?

    Even though Obama says he’s a Christian, he refused to participate in the World Day of Prayer, because he didn’t want to offend muslims and others, but then he participated in the muslim version of the same thing, not caring whether he offended Christians or not. He even dressed in muslim garb while he did it.

    refuses to donate anything to Christian causes, but gives billions of dollars
    of mostly Christian taxpayers money to the muslim brotherhood. He was raised as a muslim, and he also says the muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful sound in the world.

    When Obama does nothing, you say he’s “trying to exhaust every other possible option” before actually doing anything. But when Congress attempts to work within the framework of our Constitution, but doesn’t act quickly enough to suit HIM, Obama decides he has to do it himself, even if it’s something that he knows is against the will of the vast majority of American people.

    I’m by no means happy with everything the Republicans do, because I’m not blind to certain things just because of an allegiance to any certain political party, as most progressives are. This author has said “this isn’t a game” and “Instead of putting aside partisan politics to work together to decide the best way to handle this group, conservatives have done just about everything they can to exploit this situation. They’ve used it as just another staging ground for their usual fear mongering and anti-Obama propaganda.” Most of you seem to agree with that stance. If you really mean it, why don’t
    you put it into practice, at times other than when it’s politically expedient
    for you?

    • Pipercat


      pl. words

      a unit of language, consisting of one or more spoken sounds or their written representation, that functions as a principal carrier of meaning. Words are composed of one or more morphemes and are either the smallest units susceptible of independent use or consist of two or three such units combined under certain linking conditions, as with the loss of primary accent that distinguishes black·bird· from black· bird·. Words are usually separated by spaces in writing, and are distinguished phonologically, as by accent, in many languages.

      em·e·sis (m-ss)

      n. pl. em·e·ses (-sz)

      The act or process of vomiting.

      word emesis
      (see above comment)

    • DavidD

      In iran Contra we not only negotiating with terrorist but we used the profits from it to subsidize more terrorists.
      Reagan sold weapons to Iran to get hostages released from Lebanon which encouraged them to take more hostages.
      This was contrary to the policy of supporting Iraq under our then buddy Hussien.
      The profits were then used to support death squads in Central America by terrorist,oops i’m sorry freedom fighting Contras.
      We dont just negotiate with terrorists we do business with them.
      As Commander in Chief every person in a uniform was representing the White House at a military funeral..
      Green’s death wasn’t extra tragic because he was a general.Every death is tragic and death is the great equalizer of all of us. . .

    • Gary Smith

      My reply from last night apparently didn’t appear, probably because I included a Stars and Stripes link refuting your lies. So I’ll go again:

      You know who that “low ranking White House official” you are bitching about is that attended the funeral for Gen, Green? Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, a Cabinet member and the nations 2nd highest ranking member of the military chain of command, behind the President. Also, the Army Chief of Staff was in attendance and played a key role in the ceremony itself.

      Proof? Google “Maj. Gen. Harold Greene receives full burial honors at Arlington”. Stars and Stripes (military publication by and for soldiers) article gives the lie to your baseless bullshit.

      So, either you’re an ill-informed blowhard (who should therefore keep your damned mouth shut), or a blatant liar (who should therefore keep your damned mouth shut). There are no other options.

      Which is it, loudmouth?


      A middle-aged Southern Army veteran.

  • Gabriel Gentile

    Why do we need to “take care” of ISIS at all? Because we’re afraid they’re going to “take over Iraq”? ISIS is good at invading and overtaking villages, towns and cities, I grant you that, but there is a WORLD of difference between that and establishing and maintaining a semblance of social order on a nationwide scale, especially in a region as socially fragmented as Iraq.
    Or did we not LEARN that when we tried it OURSELVES?
    Even if they do “take over Iraq”, their fundamentalist adherence to their belief system is going to serve as a hinderance towards any technological and scientific development to the point where they can become a legitimate international threat. Answer me something; How are you going to build a nuke when the tenets of your faith forbid you from drawing a blueprint?
    And before anyone chimes in with “But they’re killing Christians/reporters/children/etc.”…. Oh my GOD! They’re KILLING PEOPLE in the MIDDLE EAST? How long has THIS been going on?

    • atuzam

      omg, they’re killing people in the Middle East? well, let’s US kill some MORE people in the Middle East! only then shall we have peace at last.

  • forpeace

    There is no doubt ISIS is dangerous.

    Having said that, anyone who claims ISIS is the biggest problem just because it is All Over The Headlines (her own words) is simply ignorant and stupid. We all know how the MSM works these days!

    She also mentioned “and we’re coming with the Anniversary of 911.”

    I’m glad this clueless woman mentioned 911, she intentionally forgot to mention all the warnings ahead of 911, OBL’s family ties to Bush’s family, and finally 911 happened and almost 3,000 people were killed while George W Bush was reading “My Pet Goat” upside down and Dick Cheney went missing and hiding in a Secret Bunker since then.

    Obviously, she has no clue what the cause of ISIS’s creation and existence is.

  • Eg Kbbs

    President Obama has connections to several countries and areas of the USA. He has lived in several countries and areas of the USA. As such, he has a broader view than most of the Amehrikuns.

    By definitiion, they see this as un-Amerikun.

  • Stephen Barlow

    WHEN was the LAST intelligent made on this blog?

    • FrankLooper

      Speak English.

  • nkiflemar

    She and the whole bunch of fools at FOX are pathetic and idiotic. Thanks James Carville for saying it publically! Obama has killed more masterminds than Bush thought about. Bush killed mostly civilians and our own troops and spent a damn fortune doing it! He was right in Cairo that there were mistakes made and he was right to apologize for any harm done…as all leaders should do. He never once apologized for killing masterminds of terror and continues to this day to try and break up the reign these groups have on the middle east, but he is asking for regional responsibility instead of us using our resources and troops when it is not as much in our interest as it is in the interest of those very wealthyallies of ours over there, namely Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, etc.

  • Jerald Jamal Neely

    “Too idiotic for a response” nuff said!

  • terry

    The Five Cylons?

  • jamarcus

    one man in charge of one country, cant fix the entire world. politics are much more intertwined than this woman thinks. bombs dont fix problems.

  • Reynardine

    Cupid stunt.

  • Alazar Tesfamariam

    Absolute bovine scatology.

  • DavidD

    ISIS is not 10 feet tall and bullet proof and we can degrade thier assets by striking from offshore and let thier ever growing list of enemies engage them on the ground.
    They have about 10,000 active fighters and seem to be making enemies of everyone they come in contact with.
    Let’s keep our kids out of it as far as ground troops other than the Special Forces all ready engaged.
    Some of these conflicts have been going on for centuries and the more we intervene the worst it gets.
    Let them kill each other until they choke on the bloodbath and when they get sick of it then let them craft thier own solutions without us meddling overmuch. .

    • Shawn DeBoard

      Saddam Hussein kept ISIS in check with his dictatorship rule over Iraq though America and those willing countries chose to attack Iraq, take it over and allow the people to kill Hussein. So in hindsight what can we do? The only just salutation in my eyes would be to install another evil dictator or we could place NATO over Iraq and both are really bad ideas though with the fact we took over the country and killed that tyrannical though required leader? What choice do we really have?

      • DavidD

        I support the President with the clear goal at some point soon withdrawing our kids and getting them home.In the end only they can solve thier problems and if they leave us alone I am willing to return the favor.It is not our business to police the world.

  • Fina Azouz

    All those accusations, simply absurd.

  • TMeservey

    Let’s see: soft on terrorism, slow to act, hasn’t brought the killers to justice—she is talking about W, isn’t she?

  • kell

    Ah, a new moron. Nice.

  • suburbancuurmudgeon

    We ARE an oppressor. We prop up the Saudis; without us, their heads would be on spikes.

  • Grand1

    Because he has traveled extensively in his younger years, because he has not lived in some comfortable suburb all his life (like Tantaros) he has a world view. Unlike many conservative E-Z chair critics, President Obama has had life.

  • cobra614

    What hole did Fixed News exhume her from….another conspiracy theorist whose LIES never come true yet stupid Americans will listen to this BS because they don’t have a brain cell of their own to question…to doubt …to get to the FACTS….none of those but they truly love walking in the manure….

  • Geoffrey Harris

    Well not everyone even on Fox new thinks that Obama is a muslim sympathizer. However, the Republican leadership is using the unrest in the Middle East as another pretext for attacking the President.

  • Geoffrey Harris

    Actually would prefer to live in a country without televised professional sports, guns held by a large part of the public, Christianity and Islam, sport utility vehicles, barbecues, or leaf blowers, but with quite a bit of pot.

  • Geoffrey Harris

    “Ideas that require people to reorganize their picture of the world provoke hostility.”

    ― James Gleick,

    WizardOfAahsWizardOfAahs 41-45, M No wonder Republicans and white trash in general are so hostile and intolerant all the time as every fact and most every idea is new to them and does not jibe with their fantastic delusions born of ignorance, stupidity, foolishness, selfishness, and mean-spiritedness.

    wombat456Me 41-45, M 3 seconds ago