Did Fox Order Camera Crews and Commentators Not to Mention Chris Christie at Cowboys Game?

Anyone who follows me knows I’m not at all any sort of conspiracy theorist. In fact, I do my best to avoid giving these crazies any kind of attention. Though, admittedly, I have made an exception or two when Alex Jones has been particularly disgusting. I’ve just always believed that there’s absolutely no reason to deal with conspiracy theorists because you’ll never win. No matter what evidence you produce that debunks whatever ridiculous conspiracy theory that’s being pushed, it will simply be dismissed as “all a part of the conspiracy.”

When evidence doesn’t matter in a debate, then there’s absolutely no point in having that debate.

That being said, I noticed something very interesting while watching the Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers playoff game – there wasn’t a single mention, or camera shot, of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

They didn’t even show Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Being that I’m from Texas it shouldn’t be a huge shock to anyone that I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan, so it goes without saying I’ve watched plenty of their games. I can say with absolute certainty that I have never watched a Cowboys game where they didn’t show at least one or two camera shots of Jerry Jones sitting in either his owners box (when they’re at home) or whatever suite he’s in on the road. But during this game, possibly the most important game for the Dallas Cowboys in years, camera crews working the game didn’t show him once.

That’s in stark contrast to last week when I saw several shots of Chris Christie sitting alongside Jerry Jones throughout the game. That’s how we got this now infamous image:


But this week – nothing.

It’s just really interesting to me. For a good part of last week the political world tried to make Christie being a Cowboys fan (despite being governor of a state that houses one of the Cowboys biggest rivals) into a meaningful story. Personally I couldn’t care less, but it was making headlines nonetheless. And, even though I think it’s silly for anyone to care, there were some who did say Christie being a Cowboys fan had a negative impact on how some view him politically.

There was even ethics talk concerning how Christie might have obtained tickets to the game.

So, after all the attention and hoopla this week concerning Christie deciding to go to a second straight Cowboys game – he wasn’t shown or mentioned during the broadcast even once.

In my opinion, it seems as if camera crews and the individuals providing commentary for the game were specifically told not to mention or show Governor Christie. I just can’t see how it would just be a giant coincidence that with all of the talk surrounding Christie’s decision to go to the game, he wasn’t shown or mentioned at all.

And it’s not just that they didn’t show him, they also didn’t show the owner of the Dallas Cowboys – something that they always do during games. The only logical reason I can come up with why they wouldn’t show perhaps the most infamous owner in all of the NFL would be because Christie was sitting with him.

Now, before the game, Fox’s game director Rich Russo did address the Christie story with the New York Daily News, saying, “It may very well be impossible to see (what’s happening in the owner’s box) because it’s an afternoon game. And if it’s sunny there will be a lot of glare. We may not be able to see into those suites.” That might be a plausible explanation, but reporters were able to snap pictures of Christie and Jones inside the owners box without too many issues (including this great shot late in the 4th quarter). Even if there was some glare, that has never stopped camera crews in the past from switching to a quick shot of Jerry Jones to see his reaction to what’s going on down on the field. 

Is this really a huge deal? Well, yes and no. Like I said before, I couldn’t care less about Christie being a Cowboys fan. But if there was some sort of an order from “the powers that be” not to mention or show Christie during this game (presumably to avoid another embarrassing image like the one I posted above) that’s pretty shady. That would mean that there was some kind of calculated effort within the Fox universe to protect Christie from any possibility of negative press stemming from his attendance at the game.

And that’s something for which I believe Fox needs to answer.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jim Bean

    I don’t get this. Every other day (it seems) Obama is off on AF-1 while collecting a paycheck from taxpayers of all party affiliations, hobnobbing with wealthy people trying to raise cash and support for his particular party. But when Christie is seen with a wealthy NFL team owner, its scandalous.

    Only in the Leftern-hemisphere does this pass for critical thought.

    • regressive whitetrash GOP scum

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      …jimbo?? james…? are U still here????
      hmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, mustve been drinking again yesterday

      • Jim Bean

        I read it on down. Didn’t change the reasons given. In the second chart women getting abortions asked if they were using BC and they said they were but it failed about half the time. Now I know, even you don’t believe that. And I know you know they know they were just embarrassed to tell the truth.

      • regressive whitetrash GOP scum

        sounds like the “facts” you read from are now under attack even though its the site that U wanted me to ascribe to
        jimbo,,,,,,,,,that’s called “cherrypicking”

      • Jim Bean

        What have you determined causes the most unintended pregnancies and how did you determine that?

      • TheGenderAvenger

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      • regressive whitetrash GOP scum

        awww,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,does that mean we are “friends” again as I have the “9/11” photo which you white trash regressive crybabies LOVE so MUCH as It REMINDS US ALL as2 how “safe ” we are in a GOP administration!!!

  • cratewasher

    Portrait of a losing combination.

  • pennyson349

    Christy received gifts from a company the he granted contract to the company is owned by the cowboys and so we’re thrilled gifts.

  • Macdoodle

    Who cares?Now that Christie has been cleared of any wrong doing in the bridge scandal, Democrats are going to run a smear campaign against him because they fear him running in 2016.

    • Robert B.

      Hope he does run and win the GOP spot. What a blessing that would be.

    • regressive whitetrash GOP scum

      neither group of investigators had access 2 the witnesses who CAN place this upon him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      so———– it remains open

    • Patricia Weidl

      Believe me, we have no fear of Christie running. Who in their right mind would want a President who is so classless!

    • ravens fan

      Now if he can only be clear of his other wrong doings.

  • Patricia Weidl

    I found it very odd that the cameras did not focus on Jerry Jones box seat. Bet my last dollar they were given the order!

    • BobLoblaw

      I was thinking the same thing. Any other game they would have showed Jerry especially during that controversial call that changed the outcome. We all were saying it was probably because Christie was there with him.

  • DA Guest

    When did this blog become a conspiracy theory site? Wtf?

    • When you stopped taking Rebecca up the Hershey Highway. Next question.

      • DA Guest

        One day you’ll grow up. That day is not today.

      • Never-never land
        Will always be
        The home of youth
        And joy and liberty.
        I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up
        Not I!

        One day you’ll end up in a psych ward. That day will not be today.

      • DA Guest


      • Have a good nap.

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