Freedom of Religion at Work: Satanist Statue Getting Ready to be Placed at Oklahoma’s Statehouse

satanists-statueThere’s a saying I’m sure most of you have heard, “Be careful what you wish for.”  It’s often aimed at those who seem so passionate about getting their way on a particular issue that they’re unable to see the bigger picture.

Take for instance when a monument depicting the Ten Commandments was erected in front of Oklahoma’s Statehouse.  Though our Constitution sets up a separation of church and state, they managed to use a “donation loophole” to justify a religious symbol being placed at a government facility.

They’re just so clever, aren’t they?

Well, in a true example of “two can play that game,” the Satanic Temple went ahead and raised some money of their own to build a statue worshipping Satan that they plan to display on the very same Oklahoma Statehouse.

I mean, it’s “freedom of religion,” right?  Some people worship Satan, therefore making it a religion.

That’s the “status quo” these people set when they start trying to mix religion and politics.  It’s not just your religion that gets interjected (unconstitutionally by the way) into government, but everyone’s.  If they want to interpret “freedom of religion” in that way, it cannot be just Christianity that gets to reap the benefits.

From Vice:

The Baphomet, which will stand seven feet tall and be a testament to the glory of the Angel of the Bottomless Pit, would be placed directly beside the sculpture glorifying the laws given to Moses by the Christian God.

What can Oklahoma really do?  If they reject it, then they’re basically establishing a religion – which is unconstitutional.  You can’t be proponents for “freedom of religion,” then tell another religion that they don’t have the rights to that very same “freedom.”

Maybe this is why our Founding Fathers seemed to go out of their way to make no mention of Christianity in our Constitution. Religion by itself is a topic that throughout all of humankind has constantly caused conflict.  Government is another entity that’s often controversial and confrontational.  Usually the more someone (or some group) tries to mix the two, the more they’re trying to control people.

Which is exactly what conservatives want.  They don’t want a government based on freedom of religion and our Constitution, they want a theocracy where their warped version of Christianity is what controls people’s lives.

And even though I’m a Christian, I personally cannot wait to see how Oklahoma handles this Satanic statue.  Because if they are true advocates for “freedom of religion” and the freedom to use loopholes in getting around our separation of church and state, then they really have no other choice but to allow it to stand.

Though we all know this isn’t about freedom for all religions, just their religion.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Tillmann Puschka

    i think that’s hilarious, and just what a state like Oklahoma needs.

    • ironmike1995

      The laws of america coincide with much of what the philosophy of Christianity teaches. The laws of America conflict with all that Satanism promotes. One is appropriate, the other is not. Satanism and american laws have nothing in common.

      • Pooface

        Actually Satanism has quite a lot in common with Libertarianism, if you read what it’s actually about (which doesn’t even acknowledge the existence of satan). But I highly doubt that Jesus would approve of allowing private enterprises to capitalize off of the illness of the masses, deny them medication, and be “Pro Gun” and all about slaughtering innocent children in Iraq. All these things are “Legal” in america… when looking at Christian history like the Crusades, Salem Witch Trials, and the Spanish Inquisition, I can see what you mean about American law being based on Christian mythology.

      • ironmike1995

        Research the Christian philosophy more and you will see how you are wrong.

      • Samael

        If you research the Christian religion, you will see it doesn’t mesh with the the Constitution or Bill of Rights. The Supreme Court has shown this recently by disagreeing with DOMA and supporting religious freedom, which you seem to think is aggressively anti Christian.

      • howitzer86

        Ironmike, I didn’t know there was such a thing as Christian philosophy. If you’re a Christian, you do whatever your pastor says. Interpretation of the Bible is up to him, not you. If you’re a pastor, you do whatever the leaders in your denomination say, or else you risk being kicked out (for supporting things like gay marriage). If you’re a religious leader like the Pope, then you have some leeway, but even Francis is bound by the expectations and beliefs of that particular belief system. As radical as he may seem, he can only go so far because the dogma is so strong.

        I believe that philosophy is the opposite of dogma. Philosophers are by their nature heretical. The religious just do what they’re told to do, unless they have enough power to tell others what to do under the guise of channeling God’s Will.

      • ironmike1995

        wrong. you should do more and or better research on chrisitianity and religion

      • Expired

        Its hilarious that you keep asking for sources, and telling people they are wrong, while not providing sources of your own…which there are none…even if you were to say the bible is your source, thats a failed argument considering that the bible isnt proven to be true. That being said, I grew up a southern baptist, and I know my faith well enough. I hate to tell you this, but from watching this little debate unfold, you are the one who is wrong. Everyone has given you credible sources for you to study up on, and you in your infinite arrogance have ignored them, and told them they were wrong. You sir, need to do better research on Christianity, Satanism, our laws, and our history. World history wouldnt kill you to study either. Also, being a total jackass isnt scoring you any bonus points.

      • ironmike1995

        The Bible has never presented itself or claimed to be a history book so it doesn’t have to be proven as true. So your point is invalid. Apparently you don’t know as much as you think. I appreciate the name calling and profanity. Only makes me look better and hurts your credibility.

      • Ondrea

        Absolutely! The epitome of SHEEPLE!

      • Jander Katze

        The Church of Satan =/= Lucifer in the Bible.

      • Kathy Stuart

        Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, once famously said: “I give people Ayn Rand with trappings.”. Quite prescient of old Anton, don’t ya think?

      • Pooface

        And you could say the same about Socialism.

      • Pooface

        Hugo Chavez founded his Venezuelan government on Christian Principles, and was a devout christian.

      • Who me?

        Laws of America coincide with much of the laws of ancient Greece which coincided with many Pagan religions,(which Christianity came from). Satan was/is a fallen Angel, but an Angel none the less and as such wouldn’t he be inherently good? Or so the myth goes.

      • ironmike1995

        No and no. He is fallen because he no longer is good. You’re knowledge of historical theology is lacking

      • BdeS

        And you lack of imagination and basic logic – how could he become bad guy without god (who created him and DIDN’T give him a free will) planning it. And it is only sensible for the god to have archenemy, otherwise all the punishing would need to be done by himself which is not very good from PR perspective (see Sodoma and Gomora or the Big Flood). If the satan is existing as a God’s creation, then it means it is good as well. Maybe not nice to us, but good from God’s perspective.

      • Nick Cox

        you’re a douchebag. If ONE religion has the right to a monument on state property, then ALL do. Fucktard. Also history and theology are 2 different things.

      • BentDemocrat

        What does this have to do with government? Nothing!

      • ironmike1995


      • Scoop


      • Jander Katze

        “that may be true but be there is more than one pagan religion with Satan and this may not be that same one.” Ummm, I know of no European polytheistic religion that has the Hebrew Satan in their pantheon. Germanic? Nope. Celtic? Nope. Italic? Nope. Balto-Slavic? Nope.

      • BD

        Who says he’s fallen because he’s not good anymore? We only hear God’s side of the story… It’s like a bad breakup with God running around talking shit about Satan like a jilted lover while Satan is being the bigger man and not airing the dirty laundry of their breakup in front of the kids. After all it wasn’t Satan who used a flood to kill almost every living thing on the planet,… it was God and that’s some pretty evil shit if you ask me. As far as we know Satan’s never hurt anyone while God is all fire and brimstone and fear me and shit!

      • I hear Satan eventually just said ‘fuck this’, handed the keys to Hell over, and retired to a piano lounge in L.A.

      • LadyoftheJedi

        God is not fire and brimstone and all fear Him and shit…man made up those stories and Satan “fell” from grace bc he was jealous of humans and thought God loved them more because humans have souls…satan hated humans and wants to destroy us…he is very vocal bout that. Why do you say he is the bigger man? Where are you getting that info? For every action there is an equal annd opposite reaction. If there is love there is also hate. If there is good there is also evil…that is a scientific fact. If there is a God or creator then there is a Devil or destroyer.

      • BentDemocrat

        Our form of government is modeled closely on the Roman (pre-Christian) senate and form of government. Granted, they eventually adopted the Emperor model, but they retained the senate and an emperor had to be approved by the senate.

        The pre-Christian Romans were about as pagan as you can get.

      • jeff zimmerman

        BUT we are not a REPUBLIC like the ROMANS had..

      • Ken Winfield

        I don’t know what you’ve been smoking Jeff but I want some.

        America is, and always has been, a Democratic Republic. Idiot.

      • Charles Vincent

        America is a constitutional republic.

      • SK Rob

        Which is a form of a democracy. You can play word salad until the cows come home.

      • Charles Vincent

        No it isn’t you need to read up chico and technically we are a polyarchy according to political theorists at Yale.

        https://www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=GBdk5n68gdM

      • TheRealSocialmedic

        America IS an oligarchy, thanks to 30 years of Republican Bull $$$$$$$$$$$hit. It WAS and always HAD BEEN a democratic republic.

      • BoostedSRT

        ahh yes America is an Oligarchy, but as typical with progressives living in the left/right horse shit….you ignore the Democrat influence and help in creating this shit storm. Sad…I mean I live in CT, we have nothing but Democrats and many “progressive” and they’re giant corporate whores….lol….so funny you think they’re different.

      • Mike m

        Ken, America is and always has been a “constitutional republic” govern through a democratic process. Big difference. The founding fathers made it very clear that a democracy isn’t the way to govern I.e. Two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner, might not want to call names if your factually incorrect. Idiot!!!

      • Jennifer Moore Baker

        Oh yes we are…we even “elected” Senators and build arenas for our games and gladiators.

      • Jud Bennett

        @Jeff Z.

        Actually the US was founded as a republic, not a democracy. But the political theater is pushing really hard to make us a democracy so that they can exert greater control over the people.

        For example…

        As a citizen in a republic, if you own a bicycle it’s yours. If someone thinks you don’t deserve it and that it should be taken away, they can’t do it because you own it. If they convince a bunch of people that you don’t deserve the bicycle and to vote that you should loose the bicycle it’s still your choice whether or not you concede to the vote of the people.

        In a democracy, with the same circumstances, you wouldn’t have a choice but to concede to the will of the people and give up the bicycle.

      • Kilkee

        That’s the nuttiest political theory I’ve ever heard. So in a republic you get to decide “whether or not to concede to the vote of the people?” Interesting. Let me guess: Glenn Beck?

      • Jud Bennett

        Way to miss a point Kilkee. Yes, the vote of the people is important in matters that affect an entire community, nation, country, etc. But it doesn’t give them to right to vote just to affect a few, or one, personally.

      • Kilkee

        Your reply is even more nonsensical than your first comment. The vote of the people in a republic very much can and does “affect just a few, or one, personally.” If I own a building situated on eth waterfront and the town’s population votes not to allow any uses other than marine uses, the value of my property is greatly diminished. You think they can’t do that? They do it every day.

      • Jud Bennett

        You can’t really be that dense, or can you. Maybe you’re just being intentionally obtuse.

        I’m pretty sure you know that I’m referring to actual personal possessions such as your TV, your couch, a bicycle, your clothes, your bed, etc.

        You don’t actually own property in the US. No one has in a long time. Yes, you call it your house, or your land, but the government makes quite clear that if you don’t pay your rent, called property tax, that they will take it away. Zoning and rezoning areas happens all the time and that’s not put to a vote of the people.

      • BoostedSRT

        are you special?

      • Kilkee

        Why do you ask?

      • Reynard Vulpes

        very good. if you want to know our republic study on that, folks. Democracy has destroyed nations. It is the tool of the populist dictator.

      • TheRealSocialmedic

        It was founded as a DEMOCRATIC republic, moron.

      • Cynthia Humbertson

        Your “explanation” of a Republc is a bit “skewed”. Maybe you should start with Article IV of The Constitution of the United States of America! You can followup your reading with a search on Stated, State Sovereignty, etc. That should take a while.

      • SK Rob

        Wrong. That might be the case if it were not for the Constitution.

      • Gael O’Brien

        Jeff….have you ever said the pledge? “to this flag, and the REPUBLIC for which it stands…”

        A true democracy has everyone voting on everything. That doesn’t work when you have a population like we do. A republic is where leaders are assigned or elected to make decisions.

        Our leaders are elected, this makes us a democratic republic.

      • TheRealSocialmedic

        These days our leaders are bought and the popular vote is irrelevant. We are an oligarchy through and through. Thank the Republicans.

      • BoostedSRT

        congrats on seeing half the picture…..

      • BentDemocrat

        We are more a Roman republic than a theocracy, no matter how much the so called christians want it.

      • jeff zimmerman


      • SK Rob

        Oh relax.

      • Ross

        If the religious icon depicted is the Satan of the Bible, that may be true but be there is more than one pagan religion with Satan and this may not be that same one. I recall at least one being a god of the earth and another being part of a hierarchy of gods. As far as American law and Christianity, look closely and it is a loose similarity but hardly a precise match especially considering how many different Christian faiths there are that do not all follow the same doctrine. If America were a Christian nation, what would happen to the Jewish, Muslim, Navajo, Hindu? If America were Christian, which one? Catholic? Baptist? Mormon? Again, separation of church and faith is there for a reason, not just to accept all religions (or eschewing of religion all together) but also to protect everyone from persecution by other faiths. Saves a lot of “sinners” from stoning for those poly-cotton blends, eating shellfish and working on Sunday

      • Jud Bennett

        You know nothing of Satanism or Satan. You merely assume. Go do some actual study of the subject rather than spout off what some agenda pushing minister told you.

      • Shannon C Williamson

        Uhm Noooooo Christianity did NOT come from a pagan practices. The Catholics incorporated paganism. Please get smart on a subject before you speak ion it. Christianity was around LONG before Catholicism. It started with the men and women who walked with Jesus Christ and has been bastardized by other religions sense.

      • Gael O’Brien

        Try again. Easter and Christmas are both pagan holidays. The story of the flood was told thousands of years before the Bible.

      • YnpGal

        The flood story comes from the Old Testament… which is actually part of the Jewish Torah. When Constantine decided he liked this Christian idea, he decided to create a religion and church with it. He became the last roman emperor and first Catholic Pope. He also called for the creation of the bible.

      • Brian

        Jesus Christ seems to have never existed. Christianity was nothing but a weird Judaic cult until Constantine pretty much rewrote the entire bible for his own ends at the Council of Nicaea.

      • YnpGal

        Constantine actually called upon the members of his Council of Nicaea to bring all of their private books and stories they had in their own collections. Those books were all put “on the table” and then the council chose the books and stories they wanted in the “New Testament” part of the bible and it was so. The Old Testament is taken straight from the Jewish Torah.
        And Jesus was a real guy… history proves that. He taught some great things, then he died a painful death. The end.

      • YnpGal

        And the first known book about Jesus was written by one of his disciples… about 30 years after Jesus was executed.

      • Brian

        The new testament was nothing but a means to consolidate Constantine’s power. A blank slate. As I said, Christianity was only a weird Jewish cult. The Old Testament’s earliest known copy doesn’t date back much further than the New Testament itself. The Dead Sea Scrolls are not that old, and very incomplete, so it’s easily assumed that the Old Testament is largely made up as well.
        And no, there is absolutely no historical evidence of Jesus’ existence. In fact, Jesus wasn’t even the character’s name, it was Yeshua. There is no record of this Yeshua’s birth, despite the fact the whole point of going back to Bethlehem was for Roman census. The bible is the only thing that says Yeshua existed, and the bible is completely made up.

      • Merari

        Please provide your documentation for that.

        You can’t, because there isn’t any. There isn’t a shred of evidence Jesus existed.

      • politicalsanity

        Ummmm… no. Christianity started about 2 centuries AFTER Jesus of Nazareth died. None of the men and women who ‘walked’ with Jesus ever put pen to paper, and most of their myths (I can’t say ALL because I’m not an authority on the subject) have been discredited.

      • cityliving12

        Catholicism started then. Christianity started as soon as people started following Christ around in the first century. Paper not necessary. And I’m not a religious believer. I do believe in facts.

      • politicalsanity

        Nope. The followers of Jesus STAYED Jewish. The myth of Christianity didn’t split off from the Jewish faith until about 220 years AFTER Jesus died, long after anyone who physically knew the Jewish Carpenter had died. Facts don’t lie… but religious dogma does.

      • politicalsanity

        Ummmm…. NO. Christ taught the Jewish religion. THAT is a fact. And it is also a fact that his followers also practiced the Jewish faith. It didn’t become “Christianity” until enough people broke away from the traditional Judaism teachings– which took a couple of centuries.

      • psylent

        That is completely wrong. Go do some research, it’s funny when Atheists know more about your own religion than you do … although it does fit the modus operandi of basically all religions.

        Satanism actually promotes peace and acceptance, again, do some research on the things you hate because of your fairy tales.

      • BentDemocrat

        That’s an incredibly weak argument and is largely a construct of your own imagination with little in the way of fact.

      • ironmike1995


      • BentDemocrat

        Common sense. You are apparently a stranger to the concept.

      • ironmike1995

        “Common sense” meaning you just make shit up and justify it however you want. Got it. Typical liberal

      • BentDemocrat

        Satanism is a construct just as any religious organization is a construct. i.e. they are made up.

        Carry on doofus.

      • Expired

        You still have not provided any of your sources. Just offered everyone your delusional opinions.

      • BentDemocrat

        Our laws are based on Greek and Roman laws. Most enacted long before there was a Jesus of Galilee. Our constitution bars the establishment of religion by law. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this Baphomet should clear it all up for you.

      • James Michael

        There is more in the Christian Bible that goes against the laws in our country than the Satanic Bible. Though the Satanic Bible does have a lot of things in it that the average citizen may find strange most aren’t technically illegal. However, if you read the Christian Bible you’ll notice that most of the 10 Commandments are actually unconstitutional and you’ll also find things that go against our laws such as killing your own child, selling your daughters, slavery, etc.

      • Lucyallen

        Have you studied up on satanism? What are these satanic principles that “America” doesn’t line up with.

      • ironmike1995

        yes. all of them.

      • Expired


      • ironmike1995

        You don’t know what Satanism stands for? I dont believe you, you troll.

      • I believe it’s very elegantly expressed as ‘do what thou wilt.’

      • Keith Ziegler

        You don’t get to decide what is appropriate, freedom of religion means they have equal right to put up their statue and there is nothing anyone can do about it

      • Preston Bernard McManners

        Our society is about as satanic as it gets..

      • ironmike1995

        thanks to liberals

      • Expired


      • ironmike1995

        they promote killing babies and sodomy. Checkmate.

      • Expired

        Sources? Oh thats right. You dont have any because you are nothing but a ignorant trolling moron. So take your little chess pieces, and go screw yourself with them, since you dont know what checkmate even means.

      • ironmike1995

        or so you claim

      • JB

        If I remember correctly, are nations founding and subsequent development of our law system was based on the principles of the Enlightenment Period (i.e. John Locke, etc.), which was a move away from organized religion and more about a logical thought process and or set of beliefs. As for Satanism, it actually exemplifies those beliefs rather well because they don’t believe in a God or Satan (They use the term as symbol of individualism, which in my opinion could lead to narcissism that overrides any of the good facets of their belief system, aka they worship themselves and it can be taken too far) and are more for the pursuit of logical explanations of daily problems and manner of living.

      • jchastn

        Many of our founding fathers were Deists and believed in a God. A God who it was not necessary to identify or discuss in the public sphere. God was referred to as things like “Providence” and ” Supreme being”. That was the limit of their discussion of personal religious beliefs because these men knew of the turmoil that Europe had suffered because of religious monarchs who insisted on theocratic rule to the death. Religious wars, persecution, torture and executions of peoples who believed differently was fresh and current and was to be avoided at all cost. Hence the first amendment.

      • Sieben Stern

        but america banned slavery, and the bible does not.

        checkmate, theist.

      • ironmike1995


      • Expired

        Exodus 21. 2-11. Now where are your sources?

      • ironmike1995

        The New Testament

      • jchastn

        It doesn’t matter. Constitutionally. Who has what in common with what doesn’t matter. Freedom of, and freedom from, Religion.

      • Brian

        No they don’t, otherwise the first amendment wouldn’t exist. Freedom of speech exists in Satanic law, though. Do you know anything about Satanism? Or do you just think “EEEEEVIL!” while refusing to educate yourself?

      • ironmike1995

        you misspelled evil

      • Expired

        yep. You are definitely a troll. Good work at that. I knew you couldnt be as stupid as you make yourself out to be

      • ironmike1995

        if speaking the truth makes one a ‘troll’, then yes I am a huge troll

      • IQdaRadical Thinker

        So what you’re saying then is corruption, bigotry, unchecked aggression, and misogyny are Christian values and part of the American psyche?

        Thanks for the clarification, dumbass.

      • ironmike1995

        sticks and stones…

      • Expired

        You are either the absolutely one of the worst informed people in the subjects of history and religion, or you are a troll.

      • ironmike1995


      • politicalsanity

        Ummm… if you REALLY look at it, the principles of American law do not coincide with Biblical values. Quite the contrary.

      • ironmike1995

        though shall not kill, thou shall not steal, thou shall not lie under oath, etc. try again.

      • politicalsanity

        Republican democracy: Explicitly denied by the Bible. Rather than democracy, the Bible’s preferred model of government is a divine-right kingship, where one individual is hereditarily chosen and wields supreme power. This is what America’s founders were rebelling *against* when they brought forth this nation.

        Separation of powers: Explicitly denied by the Bible. in the Bible’s divine-right monarchy, a single individual wields supreme power over all functions of government. Some apologists seek to find an
        equivalent in a verse from Isaiah 33 – “For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king” – but what they overlook is that this verse explicitly envisions all three of these powers as being held by the same person.

        Religious freedom: Explicitly denied by the Bible. Far from granting people the right to worship as they see fit, the Bible says that anyone who encourages believers to serve other gods, or anyone who speaks “blasphemy”, should be killed (Deuteronomy 13:6-9, Leviticus 24:16). God himself joins in on many occasions by slaughtering people who worship different gods (Exodus 22:20). Although Jesus does say that people should “render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” (Mark 12:17), there is no indication that any non-Christian should enjoy the same freedom of worship as believers.

        Freedom of speech, assembly, press and petition: Explicitly denied by the Bible. The Bible does not grant freedom of speech, but rather threatens death for those who speak in unapproved ways. Ancient Israel had no concept of the press, but there are also many cases in which people were killed for unapproved assemblies or for questioning their leaders (Numbers 16:35).

        Equality of all people under the law: Explicitly denied by the Bible.The Bible makes it clear that the Israelites enjoyed special favor as compared to everybody else, and were treated differently by the Mosaic law code. For example, foreigners taken as slaves could be kept indefinitely, while Israelite slaves were freed every seven years during Jubilee (Leviticus 25:39-46). Even among Israelites, there were stark divisions: women are worth considerably less than men (Leviticus 27:1-7), and the handicapped are discriminated against (Leviticus 21:17-23). Even Jesus joins in by making statements comparing non-Jews to dogs (Mark 7:27).

      • Expired

        Those are basic laws in almost every modern country. Try harder Mike.

      • Dayimu

        I’m afraid you’re missing the point.

      • ironmike1995


      • Michael

        This is not true. The first four commandments are polar opposite to our bill of rights. We have freedom of religion and speech, this is not true in the main laws of Christianity.

        Plus I don’t want to see us stoning people as the bible teaches. We don’t do it and shouldn’t follow these stone age immoral belief systems. We are more civil and moral now. Christianity and Satan worship are both myths we need to grow up and stop foolishly believing in.

      • ironmike1995

        or so you claim…

      • Bystander

        You obviously do not know what the teachings of satanism is then. America is a land of do what you want so long as you are rich enough to get away with it. Satanism is all about self indulgence.

      • ironmike1995

        US rules were based upon judeo–chrisitan teachings and philosophy. try again

      • Expired

        source? hmm

      • ironmike1995

        They arent letting me provide links but just google ”
        Judeo-Christian Roots of America’s Founding Ideals and Documents”

      • uniquename72

        “The laws of America conflict with all that Satanism promotes.”

        I strongly suggest you look at the tenets of Satanism, which are actually more in line with the US Constitution than Christianity, since they stress individual rights and capitalism, rather than a life devoted to helping others.

      • Aaron Evony

        You’re a moron. So the laws of America say women are not allowed to speak in church? And that you have the right to beat /murder your wife? Because that’s what the bible says.

      • Expired

        Im pretty sure ol Mike has proven himself quite the capable troll. Considering that religion and politics are the easiest forums to troll people in, he has succeeded in his goals =

      • ironmike1995

        Anyone who disagrees with the liberal point of view gets branded a ‘troll’ to discredit them from having any substantial viewpoints. Typical liberal tactic to make themselves feel ‘superior’

      • James Hawley

        some of the 11 laws of satan – When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there….Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved….Do not harm little children…..Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food…….

      • Merari

        I don’t think you know what satanism is. It is an atheist philosphy focusing on self-reliance and self-improvement,

        Sounds very American to me.

      • Derpington_The_Third

        If you think Christianity is the only religion after 2 million years to suggest that murdering people isn’t nice (then they do it anyways), then you’re fucked in the head.

      • SK Rob

        You don’t get to make that call. Sorry.

      • SK Rob

        And some Founding Fathers were Deists; others were Atheists.

  • Kerry Norton

    Totally awesome. I’d like to see a bowl of pasta for us pastafarians, too.

    • ZackForester

      I thought it was a colander of pasta?

      • Kerry Norton

        That’s what he dries off in after showers…

      • Ken Winfield

        The bowl of pasta is the Pastafarian equivalent of the cross; a significant symbol of the faith. The colander is more like a Bishop’s miter.

    • Citizenofhawaii

      There should definitely be a monument to noodles…

    • Zennoby

      Failing that, a stall where you can buy cheap Spaghetti? To celebrate the Lord?
      With an added souvenir stall where you can buy colanders as head wear?

    • BD

      How about a meatball and wine communion?

    • KevinFromNYC

      I want a Festivus Pole on the Statehouse steps.

      • John Geronimo Garcia

        Let the airing of grievances commence!

    • Chris

      A Ramen vendor to honor his holiness.

  • CValner

    Think how cluttered the lawn will look when every religion has a stature on the lawn. Like a religious version of a gnome lawn.

    • sowsearsoup

      They’ll have to buy more land.

    • MrEDK

      Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead. Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. DON’T. BLINK.

      • Sean Meade

        YES, So sad that no one else gets this.!

      • Lobie

        The comment has 12 likes, where do you gather that no one else gets it?

      • Jackie

        Gotta love a god Doctor Who reference ^^

      • glblank

        When does the Tardis go up?

      • MoiBelle

        Oh I would so donate money to a statue of worship for the good Doctor!

      • Ruby Walling

        Dr. Whoooooooo :)!

      • Ken Winfield

        you win an internet

      • taymie

        The Angels Take OKC? I’m not sure we’re prepare for that here.

    • KevinFromNYC

      It’s Oklahoma. No one would know the difference.

    • Chris

      I cracked up when i read that lol

    • SK Rob

      One cannot have enough gnome lawn.

  • AGilbert

    I think this is great, but I’ll thank you not to group all conservatives with conservative religious fundamentalists. Just as I’m sure you, as a Christian, would not appreciate being lumped in with the Westboro Baptist Church

    • ironmike1995

      Stereotyping people is the liberal way

      • 420smokebluntsyoloswagzilla

        I like that you stereotyped liberals by saying that. lolololol

      • Jaime Perry

        Totally Oblivious aren’t you mike …

      • AJames


      • ^^^^^
        The waste of brain cells is strong with this one.

        Thong que, thong que berry mush.

      • IQdaRadical Thinker

        Not too big on irony, are you?

    • ShibumiMC

      They’re all the same.

      • Shannon C Williamson

        No, no they are not. Only ignorant people say stupid things like that

  • Jackie

    And if this nation was founded on Satanic principles, I would say kudos, but it was not, it was founded on Christian principles…there is a difference. One promotes peace, the other promotes chaos; one promotes love, the other promotes hate; one promotes edification of each other, the other promotes destruction of everything good, but, hey, this country is going to be blessed from exactly who it worships.

    • Agnostic

      Wow how deluded are you? Christianity promotes love, not hate?…..More people have been killed and tortured because of Christianity then any other reason ever…….”but we love you”. Let’s call a spade a spade here..

      • Jerome

        During the Crusades, hundreds of thousands were slaughtered in the name of religion.

      • Matthew

        Care to prove that? It’s an oft-quoted stat, but we have a rough idea that 20 million were killed under Stalin.

      • DavidD

        A million might have been killed under Lincoln when you count the effect of the war on the civilian population.
        When you throw figures around outside of the historical context they occured in it really doesn’t mean anything.
        People use all sorts of things,religon,politics or just plain old hatred to do all sorts of things.
        That is why the Founding Fathers were adamant about the seperation of church and state.
        One less thing for us apes with car keys to kill each other about.One less reason for a sociopath to use to goad people to slaughter each other over something that no one can comprehend on an objective level.
        I like the Age of the Enlightenment over the pronouncements of subjective religous dogma who ever it is.
        Also as a person of ill defined ambigious faith I resent dragging He/she or it into our sordid human affairs.

      • Professor X

        To say that it was “because of Christianity” implicates the teachings of Jesus themselves, which nowhere instruct: go on murderous crusades. No, religion was being used as a political banner for evil people then, as it is now. The problem is not the teaching, its those who deceive others into killing in its name.

      • My buddy is a marine and killed in the name of America so I guess all soldiers and Americans are bad people. Oh wait ur theory is flawed but u got thumbs up for it lol lost souls I feel sorry for you…

      • Ges

        @ agnostic: More people have not been killed or tortured because of Christianity. That is a false statement invented by satan himself. There have been many of satan’s evil works done falsely using the name Christian but the horrible deaths and tortures were because of evil. No Christian has yet to purposely kill someone. To kill is against God’s word. You can’t be a Christian & kill intentionally. You can be a murderer &you become a Christian but not the other way around. Those people committing such acts were [email protected] Christians.

      • Coffee on my keyboard. Thanks a bunch.

        Do you do standup? Are you coming through Chattanooga or Memphis soon? I’d love to catch your act.

      • AntiNwo14 .

        Islam has far out done Christianity. And pre religious humans killed anything un familiar that wondered into their area…

      • ironmike1995


    • Barbara

      Just out of curiosity, have you ever read The Satanic Bible or attended a religious ritual at the Satanic Temple? I think you’d find yourself blown away by the fact that your King James or NRSV Bible has a lot more violence, war, and hate in it than the Satanic Bible does. Nor does the Church of Satan promote chaos, hate, or the destruction of everything good- on the contrary, it espouses a religion that is far closer to humanism or even the Jungian idea of collective unconscious than it is to some type of stereotyped stand-in-a-pentagram with your Ouijia board and try to call up demons b.s. you’d see in popular media. I’m not a Satanist, but I’m literate and have actually read their authoritative texts and had discussions with practitioners that weren’t guided by own preconceived notions. It’s not what you think it is. In fact, if you studied history and knew anything about the religious beliefs of the people who actually wrote our founding documents, you’d be unable to ignore significant parallels between their deist beliefs and what the modern Church of Satan teaches. That would, of course, require you to abandon the revisionist doctrine that our Founding Fathers were setting out to create a Christian nation from a Christian viewpoint. They were the most learned writers and critical thinkers of their time. If they had intended for the U.S. to be a Christian nation, they would have included it in the Declaration or the Constitution- instead, they didn’t mention Jesus at all in any documents, made oblique references to a creator that encompasses all religions, and made sure to include the First Amendment guaranteeing religious freedom to all.

      • Nichole

        Doesn’t matter all you satan worshipers and people who think this is okay will burn in hell one day and you too will see your leader bow down to God in defeat!!! So criticize the Christians for speaking up on here all you want! YOU WILL BURN IN HELL WITH YOUR LEADER, oh and that fire is 10 times hotter than the sun!!! Think about that!!!

      • Jordan

        LOL ^

        Barbara types up a well-thought, clearly-written response and this is the comeback. Oh boy.

      • Nichole

        Lol yep, it’s in the bible half a brain!!!

      • Kenneth Browning

        You called them a half brain. Thats being judgemental. You’re not supposed to judge others. You’re not a veruly good Christian.

      • Happyleggs

        Prove it. Prove that anyone has burned in Hell…oh wait…

      • wedoexist

        You kmow what else is in the bible? Being forbidden from wearing clothing of more than one material. Being forbidden from eating shell fish, trimming your beard, want me to go on?

      • I believe it is sarcasm. I certainly hope it is.

      • Vince Dennen

        haha YOU are funny Nicky

      • Nichole

        Oh no no no you got it wrong, I don’t hate anyone!! I love everyone bc I can’t get into heaven with hate in my heart!! And if I hated other religions I wouldn’t study them! My husband has a different faith than I do, but we still love each other. You don’t know me, and speak on what you know, other wise you sound ignorant 🙂

      • AbbeyRoadkill

        So who let you out of the insane asylum?

      • Jaime Perry

        Do you remind your husband daily that he will be going to hell, since he doesn’t follow your religion ?

      • Monk de Scyber

        Ahem. They didn’t mention hate, they mentioned being judgemental. Judge not, lest ye be judged. And saying that you have no hate in your heart only because you cannot get into heaven otherwise is not fooling anyone. Jehova knows your heart. You are not supposed to have hate at all. Not just because you fail the entrance exam if you do. You are missing the point rather catastrophically.

      • Michael Ward

        you did read that part about not laying down with someone of another faith (a non-believer) and you being branded a sinner right? just saying 😉

      • Vince Dennen

        Like I said… YOU are funny Nicky….

      • Ges

        I agree w/you partly on some things but how do you claim to have Christ in you & at the same time be unequally yoked together?

      • IQdaRadical Thinker

        You don’t hate anyone, yet you threaten them with your imaginary hell…

        You are a truly confused individual.

        Do yourself a favour, Nichole…stop trying to think…you’ll end up injuring yourself.

        Wait…You’re a bible-thumper…you gave up thinking a while ago.

      • WTF-Man

        Nichole, you are ignorant. Learn and read a damn book for once. I bet you don’t know shit about reality.

      • im10ashus

        Stop believing in fairy tales, Nichole.

      • Jason Van De Wiele


      • James Von Borcke

        ” oh and that fire is 10 times hotter than the sun!!!”

        Oh, please… Reality gives us places hotter than that in great abundance. One’s ability to make-believe should out perform reality significantly.

      • Bbspecial20

        Wouldn’t, like, a tenth of the sun be hot enough to melt us all? Biblical words were written by men

      • Gina

        No it was written by men THRU the Holy Spirit. No man could not have written such stories that falls all into prophecies that have or will come true. Its a gift from God truly without a doubt in my mind. Believe what you want.

      • Kilkee

        I thin you mean “no man could have written,” but I think perhaps the Holy Spirit is speaking truth through you with the double negative.

      • Chomper Lomper Tawee

        Wow that’s so violent and hateful.

      • Sunnysmom

        Funniest. post. ever.

      • Greg

        Well seeing how hell is described as a “lake which burneth with fire and brimstone” and brimstone or sulfur burns at about 3000 degrees I think your “10 times hotter than the sun” estimate is a little off…

      • Kilkee

        Oh, you and your fancy facts! Stop taunting the Jeebus People!

      • Pooface

        Evidence of these fires and the giant evil boogie man demons existence, and your statement is valid. Otherwise, you’re just ranting about mythological fairy tales.

      • Patrick Dennison

        From one Christian to another…emotional outbursts of a threatening nature are never a beneficial strategy. Besides, it’s one thing to personally believe what you feel is truth, but quite another to spew such things as provable truth. The truth is, none of us knows how things will really turn out. Nicole, step up your game. Stop looking and behaving foolishly.

      • IQdaRadical Thinker

        1) Stop leaning on the caps lock.
        2) Decaf. Now.
        3) Stop threatening people with a non-existent place….it doesn’t work.

      • WTF-Man

        I guess you no conscience thought, I bet your pastor told you everything to think and do and yet you have no freedom instead of thinking about hell maybe learn a little about science and the real world and think that in the U.S we have freedom of religion which someone can have a satanic statue if they damn well pleases. Learn read a damn book for once, go outside, take college classes, get smarter for the sake of humanity.

      • elect

        “I think you’d find yourself blown away by the fact that your King James or NRSV Bible has a lot more violence, war, and hate in it than the Satanic Bible does”

        Are you that stupid Barbara? Do you not understand the difference between an author recording the events that happen, (ie, a war) and an actual moral imperative issued to someone?

      • ZackForester

        The Bible isn’t even remotely historically accurate. They’re both moral imperatives issued to the devout.

      • AntiNwo14 .

        All that sounds great, but the most outstanding characteristic of satan and santanism is deceit. So you can say all you want, but its all bullshit… so anyway

    • Logic

      This country wasn’t founded on Christian principles, though. Most of the founding fathers were atheists so your point is completely invalid.

      • Pooface

        Yes, Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, on the other hand, was founded on Christian Principles.

    • gallen

      Read your history. Franklin and Jefferson were deists, Washington harbored a pantheistic sense of providential destiny, John Adams began a Congregationalist and ended a Unitarian,
      Hamilton was a lukewarm Anglican for most of his life but embraced a
      more actively Christian posture after his son died in a duel.

      • Pooface

        Osama Bin Ladin was a deist too. your point?

    • Edward Krebbs

      I assume you realize the multiple Masonic symbols and how many would argue that this shows a Satanic influence ?

    • Kristine Evenson

      From the examples of Christians in the evangelical churches in my neighborhood and across the country, Christianity is not about promoting love.

      • elect

        Telling someone that what they are doing is wrong is not synonymous with hatred. If a Christian tells you that you are committing sin in your life, they aren’t being hateful toward you. If they were, then you, too, would be being “hateful” towards them, for thinking they are in the wrong for what they are doing!

        Do you see the double standard?

      • AJames

        Yes well my primitive sky god told me to tell you that everything you think you know is wrong, and you are going to burn eternally in a fiery pit of molten lava, while being poked with pitchforks by red-tailed demons who will laugh and laugh and laugh. My primitive sky god and I love you unconditionally, we just thought you should know. Oh, it might be a double standard but my primitive sky god who is invisible to you, but is real, because I believe in Him, is omniscient and infallible. There’s no hate here, just truth.

      • Vince Dennen

        hahaha that was beautiful 🙂

      • Sarah K

        Unfortunately, many seem to be confusing “sin” with things you can’t control. Kristine is correct – Christian evangelicals are viewed as racist, hateful, intolerant people throughout the country – of their own making. I’m Christian, and what I see people doing in the name of Jesus makes me want to cry. Jesus fed the poor, he didn’t tell them to get a job. Jesus told the story of the good Samaritan (a hated group of people); he didn’t say the Samaritan was unwelcome and should just go home. If the evangelical Christians I see would follow that good book they claim to love so much (y’know, the New Testament half of it), other religions wouldn’t be nearly so spiteful toward them.

      • Vince Dennen

        Well stated Sarah…

      • Gina

        it is men who make religious look bad. True christians would not have judge but to encourage to change the way of sins and to open their minds to see the Truth to avoid harsh Judgement one day.

      • Bryan

        Hell is INCOMPATIBLE with an “all loving” God. Hell was made up as a way to keep the masses in line. Think for yourself, and stop blindly following what a collection of stories that were all written over the course of 2000 years tells you. Those of you who profess your Christianity are forgetting one of the most important teachings in that “holy book,” don’t pray and profess in public because you’ve already received your reward from God, pray and profess ALONE for that is the only way to speak with Him. Not even a christian and I know more about your book than you do..

      • Gina

        Bryan what the heck are you talking about? you are speaking of how we are suppose to pray in public or private at the end of your statement . i was speaking of how men made religious look bad.. in fact worst judge than God himself! I believe as you called it “collection of stories written over 2000 years ago” , the word of Christian and before Christian professing the truth of what is going on the history. if you dont like it then get over it.

    • ScottyB

      Awesome reply and well said. Stand by for populist ignorance to storm around you, but what you said is exactly right.

    • Cowboy Hats R Gay

      No it wasn’t

    • AQ

      Actually, this country was founded on English Common Law, whose roots lie in the legal code of the Saxons…who were all Pagan.

      But please, don’t let facts get in the way of your Tealibangelical narrative, mmkay?

    • truthhurts

      How little you know. There is, as in all religion, different sects of satanism. The “chaos” causing folk are usually of the cults and not of the religion end. Before you yourself go lumping people together, you should understand what you are talking about. As for our founding fathers, there was a good portion of them who were of the “masonic” type. Yes, that’s right, free masons. So i wouldn’t say this country was founded on christianity.

      Now, i can continue on and get in to the begins of christianity, however now is not the place. I said what needed to be said and helped inform the ignorant.

    • ShibumiMC


    • Klimpf

      Sure thing, Jackie.

    • Preacher son

      “This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it.” _John Adams

      “The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe in blood for centuries.” – James Madison 1803 letter objecting use of gov. land for churches

      “In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot… they have perverted the purest religion ever preached to man into mystery and jargon, unintelligible to all mankind, and therefore the safer engine for their purpose.” – T. Jefferson to Horatio Spafford, March 17, 1814

      Christianity neither is, nor ever was, a part of the Common Law.” T Jefferson to Dr. Thomas Cooper, 1814

      These are just a few quotes from our founding fathers. You still want to think that these men were working off of “Christian principles”? I think NOT.

    • Jackie, if you aren’t getting receipts from the ‘collection/love gift’ plate, you should be. You’re getting ripped off for what you are paying for. Collect your receipts and get a refund, then leave that church. If you don’t donate to your church, then leaving shouldn’t be too hard to do.

    • jadugara

      Wrong… As indicated in the Treaty of Tripoli, written by our own Founding Fathers…”…..the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion”…..

      The preliminary treaty began with a signing on 4 November, 1796 (the end of George Washington’s last term as president). Joel Barlow, the American diplomat served as counsel to Algiers and held responsibility for the treaty negotiations. Barlow had once served under Washington as a chaplain in the revolutionary army. He became good friends with Paine, Jefferson, and read Enlightenment literature. Later he abandoned Christian orthodoxy for rationalism and became an advocate of secular government. Joel Barlow wrote the original English version of the treaty, including Amendment 11. Barlow forwarded the treaty to U.S. legislators for approval in 1797. Timothy Pickering, the secretary of state, endorsed it and John Adams concurred (now during his presidency), sending the document on to the Senate. The Senate approved the treaty on June 7, 1797, and officially ratified by the Senate with John Adams signature on 10 June, 1797. All during this multi-review process, the wording of Article 11 never raised the slightest concern. The treaty even became public through its publication in The Philadelphia Gazette on 17 June 1797.

      So here we have a clear admission by the United States in 1797 that our government did not found itself upon Christianity. Unlike the Declaration of Independence, this treaty represented U.S. law as all U.S. Treaties do (see the Constitution, Article VI, Sect.2: “This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof, and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every State shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.”)

    • angie497

      Of course, last time I checked, the First Amendment doesn’t say “Congress shall make no law abridging freedom of religion, assuming, of course, that we’re talking about Christian principles, because if you’re not Christian, you’re just shit out of luck.”

      Either it applies to all belief (and non-belief) systems, or it applies to none, but there are no exceptions written into the amendment.

    • WTF-Man

      Jackie are you retarded?

  • “Maybe this is why our Founding Fathers seemed to go out of their way to make no mention of Christianity in our Constitution.”

    Well said.

    • Ben Bisogno

      I.e the continuous wars across europe, with religion as the banner concern, for millennia.

  • Edward Krebbs

    Silly Allen Clifton (the real one that wrote the article, not the troll), read between the lines in the Constitution. Don’t you realize that religious freedom only extends to WASPs. And oddly enough for WASP it doesn’t apply to the Church of England/Episcopalian – it only applies to the fundamentalist sects of the Baptist, Presbyterian, etc.

  • curious

    Is no one wondering where satan is going to place those fingers?!?!?!?

  • elect

    I think we all need to keep in mind what the constitution says about separation of church and state, and more importantly, *why* it says it. The fact is, the phrase “separation of church and state” never appears anywhere in the constitution. In the first amendment, Jefferson wrote about a “wall of separation between the church and the state”, which has a specific context. The full statement is ” [the government] should make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.”

    The truth is that the separation of church and state does not deny the political realm a religious dimension. It simply means that the government has no say in the establishment of religion or prohibiting of religious freedom. Remember, our founding fathers came from a time period where in some countries the government and its religion were one and the same. The “state religion”, etc.

    In short, displaying the ten commandments is not a violation of what the constitution has in mind. And neither is the satan statue. Atheists who get pissed that the 10 commandments are being displayed are demonstrating that they have no idea what the original intent of the “separation of church and state” meant. As I said earlier, it does not mean that the government must act as if God doesn’t exist. It simply prevents them from prohibiting religious freedom.

    The reason atheists get pissed is because they think the phrase “separation of church and state” means that the government MUST be secular and atheistic. Yet, ironically, one could argue that shoehorning the government into an atheistic worldview is in fact a violation of what they think “separation of church and state” meant in the first place. It can be argued that atheism and secularism are in and of themselves religions, thus forcing the government to be atheist is the same as forcing the government to be Christian, or Muslim, or Buddhist. .You can’t broad-brush or oversimplify things by thinking that theistic = religious, but non-theistic = not religious. It just isn’t true because many religions are non-theistic. Yet they are still religions.

    • Sherri G

      10 Commandments were stolen from the 282 Laws of Hammurabi of Mesopotamia written in the 18th century B.C……WAY BEFORE THE BIBLE WAS EVER A THOUGHT …..90% of the Bible can be shown to be stolen from other religions (mostly pagan) and mythology for the purpose of conversion and mass population control (research Roman Constantine’s gathering of clergy to nitpick through all the scrolls and stories to form ONE religion by which his failing empire would unite)…..

  • hex

    When the Constitution mentioned “Separation of church and state” it didn’t mean that the government had to be atheistic, it meant that it couldn’t establish laws that establish religion, nor prohibit religion.

    Displaying the Ten Commandments is not in violation of the Constitution. No law was created.

    • Jaime Perry

      If you only display monument from one Religion that favors that religion and counts as a state sponsorship of Religion, surely you see this …

      • There is no satanic religion it was made up by morons who like to be different. If the devil exist then god does and you would worship him not god’s evil creation. You people make no sense and those bashing real religious people are hilarious. You claim Catholics and Christians got it wrong but u worship a devil? Clearly you are all confused and/or going to hell that’s the bottom line.

      • Sarah K

        Surely you see the irony in calling someone else’s religion “made up” when there’s no actual proof of your own? And I’m Christian. But it’s a belief, not a fact. If it were a fact, faith would have no consequence.

        Also, stop assuming that anyone who supports placement of this statue is a Satanist.

        Sorry, I’ll stop feeding the moronic trolls now.

      • Hey Sarah, you troll. It IS made up… has it been around for centuries? NO! They just made it up, to be different, to go against the grain, to spite the Christians and others who believe in God.

        And let me ask you, do you support the placement of this statue?

        Any of the 17 people who liked her post… are you Christian? Catholic? Muslim? Or Atheist? Or what?

        Because nobody should condone worshipping the devil. This is outrageous, that you actually justify it.

        Because murder is wrong… that’s not made up. It’s wrong! If people are murderers or they support murderers or are going to be out celebrating Hitler or Charles Manson or Jeffery Dahmer… ONE, they chose to… and TWO, they made it up! They’re going to celebrate someone… JUST TO DO IT. There’s no such religion as Satanist….. it’s made up. Christianity is actually based off the findings of Jesus Christ and having faith to believe in him with all your heart. Satanist is just a lazy, backwards way of thinking.

        I bet you think it’s okay if the KKK put burning crosses on lawns and blacks were not discriminated against.

        Like telling them they couldn’t drink out of a fountain wasn’t just MADE UP…. yes, it was MADE UP so white people would feel more comfortable……. was it right? Was it the way to be? Is that how society should operate? NO!

        So stick your self righteous, liberal head up your ass and enjoy the view.

      • Cemetery Girl

        I believe in the teachings of Jesus, but Christianity doesn’t belong in our government. It could be argued that Christianity (especially as we know it) is made up. The compilation of the Bible happened centuries after Christ. Regardless, it is unconstitutional for the government to establish a religion. Allowing a religious statue representing one (even if it’s a gift) and refusing any others in a government building establishes that religion (gives it a favorable position). If one religion is given a acknowledgement, all deserve the same right. It doesn’t matter if you or other people feel that it’s a made up religion. Atheists think all religion is made up. Various denominations of Christianity consider others wrong. If you don’t want other religions to be treated equally then don’t push for your religion to be favored

      • IQdaRadical Thinker

        What is with you conservative guys and sticking things up asses?

      • Guest

        Age of a religion does not necessarily make it real.

      • Ben

        Have you ever read Paradise Lost? Satan is an extremely relatable archetype that is far more human than some omniscient and omnipresent (thus controlling all events ever, and negating human will, at least in Augustinian leanings toward the christian god’s scope) being, damning his creations to toil, despite having foreseen all that there will ever be. In this interpretation of genesis, as I read it, Satan is highly empathetic and sympathetic. I would by far revere him as a martyr, than the totalitarian god of more predestinative sects, and even non predestinative, sects of christianity.

      • cw1961

        Ben, I’m quite sure that the words you chose are way too polysyllabic for Michael to understand.

  • Docktronic

    when is the last time you read the Constitution? get your facts straight.

  • Sean Meade

    Regardless of the principals or religious matters at stake, I am fairly impressed that it’s actually a fairly polished looking statue. Someone clearly put a lot of thought into this, more than anyone reasonably should have, and I feel compelled to applaud that.

  • Jonny Fortunato

    Baphomet Patron Saint of protologists.

  • Lumlum Hipwicket

    Separation of Church and State anagrams to:
    If snot operated a Satan Church

  • William Urmson

    And make sure to drape a Confederate Flag around it’s shoulders~

  • George Lacy

    They deserve this.

  • Randy

    Is Moses cosidered Christianity?

  • Tucker Phillips

    Fuck progressives, fuck conservatives, fuck Republicans, fuck Democrats and fuck anyone who wants to tell someone what they can and can’t believe. I’m sick of this shit.

  • Jason Livingston

    Hail Satan!

  • Frog_in_a_Blender

    I’m being discriminated against because there’s no statue honoring the FSM. Seriously though, I understand the point of the statue depicting Satan, but I’m not sure about this method of protest. The only good I see coming from this is the possibility that some (very few) religionists may see the folly of pushing their faith into everyone’s face. Plus, atheists are still left out of the game because we don’t have a mythical symbol upon which to base our annoying statues.

    • talonts

      I vote for a Zero as our symbol. As in the # of gods we believe in.

      And some other religions could just say it is the circle of life.

  • The Truth

    Allen Clifton how dare you say your a Christian and then not only go out of your way to write this article , but to support it as well? You sir are a disgrace!!!!! Its not that individuals shouldn’t have the right to freedom of religion but satanism and this statue represent evil! When do you at any point here of a satanist do something good for there community or mankind? Never! Its wrong and your wrong!

    • IQdaRadical Thinker

      Well, if you’re a Christian, then forgive him…

    • Andrew Roling

      Sounds like you may be ignorant about what satanism is really about.

  • Practice love please

    It’s hard to say anything about this really, on one hand it’s great to see that equality is being demanded here, and on the other I can see a lot of bad things happening to both. Not that I wish it so. All I can say is I hope that all sides can be adults and see that everyone holds their own opinions and that although some may be unpleasant to some it’s not to others, and that 90% of humanity, at least I hope, does not wish to harm anyone but be iggnolaged as a valid part of society. There are people of all creeds and color in all facets of our lives doing thing that we would never expect. And those should be applauded for their good and held responsible for their bad. Fairly and justly. Because no religion is inherently better behaved or worst behaved than the other

    • Patrick Dennison

      ” iggnolaged ”

      Are you kidding me? If you don’t know how to spell something, ask someone!

      By the way, it is spelled ‘acknowledged’. Note it has the word KNOWLEDGE in it. Good Grief!

      I say this in Peace and Love. Peace and Love.

  • Howdy Doodey

    Why is it when 1 tries to do as God commands that person is considered “controlling”, yet when someone wants to go against God that person is considered to have the “proper” interpretation of God’s word & anyone that doesn’t believe like a liberal is wrong? Kinda makes liberals 2faced doesn’t it, to Preach freedom then turn around & accuse conservatives of doing wrong for practicing God’s law? Look at yourself before condemning others.

  • “Hell Yeah!” Oh, I’m sorry.

  • openlyblack

    HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!
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    HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!
    ETC …

  • Betty

    This. Is. Absolutely. AWESOME

  • glblank

    Bring it to Madison, WI and put it out in front of the Governor’s Mansion.

  • Sonja Lourenco

    ha ha ha!

  • AntiNwo14 .

    No big deal just take a sledgehammer to it. I mean lets have some fun. And the only reason I say that is, lets fight. Satanists cant exist with Christians and vice versa. So Lets party in blood. Im so sick of aloof, superficial, America. All worried about the feelings of faggots, third world leaches, and being accepted. Its time to sort it all out. Last man standing wins, social Darwinism will fix so so much.

    • Pooface

      LOL… Alex Jones called, he wants his tin foil hat back so he can talk to Ronald Reagan on the dark side of the moon.

      And Hitler agreed with your social darwinism statement. Fucking fascist.

      • AntiNwo14 .

        Uh Social Darwinism existed before Eltists twats like you formed gangs ( governments ) to control people… um pooface .

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        religion is all about controlling– and pilfering money

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom


  • jeff zimmerman

    gonna be funny as…shall i say it…HELL!!! HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

  • Geoffrey Zeger

    Please keep us up to date on the developments in this story. It is fascinating….I hope when the statue is actually placed, there will be pics available through the ‘Forward Progressive’ FB page. Thanks!

  • Remedy Chill

    They could just get rid of the 10 commandments and blast it all back to zero religious items. Like it was meant to be. In the first place. And legally. Oh, and close the loophole. We don’t need to go through this over and over again.

  • SkippingDog

    Now for the green crescent and star monument. I’m sure the fine legislators of Oklahoma will defend that.

  • Linda Sue Osteen

    One nation under God, not Satan.

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      god ? YES!!
      voodoo / superstition ( religion)???
      helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll no

  • Scoop

    Separation of Church and State isn’t in the Constitution .

  • john9999030326594598

    It will be interesting to see if Oklahoma will tolerate a statue of such Popery?

  • Robert Paquette

    put it up and see what God does after that. That is what im waiting for. lol

  • DukeAJuke

    It’s always fun to watch simpletons fight over who’s imaginary friend is more real. More please.

  • Charles Vincent

    Constitution working as intended.

  • Nick Crognale

    This is ridiculous.. Satan is mentioned throughout the bible, and is associated with more than one major religion in today’s world.. Denying a monument representing the Ten Commandments is plausible due to the separation of church and state mandated by our government; sure. But the statue of satan, whom is STILL in some way REPRESENTING the church, I don’t give a flying frisbee about whether the connotation alongside him is POSITIVE or NEGATIVE, cannot be on state property.. The fact that “Satan” probably draws more references in the bible than the actual Ten Commandments should show his affiliation with “the church.” I can’t put a statue of Joseph or Mary outside the courthouse but judas or satans cool? I’m not fucking stupid. Lol if it is by any means acceptable to put a statue of satan on state property, thus would than make it only equal or right for any other reference from the bible to be on state property, whether it is only cited in the bible or in other religions, and has a positive/negative affiliation w the church. The fact that satan is mentioned in ancient scriptures should be one sign he’s linked to the church, just as the Ten Commandments are.. Lol just playin “devils advocate” 😉 lol there’s no loophole out of the bible or ancient texts buddy that shits there forever :))))))

  • Jennifer Moore Baker

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” No mention of God? They sure did right here in the Declaration of Independance. Do you really think we are all Sheeple who just believe whatever is said? I think not!

    • Gadjet

      They said Creator not God. I suppose this only goes against Atheism. Any other religion can put whatever they believe to be the ultimate creator into that phrase. It is not specifically God I’m sure for that reason.

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        atheism is a religion. they believe in NO GOD

  • Stephanie Palmer

    I find this predicament very amusing.

  • James William Jake Frizell

    I’m not a satanist but that is a really nice statue. It will be a shame when some ignorant prick decides to vandalize it.

  • Joel

    I am a Christian youth pastor and I am an American: as a youth pastor I’m obviously not for satanic statutes being erected, but as an American citizen I COMPLETELY SUPPORT ANY RELIGION’S ABILITY TO EXPRESS ITSELF BECAUSE THAT IS ALL OUR RIGHT! Regardless if whatever religion, or creed, or non-religion for that matter

  • Eddie

    : something established: as
    a : a settled arrangement; especially : a code of laws
    b : established church
    c : a permanent civil or military organization
    d : a place of business or residence with its furnishings and staff
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion
    I read that as meaning any religion
    Which means GTFO my religion.

  • Constitutional Conservative

    I think it’s funny how people claim to know what the Founding Fathers thought and intended without even knowing what the “Federalist Papers” are. They were pamphlets distributed to the people explains the authors perception of the constitution. There was One thing they ALL agreed on. That God was in control. Read them. He’s mentioned in there SEVERAL times. And separation of church and state was instituted so the Government wouldn’t create a Nationalized MANDATORY religion like they had in England. Everyone one of the Founding Fathers attributed good things and the progress of the United States to be orchestrated by God. Freedom of religion, not freedom to ram your ideals down someone’s throat. Shame on Christians And Satanists for doing so.

    • ms

      …and every one of the founding father hand nothing but disdain for organized religion which is well documented in their writings… so nice try but no. The mentioning of God is there to appease the same loud-mouth religious nuts (who seek to control people) that are still with us today.

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      god in control? YES!!!
      religion / jesus etc?
      nooooooo way

  • Patricia McCullough

    I think this is wonderful & cannot wait to see how the “good Christians” react!!

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      yeah baybeee

  • bella darelina

    It will be removed. It’s childish because its a goat boy hahaha! Noboby will like looking at goat boy. It’s like Festivas from Sienfeld. It’s a joke. If only it wasn’t a goat boy , maaaaaybe ….. No, It’s a goat boy. Sorry they loose.

  • Chris Reich

    You are in no position to declare to anyone “exactly what conservatives want.” You do not speak for conservatives, or any faction of them. You are also in no position to judge the value of anyone’s religion, Christian or otherwise. The obvious bias in that one paragraph is cause to dismiss this entire article (how much of it is accurate) and also is cause to question all of your writing.

    Chris Reich; Rochester, New York

  • Kathy Rooker

    Why beat up on Oklahoma…what have we done! It’s ridiculous that someone is going na na na na na and pointing fingers. Besides…the 10 commandments aren’t ‘Christian’. What is awesome about Oklahomans is that we will just let that thing stand and everyone will look at it in all its ridiculousness.

  • scottruplin

    That’ll get their goat! Ahem.

  • thedougbob

    All I can say is if those satan loving people want it to stay up they better camp out and protect it.

    The war between good vs evil is just getting started.

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      sounds like a typical regressive white trash religious ( voodoo) scumbag

      • thedougbob

        Call me what ever you like. You’re on the losing team!

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        having to protect something which was legally placed in a public place……. is what U are decrying?

        I do agree im on the “losing team”………… the ‘winning ” team is winning the war of being scumbags and crybabies.
        I am enjoying watching white trash scumbag religious trash slowly decay away. religion– all religions– are for lemmings which dare not use the great mind that GOD gave us
        GOD???? YES!!!!
        religion??? loserville VOODOO

    • IQdaRadical Thinker

      And as usual, you’ll be hiding in your parent’s basement.

      • thedougbob

        You’ll wish!

  • Hans Bailey

    Problem with this discussion is that it is only in Christianity where freedom and equality are defined and understood. We are all equal because we were all bought with the same price, Jesus’ blood. He doesn’t force others to worship Him so freedom is established. Satan, as far as I know, doesn’t view all people as equal. Darwinism by its definition doesn’t view all as equal nor does his view secure freedom. So where as Christianity should not be forced on others it is certainly the only religion I know of that gives us a universal basis for freedom and equality. Our constitution even must appeal to a greater power than itself. That is why we need Christianity in our public lives, not to establish it as the only religion but to secure our freedoms. My opinion.

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      need Christianity?
      im not into VOODOO/superstition

      • Hans Bailey

        Did you read my opinion? It sounds like you may have to reread it again so that you can make a comment that actually pertains to the content. You don’t need to be into Christianity, you simply need to understand that is where all your rights and freedoms come from. If you like to keep exercising these freedoms and you want to enjoy the equality you have now, you must understand that it comes from somewhere. And it is certainly not Satan or Darwin.

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        our rights socially and politically do NOT come from any man made religion.
        they come from the inhabitants of a country which VOTE them into existence
        Darwin never claimed such power………..satan doesn’t exist
        except in idiotic fairy tales

      • Hans Bailey

        You realize of course the men who wrote that document disagree with you? Call them Christian, deist or whatever, they appealed to God. You of course know more than them. You appeal to the document that is written by great men who appealed to the God of scripture. But, again, what do they know but itiotic fairy tales.

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        again,,,,,,,,, our rights come DIRECTLY from we who vote

      • Hans Bailey

        Where does your right to vote come from?

      • James Nimmons

        youre a moron.. you would fail high school history

    • James Nimmons

      NO we were bought with Thors blood.. prove your claim or just back off.. And religion only exists because its forced on those that dont want it. Children dont go looking for it..they are indocrinated to become hateful uneducated adults..thats how religion has always persisted …the uneducated keep it going..

  • Dwight Hannah

    I have 10 bucks that says it won’t last 2 weeks…far to many sledge hammers about.

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      which one? they both are VOODOO/superstition

  • jv

    If this author in this article was a true Christian, he or she would REJECT religion as a whole, period. The founders were connected to the Jesuits/Illuminati, so the freedom of religion had NOTHING to do with real Christian faith to begin with. You want to know what REALLY goes on underneath Vatican? That is a whole other story all together. Believe me, it is beyond anything you could imagine. Jesus Christ gave His life so that people would have a way to know true freedom, love and peace, not this garbage the system is trying to force feed us.

    • James Nimmons

      you believe in jesus the character created by the roman catholic church.(the jesus YOU know anyway) .. you dont trust the catholics but you will take their story and their character and say its true. lol.

      • jv

        The Roman Catholic Church did NOT create anything. Jesus Christ, God and Savior hs always been, since God has always been. The Roman Catholic Church is actually deep down connected to the Jesuits and Illuminati. Underneath the Vatican, they hold satanic/luciferian rituals, and yes, it has been documented and exposed by people who actually were inside of it. Of course, don’t plan on the corporate controlled media telling us any of that. The general public is unaware of much of this.

  • JVT92

    I think people really need to learn more about this idea of “separation of church and state.” The entire idea of separation of church and state is based on the personal sentiment and Constitutional interpretation of Thomas Jefferson, and the form it has taken now was probably not his original intention. Indeed, the very phrase comes from a letter he wrote to the Danbury Baptists Association in 1802, in response to a letter they wrote him. In the initial letter, the Danbury Baptists Association expressed concern for the potential of the state to affect the Church, not the other way around, and Jefferson reciprocated their sentiments.

    There is a difference between the state affecting the church (the prohibition of which is one of the intentions of part of the first amendment to the Constitution), and the Church affecting the state (the entire absence of which is practically impossible, because the state is run by men, and religion has likely played a part in the shaping of the views, ethics, and morals of many of these men).

    The Constitution thus does not create a “separation of church and state.” Rather, it could more aptly be referred to as a “separation of state and church,” and if one reads Jefferson’s entire letter to the Danbury Baptist Association, it would require a great degree of poetic license to extract the interpretation that Jefferson’s intention was that religion should never have any influence or part whatsoever in government (a situation which, again, is practically impossible, so long as legislators are men and not machines).

    The first amendment to the Constitution states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;…”

    The language explicitly limits this prohibition to the United States Congress, as one of the main intentions of the legislation was to prevent the establishment of a national Church similar to the Church of England. It, therefore, left considerable autonomy to the individual states in their policies regarding religion. Indeed, there is no prohibition against the establishment of an official Church or religion on the state level. Many of the 13 colonies which comprised the original United States had a tradition of an official religion. In fact, six of the original thirteen colonies had already adopted the Church of England as their established Church, and others had established Congregationalist religions, such as the Puritans in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

    The founders understood that many of the colonies already had official religions, but they still wanted to prevent the establishment of a national religion, thus the reason for the above cited phrase in the first amendment to the Constitution, and the reason it was not applied to states.

    • James Nimmons

      Seperation of church and state was ONLY something the founding fathers talked about ALL THE FUCKING TIME but NOOOOOOOO its not what they had in mind they had YOUR religion in mind.

      When congress says its the law that you have to pay taxes or go to school thats fine… but when you get there and the official running it are trying to put religion into it..THEN that phrase and language from the amendment to the constitution come into play.. how can you not see that?/ oh its because you dont want to.

      and it was also put in there to keep the govt from using religion against those that do not wish to participate ala King Henry the 8th and his Church of england which was MANDATORY.. so NO law can be made..and NO EXISTING laws can be twisted and used for religion.. When these people put up the ten commandments that broke this clause.. as our taxes..jew muslim and atheist alike pay for that land.. so you cant just put up a chrisitian monument without allowed them for all because this isnt YOUR LAND ALONE.

  • Scott Ludwick

    My religious statue is already there. Nothing.

  • Alec Woods

    This is total crap. First of all, nowhere in our constitution or any other founding document is there ever any mention of maintaining a separation between church and state. It was a statement made by Thomas Jefferson that is often removed from context and has become the rallying cry of those who wish to silence Christianity. It is now to the point that millions of imbeciles who think they know our country’s legislation, wield it like a little boy who found his dad’s gun every time they hear the word “god”.
    The truth of the matter is that the constitution states in the first amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” Lets analyze that, CONGRESS shall make no LAW respecting an ESTABLISHMENT of religion. This serves as proof of the decay of American education, people no longer have a basic understanding of English.
    This statement declares that FEDERAL CONGRESS specifically, has no right to ratify LEGISLATION meant to govern a religious ESTABLISHMENT. Their intent was not to prevent religion from being established, their intent was to prevent the federal government from enacting legislation designed to GOVERN concepts that have been established by religion. This was created so that religions other than Christianity could remain free of persecutory LEGISLATION while living under a government founded upon Christianity. I might also add, that it guarantees no protection whatsoever from your peers, ONLY the FEDERAL government.
    As per the sanctions of STATE’S RIGHTS which are outlined in the US constitution, it also places no regulations upon STATE level legislation.Therefore, if a state’s constitution defines that state as Christian, then that state is well within its rights to say “This state’s government is Christian and we will not allow a statue of Satan to be placed in a taxpayer venue.” The purpose of this design is to allow a REGIONAL issue like religion, to be legislated REGIONALLY.
    Because the Federal Government can only see the big picture, the legislation that they make has to be acceptable as a blanket statement. This is why state governments actually have more power than the federal government and that power only extends to state lines, so that state can take what the federal government has said and shape it to fit their needs. This creates a society where a community of religion A for example, is not required to cater to or even make concessions to religion B other than tolerance. Why? Because religion B has the right to go make their own community elsewhere, where their own legislation can reflect the same values in reverse, the opposite of this is known as the folly of kings.
    As far as the filth of this article goes, Satan is the father of the lie and regardless of your faith his name is synonymous with pure evil. To those who follow him, it would be perfectly legal for them to erect such a thing on their own PRIVATE property. However, a society which would allow PUBLIC commission of this vile demon’s visage, is morally bankrupt on an unprecedented level.

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      satan does not exist
      jesus is NOT god–
      any questions?

    • James Nimmons

      Seperation of church and state was ONLY something the founding fathers talked about ALL THE FUCKING TIME but NOOOOOOOO its not what they had in mind they had ALec Woods religion in mind.

      When congress says its the law that you have to pay taxes or go to school thats fine… but when you get there and the official running it are trying to put religion into it..THEN that phrase and language from the amendment to the constitution come into play.. how can you not see that?/ oh its because you dont want to.

      and it was also put in there to keep the govt from using religion against those that do not wish to participate ala King Henry the 8th and his Church of england which was MANDATORY.. so NO law can be made..and NO EXISTING laws can be twisted and used for religion.. When these people put up the ten commandments that broke this clause.. as our taxes..jew muslim and atheist alike pay for that land.. so you cant just put up a chrisitian monument without allowed them for all because this isnt YOUR LAND ALONE.

  • Johnny

    Baphomet predates Christianity and was only associated with satanism after Allester Crowley’s Tarot cards in the 30’s

    • James Nimmons

      also the horned god images were demonized by the church once they kinda stole them for their own story lol. Anything and everything was mentioned in the bible to sort of give a proof that all the older religions were “wrong”

  • Shannon C Williamson

    It’s too bad people don’t understand the words of the Constitution. That one little word ‘of’ confuses so many and they replace it with the word ‘ from’. Such a shame. Separation of church and state doesn’t reflect the Constitution, it was derived from a thought that was in a letter that had nothing to do with the Constitution. It is a lie meant to confuse the people, and its working.

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      so,,,,,,,,,allow me to inquire:
      should reeeeeeeeeeeligion and government be separate?

    • Cemetery Girl

      Part of the definition of establish: to put into a favorable position. Another part: to give full recognition or acceptance. If the Constitution calls for not favoring or promoting a certain religion than what did they mean? Was it a kind of *wink, wink* sort of deal where they meant that for all but Christianity?

    • Andrew Roling

      So you are arguing that we should be a theocratic country, rather than a democratic republic?

    • James Nimmons

      “Congress shall pass no law with regards to an establishment of religion” this applies to any law that can be twisted to serve religion. ie- “You gotta pay taxes” thats the law.. but that law is unconstitutional if that money goes to put up religious crap or pays for the land that its on… its onconstitutional to say “its the law you gotta go to school” but when you get there the teacher is trying to convert you to her religion or trying to tell you what to think about blacks or gays or jews… same goes for asking someone what religion they are in order to run for office..there is specific language about that “religious tests” etc. So twist it up all you want.. Freedom OF religion means you can be what you want but you CANT make others be what you want. IE- you do not get to have special treatment for your religion on our dime…. study more SHeeez.

  • Anthony Wilson

    Satanists and Evangelical capitalists have a lot in common. Maybe they should check out Satanism so they don’t have to constantly make excuses for their un-Christian behavior. It would be WAY easier.

    • James Nimmons

      you dont see satanists bombing abortion clinics..shooting wont really find them in prisons..but you will find a lot of christians doing all that.. Satanists DO NOT BELIEVE IN A LITERAL SATAN>. its a JOKE to piss you off because religion is a joke…thats the joke..

  • Spinner

    Ah yes, that moment when you realize that people apparently value arbitrary ‘equality’ over truth.

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      equality IS truth
      those who don’t agree are scumbags

    • James Nimmons

      and whats the truth? That only one god out of ten thousand are real?

  • Conservative Overlord

    Shall I remind you that it was the progressive Stalin who replaced all gods with his own likeness… you stupid liberal douche bags! Being a conservative, and being a religious nut job are not the same thing so F-U!

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      ,,,,,,,,,,,but they be damnnnned close!!
      keep crying

    • IQdaRadical Thinker

      Obvious troll, being obvious…*YAWN*

    • James Nimmons

      ehhhhh most of the time it is here.. because all the religious nuts trying to make stupid laws are claiming to be conservative….sorry

  • Michael Siever

    Sadly, it will more than likely be torn down by Christian fanatics within the first 30 minutes of its unveiling…

  • worrierking

    I can’t help but think that a nice interactive Satanic display would have been nice for the kids. Sure this is a step in the right direction, but kids these days need to be stimulated and sometimes you need more than just a statue.

  • TheRealSocialmedic

    While we are at it, we should DEMAND that Athiesm be taught at Sunday School, after all, the view must be “fair and balanced!”

  • fj

    my only issue is they are using a statue that depicts a pagan god not satan an pagan do not believe in satan so this is just like christians stilling our holidays it is very sad and upsetting they need to come up with thay own stuff

  • CherMoe

    This will be an interesting thing to watch. And I’d like to see what happens when the Muslims come out with their own push to impose their religion here, just as the SCOTUS “Christians” are doing. We shall see just how “freedom” of religion” works in THIS America.

    • James Nimmons

      the muslims have the grace and tact not to try something stupid like this..

  • Carolyn Young

    One comment: in the quote above from “Vice”: Moses did not receive the Ten Commandments from a “Christian God.” Moses was a JEW – his god was the God of the Jews. Interesting how some people have “converted” the god of the Old Testament to Christianity…

    • James Nimmons

      its all hooey anyway. most of it made up.

  • Cynthia Humbertson

    I want a monument in honor of my Celtic pagan roots! Every year, we can observe a holiday there! We can all dance around some large stones under the full moon. Kilts(boxer’s optional) made of your Clan Tartan would be mandatory! Since the dancing around would make us very hungry, we could sit down for a morning meal of Haggis, which we would wash down with some pints of Tayburn! We could then take a nap on the couthouse lawn! Anyone up for a good, old fashioned pagan ceremony?

  • Amy K.

    Time to raise some money for a Cthulhu statue!!

  • Edwin Aybar

    That’s true, when the Found Father’s said “religion”, they were talking about different Christian denominations. The irony is that not even the writer of this article is for total separation of Church and State and freedom of religion. Some religions require women to chop off a finger at the knuckle every time one of their children die and to eat maggots from their rotting corpses to induce vomiting (this is currently practiced in some animistic religions). Would anyone in Western society be happy about this display of religious freedom? We all know there are some religions that are not good, and the problem with this article is the assumption that all systems of religious thought are the same (a very common mantra of the current cultural trend). They are not.

    • James Nimmons

      NO religions are good and most of the Fathers were deists..because the word atheist wasnt invented yet. Deists do not believe in a god that will talk to you or help you out or answer your prayers. SO our founding fathers took a cue from england when henry the 8th tried to force everyone to be church of england they didn tlike that. wasnt the only thing but a big contributor to the language and idea that the govt shouldnt have ANY religion.. at all. NOr should tax dollars pay for real estate to put up any religious crap…but if you let ONE you gotta let all or you are breaking the constitutional amendment that keeps religion out of the govt process.

  • uuberdude

    What a time we had at Festivus. I won the rassling match. Yay me. We would like to put a beer can Festivus tree up with these other displays as a symbol of our contemplation of the divine. You know, God bless America.

  • Stephen Barlow

    That is a nice sculpture. Such Satan Worshipping Children!!! Bet the right is furious @ themselves, but blame Obama for this.

  • Rachel Linehan

    There still needs to be sepatation from church and statr. Just because they put up another statue to support another religion (which is totally opposite of the beliefs of our founding fathers) doesn’t mean there is separation now. They should have just taken down the first statue instead of establishing another which, obviously, is going to bring up a lot more controversy than desired.

    • James Nimmons

      our founding fathers were mostly Deists.. who dont believe in a prayer answering god that you can have a relationship with. Its like saying you can have a relationship with superman… Satanists do not believe satan is REAL>. its a joke like the spaghetti monster. they do it becuase well.. YOU can do it..

  • Almon Stanley

    I’m from Iowa where people keep their religion to themselves, so it was culture shock to me when I moved to Oklahoma City for 13 years ago where people shove their religion down your throat, and they have huge towering crucifixes along the interstate, antiabortion billboards everywhere, local religious bias newscasters, fish symbols all over everything even professional putting them on their cards and on the doors of their businesses, this is the place where you if someone is running for office as a Democrat which rarely happens but if they were you could never really tell that they were a Democrat from what they say and of course they have to carry on and on and on about what a Christian they are, as if that has some sort of bearing on the job they can do!

    We only stayed here because my husband’s parents are elderly as soon as they are gone we are out of here!

    This part of the United States is absolutely hopeless, it’s absolutely brainwashed by the far right teabag party of ignorance bigotry and prejudice compounded by deep religious intolerance to the point of petrification!

    And of course it’s a right to work state which is a joke, they should force them to change the name to right to be treated like a piece of SHIT state which would be more accurate.

    When I talk to my husband about his experience growing up here and going to school here I’m often stunned to find out that they were not taught certain things in history, and they were not expected to read certain books for literature class, his saving grace was actually going to West Point and being in the military so he got to see the world and wisely did not live on the military base he mixed and mingled among the people wherever he lived and learned their culture and language as well as their history giving him an entirely new education that you could never get in any book or school room, and certainly not in Oklahoma.

    As for the statuette with surprise me if they tried to stop it from being displayed, I could see all sorts of Christian churches and groups being appalled and trying to take some sort of action to put a stop to it.

    I could even see government officials trying to do this.

    The majority of Oklahomans would not see the point that there is supposed to be a separation of church and state than they would not see that if you do not allow this statue there is no freedom of religion, they only see their narrowminded view that there is only one religion or Christian religion their white Anglo-Saxon Christian religion.

    In the entire world should kowtow to head and kissed its ass or else it’s being blasphemous!

    Personally I think everyone in their next-door neighbor’s dog should demand to put a statue that they worship on display, until it looks like this hideous place along the interstate here in Oklahoma called statue world which is nothing but a mass of concrete birdbath and lawn statues!

    In fact I have a 4 foot high statue that I would like them to have on display of a little boy urinating, I found out after the fact it’s actually a copy of the European statue supposedly a little boy saved a town by putting out a fire by urinating on it anyway I think it’s something to be worshiped!

  • Seth

    What the… There’s a difference between putting up a religious monument that contains modern day morals and putting up a statue of something portrayed as evil by the majority of the population. It would be different if the Christians put up a monument saying, “Jesus is our Savior and every other religion is wrong.” The Ten Commandments contains modern values, that’s what makes it acceptable, in my opinion. Putting the ten commandments in a statehouse does not impose religion on anyone; it imposes morals. Putting a statue of Satan in a statehouse does impose religion, just as a statue of Jesus would.

    • James Nimmons

      So islam has some nice thigns about it too.. shall we put some muslim stuff up in our public places paid for by our tax dollars?

  • Musah Sidibe

    Rome endured for 100s years. It fell after it invited Christianity in its mix. Middle East is the way it is because of religion. Take religion out and the place will calm. Religion suppresses rational and critical thinking. It is the reason so many are dump in an age of information abundance.

    • JJ

      Before Rome was Christian, they worshipped men in the sky who threw lightning bolts and committed rape and incest. Maybe they would have been better off sticking with that?

      • James Nimmons

        the god of the bible is ok with rape and slavery too.. the romans had slaves so naturally they would put that in their story book.

    • James Nimmons

      Rome CREATED christianity out of the myths of its conquered people to save the already failing empire…there were too many religions so they tried to mash em all together to make a sort of neutral religion to make everyone happy and happy to be a part of the empire….it failed because they screwed up all their money and were already defeated a few times..the Barbarians were coming… the empire falls…all the money goes into the new church which was left alone …they endorse Charlemagne who conquered all of europe and thru his mass genocide he spread christianity at the point of a sword. THATS why its so spread thru the world today..
      SO either god chose to kill all those people to show us he loves us..OR…there is no god…I wish they werent so afraid to use the same common sense they use to keep from getting burned in the kitchen. “is it hot? FIND OUT!” Is it TRUE? “FIND OUT” but fear and indoctrination are hard to fight with any manner of speed.

  • joefar62

    The only problem is that Moses received the ten commandments for the Jewish people. He is the one true God but have your facts right while bashing us. Thank you in advance of for truth in the Christian bashing of the future.

  • Andy Wickedclown

    Huh. A Christian with a brain, uses logic and thinks about what may be most benifical for the people. One that says what needs to be said. An actual nazarite that actually goes against the direct command of their god ( Romans 13:1-6) and seeks to bring forth the glorious light of Lord Lucifer and shine hope, peace, love, wisdom and knowledge among the people of the world

    You sir, have blown this Satanists mind. Your a rare person indeed!

    May Lord Satan watch over you and nudge you to his rebellious embrace, Lord Lucifer fill you with his righteous light and knowledge

  • SoldoutforChrist

    The denial of the evil’s existence is the beginning of it’s dominance.

  • Stacy Smith

    This is not a good thing.

    • James Nimmons

      neither is christianity… its done far more harm than good on the earth and continues to do so. also history proves the bible is just a book ..

      • Stacy Smith

        I follow God not just a book.

      • Stacy Smith

        And what good has satan done through out history and how many people have been redeemed through his writings…

  • Callisto88

    I want one on my lawn.

  • Dwight Jenkins

    I want this statue

  • oincrivelfugu

    yeap… we should promote the idea of placing a statue of the SFM…

  • Felicia Murphy

    As a Christian i have to admit this is classic….being placed side by side…either you choose life or death…just as the holy bible States…. i totally agree with the separation of church and states….i dont stop you from worshipping who you want and you cant stop me…i was waiting for a response to the 10 commandments statue…have to admit….clever response….

    • James Nimmons

      we are also free to know that our taxes dont pay for churches or anything religious… but here some christians tried to be sneaky and sneak their religion they have to recognize all of them or its unconstitutional because even satanists pay taxes.

  • Josh Blair

    Just curious if any of you constitutional scholars could inform me as to where the phrase separation of church and state is in the constitution.

    • James Nimmons

      it was actually mentioned in a letter one of the founding fathers wrote where he states implicitly that america isnt based on the christian religion..the effing PHRASE was made up by the fathers too. Now the amendment states “congress shall make no law in respect to an established religion” meaning.. there can be no laws like “everyone has to go to school” if when you get there you hear some religion that you are not a part of… or laws like “you must pay taxes” when those tax dollars pay for a place to put up a statue for one religion only… tahts a misuse and its unconstitutional. do i have to explain how not everyone that pays taxes wants to play church with religious nuts?

  • talover

    That’s what makes America great, a celebration of myths. Gotta love it.

  • BoostedSRT

    while progressives are the “im smarter than” you retards of the left/right world, this is funny.

  • ArthurPaliden

    “Let us stand now, unbowed and unfettered by arcane doctrines born of fearful minds in darkened times. Let us embrace the Luciferian impulse to eat of the Tree of Knowledge and dissipate our blissful and comforting delusions of old. Let us demand that individuals be judged for their concrete actions, not their fealty to arbitrary social norms and illusory categorizations. Let us reason our solutions with agnosticism in all things, holding fast only to that which is demonstrably true. Let us stand firm against any and all arbitrary authority that threatens the personal sovereignty of One or All. That which will not bend must break, and that which can be destroyed by truth should never be spared its demise. It is Done. Hail Satan.”

  • IToldYou

    That looks just like the logo on my dodge lol

  • Marc

    Please come and spend your money to see the statue. Nobody goes to the capitol to see anyone. If you want to see Satan at the capitol just look up Mary Fallin. She’s there all the time.

  • Petzl

    It’s pretty obvious what’s going to happen. Oklahoma will refuse to put the statue up. They’ll get sued. It will go to SCOTUS. SCOTUS will rule, 5-4, that the statue cannot be placed. To make themselves look less authoritarian, they’ll say this is a “narrow” judgement and shouldn’t be used as precedent.

  • Pip Thinkabit

    The Church of Satan doesn’t worship any entity; they’re Atheists. The focus of their practices are on self-preservation, which is basically the opposite of worship.

    Research, man. There’s a lot of assuming on here, and you know what assuming does.

  • Damon

    I’d like to call bullshit on that last paragraph. If anything, the conservative’s standpoint tends to lean more towards constitutional views and the only reason that Christianity plays a part at all in their view is based on the fact that most conservatives would also brand themselves as Christians.

    • James Nimmons

      yes but religion doenst figure into the fucking are wrong still.

  • Best thing ever!

  • diarrhea

    love it

  • aorobert

    Terrible writing, no research. Our Constitution does not set up a separation of Church and State. That phrase is no where in any of our founding documents.

    • James Nimmons

      tried old apologist argument. If your govt takes religious stuff and puts it on public land paid for by everyone of every ideology then you are endorsing a religion over the can you not see that? our taxes arent there to pay for your religious crap! keep it in church

      • justlisa

        He is correct.

        And, you are just another disgruntled internet troll who feels that if he rants and raves enough, his life will have meaning.

  • Hammer

    Starting to remind me of Mars Hill in Rome…

  • nancecedar

    I would love to see the triple goddess there, too. Naked!

  • Kevin Lauder

    This is pure awesomeness.

  • charlieholmes

    Funny, how an article about a Satanic statue on Oklahoma State property prompted mockery and arguments. Seems like the same thing happens when Christian statues are placed on “public” property.

    Who’s right and who’s wrong? We WILL all find out, eventually. I plan on being on the side that has it right. If I’m wrong, so what? If I’m right, then…. HALLELUJAH forever!!!

    • James Nimmons

      consider there are about ten thousand gods.. so your chances of being wrong are very high if gods are real.

  • Rosie Brandenburg

    Can we have all religions somehow put up in the building in a sort of picnic style of tolerance and equality? I wanna see buddha , ganesh, and confuscious hanging with moses and the satanic god all friendly style

  • Gary Mathis

    A good, heavy hammer will solve this problem.

    • James Nimmons

      yeah.. pound religion back into the church where it belongs not in our laws..

      • Gary Mathis

        I’ll take my religion wherever I please, your God-hating, anti-Christian bigotry notwithstanding.

  • Fuzzybeard2016

    If someone doesn’t vandalize that statue ‘in Jesus’ name’ within 72 hours of it being placed, I will be very pleasantly surprised.

    • James Nimmons

      oh they will.. certainly.. better put cameras up on it..


    the statue could work for Christians ,take your kids past the statue and say this is what the devil looks like hes bad and trying to take you to hell, he lives in the white house

    • James Nimmons

      making your kid believe in a devil is abuse… really.

  • Tanner

    This is still a Christian monument. the symbol of the 5 pointed star whether pointing up or down was anciently a symbol of power and protection against evil and specifically related to man and his place in the cosmos. The upward point hinted at mans ability to be exalted through God’s divine mercy and the symbol pointing down referred to the condescion of God in Christ as well as the revelation of God the same as the symbol of the Suns rays do. The symbol was not considered evil until later centuries when occultist scholar Eliphas Levi decided that the downward pointing star should be evil and then in the 1950s when the Western Christian world had mostly forgotten about it (beyond the US Army’s use of it in their symbolism and Pentagon construction) and Anton Lavey co-opted it for his newly founded Church-O-Satan.

    Here is a passage from Wikipedia that refers also to the Sir Gawain and the Green Knight description of the Pentacle;

    “The pentagram was used in ancient times as a Christian symbol for the five senses.[10] or of the five wounds of Christ. A Christian use of the pentangle occurs in the 14th-century English poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, in which the symbol decorates the shield of the hero, Gawain. The unnamed poet credits the symbol’s origin to King Solomon,
    and says the symbol is key to understanding the work. The poet explains
    that each of the five interconnected points represents a virtue tied to
    a group of five. Gawain is keen in his five senses, dextrous in his five fingers, faithful to the salvation provided through the Five Wounds of Christ, takes courage from the five joys that Mary had of Jesus, and exemplifies the five virtues of knighthood.”

    Also the whole Baphomet Goat thing was just created as a way to demonize the teachings of Islam and its founder Mohammad or Mahommet as the spelling was anciently.

  • justlisa

    And, all the little lost souls can rejoice.

  • Gary Mathis

    We need a fat tub of lard on display as a monument to Algore’s Church of Global Warming.

  • Jane Smith

    Freedom Of Religion is a Double Edged Sword. 99% of Christians have yet to figure that one out. They can have all the opinions they want. there is NO mention of Christianity in the Constitution. Its not intent, it is Literal Definition. Intent is Subjective and can not be a law. I am waiting for These Religious Freedom loving Christians to star whining about how they have to see and hear ALL of November and December when it does not Cater hand and foot to their religion. They want Special Rights… and they have had them for a LONG time.. now Its finally being Challenged… according to the same Law they are trying to use to force it on everyone else.

  • Alex

    YEAH! Awsome! Screw you, christian fanatics!:)

  • sid zero

    “Maybe this is why our Founding Fathers seemed to go out of their way to make no mention of Christianity in our Constitution.” – Perhaps, but most likely, it was because they were not Christians themselves, they were Freemasons, who many people fail to realize practice a set of beliefs that is quite dissimilar to Christianity in many ways.

  • Angie

    What’s good for the goose……