French Show Hammers ‘Fox News Clowns’ for Comparing Paris to Iraq (Video)

french-fox-newsAs most of us are well aware of, Fox News is not exactly known for its honesty. It’s a “news” network that I often refer to as being nothing more than a conservative entertainment channel. For them, the information they push isn’t about what’s credible news, or even factual, it’s just about what conservatives want to hear.

That being said, since the terrorist attack in France their reporting has been even more atrocious than ever. They’re basically doing just about everything they possibly can to use this tragedy to push their usual anti-Islamic rhetoric.

Well, over the weekend Fox News host Elisabeth Hasselbeck interviewed Nolan Peterson who said that parts of Paris were no better than Iraq or Afghanistan because Islamic radicals had taken over certain parts of the city. He even went into more specifics claiming that there were “741 no-go zones throughout France, and they’re located in these ghettos that have formed around the major cities.”

“We didn’t allow Afghanistan to exist as a no-go zone of Islamist recruitment after 9/11, and that’s essentially what the French are letting happen in their own country,” Peterson continued.

This, of course, all turned out to be a giant myth.

This absurdity then led French television show Le Petit Journal to tee off on Fox News’ idiocy, calling them “clowns” for trying to compare Paris to two war-torn nations.

The host mocked the “Barbie and Ken” (Hasselbeck and Peterson) experts for using a poll that The Washington Times had already debunked, claiming that 16 percent of French citizens supported ISIS.

“The credibility of the Fox News clowns disappeared when they show a map of Paris with some ‘no-go zones’,” the host continued.

It seems that people from almost every other nation on the planet can tell what absolute garbage Fox News is – except for tens of millions of American conservatives. I frequently have overseas followers message me about how terrible Fox News is and how they don’t understand why so many Americans would believe the nonsense spewed on the network.

But the truth is, Fox News is brilliant in one aspect of their business model: They don’t care about anything (including facts) except providing information that conservatives want to hear. They know their audience and couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks of them because they’ve conditioned their followers to doubt everyone but them. So it doesn’t matter how many times Fox News is exposed for unethical journalistic practices, conservatives will just think that information is just all “part of the liberal conspiracy against the truth.”

But this French television host was absolutely right. Most of the people on Fox News are clowns, and the entire network is nothing more than a right-wing circus.

Watch the video below via Le Petit Journal

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Creeayshun Sighuntist

    I still have a hard time believing that Fox viewers can be led around so easily by people who aren’t American. Dear daddy Rupert Murdoch, born in Australia and had recently been married to a Chinese woman, totally dictate the thought processes of American conservatives through Roger Ayers propaganda techniques.
    It’s pretty clear just how dumb everyone in the rest of world thinks American conservatives are.

    • Jim Bean

      I went without Fox for three weeks during the Fox/DISH dispute. That gave me a chance to sample the others. I got Fox back this morning and within 30 minutes I learned that Obama is releasing five more Gitmo detainees, some of whom will go on to kill more people. I wouldn’t haven’t learned that in a week (if ever) from most of the others. If having this additional information makes me ‘dumber’ than those who didn’t get it, I’ll find a way to adjust.

      BTW, if a white person had mentioned that Tiger Woods married another white woman, you would have called him a bigoted racist. But you’re a liberal and therefore, exempt from the standards you apply to others.

      • rebmoma

        You are still delusional. I knew about Gitmo plans, but I almost never watch TV news. And your comment on racism is the world according to you.

      • Jim Bean

        How did you know about it?

      • Avatar

        The real question; what do YOU really know?

      • Jim Bean

        I know ISIS isn’t the JV squad. That not everyone can keep their doctor. That more oil on the market DOES drive down gasoline prices. Do you really want me to continue?

      • Avatar

        Whose policies that pushed for more oil on market? Obama. Whose policies that gave birth to ISIS? Bush. Whose policies that has create the new concept of terrorism? Reagan. Whose policies that I can get to decide which doctor I would like to be switched to? Obama. Whose policies that help create more jobs without Republicans single help? Obama.

        But from your own viewpoint, Obama is the worst president ever.

      • Darren McLellan

        We are waiting for you to start much less continue. You have been TOLD these things. That is not same as learning, or even knowing them. All you’re doing is REPEATING what you were TOLD. Learning and knowing require the ability to gather information from a multitude of sources and apply critical thought to it. It requires the ability to QUESTION and DOUBT what you hear or see if it does not fit with your current understanding. Most of all, it requires you to be able to admit what you think is correct is not when presented with compelling information to the contrary. It requires the ability to admit you’re WRONG.
        Can you handle that sparky?

      • Melissa Keiper

        That’s a bald-faced, naked lie. It was reported.
        Of course, “I learned that Obama is releasing five more Gitmo detainees, some of whom will go on to kill more people.” is the kind of spoon-fed bullshit only fox would say, and call it news.
        The rest of us learned what happened, and made up our own minds about what it may lead to.

        The Tiger Woods comment is juvenile crap. Your prediction is pure stupidity.

      • Jim Bean

        Where did you learn it? (I see your browser popping up)

      • Melissa Keiper

        I happened to hear it on National Public Radio. Amazingly, they also added the “kill more people” comment, but they didn’t “teach” me that. They duly reported that some conservatives were saying it.

        It was also reported in the NY Times. A quick search reveals that it was reported by dozens of news outlets.

        Did you really think news organizations everywhere just decided to ignore it? If so, your a bigger idiot than I thought you were, and that’s saying quite a bit.

      • Richard Tree

        She learned it from her Dad who was in Dem politics.

      • Avatar

        Hey, troll alert. Jim Bean is just desperate troll trolling the sites to promote the fallacy of right wing voodoo stories.

      • Melissa Keiper

        Yes, I know. He’s a regular troll on media matters.

      • Richard Tree

        Howdy Mel! How is your buddy Andrew Stonge these days?

        Bernie 2016!

      • Creeayshun Sighuntist

        so pointing out that Rupert and Wendy were born, raised and educated in other countries prior to exploiting the idiot sector of America makes me a racist? hmmmm….I also fail to see how this equals Tiger in any way…….pretty hilarious attempt at a false equivalency.

      • Jim Bean

        You fail to see any of your faults. But you’re 20/20 with everyone else’s.

    • Avatar

      Don’t forget to mention that prince from Saudi Arabia also owns large share of stock in Fox News also.

  • Avatar

    In case conservatives doesn’t know, French are very good at insults that would make whole world laughing in many different languages.

    • Olav Larsen

      Yes, with a sense of humor – and with style 🙂

  • Kevin

    If Paris thinks FOX NEWS is not honest, it is an American thing now with the biggest liar of all time as our president!!!!!!!!!!!