Fun Fact for Republicans: The Government Could Reopen Right Now, John Boehner Just Won’t Let It

boehner-cryingSince the emergence of the tea party, facts have seemingly become “objective opinions.”  At least that’s the way it seems to be based upon how tea party Republicans treat facts and reality.  Hell, even proven science has come under attack in recent years due in large part to the delusional nature of these right-wing tea partiers.

But when it comes to this government shutdown, there are a couple of simple facts many Republicans seem unaware of.  You see, while many conservatives seem to think “Obamacare” is still some piece of legislation that needs to be passed through Congress, it’s not.

It’s the law, and has been for over 3 1/2 years.

President Obama and Democrats aren’t going to negotiate on this issue because they simply don’t have to.

You see, there’s something the right-wing media doesn’t want most Americans to know.  We could reopen the government right now.  Hell, we never had to shut down the government in the first place.

The Senate sent a continuing resolution to the House to be voted on before the shutdown occurred.  The problem is, Speaker of the House John Boehner won’t allow the Senate’s resolution to come to a vote in the House.

Now let me make this very clear for anybody who might be confused about what I just said.  We have a deal that, if voted on in the House, would pass and reopen the government.  It’s a deal the Senate has approved and the president said he’ll sign.

The only problem is—John Boehner.  Well, he’s not the only problem, but he’s the man who ultimately has the power to bring the Senate’s resolution to a vote.  He’s simply refusing to do so.

Boehner has put his own position as Speaker of the House ahead of the best interests of the American people.  He’s so worried that there are enough Republicans who oppose him that if he let the Senate’s resolution come up for a vote, and pass, he might very well lose his position as Speaker of the House.

So this shutdown isn’t about a continuing resolution to fund the government not being passable in the House.  We have a continuing resolution that is passable, regardless of Speaker Boehner’s Sunday morning assertion that there aren’t enough Republican votes for it.  Unless all of the Republicans who have publicly stated they’d support it have suddenly changed their minds, it would pass.

The government could be opened tomorrow and the 800,000 furloughed workers could get their paychecks, but Boehner simply won’t let that happen.  He’s the man who controls the power to let the House vote on the Senate’s resolution which would reopen the government and put this whole ridiculous shutdown behind us.

Instead he’d much rather sit there, block the vote, then try to blame Democrats and President Obama for the shutdown.

Then again, that’s the Republican way, isn’t it?  Causing a problem and blaming it on someone else.

So Speaker Boehner can continue obstructing and keep telling Americans, “All Obama has to do is pick up the phone.”  Let’s tell Boehner all he has to do is let the House vote on a clean Senate resolution.  Let the House votes determine if the government reopens, not his procedural loophole that allows him to prevent the House of Representatives from voting on the bill.

Something he’s preventing from happening—not President Obama.

Image via “Why is Boehner Crying Today?” Tumblr.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • srsmith

    If there are not enough Republican vote for it to pass why is he so affraid to put if up for a vote? Put it out there….it won’t pass….we are in the same place. Simple. Hmmmm. Maybe he knows it would pass?

    • Andrew Morris

      That was my first thought after I heard Speaker Boehner assert he didn’t have the votes.

      Unless he meant he didn’t have the votes to make it fail, which would make more sense then!

  • eb

    Put it to a vote Speaker…millions are out of work over this temper tantrum; the least you can do is risk losing your own job;))

  • nhfourkft

    The House Republicans had no problem voting 44 times to defund Obamacare, fully knowing there was no chance of passage. Since they “know” that a clean CR won’t pass, why don’t they just humor us? They should be used to futile attempts by now.

    • Scaramongus

      The senate sent Boehner a clean CR well before the shutdown, he decided to not let it come to the floor – so who’s to blame?

  • paulsilvan

    Fillet the House and remove the Boehns! Vote Democrat in 2014 if we still have a government.

  • Marc Weers

    Republicans democrats all the same YOU BOTH NEED TO GO AND SO DOES OBAMACARE. REPEAL

    • zac

      Really? No Democrat has told me that a blowjob should be illegal while telling my wife that her doctor has the right to “rape” her with a wand….

  • Mike Williams

    This current speaker has obviously lost his mind, and is in thralled with the assumption that he rules the country. When in fact no one person actually rules the country. Sure we have a president and the trappings of that fine title, yet there are still checks and balances that keep him from being a dictator.

    Yes I know there are those that would argue that our current one is a dictator. Well I can not hardly argue the fact as these people are just delusional.

    Our current speaker is somehow convinced that he has a duty to decide what bills to vote on and what an entire countries political party members are going to do. Well that sounds like a dictator to me. Smells like a dictator among other things. He has called time and time again for an impeachment of the president.

    I believe it is time for him to be recalled. I urge his home state to do just that. Start the process now to avoid a lengthy shutdown. Because someone will say, “the g’ment is shut down and can’t” . Yes, I know, he is still a member of his state government and subject to the home states voters and can be recalled. People in other states should call their congressmen (it’s a title not a garment) and tell them to remove him from the equation. He can be impeached.

    GOP states stand to lose the most, once again, by the antics of this power drunk…drunk.

    His powers are too broad and his wings need to be clipped. In 1910 the GOP finally had enough of the bovine excrement and reduced his authority. Well then came 1970 and the DEMentia of that era , congress gave back the powers that had been stripped from the speaker. To be be fair a DEM controlled congress. To be even more fair, this was due to the powers of committees being to broad and too often abused. Go figure.

    My point here is we do not need to suffer this buffoonery anymore.
    He should be removed from the equation, simply because with him as part of the problem a solution is unattainable.

    • Sharon Gaught

      Hell Yes !

  • Sharon Gaught

    Fire his ass , who can fire Him? if he is appointed by the President , cant the President fire him or demote him ? We need legislation NOW , that we the people can have an emergency vote in crisis’s like this where it is taken out of the congress’s hands and given to us as a majority vote among the people . The shutdown vote should have been ours when the dickheads we elected cant do their jobs. We should put in emergency clauses to their election that allows their districts to govern them and keep watch on them so we can fire them when they are such a hindrance in a large scale as this guy. No one should have this much power , right now its greater than the President himself . That should be a wake up call to all Americans . It says our votes dont count and we as citizens dont matter and what we want is is non negotiable. So we need emergency clauses to use where we can fire someone , just like we can at local levels . If a mayor or a judge was arrested for drug use or some other type faux pas against the office they are fired . SO why is this man a problem . Send emails to the President to remove this man from the spot he holds .