Are Fundamentalist Christians Trying to Create a Master Race?

duggar-familyPerhaps you’ve watched the TV show “19 Kids and Counting” and wondered what that was all about. Who in their right mind would want to have that many children and put that kind of toll on their body and finances? The answer is that it’s the front of something rather sinister and disturbing.

Mitt Romney recently gave a commencement address at Southern Virginia University, a predominately Mormon school in Virginia, not far from where I grew up. In his speech, he encouraged students to get married young and have a lot of kids–a “quiver full” to be exact.

Of course, we know the GOP has been a fan of making sure as many white, Christian, future Republican-voting babies are born as possible. They’re counting on this as the way to keep the party alive and to ensure that there will always be people to unquestioningly work for the scraps off the fat cats’ table, all while blaming liberals for their lot in life.

But what is “quiver full”?

“Quiver full” is a movement within conservative, fundamentalist Christianity and Mormonism. It also extends to Catholics, as I can attest to from personal experiences. In a nutshell, the idea is to have as many children as possible in order for them to be “arrows in a quiver” for the “army of God,” often without regard for the health of the mother. It is a very patriarchal ideology in which sons are viewed as future “soldiers for Christ” and daughters are future bearers of more white, Christian babies to continue the cycle.

If this sounds like the “14 words” from the white nationalist/Neo-Nazi movement or even the following 88 word paragraph from Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” you wouldn’t be far off.

“What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may mature for the fulfillment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe. Every thought and every idea, every doctrine and all knowledge, must serve this purpose. And everything must be examined from this point of view and used or rejected according to its utility.”

While religious and racial motivations for the “quiver full” movement aren’t usually publicly acknowledged by its adherents, behind closed doors they’re more likely to admit they believe that white Christians are being outgrown by other races and/or religions.

This isn’t your cross-burning, sheet-wearing racism. It’s not as blatant as that, but when you start comparing the ideologies and listening to the language used, it’s not hard to see where they have some very scary similarities.

There are quite a few people out there who still cling to the false notion that America was and always should be a predominantly white, Christian nation. They’re slowly shrinking, but they’re not going down without a fight.


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  • How many are on the welfare and food stamp program that they so despise. I wonder!

    • A lot of baggers I know are or have been.

    • You just keep your government hands off of my free USDA cheese!

  • Ohgonebya

    I am a Mormon woman (LDS) is what I prefer. I am Hispanic. I see many converts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints coming in from ALL around the world and most of them are NOT WHITE. You are really going off your rocker here with conspiracy motives when the only reason that Mormons have big families is to follow the request from God to “be fruitful and multiply”. I only have one child, a son, and I wanted many more but not able to do so for medical reasons. I have noticed our LSD families in my Ward (what we call our local Church boundaries) has gone down from 9 children per couple to 5 and some as low as 3. That is my personal, “boots on the ground” observation since you are talking in military terms in part of this article. I live three doors down from a Catholic Church and I’ve noticed they are having less children too. Manny, the Churches I know rely on non-Whites to convert because Whites are going non-Religious, in some cases Agnostic or Atheist. We are not counting on White people to grow our Church. Sorry to say, White people are losing their souls.

    • But Mormons HAVE to have children and be sealed to enter the top level of heavens then keep producing them after death just as God and his wife do. I find that bizarre to say the least.

      • Darren


        While salvation is as a family unit, it won’t be held against anyone if they are legitimately unable to have children for whatever reason.

        I myself, I might add, have had the darndest luck in forming a relationship. Seems that down here in Texas, most of the Mormon women in my age category are either already married or just seeking friends, and far too many non-Mormon women won’t even give me the time of day because the recession cost me my office job and forced me into becoming a part-timer (seems that I need another “0” at the end of my paycheck before I become attractive again).

    • White people are loosing their souls? No, not quite. MOST people are learning to think for themselves. Go ahead, debunk the Mormon theory on coffee, because I can debunk it back. Religion is a bout in forcing conformity, make all think like one. If that were they way we were supposed to be, we all would have been created EXACTLY alike! Science is the new religion.

    • good thing your not black-mormons believe they are being punished-

      • Darren

        Officially debunked back in 1978, meaning that anyone who is still saying that is about 35 years behind the curve.

    • I say that there is no “one” answer or one “right” way for anybody regardless of race when it comes to most anything in life inclusive of religion.
      What does believing or not believing in God for that matter have to do with the color of anyone’s skin? Everything in life inclusive of the choice to believe or not to believe in God is a CHOICE.
      The same goes for people supposed losing their souls. I don’t see in ruling any one race of people out. There are plenty of people in this world who are NOT White losing their souls.
      People always pitted against one another over the color of our skin or the kind of churches we either do or don’t go to. There are people in this world of every color who both do and do NOT believe in God.
      There are also many cultures outside of White people who believe in having large families as culturally that is what is expected or “normal”.
      People of the Hmong culuture typically have large families, I live in the state of Minnesota where we have a large Hmong population; as do people of Hispanic heritage.
      The state of Minnesota is supposedly one of the “Whitest” states in American yet I live here and I am multi racial with White and have seen a vast increase in the number of people from different culutures and countries coming to live here.
      To say that any one race is doing this that or the other is a bit ignorant to me. There are good and bad people of every race. There are good and bad people who are White, Black, Asian, Hispanic… You get the idea. Probably wasting my breathe here…

      • Julie

        You are not wasting your breath, Yukie. I totally appreciate how you expressed your point of view… and I agree with you. Wishing you the best.

      • you are not wasting your breath these are valid points i’m glad you brought them to bare on this conversation it’s never a bad thing to bring facts into a debate even if no one is listening to them we do it because its the right thing to do! thank you

      • When we die I believe what the Religions consider your soul is actually
        your body returned to the energy that it came from. I believe that energy reaches another dimension and is again
        brought to life in either the same or another form. Without energy the cosmos would not exist.

    • Katie McPherson

      I am surprised that a Mexican only has one child.

    • Being a Mormon you should know that Mormons have big families because it’s part of your religion that the more children you have the higher ranking you’ll have in Heaven… unless of course they are not male children, then you will be punished. Because that religion isn’t racist or sexist at all. In a totally unrelated topic, there would not be Christianity in this part of the world had it not been for the white people who enslaved and forced all ‘primative natives’ to embrace the religion. If they didn’t the white people just killed them, ask your ancestors about them literally losing their ‘souls’ from Christianity. Gotta love how a religion that preaches not to kill, is responsible for more war and murder in the world than any other religion.

      • while i’m not exactly against what you said I am not 100% in agreement ether. its not entirely true other religions have killed in the name of God please lets try to be civil. its not about christians so much as its about patriarchal societies. which happen to be the basis for Christian doctrine but not just Christians Muslims and many other tribal cultures have these views. .

      • Actually Paul, it is about Christians. Have you not read your bible. All Religions kill in the name of God. They always have and always will.

      • Darren

        Actually, the whole “more children = higher place in Heaven” bit is one of many falsehoods that opponents of the church have been circulating about the faith.

        Also, not all white Europeans forcibly converted or enslaved the locals. Quite a few groups – including the Mormon faith – used diplomacy, negotiation, and charity.

      • The church of ladder day saints, aka Mormons, have only existed for the last 200 years, and it’s not even a ‘European’ belief. Americans own that particular churches origin, so Mormons couldn’t enslave the locals because, well frankly the emancipation proclamation that took effect around the same time the church was created. So therefore, enslaving wasn’t really the popular thing to do… so yes you are right Mormons didn’t enslave people because they showed up on the scene too late to get away with it. However since this sector did not exist at the time of the enslaving, we go back to Jesus’s home boys the Catholics for the wide spread murder. Christianity came here on the sails of Christopher Columbus (aka the guy who believed in enslaving the natives in the name of the holy trinity, and converting them to Christianity) and Hernan Cortes (aka the guy who believed in killing the natives, enslaving them, and bringing over Africans to enslave, meanwhile converting them to Christianity.)

      • Darren

        Actually, the church – which was first incorporated in 1830 – was historically opposed to slavery, and even experimented with full racial integration in the 1830s, albeit with tragic results.

      • In 1807 the British banned importation of slaves, then in 1808 sent troops to Africa to stop the slave trade. Strangely enough when that happened America banned the importation also. Then by 1833 the British abolished slavery all together. So even though America had slaves at 1830, slaves weren’t really in the northern states.( Which Mormon started in New York) So back to my original point Mormons showed up too late on the scene to be part of the enslaving. And before we get into the “Christians are the ones who abolished slavery” bit. The Quakers who started the anti-slavery movement, a. accepted people with liberal beliefs not widely accepted by Christians at the time, b. Of the two most influential people who started this, 1 was born into a family that ran from religious persecution, the other killed an animal and her babies in childhood and was tormented by his own morals so became an animal rights activist and a human rights activist.

      • Darren

        The church experimented with racial integration as far back as 1830, in that blacks and whites sat next to each other in the pews and 1 – 3 blacks (depending upon which source you reference) were ordained to the clergy, putting them over white members.

        Sadly, the church was headquartered inside Missouri at the time, and the church’s push for racial integration was one of the many factors that led to a tragic situation known as The Missouri Conflict.

        Joseph Smith tried again in 1844 when he ran for President, as part of his presidential platform included a means to end slavery by way of the government paying slave owners to free their slaves.

    • themiddleistheproblem

      You’re not able to go into the main temple because you are who you are.

      • pnad

        I have a black granddaughter and she has been in our lives since she was a month old. I will tell you this that she has been going to the temple since she has been in our family. On the other hand can not go because I do not live my life in the Mormon faith.That’s not to say I don’t belong to the church I don’t practice the faith. People of color can and do serve missions just like the white people do.There are both dems and repubs in the Mormon church. I Will say this You guys are sounding like a bunch of racists. The church does not tell you who to vote for and if they do that would be wrong. You are in this world but not a part of it. Meaning you are to live your lives as a child of God and not be taken in by all the evil. As for living off welfare from the state the Mormons take care of there own. I know this for a fact. We are suppose to love one another and help each other. I don’t see that here. I am a dem. and when I went to church I was a dem.

      • Actually pnad, all Religions tell you how to vote in one way or another and you need to an independent thinker to make the right choice whether it is in agreement of the church or not.

      • Darren

        You do realize that Harry Reid (D-NV) is Mormon, right?

        It should say something about the available marketplace of ideas when folks like Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Mitt Romney, John Huntsman, and Harry Reid are co-religionists.

    • Desertmer

      You poor deluded sap. The only hope of anyone is to throw off the chains of these barbaric and primitive religious cults of all stripes. So sorry to see minorities becoming their next victims.

    • Correction: You are another brainwashed breeder for the Mormon CULT.

      • Darren

        Actually, the church teaches that both the number of children and the spacing thereof are to be decided upon by not just the husband but also the wife and family doctor.

        This has been the policy for over a decade now, but it would appear that there are those outside of the faith who are unaware of this.

    • Greg S

      Less children = better life for those you do have. This is just common sense.

      There is no need to have large families. That is a holdover from when most people were farmers and needed children to run the farm. This planet already has too many people, and not enough resources for those that are already alive. Saying that having many children is part of your religion is a very poor reason.

      • Not just a holdover from farmers but because they didn’t know what Birth Control was in the day.;-)

  • Michael Siever

    Vagina: It’s not a clown car.

  • not a republican

    godwin’s law fail .. there are many more intelligent criticism than comparing these idiots to hitler .. you’re destroying your own credibility and sounding like someone who just wants something to complain about ..

    • i agree with you the facts do not support the article see my first post

  • KNT609

    retarded. Overpopulation is a problem and this religious crap doesn’t help. Pollution, hunger, crime, disease, all helped right along by having so many people condensed in an area. God I wish people like this would have their ovaries drop out.

    • Jess

      Or their balls drop off.

    • Michael Siever

      When punctuated equilibrium hits, they’ll be the first to go…

    • Johanna Saarni

      They take care of their kids unlike many others. They deserve to have them as far as I’m concerned. Living in a big family is good. 🙂 You sound very judgemental?

      • graceie

        This particular family can take care of their children financially, but that is not the case for many quiverfull families. Poverty is common among these families because they have many children and the mother often is not allowed to go to work.

      • To Johanna: “They take care of their kids unlike many others.” I watched several episodes of the “Breeders”. Mama nor Papa took care of the kids when I watched. The older siblings did. Mama was either expecting or recuperating as far as I could see. Their last child was very ill when she was born, probably because Mama’s Quiver was worn out!

      • Of course they can afford to raise as many children as they want because they don’t have to pay any taxes. Perhaps that is their real agenda. I am betting College is not coming out of their pockets either.

      • Who needs college anyway? Don’t you know universities are run by liberals and people of other religions? lol

      • Jane Hawes

        True. Besides, you don’t need to college to have babies.

    • Those problems are caused by inefficient use of resources, caused by the global imperialist elite, who create artificial shortages and limitations, so they can make more money. They profit off of the misery and premature death of the masses.

      • KNT609

        Though our resource use is a huge problem because of our hindering short-sightedness as well as our constant reset on what is “normal” or “healthy” for an environment, overpopulation is a key problem for all of these things. More people in one place leads to less job offers since there are so many applying which leads to higher crime rates. Condensing so many people in one area leads to easier spread of disease. Overpopulation is a huge ugly piece of the suck puzzle and religion has a HUGE part in it. Church says go forth and reproduce and low and behold we reproduce.

  • Let them breed. Nobody can stop the 21st century.

  • Insects!

  • Michael Siever

    Does anybody realize the more children we have in this country, the closer that will push us from first-world status into third-world status? Countries with the highest birth rates are the less-developed countries, and countries with the lowest birth rates are the more-developed countries. When the total quality-of-life is high, which is seen in developed countries, women will feel less inclined to have too many kids to protect their bloodline. Less is more.

    • true that but just as a fact the US’s birth rate is 1.9 births per Woman the replacement rate is consider 2.1 births per woman however immigration is expected to push the current 415.7 Million of us to 420.3 by 2060 so though we are growing as a nation its mainly because of Immigration primarily that is from Mexico. i don’t think the white evangelicals are holding up their end of the bargain the facts speak louder than the politics here it costs on average < to raise a child in the US to age 21 that dose not include post grad school $358,473.
      so as you can see unless the GOP is willing to start subsidizing families i doubt it is going to be a real concern because we all know the greedy republicans don't like giving any money away for social programs. i think the article is just blowing smoke to get us liberals all wiped up over nothing please we have enough to worry about without adding to the panic.

      • Those social program you spoke of are generated by primarily liberal progressive democrats. You know those busy bodies that think they can run my life better than I can… I have news for you, you can barely run your own affairs successfully and that’s a generous apraisal of the situation.

      • Yeah! We don’t want any progressive politicians like Republican Teddy Roosevelt making things better for the people! We are quite happy with being exploited serfs for the global imperialist elite, who are running our lives worse than we can.

      • jdunaway65

        OK, I realize with the name Charles, you are male, but What about the GOP thinking they can run women’s lives (or their uterus) better than they can?

      • In my opinion there are only a couple instances where terminating a pregnancy is a viable alternative, one is rape one is incest, one is the pregnancy endangers the mothers life. That being said even though I don’t think abortion is morally a right thing I nor any other person has the right to dictate to others how to make that choice. In my view abortion is treating a problem not the cause. And a woman could just as easily Carry to term and put the child up for adoption. The real problem is people being irresponsible and getting pregnant then furthering the irresponsibility by electing to get an abortion. As to the politics of left and right they both carry blame for being enablers and stripping us of our personal responsibility to our selfs and each other.

      • Jane Hawes

        “And a woman could just as easily Carry to term…” Clearly you know nothing about pregnancy. BTW, “people” don’t get pregnant, women do – and the last time I checked, we have to have help. So what about men’s responsibility?

      • I know plenty about pregnancy I participated in having three children of my own and if the pregnancy can be carried to term and a healthy baby born how is placing that baby up for adoption a less valid choice than abortion? Althought physically it is the female that is pregnant people do get pregnant in that both parties involved bare a responsibility for it. As to what are men’s responsibility… It happens to be the exact same as the female, only the details of the responsibility are different. In other word both men and women bare equal responsibility for the pregnancy since they were both participant in the act of creating the pregnancy.

      • foodie

        YOU, as a male, don’t get any more of an opinion on my reproductive life than I get about your prostate issues.
        You know NOTHING about pregnancy as you have never been pregnant – so just shut your mouth and go away — oh, and learn to spell for God’s sake – bad enough you spout sanctimonious nonsense about something that does not in any way concern you, at least do it without murdering the English language.

      • Charles Vincent

        I know plenty and Roe v wade was about a Doctors right to practice medicine not women’s rights per se

        ” oh, and learn to spell for God’s sake – bad enough you spout sanctimonious nonsense about something that does not in any way concern you, at least do it without murdering the English language.”

        My spelling is fine too bad your self righteous holier than thou attitude prevents you from seeing my point. Because last time I checked it took two people, man and woman to actually make a pregnancy. Two to tango ring a bell mouthbreather? Further more had you actually read all my posts on the subject you would have realized I don’t give a shit about you or anyone I am not currently in a relationship with. And if am in a relationship with a woman I damn well do have a stake in the decision, do I have final say no but I do have a stake in the decision.

      • foodie

        Hard to believe someone as nasty, controlling, and downright nutsy would be in a relationship with any woman – ever.

      • foodie

        Since you still don’t get it — it should be “bear”, not “bare”. Mother always said not to use words you can’t spell, but she wasn’t thinking of 2 syllable ones. Seems your mother was frightened by a comma, which may account for your constant run on sentences.
        Go away – you’re just too dim to pay attention to.

      • Christine

        yes Jane and according to Mr. Vincent, woman can then just give them up for adoption. Sounds so simple. The emotional impact on both the mother and the adopted child is seldom considered. Human children are not kittens!

      • Liz

        I am a woman and I have given birth to two children, both of whom I love greatly. However, pregnancy was awful and I nearly died the first time. I certainly would not presume to tell any other woman what to do with her body and I am absolutely amazed that their are men out there that are so arrogant to think that they have a right to tell women what to do. As far as running your life Charles, I don’t think the rest of us want to run your life. Just because we want to pool our money and make sure that our roads are safe and that are kids have good schools to attend does not make us busy bodies. The fact that the super rich have reorganized things so that they can steal money out of our parents pension plans and make it so that none of us will even be able to retire ever, does not make us people who want to run your life. Perhaps you should take a class in economics or watch something on TV that isn’t FOX propaganda (or any of the other network news stations for that matter these days since they have all been bought out by right winged rich extremists). Good luck to you Charles – personally if you aren’t interested in being a member of society, that is fine but stop inhibiting the rest of us from being responsible to each other instead of just letting the super rich suck us all dry.

      • I don’t think you read my posts very well Liz. I never said I had a right to tell you or anyone else what to do. I did say that my personal belief was that its only acceptable as a choice under a few conditions. Two if I am in a relationship with a woman and a child is conceived as a result of our intimacy I do have a right to have a say in any decision made pertaining to the child. Also you have no knowledge of me and your assertions that I watch any news media is at best a poor attempt at character assassination, and is a common tactic of the left.

      • No, you don’t. You don’t have ANY say over another person’s body…period.

      • Wrong I do have a say when it’s my child and the topic is me wanting to keep the child. Your position basically relieves a father of the responsibility to the child which is exactly what Liz was talking about. If men are to share that obligation with women they most definitely have a say in that decision. Is it your assertion that men bare no responsibility to either the woman and being part of the reason she is pregnant and as such has no responsibility or legal obligation to either her or the child?

      • You are conjoining two separate legal issues which have nothing to do with each other. According to the law, your sperm having fertilized an egg gives you no special legal right over the body in which that egg is implanted. Depending on the state, as soon as the baby is born, your legal rights as a sperm donor change.

      • Except I am not talking about the woman I am talking about the fetus. Also I challenge you to produce the laws you speak of. I have researched for about 40 minutes(not a lot of time) but I have found nothing directly stating when a fathers rights begin I would suspect that it would be the 12 week point if not at conception especially given that fathers are required by law to provide support to the child. Again it’s very vague. At least what I found on this subject. On a side note if people like you and the law stopped labeling men as nothing more than “sperm donors” there might not be as many dead beat dads but that’s my personal opinion.

      • paulblair

        The “law” I was talking about is actually case law. It’s Roe vs Wade. The court ruling interpreted the constitution to say that women have ultimate control over their reproductive process before the fetus is viable.

      • BooBooBaby

        You are really Scary and Foolish! God….I hope you have Changed for the better in the last 3 years since you wrote this!

      • paulblair

        I’ve learned plenty. For example I’ve learned that people like you who claim to hold the moral authority will nominate and vote for a serial rapist and con man for President. #sorrynotsorry

      • BooBooBaby

        Read it AGAIN! He NEVER said that! Grow up!!

      • Liz it occurred to me that I only answered part of your post. As to the part on economy I have taken some economy classes they dealt with basics an were based on Keynesian economics. I also have read a bit of Milton friedmans book money mischief I hope to finish it soon. I would also suggest that you check him out and look up Thomas Sowell, F.A. Hayak, Adam Smith, they have some content on YouTube you might find interesting.

      • BooBooBaby

        Hahaha! You are a Fool, too!
        You do know that there’s Many Super Rich Democrats (Hit-Liar-y Clinton) that want to Rule OUR Lives! My God! If you do Not See or Understand this then there’s NO Help for You!
        Just go back to being a Pawn! Go back to watching your Brainwashing BS Liberal News programs! Go back to your Liberal Media that Feeds you complete Lies and BS! Go back to NOT knowing the Truth! God….I hope you have Changed for the better since you wrote this nonsense 3 years ago!!

      • willardcottrell

        Your last paragraph may be correct – BUT, I wouldn’t trust the christian or the gotp on anything.

      • From the misspellings in his post, Charles must have missed many school days. He was probably taking care of his quiver siblings. (Unless he was being sarcastic, in which case I apologize).

      • BooBooBaby

        Speak for yourself, grannie!
        You are a Fool!

      • BooBooBaby

        Dear God….you Looney Lying Lefty Liberals really are uneducated and brainwashed! Hopefully you have learned something since you wrote that Garbage 3 years ago!

    • Johanna Saarni

      It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality. We need more whites.

      • I can show you trailer parks just loaded with
        “more whites” quantity.

      • In my family, when we say the South will rise again, we’re laughing because Mexicans are taking over… or at least scared racist people think we are.

      • Why do we need more “whites”? What we need is more liberals and progressives and real Christians who follow the walk of Christ instead of fundamentalist bull that is against the Bible. .

    • Darren

      Actually, there is such a thing as too *low* of a birth rate; it’s just that population control advocates either do not realize this or find themselves whistling past the graveyard on this one.

      As noted by Paul Baswell, a nation needs to average 2.1 live births per 2 adults in order for the population to remain level (the extra .1 percent reflecting those who, for various reasons, do not have children).

      If the birth rate falls below this level, the nation is in trouble. Older generations get hammered because there are fewer people to tend to them in their old age, and companies that cater to the younger set can get crushed in the rush to compete for what children are still present.

      If you don’t believe me, then you might want to look at Japan. It’s to the point now that Japanese firms are looking at robots like ASIMO as helpers to the elderly and those with limited mobility as there aren’t enough caretakers. I also understand that the government is providing financial incentives to encourage couples to have children.

    • BooBooBaby

      You do understand that people from 3rd World Countries are coming here illegaly…..and THEY Keep having Babies, even though they’re HERE!! Why do we allow that!??
      No…so we can be washed out!????
      No!!!!!! I say have as Many Legal White Babies as YOU Want!
      What is wrong with You!??

  • Armies of god. So, they would kill the other races thereby reducing the population. Yes, Hitler’s dream, with himself at the head, of course. As they kneel at his feet depositing all their riches and worship. Diabolical.

  • People didn’t take his advice to put him in the Oval Office, so there is no worry that they will take his advice and take it to the bedroom.

  • nominalize

    The quiver full movement is a tacit admission that the main reason anyone believes in any gods at all is the fact that their parents already believe it and raise them to see that belief as normal. It’s not a coincidence that nearly everyone has the same religion their parents do, and that throughout history, most of the changes occurred by conquest or imperial fiat. Modern Westerners becoming atheists (in all but name) is the first major exception.

    As the 21st century progresses and the industrialized world is turning its back on the versions of Christianity that are incompatible with modern moral systems (based on equality, sustainability, and inclusion), the options are few— evangelize overseas, which happens a lot, or try to raise more kids in the fold.

    • I was raised in a strict Southern Baptist Home, then I grew up. 😉

  • Paul Novak

    LOL. Paranoid much? Yep, it’s all a sinister plot on the part of republicans and their fanatical christian base to take over the world. “What’re we doing tonight Brain?” “Same thing we do every night Pinky” says the mister to the missus when the lights go out. Please, while the republican party might be a huge roiling mess right now and lack much in the way of character or moral values, and Christianity something of a scary clown when look only to the lunatic fringe, the reality is that the two are hardly worth so much looking over the shoulder and obsessing. If you want something to really worry about, spend some time considering the influence Islam is having on secular societies where it gains a voice large enough to affect political and judicial outcomes.

    • proud2beDem

      THE SAME ” Paranoid much ” You are calling the kettle black ! The Islamic culture and society have been in our country for longer then you have been alive , and not until our country stuck their nose in where it didn’t belong [ another countries politics , religion and cultures ] did we have any back lash from the extremist groups.

  • rubymaenelson

    ridiculous! this instruction is from the bible! not from one particular race or religion….read the bible before u go around spreading stupidity…smh

    • Greg S

      Pick and choose, pick and choose… which one of these ‘instructions from the bible’ should I choose to follow today?

      “Go forth and multiply” was for when there were very few people… how many thousands of years ago was that? There’s plenty of people alive now, and not enough resources for them. Be responsible, and adapt to changing conditions.

  • djulien

    I am a apathist. I care not whether god exists. I do care about my and others moral code and actions

  • Memeremalek

    The ONLY reason those religious fanatics on 19 kids & counting live such a cushy life is because they get mega- bucks for exploiting their kid’s lives on national TV. It’s emotional incest to have your older kids caring for your too many little ones & constant babies. There’s something inherently wrong when your baby grandchildren are also the aunts & uncles of your teenagers. With only 12 hrs. in a day, 8 or 9 of those waking hrs., with 19 children, do the math. Who gets enough attention & nurturing? No one. If you want to f like bunnies til you’re 99, go right ahead. But for the sake of children who do not get a choice to what they’re born into, for God’s sake, close the factory for business, keep it open for pleasure if you must. But give it a rest. Whose hugging, educating, teaching, feeding & clothing your little clan? Not everyone gets a television contract.

    • Knox

      I SO agree with you. And these nut jobs are tax exempt…I’d tax these whack-a-loons at a higher rate. Seriously, and what is even crazier…they go their house for free. The community and the local businesses donated funds and supplies to build them their house. For me, what was the most disturbing was her two young daughters…one of their chores was to clean their parents bedroom. EWWW I would never make my kids clean our room or change our sheets. That was just wrong.

    • I have four daughters and I get their names mixed up, I can imagine 19. LMAO

    • Thanks for being a voice of reason. It saddens me as well because these people just seem like the worst parents ever, and don’t give a crap about their kids. I have way more respect for Honey Boo Boo’s mom, at least she is smart about the money.

    • samantha

      Actually they had that “Cushy” life before the show. They chose to live debt free at the start of their marriage and never strayed from that. They have rental properties, small businesses, some of which they had before the show, and they pay cash for everything. A no debt free life is a “cushy” life sir. They also make the majority of their clothes, have yard sales every year, and save and invest their money. Each child puts their money from the show into savings bonds, and other investments for their future. These people are amazing and I think we need more people like them. Having a lot of children may not be for everyone but if it works for them then why not??? They’re not on welfare, not on food stamps, or TANF, so who cares?

  • Helenus

    I’ve had the same theory when I see families like that creepy Duggar clan…

  • I have struggled to understand why so many states have been enviserating women’s health choices; I think I get it now.

    • beth ryan-small

      @Kathleen, you are exactly right. The extreme right are hoping to boom some more Caucasian babies. I know I sound horrible, it is true. If you take statistics and the population. The largest group of Caucasian women who bear children are now in their 40’s ( my generation) the largest after that is the Hispanic women’s average age in her mid 20’s. So the Hispanic women are going to bear more children then the Caucasian women In their 40’s. Which means the next generation will produce less Caucasian children which will make the Caucasian race dominant no more. This scares the crap out of the far fundamental right. hence all of the birth control banning. crazy maybe, but it is the truth!!!!!

      • Haven’t you heard, the Caucasian Race is already in decline. Who cares anyway, none of us are really “Full Blooded Caucasian” and the majority of those with the biggest mix are the most bigoted.

    • It is my opinion that by controlling women’s health choices, more white babies will become available for adoption, because abortion will become illegal. There is money to be made by the adoption agencies that have a shortage of white babies.

      • willardcottrell

        I’ve always thought that. What I don’t understand is the silly christian attitude against birth control, especially in the communities that scare the shit out of them.

      • Jane Hawes

        Birth control allows WOMEN to make THEIR OWN decisions! This scares the daylights out of the authoritarian patriarchal types. It’s all about controlling women.

  • s

    I HATE that show! Most irresponsible thing in the world to bring that many children into an already overpopulated world! There is actually a techical term for this “full quiver” movement, but I can’t recall what it is. I know someone who participated in this movement…shaking my head.

  • Johanna Saarni

    Only evil when whites do it.

    The more diverse US becomes, the more it seems to go downhill.

  • Guilherme

    Humm its seems jews are already shaking their legs hahahah!

  • Guilherme

    hey progressist jews!

    USA is by definition a Christian country! Being a secular state does not mean that we are a muslim country like your hero and puppet obama wants!

    • The treaty of Tripoli, as submitted by John Adams in 1797 begins with this statement : “…The Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion…”

  • John1966

    Wow, your paranoia is off the scale. You liberals will find any nonsensical excuse to find villains. That’s how you are.

  • RJ

    Sounds like they are going down. Well at least much as xian foreplay allows.

  • I thought to create a “master race” you first had to start with smart people.

  • The GOP does not care about people. The more bodies they have that blindly follow them, poor or otherwise, the more comfortable they feel. But how long before Christians of different faiths turn on each other just as the different Muslim sects did? Their reality is a delusion that one day must be acknowledged as such.


    Evidently, these folks are living under the delusion that their multitude of children will have no contact with the rest of the world and will always grow up to think and act exactly the way they have been programmed.

  • jenniferann

    Quiverfull is interested in Christianity becoming the dominant religion through strength of numbers. The fastest way for a religion to gain numbers is for children to be raised in that religion. The concept is far older than the quiverfull movement. Most religions have practiced something close to it. The Shakers didn’t encourage their faithful to have children and now there might be one practicing member left.

  • If they consider their current beliefs as a Master Race then they’ve got a long way to got to go. The fact that they use the word Race shows just how bigoted they are. One can only hope they have a change of attitude toward the Poor, Sick, Elderly, Veterans and Ethnics, so that we can all live in Peace and Harmony. I am guessing that is never going to happen.

  • Purity of blood? This is far right crazies making crazy babies for a future nut race

    • Darren

      Actually, the LDS faith has no issues with mixed-race relationships, but there are cautions about the extra stresses that can come about due to the different backgrounds that need to be reconciled by the couple and the extant social pressures concerning such relationships.

      The congregation I’m in has two mixed-race couples that I’m aware of (we serve a military base, and so people are forever coming and going as the military deploys and/or reassigns them), in addition to a large number of members from various minority groups.

  • Allen White

    It’s been their plan from day 1.

    You need an army of mindless puppets to
    control the world, and that’s their agenda !

  • Martha White

    Psalms 127:3-5—New International Version “Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior

    are sons born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.

    They will not be put to shame when they contend with their enemies in the gate”

    Make of it what you will, but the way I read it, ALL children are a blessing–in any culture. I don’t read anything about white supremacy here.

  • Do the Mormons have a lot of kids to overtake liberals? Its definitely true that conservative Christians do that. The Duggars are apart of ATI; I grew up in that group, and know it all too well.

    • Darren

      It’s mostly a hold-over from the days in which having a large family was an economic advantage. During the 1800s and very early 1900s a large percentage of Mormons living in the nation were either farmers or ranchers, and so “having a large family” was cheaper than hiring outside help.

      Furthermore, when the church entered into Utah the land was so desolate that the members ultimately had to terraform it, which is astoundingly labor-intensive without modern tools and methods. That the state is so dominant in agriculture and so possessed of flowers is due to the work of people like my ancestors, who broke their backs trying to make the desert bloom; one ancestor was working the fields well into his 70s.

      • makes sense. Thanks.

      • Darren

        Not a problem.

  • jengeman

    I always used to assume when I saw a family wth a multitude of children that they were Roman Catholic. These days I assume thart they are Fundamentalists. Most RCs are now using birth control.

  • I completely sympathize with the central point (and sub-facets thereof). Currently, despite the more progressive leanings of 75% my denominational ministers (LCMS), our Synod president feels that the best way to increase the number of Lutherans in the world is to have more children. Furthermore, I love the way the far-right Christians will trounce the rights of the LGBT community and their marriages, yet “Biblical marriage,” when examined closely, is more a benevolence-cloaked variation of prostitution. It goes like this, women is taught not to provide for herself and relies on the pocketbook supplied by Mr. Right (no pun intended). Mr. Right, in turn, perceives her as little more than a glorified sex toy that can be used to pass on his wealthy, right-wing, Republican genes. So, there you have it, folks. I’m interested to hear your thoughts and reactions to this contribution of mine…

  • JTremain

    I think your worries are a misguided attack on a straw man. Fundemental Islam is the religion that will breed 10 kids or more per family and overtake the voting base of whatever society it can gain a foothold in.

  • There is very little difference in the beliefs and practices of fundamentalist political “christians” and that of fundamentalist Muslims, especially those for groups like the Taliban. They just call God by a different name.

  • Let all the fundamentalist xtians go to the mideast and fight the islamic fundamentalists.

  • nd47

    sounds like the Catholics idea of no birth control–overwhelm the world with Catholics–the working poor–but that doesn’t seem to be working any more–Catholics seem to be getting tired of having every kid in the world and not being able to give them anything like a middle class life. It may work for awhile, but somebodies going to get tired of it–probably the women since they get stuck raising, cooking, cleaning, and trying to dress all the little kidlets running around the house.]

  • moussetaffy

    “Idiocracy” the film.

  • Is This Guy for Real?

    This guy is more paranoid than the conservatives that he is accusing of paranoia.

  • Dimocrats Rule

    White people are having children at a rate of 1.2 per couple. Mexicans are having 6 kids per couple and Arabs are having 8 kids per wife. At this rate in 40 years, the whites will be in the minority. What if white people go instinct, what will the world look like between the Mexicans, Blacks, Arabs and Asians?

  • Cheyenne

    They are scared to death that whites in this country will become a minority in their lifetimes, and they are trying to tilt the balance back in their favor. Ain’t gonna happen.

  • “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” Sinclair Lewis.

  • Sarah Gonzales

    I can’t wait til one of the Duggar girls ditches this Mom and Pop stand and really does something with her life besides breed.

  • BooBooBaby

    This article (Pffftt) is a Complete and Utter Lie!!
    This article is Racist!
    Please don’t buy into this BS Wannabe Article!!