The Future for the Republican Party Looks Very Bleak

p-ryanWhen it comes to studying politics, I’m a bit of a nerd. I love reading trends, election results and breaking down polls and surveys. While the quick “eye grabbing” headline is usually what dictates the narrative of our news, these stories don’t often tell us what’s really going on.

But as I take a step back and just assess what’s going on in this country, both economically and socially, everything in my gut tells me that within the next 8-12 years we’re headed for a massive breaking point in American politics.

And that’s not good news for conservatives.

Because when I look at where the GOP is headed, with the tea party almost constantly threatening to rip the party in two, the Republican party is in a whole lot of trouble.

Let’s just look at social issues.

What are the bigger social issues conservatives oppose? Well, let’s see:

  • Same-sex marriage
  • Abortion rights for women
  • Gay rights in general
  • Immigration

And on every single one of those issues, their party currently stands on the opposite side of what the vast majority of Americans support. Not only that, but with each passing year Americans are becoming more liberal – not conservative. But this is during a period of time where the Republican party, specifically the tea party, continues to try to push itself further and further to the right.

Not only that, but many younger Republicans are more liberal than older conservatives. In Texas I’ve met quite a few conservatives who were 35 or younger that support same-sex marriage, sensible immigration reform and gay rights. Though, to be fair, abortion rights remain one of the issues that is still strongly opposed by many conservatives, and I don’t see that changing.

And even when you take a look at gun rights, these far right-wing open carry activists are doing more harm than good. Because it seems that many individuals are quickly realizing that even though they might be pro-gun, that doesn’t mean they want to see ordinary citizens walking around with semi-automatic rifles strapped to their back.

Like I’ve said before, there’s a difference between gun rights activists and gun nuts.

Not only that, the Republican party is realizing that it’s struggling to appeal to minority and women voters. And those are two key voting blocs they need if they ever want to send someone from their party back to the White House.

Oh, and let’s not forget that more Americans are abandoning Christianity every year. Considering Republicans often use religion to manipulate voters, that’s another really bad sign.

Now, what does all of this tell us? Well, it’s pretty simple. The Republican party is in a lot of trouble.

They’re trying to become more conservative during a period of American history where most Americans are becoming more liberal; many of their younger voters are much more moderate than their elder counterparts; the number of people identifying themselves as Christian is shrinking; they can’t attract minority voters; women voters are finding the GOP more and more outdated; nearly every social issue that they currently stand on is on the opposite side of what most Americans support, and even gun nuts are starting to cause concerns among many gun rights activists.

And let’s not ignore another reality that it’s getting more and more difficult for conservatives to defend trickle-down economics. It’s been nearly 35 years since it was implemented and the middle class continues to fall further and further behind. The rich in this country are doing fine. So, when does that wealth begin to “trickle down”?

So the future I’m seeing is that either:

  • The Republican party is going to be ripped apart by the tea party as more “moderate” Republicans realize that they can’t win supporting such outdated, and increasingly unpopular, ideologies. – or –
  • We’re going to see many moderate Republicans be cast out of their own party, join up with Democrats, then run for office the next election cycle by appealing to liberals and more moderate (and often sane) conservative voters who feel as if their party has become too radical.

Because I’ve already seen it. I’ve met several conservatives these last few years who aren’t fans of Democrats, but say that the GOP has simply become too hateful and too radical.

We just have to remember that change often happens slowly. So while my prediction of 8-12 years might seem fairly distant, in political terms, that’s right around the corner. And unless the GOP makes some drastic shifts in their ideology (by acting more like liberals on several issues) the future for their party looks very bleak.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • DebofAmber

    The loss of moderate republicans has been going on since junior was elected. Other than that, I see no logical flaws here.

    Anyone else just wish it would happen quicker, and with no loss of life?

    • Melissa

      I wish we could have more than two parties.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I think we need NO parties. Each candidate runs as an independent. Because THAT was how this country was designed.

      • Jen

        I like this. Combine it with all primaries held the same day, and the top two go to the general election. Also, no election results should be disclosed until EVERYONE has had a chance to vote without being influenced by who has voted prior to them. Perhaps even no election results posted till one week after the election.

        I also like a limit on how long a person can campaign and an immediate disqualification if you say anything negative about your opponent. You may only campaign on what YOU are going to DO or SUPPORT. Of course, this will not happen in my lifetime.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Would have been nice.

  • forpeace

    The future of Republican party is crystal clear. GOP is rapidly turning into a
    radical anti-government party and the Tea party funded, supported, and guided by Koch Brothers is leading the way. And here is why:

    GOTP does NOT care about:
    ✔ Our Future, U.S. Constitution, Deficit
    ✔ Education, Facts, Science
    ✔ People in General, Human Lives
    ✔ Children, Young, Women, Elderly, Single Mothers
    ✔ Middle Class, Poor, Minorities­­, People of Color, Gays
    ✔ Equality, Human Rights, Empathy, Family Values
    ✔ Poverty, Hunger, Homelessness
    ✔ Workers Right, Equal Pay for Women
    ✔ Veterans, Active duty Military, Firefighters
    ✔ Social Justice, Rule of Law
    ✔ Patriot Act, Principles, Ethics and Integrity
    ✔ Health Care for American People
    ✔ Tax cut for 98% of Americans
    ✔ Small Business, Agenda-Fre­­e Judges
    ✔ Environment, Peace, The Earth, Rest of the World, Animals

    I’m sure there more to add to this list.

    • giankeys loves shemale porn

      ohhhhhh no! U MUST be wrong!!! the GOP clearly CARES about all that U wrote above— JUST ASK THEM!!!
      now please note– as they publicly claim that they CARE; they PRIVATELY laugh at these issues and bolster that sanctimonious laughter by attempting to — through atavistic legislation– show their TRUEST colors ( white usually) how they care jes’ enough to CRY loudly on FOX “news” and then go to a tax free church and listen to some smarmy regressive pseudo-Christian REEEEEE-PUBLICAN tea party ( john birch revisited) elmer gantry preacher tell of the woes befalling white America by the secular heathen minorities who are bent on hating whites “Christians” and corrupting women—
      I personally LOVE watching the repubs act like 5 yr olds in a sand box

      • forpeace

        As far as I’m concerned these are the things GOTP cares about:

        ✔ Themselves­­, Their Party
        ✔ Tax Cut for the Rich
        ✔ Money, OiL, Power
        ✔ White, Wealthy
        ✔ Wars, Guns

        Although, watching GOTP act like a 5-year-old kid is entertaining and sad at the same time!

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        and donnnnn’ chu 4 git the 21st century JEEEESUS!
        and keeping women as the bible had them: subjugated

      • Stephen Barlow

        it ceased being fun when VETS couldn’t get immediate healthcare. I think it’s horric to see elected officials ORGASMING on Sunday talk shows about how much they and the moderators HATE THE PRESIDENT.

    • Jim Bean

      So you believe its the Dems that want everyone to be as economically prosperous as those who traditional vote Republican? Can you tell me what you think they have to gain by actually delivering that (as opposed to ensuring its never delivered so they can continually promise it?)

      • Stephen Barlow

        I am sure the Democrats want much more equality and much more opportunity for more people than the REDS. I am sure they are looking for most people to have more than enough and less people to have more they could ever use.

      • Jim Bean

        I’m sure they always promise that and never deliver it – for whatever reason – you decide.

      • Stephen Barlow

        So you admit, by default (“for whatever reason”) that Red Menace Obstuctionism aside, Obama would have healed the economy within 30 months and created almost 20 Million jobs, as opposed to the 9.9 million he created WITHOUT a SINGLE REPUBLICAN EFFORT OR YAY VOTE on behalf of their constituents.

        Let me just prove you a completely deluded liar with two words:


        whose administration provided the greatest expansion of jobs and the economy as a whole in American history. He left Dubya the first surplus budget since… since… 1969. Before that, only Truman and Eisenhower had surpluses, which were mostly due to the war surpluses of 1947, 48 and 49… Which set up the 50’s as a period of prosperity.

        Bu since Reagan, there have been nothing but Republican magnification of the debt and total deficit spending, mostly on unnecessary foreign wars and military waste.

        DoubleU committing the most horrendous doubling of the National debt because he left office in disgrace with TWO lost wars and an economic apocalypse to show for it. 23 million unemployed and 11 million families HOMELESS and he did it with the fully partisan support of Congress.

        Obama reversed the Bush trend of 750,000/month job losses and 1,000,000/month foreclosures within NINETY DAYS. then began the RED MENACE of obstructionism and as your kind of people expressed you rabid racism by digging you heels in on the healing of America… your plan appeared to work, the economic recovery slowed and your PART OF THE DO_NOTHNG Congress is too cowardly to take credit for your hard work at doing nothing for your voters.

        Congratulations Jim. You win the LYING BUFFOON OF THE YEAR AWARD.


      • Jim Bean

        Bill Clinton provided the housing bubble – an era of false prosperity. Bush enjoyed part of it, then suffered the calamity of what Clinton created (though he is not entirely blameless himself) Obama is providing another bubble with 75 billion per month in quantitative easing. Things today for average Joe are about what they would have been during the Clinton/Bush years, otherwise. The only difference is bankers are prospering from Obama’s 75 billion/month optical illusion and money is in different hands due to the housing debacle.

      • Stephen Barlow

        GEnuine prosperity until Bush deregulation and complete avoidance of oversight CRASHED the markets worldwide.

        Explain that quant easing bubble? How is it going to burst and what exactly are the imaginary consequences of such a fantasy becoming reality?

        i know you won’t answer because you CAN’T.

        I’ll let you cut & paste some propaganda is you want. Stieglitz or Krugmann would be fine.

      • Jim Bean

        Bush said Fannie and Freddie need reigned in. Barney Frank said they were just fine. Barney won the day. We lost a decade.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Love to see THAT quote. I thought it was “The fundamentals of the economy are fine!” Then the bottom fell out before the election.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        are U annoying jimbos retirement with facts again???

      • Stephen Barlow

        AY yup!

      • Jim Bean

        Search, – Barney Frank on Freddie Mac and Fannie May youtube Fox News.

      • Stephen Barlow

        If you don’t have the integrity to post it, I’m not wasting the time to chase your rabbit down a hole.

        yOu have repeated PROVED your self a liar and a coward. it’s not up to ME to change everyone except Chuck’s mind about you. That’s YOUR job and you have been just reinforcing the truth about YOU.

        20 people SEE you walk like a duck, HEAR you quack like a duck and know your breath stinks when you eat Republican goose poop.

        But you are the only guy who thinks you have integrity and are perpetually right when you make a minor point that never changes the questions you never have the courage or integrity to answer.

        It’s that simple. You are a crystal clear example of what 100% Red Army brainprogramming does to robots.

      • Jim Bean

        See, Stevie? There you give it all away. You are not a reasonable person. A reasonable person will listen objectively to what the other person has to offer.

        No, what you are is a truth assassin. You mission is to attempt to destroy any piece of information that threatens to derail the false narrative you’re trying to push. You do it by assaulting the character of the source, even to the point (insane as it obviously is) of denying the content of video recordings.

      • Stephen Barlow

        SHOW it to me. HERE, where everyone can see Me use it to make a more of a fool of you.

      • Jim Bean

        Breathing into a paper bag might help. Have you tried that?

      • Stephen Barlow

        Just verify your lies…

      • Jim Bean

        I’m not your nanny. You have two choices: (1) choose to remain ignorant and (2) access the information using the method I gave you. (I’m trusting you remember that I told you that when I post links, they get stuck – forever – in Disqus with a little red ‘Pending’ note.)

      • Stephen Barlow

        STill a coward… NEver been anything since nor before.

      • Jim Bean

        Reply to something I posted on Media Matters and you’ll get your link. (Oops. Better think quick. You’re busted one way or the other.)

      • Stephen Barlow

        I’m still waiting for you to establish some level of integrity.

      • Stephen Barlow

        If you can’t back up your claims, you have none worth investigating.

        If you are too lazy to cut and paste, then you aren’t even worth cyber print.

      • Jim Bean

        Its a youtube compliation. You can’t cut and paste it. FP won’t allow me to post links. Media Matters will. How hard can that be to absorb?

      • Stephen Barlow

        I have no problem posting links. It’s how I VERIFY My posts. You obviously don’t have the need to verify lies.

      • Jim Bean

        You obviously don’t understand that the host of a site has options available to him on his Disqus tools menu that enable him to prevent individual contributors from posting links. My links are undesirable here because they effectively torpedo the preferred narrative.

        Do what I ask (reply on media matters) and I’ll prove it. Or you can take the safer, cowardly route and continue playing games.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I believe you are the only living person who actually thinks you are as important as you claim to be.

      • Stephen Barlow

        YOu DO understand that if I refuse to feed you ego with My time, NO ONE will actually care what you are too much of a coward to prove.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Which is EXACTLY WHY, I insist you POST your sources for ALL to see.

      • Stephen Barlow

        WOW! you REALLLY hate getting caught LYING!

      • Jim Bean

        You’ve not offered a shred of evidence suggesting I’m lying.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Typing you name is confirmation enough.

      • Stephen Barlow

        You’re not even YOUR OWN NANNY.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Thanks for verifying your fraudship.

      • Stephen Barlow

        SO you were too drunk to even know you were posting to the wrong thread!! What VIDEOS JIM????

      • Stephen Barlow

        SHow us all THAT TRUTH of yours. Right on this page.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Why do you think I work for Reince Priebus or Fox News?

      • Stephen Barlow

        If there IS NO SOURCE because YOU have no character, thus no integrity… it seems like My job was well done BEFORE you even accused Me of it. THIS is what the Republican Congress keeps laughing about!!! A NO SHOW job!!!

        Where’s My check?

      • Stephen Barlow

        What videos are you quacking about?

      • Stephen Barlow

        you tube and Fox News, which only tells the truth 18% of the time. Which went to court to have a Republican judge rule that they are not NEWS, they are ENTERTAINMENT and they can make up any story they like and sell it anyway they want. LMAO

        YOu remind me of My hamster Benjamin. He loved his wheel and he loved his little glass terrarium. Only he really liked to play Steve McQueen in The Great Escape. Because unlike you, he would rather drown after being caught BEING FREE by My Mom, who flushed him down the toilet, than be content in his little glass cage with his little wheel LIKE YOU in your little Fox bubble spinning the same story round and round and round and round and….

        American Spectator would be a good Goose step lock marching kinda blog for you. The ONLY accept those who spew the goo and they ban EVERYONE who understands free speech.

      • jonjstrine42

        Now now, Jim. Just as Republican “logic” dictates, you aren’t allowed to blame the previous president for anything. So, the housing bubble and collapse is all Bush’s fault. Can’t blame Clinton. He wasn’t president when it happened.
        Isn’t that what they’ve been saying since January 20, 2009? Can’t blame Bush. He’s no longer president. So, what goes around…

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        to quote ‘ saint ” Reagan:
        “…………..there U go again………………..”
        ——————– ..annoying a regressive republican with FACTS

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        why is it when a REPUB pres does something great,,,its a repub presidents legacy/ when a REPUB pres fails; its a FORMER – or CURRENT – dem presidents fault?
        false prosperity? I made a ton of money then and bought properties. Many I know also made money. BUSH took a SURPLUS and turned it into biggest deficit EVVVVVER– EVER!
        so; Clinton was responsible for that? ( see: ‘surplus to deficit’)
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,shall we look at job creation? U get 20 yrs of saint Reagan / bush 1/ bush 2………..I get 14 yrs of Clinton and obama
        shall we proceed to the NUMBERS???

      • Jim Bean

        Yes. Lets start with GDP. Beginning with before the housing bubble burst and ending at the end of the crash. Then lets take the number of employed at the beginning and compare it to the end of Clinton’s crash.

        I know its more than you can bear to accept but the housing bubble was a Clinton creation and the ‘prosperity’ it appeared to create was false to its core, and based solely on the speculation – speculation that the money loaned out for subprime mortgages would be recoverable. The banks knew it wouldn’t.

        It would have made no difference if a Dem had been in the WH from Clinton to now. The crash was inevitable.

        Figures don’t lie but liars do figure.

      • gbrbr

        You cannot cut taxes for the rich and expect the poor to raise themselves up. Every place that raised their minimum wage, saw a surge of job openings. The stimulus was in 2009. The tax cuts and extended unemployment have since expired. The auto industry paid back it’s loans. During Bush, the banks didn’t. Trickle down does not work, never has. In order to stabilize the country, something had to be done. Republicans are wrong on the economy, period!

      • Jim Bean

        I disagree, and here’s why. You tell me what’s wrong with my theory.

        We have a looming, catastrophic shortfall of funds to cover social security and medicare. And now Dems have added another unfunded liability of a billion per year for Obie care.

        Dems assert that if they shift the money from the existing GDP around often enough and fast enough, those problems will be taken care of.

        I, on the other hand, think that those shortfalls can only be compensated for by healthy growth in GDP and think the Dems taxation and regulatory fixation is a sure fire way to strangle GDP and ensure it never grows enough to meet our needs.

        When Dems discuss economics they’re always talking about how they’ll give you money if you vote for them. They never go beyond ‘we’ll take it from someone else in this country’ to explain where that money will come from.

        Taking money from one American and giving it to another does nothing to produce the additional money (GDP growth) we need to cover our unfunded liabilities. Their economic strategy is tailored to buying votes – not paying the bills.

      • gbrbr

        I just realized that part of my last post was not clear. The money for “Obamacare” is coming from the reduction in federal funding for the indigent’s visits to the emergency room, the reduction in the need for the emergency room, the increase in primary care visits for non-emergency care and the fact the people, that are not indigent, have insurance and have increased the “pool” of insured people.

        The facts don’t lie, a savings of 89 Billion dollars is a lot of money.

      • Jim Bean

        When you deduct the 89 billion in savings from things you mention to the 1.5 trillion in additional costs to the tax payer to cover the general increase in care, what do you come up with it net savings?

      • Richard G. Ellis

        The Bush era, had very few jobs created, compared to the Administrations sandwiched around his.

      • Richard G. Ellis

        Most of the poor already reside in Red States…it is no accident

    • Stephen Barlow

      The Founder’s called that SEDITION and it’s punishable by a life sentence.

    • buce

      lol what a list of lies.

  • I knew it was over after Reince Priebus issued his so-called autopsy report and the Tea Bags told him to pound sand. And the Rightwing talking heads flipped out over the report.

    They actually think they lost in 2012 becuase they weren’t radical enough.

    • giankeys loves shemale porn

      I believe the new regressive tea party phrase is:
      ” hammer broken glass up your ass with a cactus”

    • Stephen Barlow

      They are failing in direct proportion to how much they fail the act on the autopsy plans.

      Women are coming out big, as are Hispanics. More and more people are getting more and more FED UP with being perpetually lied to by the REDS.

    • gbrbr

      And Irish, I really hope they keep thinking that way!!! It’s good for the country when the cons fail.

  • Gabriel Gentile

    “And even when you take a look at gun rights, these far right-wing open carry activists are doing more harm than good. Because it seems that many individuals are quickly realizing that even though they might be pro-gun, that doesn’t mean they want to see ordinary citizens walking around with semi-automatic rifles strapped to their back.”

    Someone needs to tell these people that guns are regarded in much the same way as penises;

    If you have one, that’s fine.
    If you like them, that’s okay too.
    If you wish you had a bigger one… Well, that’s a bit of a shame but still acceptable.
    But if you’re constantly bringing them up in polite conversation, posting pictures of them on your Facebook profile and waving yours around in public places…

    People are going to think there’s something WRONG with you!

    • Stephen Barlow

      They already KNOW!!!! Great analogy!

    • gbrbr

      I am pro gun and I agree with everything you said.

      Funny when the Ferguson cop killed Michael Brown, some right wing website posted a pic of Brown with a gun and EVERY SINGLE PRO-GUN, REPUBLICAN I know, made a comment about what a “thug” the kid was….. Guns are only good for white people, according to the cons.

  • John

    I would have to agree. I am currently 18 years old and raised in a conservative household and section of the country. Believe me, I *want* to vote conservative.

    However, more and more I feel that conservatives in general are simply becoming too extreme. Why can’t I support the second amendment *and* support a ban of semi-automatic assault rifles without being accused of being a “evil commy librul who wants to take away our gunz and rightz?”

    I truly do want to be a conservative, but until the GOP realizes that their survival depends on alienating itself from the far right and appealing to more centric-minded people, I cannot see myself voting for a conservative candidate.

    • giankeys loves shemale porn

      be as I— a conservative FINANCIALLY and a liberal centrist socially
      and ask them– ” what EXACTLY are U ‘conserving’ “?

    • Stephen Barlow

      WHY do you want to be something you REALLY don’t believe in? if you can’t see yourself respecting what Republicanism has become, and can’t see your vote going to any conservative candidate, then you are NOT, by definition , a conservative.

      You are not walking like a duck, looking like a duck or quacking like a duck… all I’m saying.

      • John

        Perhaps it’s just tradition, which I know is a bad reason, but still. I agree with some of the moderate aspects of conservatism, but if you’re not “all the way” you are instantly branded the enemy.

      • Stephen Barlow

        That would justify lynchings in some RED states.

        I agree with you about Conservative politics and media.

        But My Dad beat My mon, just as his Dad did My grandmother. It’s tradition. All I am saying John, is that it’s YOUR life, so grow a pair and livie how you CHOOSE, not how it’s DICTATED upon you man!

  • D.j. Maverick

    I agree with this assessment. I used to go to Church every Sunday. I have watched Christianity be hijacked and turned into a religion of intolerance and hateful vitriol. I no longer attend Church and have no intention of going ever again. I will never worship a hateful and merciless God!

    • Stephen Barlow

      God wil pay more attention to you than to those you left “praying in public so the neighbors see you”. It’s in Matthew… I’d have to hunt it.


  • Rich Tinker

    For years, I’ve heard GOP apologists say “this is a center-right nation.” From George Will to Tom Cole to Bernie Goldberg To Brit Hume to Charles Krauthammer to Andrew Breitbart yada yada on and on ad infinitum.

    If so, whe don’t they run any center-right candidates?

    • Stephen Barlow

      If you really think about statistics, the ‘center right’ SHOULD BE THE CENTER. and the freaks in the RED party are off the chart and there are just not enough liberals to push the balance into correction.

      • Jim Bean

        On what issues did the freaks in the Red party move to the right since, say 20 years ago?

      • Stephen Barlow

        Voter Suppression, Pro life to ANTI WOMEN’S HEALTH, Business owner’s in command of medical choice’s between a woman and her Doctor, Denying 1st Amendment rights to assemble by denying civil servants collective bargaining…

        You only read REDblogs don’t you?

      • bruce

        That’s a pack of lies

      • Stephen Barlow

        From a LIAR Bruciespoo!!!! EXPLAIN HOW Texas get’s away with FORCING WOMEN to use their HUSBANDS NAME to register to VOTE?

      • Stephen Barlow

        EXPLAIN how OHIO’s Secretary of State write LAW that DENIES Cleveland citizen’s registration right’s and ADDS extra registration days to the WHITE people in John Boehner’s District?

      • Stephen Barlow

        EXPLAIN WHY SNAP recipient’s had to pee in a cup in Florida and THEN wait for a panel of WHITE judges to make racism UNLAWFUL?

      • Stephen Barlow

        EXPLAIN your PACK OF LIES!!!!

      • Stephen Barlow

        SHOW us all how that lie is true bruce.

  • Ray Gross

    By definition, Conservatives are opposed to change. They are doomed to eventual oblivion.

  • Jim Bean

    The greater the number of economically dissatisfied voters, the greater the number of votes than can be captured by those promising to deliver economic satisfaction. The Dems strategy of winning elections by promising economic satisfaction will continue to rule the day just as long as they ensure the economic satisfaction is not actually delivered.

    • Stephen Barlow

      HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA THEY are the one’s who have jobs and social care bills that Boehner is sitting on and McConnell & CO have been filibustering. Frigging Reid and his three times wimping out on real filibuster reform.

      What was ever wrong with passing bills as a resolution with 51 votes that can be made permanent later when the old Republicans die or retire? Obamas screwed America by demanding 60 vote bills to sign.

      • Jim Bean

        HAHAHAHA. No they’re not – not really. The bills on Boehner’s desk are more milk for those already sucking from the public teat and who always vote for big government (Dems) no matter what. They are all for revenue consuming jobs. None are for revenue producing jobs. The bills for revenue producing jobs, 40 or more, are sitting on Harry’s desk and he won’t let the Senate vote on them.

      • Stephen Barlow


        ON the other hand a bill to stop the default Boehner’s Shutdown almost caused is STILL on his desk. Along with a Farm Bill, a Transportation Bill, a Veteran’s Care Bill, Unemployment Extension Bill, heel Jim, He almost defaulted on the American Military by halting the NDAA!!!!

        All because Mr Orange is an out of the closet racist!

      • Jim Bean

        There you go again. Throw the race card and win the debate – at least in your own head.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Where’s the list? Are LYING ABOUT your having a source AGAIN?

      • Jim Bean

        OK, I’ll give you a little boost. Google ‘GOP jobs bills.’ Try to remember how you did it.

      • Stephen Barlow

        The one’s that are really TAX CUTS for business and HAVE ZERO ACTUAL jobs written into the bills. there are 27 of those, passed the first 8 weeks of Boehner’s first term and Obstructionist of the House.

      • Jim Bean

        They’re bills to get these corporations to invest into the economy, some of this money that you’re constantly bitching about them sitting on.

      • Stephen Barlow

        But NOT ONE OF the 27 bills have a SINGLE JOB CONTRACTED OR DEVELOPED in the bill. The “promise” of some jobs someday is all Boehner’s House has ever offered.

        As I said, TAX CUTS for business., NOT A SINGLE JOBS BILL.

      • Stephen Barlow

        That’s not a list, that’s a list of lists. If you can’t even believe you own BS, then WHY and HOW could anyone else?

      • Stephen Barlow

        But since iit’s the truth IT’S A TRUMP CARD!

        Boehner has corrected himself 9 times in front of a live mike and on camera but stopped short of actually SAYING the N word out loud when referring to the President.

      • Jim Bean

        No. If you want to presume to speak with a voice of authority then the burden falls upon you to become sufficiently informed.

      • Stephen Barlow

        HAHAAHA RED double speak for “I’m talking out My pisshole”.

        the REASON I speak with authority IS because I am well informed BECAUSE I research my data and aren’t a yellow coward when confronted with a challenge.

        I thought you would balk because only ONCE have you EVER manages a half a ball’s worth of honesty.

        If it weren’t a rib ripping hoot to make a fool of you a dozen times a day, I wouldn’t even bother with a mindless RED Plague hobbit like you.

  • Stephen Barlow

    I see the huge ultra conservation outburst simply as the hidden racist backlash to having a Black President. As soon as the Dems have a white candidate on the ballot, you will see a shift of 5-8% away from the gun and mudslinging Red MENACE party.

    A whole lot of people have been hurt for a real longtime by the SHUTDOWN, REPEAL REPEAL REPEAL, NO JOBS, CUT the SOCIAL FABRIC OF AMERICA, say anything anti Obama policies of the “we hate anyone without a white penis Party.”

    4 RED Governer’s under intense investigation or indictment for corruption, 1 out or SEVEN, and a rising tide of the other’s BACKPEDALING on OBAMACARE. The RED TIDE is over and those who climbed on board mainly because of the NOT WHITE GUY in the White House will jump ship before it sinks.

  • Repubs are the Party of No. They “no” everything, and are racing toward obsolesence.

  • DavidD

    I just don’t think political power is going to fall into our laps because the other side is so bad.Like me you live in Texas and know the current crop of howling jackasses that infest our political system.
    They are there because of two factors.They put a lot of time effort and money into establishing concrete ties in the community the last forty years..
    They get thier people to the polls to actually vote.
    The progresive community has done none of these things.
    If you shit in one hand and wish in the other which one will fill up first?.

  • Matthew Reece

    The likely future of the Republican Party is to be replaced as a major party by the Libertarian Party, after which they will either survive as a third party or stop functioning.

    • giankeys loves shemale porn

      gonna agree with matthew here

  • Rich Tinker

    They’ll eventually drift slowly toward the center, but I think only when the older members move on and are replaced by younger members.

    The Democratic Party did so when it looked like they’d become irrelevant from the early 70’s through late 80’s. When they held congress, it was only with solid boll weevil southern party faction, now all Republicans…plus voter inertia – people reelecting members because they’ve been there and ‘they’re fine.’

    Right now they’re gerrymandered into the congressional majority, with Dems actually getting more votes in aggragate despite ending up in the minority [can’t be critical, Dems do it when they can, like here in MD].

    But you can’t gerrymander states. Republicans are hard pressed to achieve and electoral vote majority because of how each state votes, not to mention Dems won popular vote 5 of last 6 POTUS elections. And the Senators will slowly get weeded out, with more Republicans coming up the next few cycles (less Dem chances to lose seats).

    Bottom line is…not right now…but eventually they’ll have to drift left as they’re ideology loses them votes long-term.

    • Jim Bean

      This assumes you get to decide where center should be. By what authority?

      • Stephen Barlow

        The theories of statistical analysis. The Jr level COLLEGE class I aced.

  • gil reyes

    I really have to speak up here. If their future is so bleak, how come they run the House, they could p/u seats in the Senate. I’m sorry, but as much as I can’t stand them, it sure doesn’t look bleak to me. It seems to me that as long as they can keep lying to America, keep super-funding their candidates that push their agenda and keep winning,scaring idiot voters, where is the “bleak future”?. I don’t see it. There lies and money are serving them well. When are they going to start losing their Iron grip on America? When will the gullible people that vote for them against their own best interest wake up???? I just don’t see an end to it and certainly not any frickin’ time in my future. Complete idiots are allowed to vote and if the Republicans have to, they will rent buses, register them to vote, buy them an Ice Cream and tell them who to vote for and they will keep on winning. Its going to get so much worse and I don’t see their future as bleak at all. It scares and depresses the hell out of me.

    • Stephen Barlow

      BEcause right now there is STILL a half WHITE in the White House.

  • gil reyes

    I don’t know whats going on here, but I just posted a very heartfelt view as to the Republicans future. Nothing in it was obscene, no profanity.. Yet it has disappeared from the comments.. Whats up with that? Am I being black-balled for some reason? Does the truth hurt so that it was taken down? I really want an answer to this question.. I can’t believe it

    • gil reyes

      Boy, something is up here.. Found it half way down the comments though I had just posted it. And not as a reply.. I don’t like whats going on.. GOOD BYE

    • Sandy Greer

      Below the Comments # you can see a drop menu. Default is Sort by Best (if a post is ^ liked/upvoted) You may also Sort by Newest or Oldest.

      Newest allows you to see any new OPs posted – even if nobody likes them. Otherwise, they drop to the bottom of the page – or even below Load more Comments, if we get too many.

      Sort by Newest also works to help you find yourself again. No need to disappear just yet.

  • Peter Mizla

    I have a white male friend, of old Anglo Saxon heritage in CT- who fits the GOP line just right- trouble is he very likely a diagnosed Psychopath- someone who feels a huge sense of entitlement, thinks they are superior to others, has no empathy, is greedy, selfish, power hungry, calls himself a ‘victim’…….and he listens to Glenn Beck- need I say more?

  • Sargent Pepper

    rip gop

  • Jaguar67

    You left out two major issues that are at work here: The hijacking of the Republican Party by the radical Evangelicals, and their hatred of all things that protect the water supply, the air we breath, wildlife, mountains, National Park and everything concerning the environment.

    And of course their insistence that climate change is a hoax.

    The Evangelical Plutocrat mindset of the Tea Party and other GOP groups are leading the party right off the cliff. Do they honestly feel Generations Y and Z (and many Gen Xs) want a pollution choked planet and mandatory prayer in schools?

    • Jess L Calloway

      Thanx for the Gen X shoutout. The truth is the repukes have two sources of power. 1.Drunk Uncle. They hate Obama, love them guns, claim liberals are taking away freedom, we are being over-run by foreigners and feminists.2.Scared grandma and grandpa. Believe everything Fox news says. The country is ruined and threatening. The problem is these people have numbers and they VOTE! They are diminishing, but X,Y, and Z don’t VOTE. They are busy or don’t care.

      • Jaguar67

        Spot on. And don’t forget the gays in your list of biggest threats to the country. Oh yeah, and ISIS, which wouldn’t even exist had we not invaded Iraq.

        I’m also a Gen Xer and am perplexed and frustrated at the apolitical attitudes of many Gen Y and Gen Z members. Not all, but many. More interested in the latest episode of True Blood or the next Hunger Games book or movie, or the latest cupcake store opening, or reality TV, or their Facebook and Twitter accounts…….THEY are the ones who will have to really deal with the Theocratic Fascist Warmongering Corporate Oligarchy the top 2% crave, and use Fox News and other media to push for.

      • Jess L Calloway

        I agree. The problem with Gen X is we have no numbers to matter. Gen Y is huge, but have no interest in politics or voting. They usually are more socially liberal. Just an opinion, if Democrats could capitalize on social liberalism and maybe student debt. They are dealing with a broken economy, Gen Y needs to step up.

  • Kajsa Williams

    The Koch brothers are basically the John Birch Society reincarnated. I hope to God we get them out of power soon. Given the demographics of the situation, the GOP is losing members and liberalism is gaining members. The speed with which we can get these bigoted creeps out of there totally depends on whether young people get off their you-know-whats and VOTE.

  • Barb

    I consider myself a liberal, but this article is stupid. It leaves out certain basic facts:

    1) Liberals don’t vote. Yes, they MAY vote in Presidential election years (but not as often as conservatives), but they don’t vote in critical local elections which determine how congressional districts are drawn and how the electoral college votes are allocated. Democrats have consistently gotten more popular votes in the elections for the House of Representatives, but the Republican control of states makes this meaningless.

    2) People believe what they hear repeated. This has been demonstrated time and again. In addition to the self-chosen crowd that listens to right wing talk radio and News Corp affiliates, Citizens United has ensured that there will be massive advertising in the coming elections to ensure Republicans can outspend Democrats 2:1. In sharp contrast to most countries with elective governments, there is no penalty here for lying in the political arena. And all they have to do is convince liberals their candidate isn’t sterling to get them to not show up to vote. Even most people today who think they are liberals have been taught to be more suspect of government than of corporations.

    3) Republicans have introduced a change in the electoral college in many of the purple states (which are already gerrymandered to ensure a Republican House). That change would give one electoral vote to each gerrymandered district, and the last two to whoever carries most of the congressional districts. This could easily give us a Republican President who carried only 40% of the vote, even if the Democrat got 60%.

    4) Once in control of all three branches of government, there are reasons to believe they would give the Tea Party one of the things they want most, an electorate limited to landowners. Most landowners are Republicans.

    5) The way the American electorate will look if Republicans do deport the bulk of illegals is very different than in most projections… and more Republican. In the American-born population, Right wingers have more children than liberals.

    6) Breaking unions also massively undercuts both Democratic money and their ability to rally volunteers.

    7) Gun lovers vote on only one issue, and they always vote.

    8) Anti-abortionists vote on only one issue, and they always vote.

    9) The majority of Americans remain religious, and liberal talkers insult religion far more than is necessary, lumping together Episcopals with Southern Baptists as if they were of one mind.

    10) Republicans are relentless and play dirty. My health insurer (I have now discovered, I will change next opportunity) is a big contributor to Republicans. Among its many efforts to that end is listing doctors and facilities as being in my plan, then, when I use them, refusing to pay since they were out-of-plan expenses. Their goal, of course, is to get me angry not at them, but at Democrats and the ACA. While it is not working for me, I regret to report it is working for many people. Their Republican health care insurer says no, blames it on Obamacare, and they believe the health care insurer, rather than blame them.

    There’s more, but the final thought is this: Liberals use excuses to not vote. An overly rosy article like this one discourages voting, since it’s all in the bag without them.

  • hat579

    It doesn’t matter half the country have no idea, they aren’t told the truth and think that the conservatives legislators are protecting them from all the tyrannical things in this world, it’s pathetic,big money gives these clowns billions and the media gives them a false equivalency free pass.This is why the fairness doctrine was so important for them.