The Absurd Reaction to the George Clooney Fundraiser Proves That “Tea Party Liberals” Exist

I really wasn’t going to write anything about the absurdity surrounding the George Clooney fundraiser, but the ridiculousness of it all became so overwhelming that I had to address it. It’s rare that I see anything as ludicrous as all of this coming from the left.

First, yes, it was an extremely high-dollar fundraiser, just like basically every other presidential candidate in history has had – even President Obama. You know, the Democrat who broke a record when it came to receiving money from Wall Street. In fact, President Obama raised a ton of money in 2008 and 2012, and had a super PAC. Yet he also went on to pass Dodd-Frank and has been a pretty damn good president.

So this childish reaction to this fundraiser – including protesters throwing dollar bills at Hillary Clinton’s vehicle – is asinine.

Then can I point out a pretty obvious fact?

These folks throwing a hissy fit over this fundraiser, and those who actually took time out of their lives to protest it, do realize that this thing was put together by George Clooney and his wife Amal Clooney, right? And are these people aware that the Clooney’s are huge human rights activists? His wife has built a large part of her career fighting for human rights all over the world. To say nothing about the fact that George Clooney has been a massive advocate for gay rights here in the U.S. and has spent a great deal of time bringing attention to many of the atrocities that have gone in on places like Darfur and Sudan.

Hell, he was arrested in a protest that included Martin Luther King III at the Sudanese Embassy protesting genocide in Sudan.

But people were protesting the fact that he held a fundraiser where the leading Democratic candidate was the “guest of honor”? Are you kidding me?

Oh, and another thing, did these people realize that the overwhelming majority of the money that was raised is actually going to help down-ballot Democrats get elected so we can get Congress out of Republican control?

Let me put this all another way: Many Bernie Sanders supporters took “offense” that a celebrity and human rights activist, who’s married to an internationally famous human rights lawyer, organized a high-dollar fundraiser meant to help the Democratic party raise money so that down-ballot Democrats have a chance to win elections and retake power in Congress.

Are these people really this stupid? I’m sorry, but this has gone far beyond having an issue with campaign finance reform and has shifted into full-on stupidity. Supporters for a Democratic presidential candidate are protesting an event largely meant to help retake power in Congress from Republicans.

These individuals are what I call “tea party liberals.” They’re people on the far-left who don’t seem to be operating in any realm of rational thought or common sense. Never in my life would I think that supposed “liberals” would protest and oppose a fundraiser that was mostly setup to help Democrats all over the country have a better chance at defeating Republicans in November.

By the way, these down-ballot Democrats are the very people a “President Bernie Sanders” would need if he ever hoped to pass any of his big campaign promises! These are also many of the same people he hasn’t done much of anything to help get elected.

So, basically those out there who took offense to this fundraiser (and especially those who protested) were voicing their opposition to an event hosted by prominent human rights activists that was meant to help the very people who Bernie Sanders would desperately need in Congress to support his policy proposals.

The picture is starting to become very clear why liberals lose so many elections to Republicans: Because they defeat themselves. 

Whether it’s through voter apathy, or nonsense like protesting an event meant to help elect politicians who support many of the same things you do, it almost seems like there’s a good chunk of the liberal voting base that’s going out of their way to screw up the 2016 election.

However, don’t take this as a jab at all Bernie Sanders supporters. I know most are very rational, reasonable and have the right “goal” in mind. I love meeting those Sanders supporters, because they give me hope when I’m inundated (especially online) with the sizable chunk of those who support him who are every bit as irrational as any Trump supporter I’ve encountered. I think the rational Sanders folks realized what this was and why these type of high-dollar events are needed.

This type of behavior has been incredibly frustrating to deal with, but I’m going to do the same thing I’ve been doing for years. That is, busting my ass to make sure Democrats win as many elections as possible. At the end of the day, the number one goal needs to be to defeat the Republican party for the sake of women’s rights, gay rights, climate change, health care and many other things that will be destroyed if we let the GOP gain power in Congress and take back the White House.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • BOKinLarksville

    Screw Hillary!! if she gets the democratic nod, I’m voting for Trump.. Call it political suicide, or whatever you want.. She is no good!!! Voting for Hillary is like voting for Reagan in the 1980’s.. Anyone who thinks she will make a difference, is out of touch with reality..

    • ellowe13

      The same can be said about voting for Trump. He still IS the establishment and status quo too.

      If Hillary and the DNC steals the bom away from Bernie…he will be a write in for me.

    • felipe63

      You don’t need to vote for Trump, Jill Stein is a perfectly acceptable candidate. She’ll get my vote if Sanders isn’t the nominee.

      • Kari Hope

        It’s the same thing as Trump.

      • felipe63

        Depends on where you live. I’m in bright blue Oregon where the D’s could run a turnip and it would still win the state and all the Electoral College votes.

    • Compassion
    • glebec

      I assume you are on Karl Rove’s payroll, or are the most stupid turnip to fall off a truck. Whatever you are, it is not someone who cares about America or its people.

  • NYminute1971

    Your insults to Sanders supporters, which include democrats and independants alike, only proves once again how out of touch with the voters the establishment democratic party has become, and how easily we are dismissed without one iota of understanding about what this movement is about.

    It is precisely this type of treatment that will cause many of us to leave the Democratic party. I have been a life-long democrat, but my party has left me because I have not come to heel under their crooked establishment politics which no longer wants to allow their members any degree of the freedom that democracy truly means. They had a perfect opportunity to welcome thousands of new democrats from the huge independant base of voters that now exists, and they blew it. They have shown themselves to be everything that is wrong with our political system.

    Thank you for the reminder that there is no room for our voices within this party.

    • Johnny 5

      Good riddance. Our party has no room for closed minded lemmings with an aversion to fact and reason. But don’t go calling yourself a progressive, because you have time actually get something done to carry that mantle.

    • Daliajjose4

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  • strayaway

    This is great! A Hillary supporter is calling Bernie supporters “tea party liberals”. When the tea party first appeared, it was anti-war and anti-establishment so maybe the intended slur isn’t totally inaccurate. After all, Hillary is a warmongering corporatist whose largest contributor in 2008, for the longest time, was Goldman Sachs and whose largest contributor in 2016 is the Soros Fund. The Hollywood glitterati paid $33,400 per plate to dine with the Clooneys and Katzenbergs. Everyone from Jane Fonda to Ellen Degeneres to Vogue’s editor-in-chief to Hollywood moguls was there. The entrees included Chilean sea bass served with English pea puree, pee wee potatoes, asparagus tips, and pea tendrils. Some of the money was used for down the list candidates but how much was for candidates supporting Bernie? Meanwhile Bernie was trying to associate with the pope and Bernie’s record number of supporters have averaged $27 contributions. I wonder if being called “tea party liberals” will make Bernie supporters straighten up and want to vote Hillary.

    • Everybodhi

      Check out Syd Leibovitch, the billionaire real estate tycoon that hosted one of the nine Hollywood fundraisers Bernie has had.
      Bernie called Syd’s Beverly Hills mansion a “prolitariat home”, The 1% that either paid $2700 or raised $10,000 for Bernie got a big laugh, Syd must be the working man BS is always talking about helping.

      • strayaway

        Great reply. What do Bernie fans have to say to this? Hillary is still the Queen of the 1% but this does tarnish Bernie’s halo. That said, Hillary’s $33,400 a plate Hollywood magnate pig out still topped Bernie’s $2,700 a plate meal, Hillary’s top campaign contributor in the 2016 cycle is still Soros Fund Management ($7M), and the Clinton Foundations includes a $1-5M donation from a Saudis government publicity donor. The latter is a contrast to Sen. Sanders who wants the Senate to vote on a bill allowing Saudi government involvement in 9/11 to be examined. My last point is somewhat off topic but Hillary’s funding base is more, much more, than intimate elite gatherings. The Clintons together have received over $3B over their careers not including the White House furniture they tried to walk off with, according to the Washington Post, of which $2M of goodwill was donated to the Clinton foundation.

      • Everybodhi

        Of course, more moralizing and sanctimony, Bernie can say he doesn’t raise money from the rich and he does but it’s different when he lies about it and does it?
        So, Clooney, with his background in Human Rights is bad but the Beverly Hills real estate tycoon is all good?
        Syd bought his first home for $100,000 with his bar mitzvah money, he’s a real prolitariat.
        Syd has also done fundraisers with the Clinton’s in the past, but that was bad, only Bernie gets a pass.

      • strayaway

        Please re-read the first two sentences even if you choose not to read the remainder of my previous reply. There is still the matter of relativity or proportion. Both are sinners if that is your point but Hillary is evil incarnate relative to Bernie. That $3B has a “B” in it.

      • Everybodhi

        The furniture stealing is a right wing lie, we laughed at the rwnj’s back in the 90’s for the accusation, but Bernie believers™ have taken to using the right wing bs, rather than run on his merits.

      • strayaway

        “The Clintons returned about $48,000 in furniture, and they paid the government about $86,000 for other items.” -politifact 10/1/15

        I didn’t know that politifact was “right-wing” and I didn’t say they stole it. I said they tried to walk off with it. They didn’t get away with it. Either they did or didn’t return and pay for they walked off with. Answer: they did. Hillary is a crook. She has done worse. Bernie, again, seems saintly in comparison.

      • MableSpam

        Bernie is fine if individual donors max out – even by millionaires who are decent… It is not the same as millionaires who aren’t donating millions to SuperPACs

  • Bill Reitz

    I have but one question: How can people believe in a political revolution that is supposedly going to happen over the next four years, when the previous eight years of GOP / TP obstructionism stands in empirical evidence that without a president having a cooperative legislative branch, change happens slowly. Then when it does happen, it is often taken in front of the SCOTUS as a last attempt at obstruction??? The problem with not voting blue, no matter who, is that if the GOP gets control of the white house, the SCOTUS is going to tilt conservative for another 25 years. That is a nightmare that is frightening at the gut level, because if you think that you’ve seen this congress act stupidly so far, wait until they get a president that will rubber stamp any jackassery that they come up with, and a SCOTUS that will uphold it. Before you throw your vote away because your candidate may not be on the ballot, think about it. It takes an idea to spark a revolution, but it takes an army to revolt. Dems do not have that army in the house at this moment, and it doesn’t look like it is going to be possible to put that army in place for at least another 4-5 years. Sanders has great ideas. Unfortunately, at this time, due to the political climate that we are stuck with, they are not practical to implement. However, with that being said, if he does win the nomination, he will have my support. The only other option is just too odious to consider.

    • Aesithiar Runekafi

      Because there are 435 seats up for re-election this year. Conventions are being voted on statewide right now about getting money out of politics, and limited terms of congress. We The People, not just Bernie.

      • Everybodhi

        One would think Bernie would be supporting down ticket candidates that we will need if anything good is to ever get through congress.

      • Bill Reitz

        Citizens United was upheld by SCOTUS, and it will have to be taken down by that same body. The quickest way to do that is to ensure a democrat president is nominating justices for the next 4-8 years, State conventions can’t do dick to change federal law. And last I checked, there are many states that have redistricted to the point where the GOP incumbent is damn near invincible in a number of congressional districts. In other words, gems might be able to get a senatorial majority, but the house is out of reach for a while.

    • strayaway

      Corrections: Democrats controlled the presidency and both houses during Obama’s first two years. Democrats controlled the House for 6 of 8 of Obama’s years. TP Republicans never dominated establishment Republicans in the Senate. Republicans, lamentably, were not so obstructionist that they prevented Obama from doubling the national debt or waging executive wars in Libya, Ukraine, and Syria.

      • felipe63

        The Dems never had the 60 votes in the Senate required to overcome the R’s serial filibusters. Try again…….

      • strayaway

        Democrats had the majority period. Instead of whining, Democrats could have outlasted any filibuster or compromised but no, better to blame failure on the opposition. (Practice mantra, “It’s Bush’s fault. It’s Bush’s fault.”) Bill Clinton often compromised with Newt to get things done but Obama couldn’t be bothered. Obama even allowed the Democratic Senate to shut down the government when the only sticking point was the Republicans’ face saving request to eliminate Obama’s new tax on medical devices.

      • felipe63

        Sure, the GOP mounted a record number of filibusters and a determination to oppose anything Obama proposed, even if it was good for the country, yet it’s all Obama’s fault, right?

      • strayaway

        There, that’s better. It’s all Bush’s fault, whine, whine, make excuses, and more excuses. Obama helped overthrow the legitimate governments of Libya, Ukraine, and Egypt and is still trying to overthrow the government of Syria. These polices, in which SOS Clinton is complicit, in turn created refugees, poverty, death destruction, inadvertently (I think) strengthened ISIS, and resumed the cold war with Russia. I wish that more Republicans would have tried to filibuster, oppose, and even impeach Obama to have prevented the mess. Also, Republicans consented to allow Obama to almost double the national debt from $10.6T to so far $19.2T. There’s your Republican compromise sticking our children with Obama’s ball and chain of debt. I wish Republicans would have opposed him more often.

      • felipe63

        I didn’t even mention Bush, just the GOP starting in 2009. Can you make a point without resorting to lies and half truth? It’s doubtful.

      • strayaway

        Where did I claim you mentioned Bush? Progressive whiners, however, have been blaming Bush, the Koch brothers, because he’s black, and Faux News for seven years to obfuscate Obama’s failures as you have. But let’s get back to the topic here which you ignored in your last three posts. Hillary had a pig out for her 1% friends. While Bernie’s average donation is $27 and he has out raised Hillary three months in a row, Hillary has to cling to her glitterati and wealthy magnate friends to keep her campaign funded. That’s a big difference. Hillary owes the oligarchy if she is elected. Bernie doesn’t.

      • Bill Reitz

        Correction: The GOP has had control of the house since 2010, and control of the senate since 2014. I don’t know where you get your information, but you might want to try a different source. Statements and questions: 1) Multiplying the national debt has been a presidential pastime since 1980. Reagan tripled it, Bush 1 doubled it. Clinton made a 50% increase, Bush 2 doubled it, and now Obama is on track to double it. Do you see a pattern there…like I don’t know..maybe we’ve been working with flawed economic paradigm for almost 40 years? 2) If you believe that republicans have not been obstructionist enough, I don’t know what to say other than bless you heart. 3) WTF is an executive war? I am a retired service member who has never heard the term. Seriously, does one get a Purple Heart for paper cuts in an executive war? Is an ink satin a badge of honor? I really want to know, because maybe my service record is missing few awards for actions on the executive battlefield.

      • strayaway

        We agree regarding the Senate. You are correct and I was wrong about the House. The $9.2T, so far, that Obama increased the budget will cost our children about twice as much in repaid interest as the $5T Bush was responsible for. Thats the difference. Bush was an fool. What does that make Obama?

        Executive wars are my reference to wars declared by Obama by executive order without a declaration of war by Congress. The Constitution requires Congress, not presidents, to declare wars. The presidential oath requires presidents to follow the Constitution. Obama failed to do so in a couple of these situation. I’m disappointed that Congress failed to restrain or impeach the president for these rogue actions. Thank you for your service even if you were sent on fools’ errands by a rogue (he isn’t the first) president. The same could have been said of Bush although at least Congress, but not Bernie, gave him its power to declare war on Iraq. That wasn’t any more constitutional than the Supreme Court letting a president decide its cases but it was more than Obama had when he bombed Libya without the consent of Congress.

  • Steffy93

    George Clooney said he supported the protesters. He said they were right to protest.

    • Kari Hope

      It’s called First Amendment Rights. Even Clooney knows more than Sanders supporters who REFUSE to understand how fundraising works.

      • Steffy93

        The First Amendments rights of the protesters?

      • Aesithiar Runekafi

        Refuse to understand how fundraising works? Except he raises funds continually from the mass of the people not by the wealthy few. BTW – with money flows conscious of the donors. So with that, Bernie is following the conscious of millions of average people, while Hillary is following the will of a wealthy few oligarchs.

      • Everybodhi
  • godblessstexas

    Bernie and Progressives never assume it is they that will be doing the sacrificing and sharing.

  • NCGran

    Bullshict! The Clinton’s have dragged the Democrat Party with their Neoliberalism so far to the Right that they can’t even find the Democrat Center. Progressives are NOT radicals. They are the only hope that this Party ever gets back to its FDR, New Deal roots! Your hyperbole is nothing more than a smear campaign by idiots who support Hiliary to their own detriment. HRC CANNOT without them in November,,,or without the Independents. She and her jackbooted surrogates better back off of scurrilous attacks or YOU will damage the Democrat Party for decades to come.

  • MableSpam

    The “absurd” reaction to the fact that govt is controlled by those with money at the expense of those without it…which even Clooney agrees is ridiculous – much like the rationale of this blog.

  • so the neoliberals are upset upon finding that they really are conservatives, and that those whose political orientation is leftist don’t honor their neoliberal sense of entitlement and privilege? you can keep the name “progressive” – the ideology it describes seems to be along the lines of the old liberal eastern republicans, just a little bit more conservative regarding economics. it is shocking to me to realize how widely the democratic party had fully embraced the economic philosophy of Ronald Reagan, and defends it so vigorously. sad state of affairs.

  • kariharper

    I lean left, but the Tea Party Liberals are freaking me out. You can certainly choose Bernie over Hillary, but if you throw a hissy fit and say you will vote for Trump if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination just so Hillary won’t win, you’re nuts. Just as nuts as the Republican Tea Party. You would seriously let Trump win over Hillary? Do you hear yourself? Trump is A MILLION TIMES WORSE. Stop with the temper tantrums if you don’t get your way! #wingnuts