George Zimmerman Happily Tours Gun Factory as he Asks Taxpayers for More Money

george-zimmermanIn the “what the hell could he possibly be thinking” news department, George Zimmerman decided that he should tour the Kel-Tec Weapons facility in Cocoa, Florida to inquire about their production of a new lightweight “barely legal” shotgun. The Kel-Tec Shotgun, which can be seen here, is described as being “as compact as legally possible.” Nice to know these gun manufacturers know their boundaries and push them right to the edge without shame. The below is pulled directly from their website, and I have to say they seem very proud of their creation:

The KSG (Kel-Tec Shotgun) is Kel-Tec CNC’s first entry into the shotgun market. The size, shape, and design is similar to the currently available Kel-Tec RFB rifle, but the KSG ejects downward, instead of forward. The KSG weighs 6.9 lbs. and is as compact as legally possible with a 26.1” overall length and an 18.5” cylinder bore barrel. Even with this compact size, the internal dual tube magazines hold an impressive 12 rounds of 12 gauge 3” rounds in total (6 per tube). It can also reliably shoot shells as short as 1 3/4″ up to the 3″.

The gun lists for an MSRP of $1,197.00 and looks like something right out of Duke Nukem. It’s not going to be a secret why your average red-blooded American male with a macho psychological disorder wouldn’t want one of these things. For the rest of us, common sense will prevail and we realize that this type of weaponry has no place in the hands of average citizens, let alone any real use or need to even be created. Though the aforementioned gun nuts of this country will surely unite en masse in defense of this latest invention.

As for what George Zimmerman’s need for being there was, one could only speculate; and while I am sure it’s not that uncommon for civilians to tour gun plants, it definitely begs the question of what his mental state must be, considering he was just acquitted of murdering a teenage boy who stared straight down the barrel of a Kel-Tec 9MM before he took his last breath. I don’t care what his purpose for being there was — motivation aside, it’s probably the most insensitive thing he could have thought to do.

He also made sure he had the time to pose for a smiling photo with a plant employee, which was leaked to TMZ and can be seen here.

Zimmerman attorney spokesman Shawn Vincent told Yahoo News, “We certainly would not have advised him to go to the factory that made the gun that he used to shoot Trayvon Martin through the heart, that was not part of our public relations plan.” Really, you think so Mr. Vincent? Who would have thought that might not be the best thing to think of doing?

While there were certainly no laws broken with his visit to Kel-Tec, there are definitely some asshattery records that were shattered with this move. Zimmerman’s brother Robert, who has been a very vocal and staunch supporter of his throughout this case and the aftermath surrounding it, deemed the visit a “non-story” and continued with “grown men buy guns or shop for guns or visit gun manufacturers every day.” That may be true, but not every grown man visits the manufacturer of the gun he used to slay an innocent teen a mere six weeks after being acquitted of the crime, as if to spit in the face of everyone who is still reeling from the loss of their loved one and the many still upset at the ridiculous verdict.

As if that wasn’t enough to make you want to vomit, while Zimmerman was touring Kel-Tec, his lawyers were reportedly preparing a motion to ask the state to foot the final bill for Zimmerman’s trial expenses. You see, when district attorneys bring charges against someone and fail to make their case, should the accused be acquitted, the state is then responsible for all legal costs incurred. That includes travel expenses, defense expert witnesses/attorney fees and any other costs that are trial related. Not only is he a free man, but now the taxpayers owe him and his lawyers some money. That’s justice, right?

The Orlando Sentinel reports that when asked, Mr. Vincent said the numbers are still being put together by the office, but early estimates are in the neighborhood of $200,000 to $300,000 and that the motion was “in the works.” Couple that with the previously reported $902,000 the trial has already cost the public and you’ve got even more of a reason to be disgusted at the verdict. A reported $425,000 of that went to Seminole County Sheriffs Office while another $183,000 went to the city of Sanford for overtime hours worked by their police force. The jury costs came in at roughly $34,000.

Now it looks as if the state of Florida is set to pony up some more cash for Mr. Zimmerman. Of course, he also raised hundreds of thousands of dollars through donations on his ridiculous “defense fund” website, but none of that is going toward these final costs.

It’s clear that he has absolutely no remorse for what has happened and couldn’t care less about his actions going forward. My only recommendation is that if you live within a 10 mile radius of wherever this sad, pathetic excuse for a human being is living, make sure you know how to properly protect yourself and your family.

Michael Wunderlich

Mike Wunderlich is a single father originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania currently residing in Richmond, VA.He is the founder of Center Ice News (a popular Facebook group dedicated to hockey news), and a self proclaimed professional appreciator of music and art. You can follow him on Twitter @mwunderlichFP.


Facebook comments

  • Drew

    wow, so what happens to that massive sum of money that people “donated” to Zimmerman for his legal defense fund? Does he get to keep that now?? So not only does Zimmerman get off with no penalties for shooting and killing an unarmed kid, but he gets rich off of it too??? AND the state has to pay for his defense??? Are you f’n serious????

    • bob

      I am 100% NOT a fan of George Zimmerman and think he’s a scumbag supreme, but the State should absolutely have to pay for his defense if they lost the trial. You’re just thinking with your emotions,and not being rational on that point.

      Here’s a scenario : If the cops frame someone for a murder, and the accused loses their job,family, and freedom while they sit in county jail for 2 years awaiting trial and they finally prove their innocence through DNA evidence proving they didn’t commit the murder, do you think the person should have to pay the thousands of dollars their defense cost?
      Of course not ! The same principle applies to all cases in this country, Zimmerman’s included.

      • Drew

        Except in your scenario the cops “framed” a person for murder. In this case, he ADMITTED killing Treyvon Martin, the lead investigator wanted to file charges against him, and yet he still wasn’t arrested for weeks. Once he was finally arrested due to huge public outcry, he received huge sums of money for use in his legal defense. So in this case, he wasn’t having to pay thousands of dollars for his defense costs. He raised more than $250k online for his legal defense fees, of which NONE of that has gone to his attorney. If I was being framed for murder by the cops and I hadn’t raised a quarter of a million dollars for legal fees, then yes, I would want the state to pay my legal fees. However, since that is absolutely not the case here, and he did everything with his legal defense money EXCEPT for pay his legal fees, then he should absolutely be on the hook for every dime!!

      • bob

        I’m simply stating what the law is, and that the law makes sense. A person found not guilty of a crime they were tried for should absolutely NOT have to pay for their defense, regardless of peoples opinion of the verdict. This is really common sense, here. Your emotions are fogging your view.

        If a person that you think was innocent went through a long and expensive trial and they were found to be innocent , would you actually think that THEY should have to pay for defending themselves against prosecution ?

        This is a safeguard against overzealous prosecution. If the threat of having to pay for the case if they lose wasn’t there, the State would feel even more free than they already do to prosecute people who may be innocent.

        Once again, I’m no Zimmerman fan and think he was guilty of manslaughter at the VERY least, but my point is that the State paying for the defense when someone is acquitted makes complete sense. It’s purpose is to protect innocent people’s financial lives being ruined in the event of a false accusation .

      • Drew

        He’s not having to pay for his defense!!!! He had money donated to him for the explicit purposes of his defense fund!!! He used that money to pay his previous bills among other things…NONE of which was what it was meant for. Either he should have to pay back all the money to all the people that donated it explicitly for his legal defense OR he should pay the attorneys for their work. He has done neither and thus is guilty of fraud. So he should absolutely pay for the defense out of his own pocket since he squandered what he had donated to him for his defense fund.

      • bob

        Obviously, this case is an anomaly due to the national interest in the case and the people that sent money to him…. but you still cannot just change the law of the land because ONE defendant happened to get money from the public.

      • Drew

        no but you can damn sure make an exception to the law due to the extenuating circumstances surrounding the case

      • Charles Vincent

        “ADMITTED killing Treyvon Martin”
        He did no such thing he admitted shooting martin in self defense stop listening to al sharpton. Travon martin assaulted zimmerman. The lead investigator buckled under the. Falacious press al sharpton generated. Six jurors aqitted zimmerman on the grounds it was self defense.

    • Diana Reichardt

      Don’t you remember, he and his wife got in trouble for spending some of that money in a way that got them in trouble. It was supposed to be for his legal expenses but they were spending on personal items for themselves. Let’s face it , this guy is a jerk and really should be behind bars. Obviously I don’t agree with the jury’s decision.

  • Paul Evans

    its florida law.hes not guilty under the law,pay the fees due

    • bob

      That’s the law in the entire United States. I’m not Zimmmerman supporter (not by a loooong shot), but there is no way in hell someone should have to pay for their defense if the State lost their case against them.

  • Pipercat

    I’m just hoping the innocuous, stray, chicken bone will finally cross paths with George. Then, no more news regarding this person will manifest, via pixels, on my monitor…

  • Pat

    “What goes around, comes around”. This guy will get his payback at some point in time. Maybe not until he leaves this world and meets his maker, but it will happen. He has been adored by all the pro-gun lovers out there because they have made him their “poster boy”, and that has gone to his head. Gee, I don’t think I would want Georgy Z as my poster boy.

  • Pat

    “What goes around, comes around”. This guy will get his payback at some point in time. Maybe not until he leaves this world and meets his maker, but it will happen. He has been adored by all the pro-gun lovers out there because they have made him their “poster boy”, and that has gone to his head. Gee, I don’t think I would want Georgy Z as my poster boy.

    • bob

      Nope. There is no such thing as “karma”. That’s just a little sprinkle of magical pixie dust people say when they have been wronged. The universe is vast and does not care one iota about punishing peoples wrong doings (real or perceived). Just deal with reality, and drop the supernaturalism.

      • Noah

        the “universe” is not karma. I’m Buddhist and would just like to point this out. also, karma doesn’t punish people, when you do some thing negative to someone or any sentient being, you create a negative karmic seed, which may come to fruition next time you come in contact with that person. Why would you just tell someone that their ideas are wrong? that’s really not cool. I had read the other comment you made on this and I thought it made a lot of sense. I don’t like Zimmerman but its true the state should pay his fees. but then I saw this comment and I respect I had for you just went down the drain.

      • bob

        ” Why would you just tell someone that their ideas are wrong? that’s really not cool.”

        Because the idea of karma is simply mans ego yearning for justice. It’s a wishy washy ‘spiritual’ platitude that is not based in reality.

        Why on Earth would you imagine that just because someone has an ‘idea’ no one is allowed to challenge it and say that it is an empty gesture and nothing more than wishful thinking from the fragile human ego ?

        I have all the respect in the world for Buddhists because they keep to themselves and do not proselytize like monotheistic religions do. But, that doesn’t mean that their (or anyone else’s) claims aren’t subject to scrutiny.

      • Pat

        You go ahead and believe what you want to believe, Bob, but I believe in “karma”. Karma comes around to everyone at some time(s) or another, and it bites! Makes for me wanting to live a good, clean, honest life! Your reality must be a lot different than mine, or maybe, karma hasn’t gotten to you yet.

      • bob

        That’s odd, I don’t need the threat of karmic retribution to live a good,clean,honest life… but apparently, you do. To each their own , I suppose… but it is nice to know that you need a threat of punishment to be a decent human being, it really tells me a lot about what kind of person you are.

  • Some Middle Ground

    A small, lightweight shotgun that holds 12 rounds. Many city folk wouldn’t understand what this could possibly be used for. It is lightweight for portability through a field or woods, smaller for easier maneuverability, and doesn’t need reloaded as often. It is perfect for hunting wild game such as rabbits, quail, and pheasants. I figured I’d say something before the anti-gun nuts show up.

    • louis

      its also ideal for hunting say, unarmed black kids, robbing liquor stores, banks, and will make an excellent accessory for the drug dealer who has everything. your a fucking moron. people like you and zimmerman are the reason we need gun control. small game hunting eh? i guess if you cant kill a rabbit with less than 12 shots you may want to find a new hobby (redneck piece of shit).

      • Charles Vincent

        So is any other firearm way to post utter drivel

      • Ily Michael

        I agreed with your comment until you decided to call names. I despise Zimmerman and don’t buy his self-defense theory but there is no need call Louis names because his opinion differs from yours. Also, why do some people believe the term redneck is an insult? It was my relative that instigated that term and it was used to describe hard working people who just wanted to be able to earn a living, so at least use better terminology if you must resort to childish tactics.

      • Some Middle Ground

        Excuse me? If you think it takes that many shots per animal you are quite ignorant. Sorry but it takes several small animals to make a decent meal. I am used to seeing at least 10 rabbits being shot per person but I’m sure you couldn’t tell the difference between an M-16 and a muzzle loader….. Not everyone is a criminal. Some of us like to hunt animals not people. Idiots are going to kill each other with whatever they have whether it be a gun, a knife, rope, their fists, their car, ect. I can’t stand stupid people like you (ignorant cunt) And yes I just stooped to your insignificant level….

      • Pipercat

        Rabbits? What kind? The vicious kind that normally require holy hand grenades?

      • Michael Wunderlich

        And Saint Attila raised the hand grenade up on high, saying, “O Lord,
        bless this thy hand grenade, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies
        to tiny bits, in thy mercy.” And the Lord did grin. And the people did
        feast upon the lambs and sloths, and carp and anchovies, and orangutans
        and breakfast cereals, and fruit-bats and large chu…

      • Some Middle Ground

        So what are you saying here? Is hunting rabbits a bad thing now? Are you suggesting they are being over hunted? Or are you saying it is required to reload after each rabbit? Or are you just trying to be funny? 10 rabbits per person per outing is a relatively normal number.

      • Pipercat

        I’m saying, they have very sharp…. can jump this… Look at the bones!!!!!

      • bob

        well played.

  • DDT4

    This is absolutely one of the most biased pieces of garbage I have read recently, and there’s been a lot of it. So he toured a gun factory, so what? And a “barely legal” gun is still legal. You don’t have to agree with the verdict of George Zimmerman, but if you weren’t there the night of the shooting, your opinion is simply that…your opinion. Chances are the smiling (and quite hot) employee wanted to pose with him. What we supposed to say, no, I feel terrible, leave me alone? Personally, I think gun ownership and violence is way out of control in the US, but this is someone who was ACQUITTED, over and done. Would you rather have mob justice in all cases like this? Murders happen everyday, and they’re just as tragic no matter the circumstances. it was just the perfect situation for the left to hop on the “everything is racist” bandwagon. As for his legal expenses, I guess this writer believes all acquitted parties should now be responsible for their legal expenses, no matter how high they are. You should be thrilled George Zimmerman will never be able to live a private life, thanks to the media, and automatons like you who write absolute trash.

    • Kittykat

      I would think the thought of a gun would disgust him, after what happened with the last one he had. I would think he would want to stay away from them.

      • Steve

        Because of the public reaction to the case, I would say he has more reason than ever to need a firearm for defensive purposes. Guy protected himself per the law in his state, case was brought against him, he was found not guilty. I simply don’t see how people can say that is unjust …

      • Charles Vincent

        If a gun had saved my life I think I would be even more comfortable having one.

      • Mike Williams

        He will be getting that gun back. Also a law.

  • Mark Strange

    The last time I check this was a free country and he is innocent in the eyes of the law. His reasons for entering the place is his really and no one else’s. Perhaps it was dumb, but he clearly isn’t the smartest person on the block, so it isn’t a shocker.

  • Mike Williams

    I can understand your outrage about the visit. However I must point a few things.


    The reason that shotguns are restricted below a certain length is because of their ability to be concealed. That is a direct effort to reduce their usability in criminal endeavors.Which is why the term “sawed-off” shotgun exists. I can see this gun being used for sport, paramilitary, security, and police but I can not see the military making a use of this when there are much more effective combat caliber shotguns available. (ejecting the cartridge down rather than up makes for easier retrieval of the spent cartridge and is a decent safety feature)

    Everyone is entitled to recover the cost of their defense in a legal action should they be successful in their defense. We do not get to pick who gets reimbursed and who does not. That is what the law is. We do not have to like it, but it is fair. Even if sometimes that someone is an festering asshole. What your comment doesn’t cover is that there is a cap to how much the court appointed defense can spend, while the state has a blank check. I’m not saying that Zimmerman had an appointed counsel. I use that statement to illustrate that not all things are as we like them. To be fair the defense should be afforded the same vigor as the prosecution. I would be interested in knowing were those donations went. They should be paid back to the people who donated. Especially if Florida ends up paying his defense fees.
    The whole point of that law is to prevent frivolous state sanctioned prosecution. We don’t get to pick what is considered frivolous and how it applies to any given case. Am I happy about it? Not my state anymore, but if it were I would not be more unhappy. It is justice, we just happen to dislike this side of it.

  • doug

    why does someone not just kill him!

  • wow

    Shooting and killing a man who pulled him down, got on top of him and was beating him….if I had a gun, I’d shoot him too….and where’s the uproar about 12 THOUSAND other black men who were killed from the time of his arraignment to the time of his acquittal?? oh…I guess since they were killed by other black men it’s okay

  • John Cross

    I can see the next Kal-Tec ad: Zimmerman shooting off the new shotgun and saying, “If I had this, that sucker never would have had a chance to bash my head…” Unfortunately it would probably lead to an explosion in sales…