Glenn Beck Claims Measles Outbreak Is A Government Plot

glenn-beck-idiotThe conspiracy market is a small, but profitable one. Whether it’s stories about the government spraying chemicals from jet aircraft to dumb down the population, Jews controlling everything or anything else that sounds like it came from Coast To Coast AM, you can bet people like Glenn Beck or Alex Jones will cover it. This phenomenon isn’t confined to the United States; there are mentally ill people all over the world, but there seems to be no greater market for paranoia-driven conspiracy stuff than in this country.

Take a bitterly partisan political environment, then add two opposite political fringes that seem to share the irrational fears of a lot of the same things, and you can laugh all the way to the bank in the way Glenn Beck and others like him are doing. There’s no better example of this than the current measles outbreak that is a result of fringe liberals, conservatives and libertarians not vaccinating their children based partly on the completely debunked research of Andrew Wakefield, a doctor who lost his license because of his falsified report but is now a hero of the anti-vaccine community.

However, if you’re an anti-vaccine conspiracy nut and Infowars devotee who needs to make sense of why your child is now covered in a rash despite all of the essential oils and other herbal supplements you’ve been buying from Natural News or Food Babe, Glenn Beck has an explanation for the whole thing.

From Right Wing Watch:

As Beck told it, “if you look at the 102 children in California who have been detected with measles, you look at where they came from, you see that the two cases came from 1) an Amish community and 2) a group of travelers who entered the U.S. from the Philippines. If you eliminate those two sources, there is no uptrend in measles.”

Beck and co-host Pat Gray then went on to assert that even though immigrants from the Philippines are responsible for the measles outbreak, the media won’t report that because their intention is “to make the case that you’ve got to obey the government” and get vaccinated. (Source)

See? It’s all of those pesky immigrants and their poor sanitary habits! It’s a plot by the government to make you obey them and get vaccinated! You can’t get measles unless you get the shot, or come in contact with an immigrant or an Amish person. It’s a media cover up and only Glenn Beck will tell you the truth!

I hope none of you were actually trying to follow the logic train there, because there isn’t any. None of this makes sense, yet Glenn Beck and others in his field have built small media empires spewing this blend of paranoia and prejudice. You can find this conspiracy nonsense wherever you go, thanks in part to social media. Facebook pages like The Mind Unleashed,, or Collective Evolution (to name just a few) push stories claiming vaccines cause autism, the cure for cancer is being hidden by “Big Pharma” or that the world is secretly controlled by human/reptile hybrids. Back during the Ebola scare, the same “it’s a government plot!” hysteria erupted and some unscrupulous people quickly tried cashing in by claiming certain herbs or oils would protect people from Ebola.

Unlike Ebola, measles is very easy to control, and there’s a vaccine you can easily get to prevent your child from getting it. It’s the 21st century and we’re bringing back diseases that were nearly wiped off the face of Earth, thanks in part to people taking medical advice from snake oil salesmen like Sherri Tenpenny and conservative carnival clowns like Glenn Beck. Stop listening to the shrill, unhinged voices of paranoia and take advice from trained, licensed medical professionals…please.

Watch the video courtesy of Right Wing Watch below:


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