Glenn Beck: Donald Trump’s Campaign Is A Plot By Big Business And Liberals To Destroy The Tea Party

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck discusses Donald Trump on Sept. 18, 2015

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck discusses Donald Trump on Sept. 18, 2015

Donald Trump has been saying a lot of things lately that have made the Republican Party look bad. Considering the fact that we have candidates like Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal or Ben Carson, that puts into perspective how extreme some of the rhetoric has been and how far the candidates are willing to go to win over right-wing primary voters.

A conservative pundit with some sense would look at this field and proclaim that the popularity of Donald Trump shows that there is something very, very wrong with the Republican Party. Considering the fact that the top three contenders in the race are a reality show billionaire, a disgraced former CEO, and a neurosurgeon who thinks Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery – it isn’t any wonder why many think the Republican Party is doomed. This is why the GOP is currently scared to death over President Obama’s push to get legal residents to become naturalized citizens and be able to vote, because these are new voters who would almost certainly not vote for Republicans, and for good reasons.

However, right-wing libertarian talk show host Glenn Beck has an explanation for Donald Trump’s popularity in the Republican Party and with the Tea Party movement. It isn’t because Trump panders to people who hate Muslims and embraces conspiracy stories like the discredited myth that vaccines cause autism – his entire campaign is apparently a plot by big business and liberals to destroy the Tea Party.

Via Right Wing Watch:

“The Tea Party is eating its own,” Beck said. “If I’m a guy who is a Republican establishment guy or I’m a liberal, I want to destroy the Tea Party. But if I’m a businessman, I want to destroy it as well. The reason why the GOP isn’t suffering with their goals on campaign funds is because big business just wants business to go on. They know how to play the game. Look, Donald Trump as said, ‘I give to everybody.” He knows how to play the game. He doesn’t know how to play the game with a libertarian, small government guy who says, ‘There’s no game for you to play here, Donald, and we stand by the Constitution.’ So you can’t buy that person or bully that person out of their house any more.”

“It makes sense that he doesn’t want the Tea Party,” Beck continued. “So what’s as good as getting the presidency of the United States? Discrediting and destroying a movement that stands for true principles. Small government and maximum freedom, stand for those who want to disrupt the system that makes everybody rich.”

“I think it is really important that you stand up,” he warned, “and you separate yourself as a tea partier and say, ‘That is not us, that is not us.'” (Source)

The funny thing is that a lot of the talking points Donald Trump is spouting out on the campaign trail are very similar to the ones Glenn Beck parrots on his show. Beck has previously claimed that vaccines are part of a plot by the government to control the population and has repeatedly had guests on his show like Frank Gaffney who spout conspiracies about Muslims that would put Ben Carson’s or Donald Trump’s casual Islamophobia to shame.

Both Donald Trump and Glenn Beck are not serious political figures, they’re entertainers who are performing for an audience which has a multitude of other acts from which to choose. They have to continually ratchet up the rhetoric and fear-mongering, or risk losing that audience to other political celebrities who will say the things they want to hear. While this is good for Glenn Beck’s revenue stream, his rhetoric (and that of others like him) is pushing the Republican Party ever further to the fringe, and hastening its demise.


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