Glenn Beck Makes Asinine Claim about Time Magazine Choosing Pope Francis as Person of the Year

1424299_10152091384312489_160325806_nAnd the attacks on Pope Francis just keep on coming.

Then again, following the news that Time magazine has chosen the Pope as their “Person of the Year,” you knew that was going to tick off quite a few Republicans.

This time it was Glenn Beck who went off on a rant about the audacity Time magazine showed with its selection of Pope Francis over someone like — Ted Cruz.

Yes, this buffoon really believes Ted Cruz deserved to be “Person of the Year.”  I mean, why not, right?  After all, his biggest accomplishment this year was staging a fake 21-hour filibuster and heading a government shutdown that accomplished absolutely nothing.  How “remarkable” of him.

Beck claimed the reason why Time didn’t choose Cruz is because they “didn’t want to give him any more power.”  I’ll be honest, I actually laughed when I read that part.  He also reminded his audience to, “Remember, progressives are fascist.  They are for fascism.”

But of course we are.  Then again, this is Glenn Beck we’re talking about.  He’s obsessed with fascism and Nazi Germany.  A good asinine rant from Mr. Beck wouldn’t be complete without some kind of reference to fascism.

What his rant basically says to me is that he’s fully embraced the belief that Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, is a full-fledged fascist.  Amazing, isn’t it?  All he has to do is point out that trickle-down economics does nothing but give more to the rich at the expense of everyone else and suddenly he’s a fascist.

It still makes me laugh that Pope Francis actually behaves more like an actual Christian — based on the teachings of Jesus Christ — than any other Pope in recent history, and it’s driving conservatives crazy.

Here’s a fun fact: Before trickle-down economics, and in decades such as the 50’s and 60’s when we had much higher taxes and stronger unions, we were still a nation based on capitalism.  Opposing massive tax breaks for the rich doesn’t equate to fascism.  Unless of course these people are insinuating that presidents like Eisenhower and Kennedy were fascists.

Then again, most of these fools who yell words like fascism, communism or socialism don’t even know what they mean.  They’ll happily drive on public roads — to a meeting to complain about how horrific all forms of socialism are.  Not understanding that those roads built by the government, paid for by tax dollars, are socialism in action.  

Glenn Beck is just another in a growing list of well-known conservatives who continue their attack on Pope Francis.  If they keep it up I can promise you this — it’s not going to turn out well for the Republican party.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Moonbeam

    F*ck, these people are stupid. Last time I checked Hitler and Mussolini, Fascists, were right wingers.

    • Joe_the_Troll

      There is a growing movement on the right to paint Hitler and the Nazis as left-wingers because the word “Socialist” appears in the name. They’re that dumb and/or dishonest.

    • Maszk


    • Mr Smith

      If you read the quotes from Hitler (only a google away) they are very much in line with today’s conservatives. These people tend to say things about other people that actually apply to their agenda so as to distract the populace from seeing what it is they are up to by perverting the meanings of their accusations.

      • JustaVetSailorfromPennsylvania


    • noah vail

      don’t forget stalin and mao….and cruz, and perry, and bush, and trump,etc.

  • Cletus

    Then let’s hope they continue their attack! Onward Christian (conservative) soldiers!

  • Ed Rudy

    Wonderful assessment, ALLEN CLIFTON:

    “Pope Francis actually behaves more like an actual Christian — based on the teachings of Jesus Christ — than any other Pope in recent history, and it’s driving conservatives crazy.
    Before trickle-down economics, and in decades such as the 50′s and 60′s when we had much higher taxes and stronger unions, we were still a nation based on capitalism. Opposing massive tax breaks for the rich doesn’t equate to fascism. Unless of course these people are insinuating that presidents like Eisenhower and Kennedy were fascists.”

    • Gary Menten

      Kennedy did actually reduce the maximum tax rate from 91% to 74%. But yeah, neither Kennedy nor Ike were socialists or fascists.

      Eisenhower fought to keep the max tax rate high until WWII debts were paid off. And funny enough, the economy was going like gangbusters in the 50’s.

    • Devil_Dinosaur

      Was this for people who didn’t read the article, but decided to skip down to your comment instead?

      • Ed Rudy

        Glenn Beck is just another in a growing list of well-known conservatives who continue their attack on Pope Francis. If they keep it up I can promise you this — it’s not going to turn out well for the Republican party.

  • John Brosnan

    Maybe it’s not too late for Time to change their person of the year to Ted Cruz because Glen Beck says so and because we all know Ted Cruz has done so much more for people than the Pope has.

  • Anthonij

    I hope these conservative lunatics amp up their attacks on the Pope and continue with their ridiculous use of words like ‘fascist’ and ‘communist’… As they do so, more and more people in the middle of the political spectrum will see them for the hateful, greedy refuse they really are.

    • Mark Colucci

      excellent point…thank god for glenn beck…slush limbaugh….sarah pallin…huckabee…joel osteen…rick sanitarium…niki the nazi haley….and so many more cast of characters…

  • Altreg01

    While I do like this Pope more than any other religious leader I can think of so far hes all TALK. Dont forget old school Dolan is right behind him refuting everything the Pope says. Lets make the Pope the person of the year after he actually CHANGES the church, not just talk the talk.

    • Kingminnie

      Most things need to start with conversation.

      • Altreg01

        Time’s person of the year should require more than a few good thoughts. Like I said, after he finally brings the church out of the 15th century then we can call him Person of the Year. Ive been telling the church for years what hes slightly hinting at, where is my person of the year award? Nothing but talk so far

      • Thomas Hynes

        Just because your thoughts echo the Pope’s doesn’t qualify you for person of the year. When a VERY PUBLIC FIGURE (Pope or otherwise) actually goes on the record and unambiguosly states a position without equivication it is at the very least noteworthy. When that same public figure doesn’t back down or spin their position in the face of significant blow back from those of opposing views it demonstrates a level of character missing from most in public life today. Other potential candidates for person of the year have NEVER been so forthright in their pronouncements and have pretty much spun their statements if they perceived any backlash might affect their agenda. Peolple like Cruz are CONSTANTLY adjusting their message based on response. “Kill all the lawyers” Shakespeare may have had a point.

  • Lynn Bush

    Give that man a dictionary. I am astounded at the ability of these people to state the exact opposite of reality and fact and their people still believe it as truth. It’s depressing.

    • JustaVetSailorfromPennsylvania

      Wouldn’t him any good, he would dispute the dictionary too!

  • Steven Levy

    What a Putz! Someone give him a flashlight so he can get his head out of his rectum. The current Pope, walks the walk and talks the talk…. he is credible, far more than Beck who is simply full of venom and hate.

    • Gary Menten

      He’ll need more than a flashlight if he’s to pull his head our of his rectum. A crowbar and an electric winch would be my suggestion.

      • GenerallyConfused

        Jaws of life might work…

  • Gary Menten

    First Limbaugh calls the Pope a Marxist. Then Beck calls him a fascist. Clearly the RWNJ’s have no idea what either term actually means, and neither does their audience. If they did, they might realize that they are both themselves REAL fascists and should have no problems with a fascist Pope, except of course, that he isn’t one.

    What the GOP is just not coming to grips with, is that if they ever want to win the White House again, they have to start doing better among Hispanic voters, most of whom are Catholic. Calling the first ever Latin-American Pope names is not a particularly good way of winning over this vote.

    • vetch

      It’s interesting that the community I live in is dominated by Catholic conservatives. It’s going to be interesting to watch heads explode over this new line of thought from the Vatican. These are good people who try to live by their faith. I love the new Pope and I’m agnostic.

      • Your sentiment is one shared by many agnostics and skeptics.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Most of the people at my Catholic church love the new pope. The priest, not so much.

  • WHY hasn’t this Beck turd stepped out in front of a speeding truck yet??
    The mental image of him falling down a few flights of cement stairs makes me feel…warm and fuzzy inside…

  • George Mitchell

    Glenn Beck hopes his audience is too stupid to use a dictionary.

    • His audience generally is.

    • James Kennedy

      You can’t use a dictionary if you can’t read or don’t even know what a dictionary is.

  • patisok

    Wait a minute I am confused this week the president has been called a communist and facist by RW Conservatives. What is it Far Right folks?.He can’t be both they are opposing political views.

    • GenerallyConfused

      They’ve been doing that for longer than just this week.

  • Dawn Hilton Oliveira

    I watched a documentary called “Let’s Make Money”. It basically tells you where and how our money circulates. It also dealt with the issue of income disparity. Netflix has it if you are a member. It is a very big eye opener! What the Pope is saying is not just about religion, it is a necessity. When you see how globalization and how “The World Bank” is robbing countries you will be ashamed of our country. The Republican beliefs are going to turn us into these countries the platform is already there. Watch the documentary and you may not look at your party the same again.

    • Mark Colucci

      so true dawn…the IMF and world bank…which are basically us….set up third world countries to mortgage their future to the u.s.

  • Guest

    You know what I find really funny, how all you people that are always bitching about the right being Christian nuts are now fighting on the side of Christianity. Now who is smarter, you or Mr. Beck? None of you can see past your nose to see how the Conservatives can manipulate you.

    • Keith

      Mr. Beck is only manipulating the ignorant fools who listen to, and believe whatever bullsh*t he spreads.

      • Kingminnie

        Good answer.

  • Justin

    As a Catholic who is now on his 3rd Pope (ok I came into the Church unofficially toward the end of Bl. John Paul II’s reign, but still…..) I find it funny that people are talking about how other people are using the Time Magazine thing to attack Pope Francis (which is of course wrong to do) , when the Time article itself was used to attack Pope Benedict (ok it had some good parts I’ll admit, but still). And even then, helping your neighbor is not socialism. No I don’t agree with a completely free market economy either however I also find it funny that some of my fellow Republicans are also wrongly accusing Pope Francis of supporting the very things he worked hard to fight against back in Argentina (socialism/fascism etc.)

  • Jim Bean

    I don’t know. Obama has proven to be most unqualified, inept, and un-American POTUS in the country’s history. Glenn was among the first to predict that. Liberals should take note and not get into the pattern of habitually mistaking spade for a diamond like they have with G. Zimmerman.

    • PoppaDavid

      Sorry. The President who “knows where the Weapons of Mass Destruction” are hidden in Iraq, has him beat by a mile.

    • Kingminnie

      I think you meant to say that the House of Representatives has proven to be the most unqualified, inept and un-American.

    • Altreg01

      Actually the do nothing right wing racist republican led congress is the worst in the country’s history…dont let facts get in your way please

      • Jim Bean

        There you go again. Throwing the race card to counterbalance a weak argument.

      • noah vail

        the race card isn’t very hard to find when dealing with the riwinujos…they keep it front and center but never honestly….always using some sort of subterfuge to hide it but they’re not really smart enough to really bury it

      • Jim Bean

        The Left can find racism everywhere they look – including and endless number of places where it doesn’t actually exist.

      • noah vail

        just goes to show how ubiquitous it is, doesn’t it?…of course the one place in ‘murica racism doesn’t exist is on Fux News, just ask them

  • JW

    The one thing you must remember is, Hitler and Mussolini are DEAD!

    • noah vail

      now if we can only get 12 or so republican candidates to follow them

  • becca

    Good grief…save your energy. Glenn Beck is an ass. End of story.

  • JustaVetSailorfromPennsylvania

    Confirms that Beck never learned the difference between socialism and fascism! But, then I truly believe that at very young age that someone screwed off the top of his head and filled it with crap anyhow!

  • Green_Devil

    My favorite game these days is “Actual Teatard Utterance or Onion Spoof?” It’s amazing how powerful Obama is that he causes all these bigots to totally lose what little minds they had and cause them to spout such garbage. And apparently the Pope is part of this grand Obama conspiracy and any day now, Trump will go off his meds and be demanding to see the Pope’s birth certificate and baptismal record.