“Golfghazi” – A New Low In Conservative Media Outrage

roflbot122914It’s not often that I call Republicans and conservatives racist when they complain about something that President Obama did. I honestly believe that like President Clinton, nothing President Obama could ever do would be acceptable to them.

I’m also only slightly exaggerating that if the president were to ever don some camouflage, grab a case of Bud Light and go duck hunting – half of Louisiana’s good ‘ol boys would suddenly burn their hunting clothes, swear off drinking and toss their guns in the bayou. If Michelle Obama said that drinking more water was a good idea and promoted a proper diet and exercise, at least a couple would consider washing down their deep-fried Twinkies and Big Macs with a bottle of Clorox.

So what are they butthurt about this time? The fact that an Army couple were forced to move the location of their wedding due to President Obama wanting to play a round of golf at the same place while on his Christmas vacation. Both the bride and groom were warned ahead of time that the spot they wanted may not be available because the president would be in the area and if he was, he might want to play golf.

Now, I’m not a member of the military but last time I checked, if someone who is your commanding officer decides you’re going to go on a 10 mile march at 4 am on a Sunday morning, you’re going on a 10 mile march at 4 am on a Sunday morning – in the rain. If your commander-in-chief says they want you to fly into another country on a classified helicopter to exterminate a terrorist and you aren’t ever supposed to tell anyone about that mission…well, you say “yes, sir!” and you hop your ass in the helicopter.

Bloomberg originally reported the story from what I can see, and the outrage from right-wing sites seems to be a deflection attempt on a day when national outlets broke the story that House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) had attended a Neo-Nazi/KKK conference back in 2002. To be fair, Fox News reported the story in a way that was rather fair, for once:

The couple reportedly ended up moving to a lush site overlooking the 16th hole, which one of the wedding planners said was more secluded and prettier anyway.

The White House may not have even known about the wedding in advance.

And after Bloomberg asked the White House about the incident, Obama apparently tried to make it right.

McCarthy told Bloomberg the president called the bride to apologize and congratulate them. “Made their day,” she said.

A source familiar with the incident confirmed the phone call to Fox News. (Source)

Anyhow, the couple are both Army captains. Both were warned in advance that their commander-in-chief might be playing golf and they might have to move their location, which ended up happening. With any other president, this wouldn’t be news – except that we’re currently running in a 24 hour news cycle of things that one side of the aisle or the other is supposed to be outraged by.

A government shutdown that affected all Americans and caused thousands of government workers to go without pay? Not a problem to the right-wing. To them, it was necessary to stop wasteful government spending, and by wasteful government spending they mean just the programs they didn’t like. To the right-wing media, a couple of Army officers being forced to move the spot of their wedding to another part of a golf course was absolutely outrageous. It’s “Golfghazi,” the greatest scandal to rock the White House since Benghazi – or “Umbrellagate,” or “Coffeegate,” or “Footghazi,” or “Jeansgate,” or “Suitgate,” or…should I go on?

I bet they would have been mortified if President Obama had ordered this same couple to go to a war based on lies and faulty intelligence…oh wait, that was President Bush.

Gee, I wonder what their outrage would have been like if this couple was gay?


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