GOP Congressman Louie Gohmert Has Finally Lost His Mind

louie-gohmertLouie Gohmert took to the house floor this past Friday for a lengthy, wandering diatribe on fascism, Nazis, college, radical Islam, liberals, Marines, genital mutilation, and Home and Garden Television. If you know anything about Louie Gohmert, you are probably familiar with his love of comparisons. But with this most recent whine, I think Louie Gohmert may have finally lost his mind.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think Louie’s always been a little (way the eff) out there. Terror babies, telling a woman she should have carried her brain-dead fetus to term, caribou enjoy the warmth of an oil pipeline, the Obama administration is overrun with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and of course, who can forget his comments on the Aurora, Colorado massacre?

You know what really gets me, as a Christian, is to see the ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs, and then some senseless crazy act of terror like this takes place. … We’ve threatened high school graduation participations, if they use God’s name, they’re going to be jailed … I mean that kind of stuff. Where was God? What have we done with God? We don’t want him around. I kind of like his protective hand being present.

You’re probably wondering what the current bee in Louie’s bonnet is. It’s the “intellectual, liberal fascism” permeating society, especially cable television and colleges. Friday’s speech began with a reading of the bio for Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Gohmert, after struggling to pronounce her name a few times, segued into the “intellectual fascism” part of the performance speech. See, when Louie went to college at Texas A&M (second most conservative college in Texas), and Baylor University (most conservative college in Texas), he says liberal speakers were welcomed, even though most of the student body didn’t agree with their beliefs. I looked for any information on liberal speakers at Baylor while Gohmert was a student, but was unable to verify his claim. For argument’s sake, let’s give Louie the benefit of the doubt.

This figures into Louie Gohmert’s disgust with Brandeis University for rescinding an award they were going to give to Ms. Hirsi Ali. He stated that intellectual fascists want you (the people with whom they disagree) to fail, have no success, they want your family to fail, and be “eliminated.” Which led to the terrible injustice done to one David Benham, son of Flip Benham, twin brother to Jason. What was the injustice, you ask? HGTV discovered David Benham is a raging bigot, who blamed the attacks of September 11th on abortion:

As smoke rises from the ashes in New York City the nation and the world’s attention is turned towards the evil that has committed this heinous crime. A crime of passion that has shed the innocent blood of thousands of victims both male and female young and old. The question is who is responsible for the carnage those who did the detestable act or whose sins brought it about.

God’s word clearly says bloodshed begets bloodshed He also tells us whatsoever a man sows so shall he reap. What we as a nation have sowed in shedding innocent blood on a daily basis at abortion clinics has come home to roost upon all of us. Yes whether we like it or not we are all guilty of permitting the sin of abortion in our nation. This includes you and I (Pro-life) pro-choice and the entire network of our society. 

David’s father, Flip, heads the abortion clinic protest group, Operation Save America, so you see where David got his opinions. David has also protested in front of mosques while yelling “Jesus hates Muslims,” and like Louie Gohmert, blamed the Aurora, Colorado massacre on something other than the shooter: the Democratic party. And HGTV said unto themselves “Holy shit, this is bad, we can’t promote this asshole,” and canceled the show.

The next segue was blindingly fast, and surprisingly did not come earlier. Nazis. Of course, he went to Nazis. Now this might be hard to follow, so I will type slowly. Gohmert believes that intellectual, liberal fascism is like Nazi book burning and that like Nazis and radical Islam, intellectual, liberal fascists do not want women to own property, or marry who they choose to marry, and Brandeis “spurned” Hirsi Ali because they were afraid “violent groups” might get “violent,” so Brandeis is a bunch of cowards, just like the State Department under Hillary Clinton, look what Jefferson did to radical Islamists in Tripoli. There were also a few mentions of female genital mutilation, without actually saying “genital,” because that’s an icky word. Shockingly, he didn’t actually say Benghazi, but with the dig at Clinton, we all know what he meant.

To sum up, Louie Gohmert compared liberals with Nazis, liberals with fascists, the horror of female genital mutilation to a bigot who got fired from the teevee, and burning books (by Nazis) to a private college reneging on an award. Can we finally all agree that Louie Gohmert is dumber than a box of hair?

Erin Nanasi

Erin Nanasi is the creator of The Bachmann Diaries: Satirical Excerpts from Michele Bachmann's Fictional Diary. She hates writing about herself in the third person. Erin enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with family. And wombats. Come visit Erin on on Facebook. She also can be found on Twitter at @WriterENanasi.


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  • dljen

    Why do the people of TX elect this whack-job? Either they can’t read or understand…oh wait, it’s TX, that’s right.

    • DavidD

      Must be all the simplistic fools like yourself that have moved here lately that causes it.
      I only voted for one Republican in my life and I’m an old snort ,third generation Texan.
      Wouldn’t have voted for him but my mother asked me too because his mom was sick.He needed a job.
      Sorry I did it now.

      • dljen

        I wouldn’t live in TX.

      • DavidD

        It’s all subjective.I live here because it’s my home and I love it.
        There are other great places in our common country that are just as good and obviously by your standards even better.
        I’m like a lot of people in that I’m not rich or influental.
        I have to join together with lots of other people and work together because that is our strength.
        Insulting other people’s home is a poor choice of tactics to futher that end.
        I would ask you to consider that if you really want to change things.

      • Fabj

        Then change your home. When you have a day of prayer for rain and drought increases 80% it’s time to read a science book. Your test scores in schools are also pretty disturbing. Plus your governor let the world know 93 million people are out of work. He forgot to mention that that absurd number includes babies and people over 65. It’s great you live in America but you live in a sh*tty state filled with right wing nut jobs who care more about the second coming of Jesus and fetus’s more than living people and human rights. Proud to be pro life while firing the electrical chair up more than any other state in Global history is hardly a proud moment. “Ooops”

      • Garibaldi

        Your response is a little skewed, I think. Take my state of Maine, where the governor is a certified whack job. He was elected when a third, more progressive candidate ran. The governor’s two opponents predictably split their vote resulting in the governor’s election. Hardly a reason to think Maine isn’t a desirable state.

      • Fabj

        Yeah I gave details, you gave ideology. You conservative always lack details which is why the poorest, less educated states vote right while protesting the handouts they maximize.

      • Garibaldi

        I’m sorry that you think I’m a conservative.

      • Fabj

        But Maine’s stats verse Texas are dramatically different. I’m in CT. Our governor is despised. Texas pukes out multiple horrid congressman, an evangelical non- sensical base, and prides itself on stupidity and electricutions.

      • Pipercat

        Much of the problem down here is apathy and intimidation. That is changing. The events about a year ago during last session’s filibuster shows this to be true.

      • Sandy Greer

        Texas is not my home, but I can see why you love it.

        I love the Hill Country – where cattle shade in pastures filled with oaks – and bluebonnets are enough to cause a heart to burst. I can smell the humidity, in the towns built on rivers.

        First time I visited Texas I was mesmerized; could see why it was settled, even back before air conditioning. Wide open, where a person can breathe.

        Even bought a bumper sticker (in case I moved there) that said “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as quick as I could”. We changed our minds about moving to Texas, and finally gave that bumper sticker to a brother’s family – who moved to Texas in our place.

        I wish you’d pick an avatar, David. A man from Texas, who loves his home – should stand apart from the crowd of ‘shadowy silhouettes’. 😉

      • DavidD

        Thank you for your kind comments.
        Much of what we have here is being destroyed by heedless greed and much of our natural beauty has been compromised.
        I am an older gentleman,not well educated and new to computers but I hope to learn by taking classes on how to enable an avatar and other needful things.
        I always follow your post with intrest as I frequently learn something I did not know.

      • Sandy Greer

        If you’re on Facebook, and have photos – one of those can be used. Can be a photo of anything.

        You ‘scan’, and put the photo on your computer – mine are in Documents. Any site you login allows you to download your photos. But they have to be on the comp first.

        Maybe a younger family member can show you?

        Funny; I figured you for younger than me. In any case, ‘education’ is subjective. You always write from the heart. In particular, I was moved by what you said about the cemetery – with your friend from Holland (?) It stuck with me.

        I hope you find the forgiveness you spoke of.

        Mind if I ask which war? Vietnam, perchance? Or some other?

      • DavidD

        I was in the Navy to avoid being drafted.I had irritated both my high school principle and the county sheriff and both had expressed wishes that I soon go to Vietnam and meet some untimely end.
        Back then in small rural Texas counties both those individuals would have been members of the county draft board and they took proactive measures to remove from the community any future irritants .
        During the process I noticed who went and who didn’t go and why.
        I avoided combat by luck and working at it but I did go into harm’s way as a first responder and saw things I wish I hadn’t. It has given me a great sympathy and small understanding of those who had it much worse than i ever did.
        I worked construction,water/wastewater and in various rather unpleasant Texas institutions in my working life.I also raised large organic gardens and kept stock as I eventually returned to the small rural county I came from.City life was not for me.
        I’ve had to retire due to ill health so i have time to learn new things and make a general nuisance of myself on the internet.Best wishes to you and your family and thank you for your kind inquiry.

      • Sandy Greer

        Anybody who can irritate both his HS principal and the county sheriff can’t be half bad. 😉

        I know other guys chose the Navy to avoid the draft. First husband did river patrol in Vietnam. One is never ‘safe’ enough when there’s a war on – even in the Navy.

        Vietnam was a turning point, in our history, for sure.

        You take care; the internet needs ‘nuisances’ like you.

      • Pipercat

        Well, our summer is upon us. I dread the summer time for its relentlessness and duration. Ms. Sandy is the good cop to my bad! 😉

      • Sandy Greer

        Another thing I thought of last night:

        Highways in Texas are second to none: Shoulders wide enough to drive on. No litter.

        But seriously. If we all left our states because of ‘imperfections’ – nothing would change. It takes good people, up for a challenge – to make a difference, no matter where one lives.

      • Fabj

        Yeah…because they don’t have to deal with winters.

      • DavidD

        So far a wet spring and a cool one.I’m actually wearing a sweater this morning in mid May.Im sorry I didn’t get a garden in this year but ill health prevented it.
        Summer is the bad season here.The summer of 2011 is like a bad nightmare you know you will have again as the climate continues to change.

      • Pipercat

        Indeed! The storm, although loud and intense, was a welcome experience. Good thing I fixed the roof! The old adage, it’s not the heat, but the humidity is true beyond words. Down here Bexar, the last three summers were extraordinary, to say the least!

      • Fabj

        Your state sucks dude. Deal with it.

      • DavidD

        The generality of your comments and their subjectivity speak to their lack of any substantive content troll.
        Your ludicrous word salad is incoherent and your assumptions of my leisure spirtual activity is based on no known personal observations.
        Try harder.

      • Fabj

        I don’t have to Try. You have Rick Perry, climate changed denial with record drought, and math scores guaranteeing more overseas sub contracting. Your state did all the work for me. Get some dressing. The salad never ends junior.

      • Pipercat

        Well, the two most exciting races this election are for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. The Democratic candidates are stirring things up and it’s rather amazing watching this state begin to… “unsuck!”

      • DavidD

        I’ve joined battlegroundtexas to help push that along.I don’t think we will win in 2014 either here or nationally but 2016 might be the turning point of the tide of the Reagan counter revolution.
        The GOP is bankrupt and all it has left is fear and nihilism.

  • Ed Culp

    Do not lump all Texans into the “Can’t Read or are too unintelligent to know better” category. Believe it or not, not all of us are like that. I didn’t vote for this nimrod that’s for certain. Way off the bend he is.

    • DavidD

      Most of us have just given up on electoral democracy.Lowest voter participation in the country.
      Of course real well informed idividuals who think they are better than us shouting ignorant insults far away on the sidelines help a whole bunch too.
      Old dijen likes to think he/she is a pretty tolerent person.Doesn’t practice it very much,kinda choosy but likes to think they’re real tolerent.

  • Edward Krebbs

    Which brain is more scrambled, that of a heavy hallucinogenic drug user -or- Gohmert’s ?

    • DavidD

      I’ve met Gohmert.He’s not dumb but crazier than a road lizard in July.
      One of these days he’s going to pour gas on himself in the House Chamber and spark it off .He’ll be running up and down the aisle screaming it’s Obama’s fault.

  • Kara Lynn Feeney

    If it took you this long to figure out Gomert is an idiot, you haven’t been paying attention!

  • AccountantCas

    McCarthyism has come back to America. This time around it has a new name. It is now called liberal-progressivism.

    • Sid Goodman

      Delusional, party of one, your table is ready.

    • noah vail

      spoken like someone that has no idea what “McCarthyism” really is…it certainly wasn’t liberal-progressivism, it was right wing fear mongering at it’s most despicable until the present group of pugs came along…these fascists make McCarthy look like a liberal, that’s where your confusion comes from…

  • Darrius D. Johnson

    This artical gave me a headache from all the random things thrown together. I would have to watch or read what he actually said but given that I’m already discombobulated from just the cliff notes, I might just to a crazy old man.

    • DavidD

      He represents the district next to me and I have followed him for years for comic relief and to see how far bonkers he will go before they throw a net over him.
      Your not crazy.Being around Louie just has that effect on people.
      Look for self induced fits,holding his breath until his face turns blue and carpet chewing next.
      He’s a combination of a disgrace and saturnday night wrestling.

  • ShelleysLeg

    Most fascinating (since I stopped reading about the Benhams as soon as my gaydar flew off the charts) was them blaming 911 on abortions.

    Now follow me here: Muslims routinely kill baby girls since they have no value AFTER they are born, so how does that closet case equate THAT fact into 911 and abortions?

    One is a LEGAL medical procedure, the other is out and out murder.

    Or was he saying that God chose to use 11 Saudis to kill over 3000 as payback for having legal choices? Makes as much sense as listening to a thing Gomer Pyle spouts……and THIS Texan did NOT vote for him or any other GOP evah!

  • Fernando

    Louie Gohmert, ‘imagining’ a “judeo-christian” assault, goes on to ask, “where is God?”. Perhaps, that “God” is taking a pass, because so many reuglycans are distorting and using Him, as camouflage for their nefarious [thesaurus], activities!