GOP Congressman’s Defense for Cutting SNAP Benefits: “If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat”

cramerIgnorance is a word I often use to describe many antics of the Republican party.  I wish that wasn’t the case and Republicans operated within the same reality that the rest of us seem to reside, but unfortunately that’s too much to ask of many conservatives.

Many of these individuals seem to live on some planet where faith is science, reality is debatable and you’re a “good Christian” by attacking the poor while supporting the rich.  You know, basically the complete opposite set of values which the key character in Christianity — Jesus Christ — actually stood for.

So it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise when people like North Dakota Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer publicly prove their utter stupidity.  When a constituent posted on Cramer’s Facebook page a long list of Biblical quotes showing the Christian support for feeding the sick, elderly and poor—Cramer decided to respond.

He did so by using another quote from the Bible to justify his vote to cut billions from funding for SNAP benefits.  The congressman wrote back on his Facebook page, “If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.”

Well, let’s look at that quote, shall we?  The keyword I see is “willing” to work.  Now granted, I recognize that there’s abuse that goes on as it relates to our government assistance programs, but this blanket statement Republicans often use to act as if the majority of those on government programs are abusing them is simply baseless.

In fact, 76% of households who rely on SNAP benefits include children, the disabled and the elderly.  Individuals who might be willing to work, but are simply unable.  And that’s where this draconian cut to the SNAP program is reckless and irresponsible.

Why not, instead of cutting benefits, spend money to invest in oversight of these programs to better ensure that those who need them get them, and those who are trying to simply abuse the system aren’t allowed to do so?

Wouldn’t that then decrease costs over time and eliminate abuse?  I don’t see the logic in simply cutting funding for these programs.  That doesn’t do anything to eliminate abuse; it’s just a blanket hatchet job that will most assuredly take food away from children, the elderly and the disabled while those who want to abuse the system will still continue to do so.

It makes much more sense to invest more money into the programs by creating jobs that verify those applying for these programs actually need them; and through that process of verification, we could eliminate much of the fraudulent recipients while not harming those who truly need help.

But then again, I’m using common sense—something that Republicans seem immune to.

So I’d encourage all of you who’ve read this to head on over to Congressman Cramer’s Facebook page and let him know what a vile human being he really is.  Remind him, 76% of households that rely on these benefits contain children, the disabled and the elderly.  Then let him know Jesus lived a life helping the poor, the needy, the sick and the helpless—not taking from them in a time of need.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • James Ingram

    When the workers at one Walmart Store are getting over 100,000 in food stamps because they don’t make a living wage, what is the use of going to work. I think if you analyze this, the Government is subsidizing Walmart instead of the people. Can you argue with that. They should insist Walmart pay a living wage or give their workers enough work time to get off of food stamps.

  • AZCWsinger

    Done, Allen. And here is what I posted on Cramer’s FB page, and I quote: “Where in the FUCK do you get off, you SHAMELESS BASTARD?!! Come down here to the lower levels of humanity and try surviving on $935 a month!! Better yet, show up on my doorstep so I can personally punch you in the face. Maybe that will bring you to your senses. Just sayin’ . . . “

    • Andie

      Well said…lol!

  • Pipercat

    Go over and read the other comments while you’re at it. Oh, and 933 likes too!!!!

  • Gabriel Gentile

    Wasn’t “Those who do not work will starve” part of the Soviet Constitution?
    I thought WE were the commies.

    • candor

      And the USSR fell.

  • lets start with the truth

    This reporting by liberal media is not just crap, but an outright lie. and liberals should be ashamed to promote it, but i guess any lie to promote your cause is ok. the GOP did not cut food stamps, they increased food stamps. the House bill would spend $725 billion on food stamps over the years 2014 to 2023. The Department of Agriculture’s own web site offers a summary of spending on the program that reports spending totaling $461.7 billion over the years 2003 to 2012.

    The Republicans want to increase food stamp spending 57 percent. The Democrats had planned to increase it by 65 percent (to $764 billion over 10 years instead of the $725 billion in the Republican bill), so liberals lie and depict the Republicans as “meanspirited class warriors” seeking “deep cuts.

    • VisionSEO .

      So, with your attempt at clarification, you’ve revealed that the same
      GOTP who wants to reduce the level of spending on SNAP, and not consider
      it as a cut, is unequivocally GUILTY of a DOUBLE STANDARD by attempting
      to block a reduction in the tax breaks last year, branding their
      opposition for RAISING TAXES. This very same ‘party line’ was used
      during the election cycle, with the GOTP blasting the airwaves in a last
      ditch attempt to characterize a $750B reduction in future Medicare
      funding, which actually saves the program from going broke by 2016, as a
      ‘$750B cut by the Democrats’. They can’t have it both ways. You’d
      rather defend their double talk with your failure to recognize their
      hypocrisy, but, I’m call both you and them out on it. If reducing tax
      breaks equals a TAX INCREASE, and if reducing Medicare spending levels
      equal a CUT, both per GOTP mantras, then, decreasing SNAP
      future benefits is also equal to a CUT!

    • Cathy McManus

      The house bill that just passed cuts 400 BILLION over 10 years and the Senate version cut 400 Million over 10 years. Where is the increase to the program?

    • candor

      So are you saying he did not say “let them not eat”?

    • Where are you getting your news from? The National Enquirer?

  • Andie

    Cut his SALARY to the equivalent of eight bucks an hour without benefits and PERKS! Let him live under those conditions until his cushion is gone then pray for his gallbladder to act up! Asshat….

  • Cathy McManus

    If more people had jobs that paid more than minimum wage they could pay for food but you wouldn’t understand that you heartless SOB.

  • wkLeon

    Why not have people in his district picket his office? Facebook posts don’t go the distance as an actual protest rally.

  • candor

    Wow, “let them not eat.” At least Marie Antoinette offered us cake.

    See the association?

    Remember the outcome?

    (Posted on his FB page)

    • These idiots don’t read history books, and we all know how much they hate science. Not much going on up stairs. He better lose the election next time around, or have a recall election to have this stupid bastard thrown out. If the NRA can do it, why can’t the ordinary, hard-working citizen?

  • Michael Siever

    “If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.”

    Okay, then. Can we have all the money we paid you for your 5 week vacation back, since you aren’t really willing to work for it, based on the amount of time off you get? Also, can you give up your taxpayer-funded healthcare plan, since, according to your logic, that is only supposed to be for people who work full-time, which you are clearly not?

    • People of his state ought to stand out of his office, or his home, and give him s**t. Pelt some rotten eggs, and tomatoes at him.

  • What a freaking puke!!!! There are people working that do not make enough to pay rent, except maybe if you rent a box on the street corner, or live in a car. Between the stagnant salaries, and low wage jobs, those people who have to get food stamps depend on them to eat. This guy is a morns, and the people who voted for him are too.

  • Dan

    Instead of complaining about losing ur FS benefits, what are u doing to fix it? Get out of bed, put the booze n pipe away, turn off the TV n go find a job.

    • azgal66

      Not everyone who receives benefits stays in bed all day, gets drunk or high and watches TV all day. I for one receive benefits but cannot work. I was hurt at my last job and am fighting for my SSDI which I paid into for over 18 years. When I am not in too much pain I volunteer at my son’s school for a couple of hours.
      Don’t assume we are all lazy drunks and junkies.

      • U. N. Owen

        I am all for supporting legitimate cases (i:e;. elderly, disabled, children, veterans) but its difficult to sympathize when you see how many people abuse the system. People on Twitter n Facebook “selling” their FS. I see people all over who sleep all day and party all night. Drinking, slamming, smoking and such, and they get cash assistance, FS, free rent, utility assistance.