With the GOP Nomination Likely in the Bag, Here are 5 Suggestions for Donald Trump’s VP

With Donald Trump continuing to pile up victories in the Republican presidential primary, it’s becoming abundantly clear that he’s either going to become the nominee, or they’re going to “steal” it from him by forcing the contest to the convention where party leaders would pick nearly anyone but him. If that happens it’s going to be a nightmare for the party, so it’s still a bit far-fetched for me to believe that they’re going to do that. I get that they don’t want Trump being their party’s nominee, but I don’t see how volunteering to basically hit the “self-destruct” button on your own party is a rational alternative choice.

So, assuming for now that Trump is headed toward becoming the Republican presidential nominee, I thought I’d lend “The Donald” a hand by suggesting five vice presidential candidates he might want to look into.

1. Michele Bachmann: Come on. Couldn’t you just imagine these two on the campaign trail together? If there’s one thing the blithering idiot could use to attract the far right, it’s someone who’s just as big of an idiot, mixed with a whole load of right-wing religious crazy “end of times” nonsense. Bachmann clearly isn’t doing anything right now (aside from gathering email addresses for her pointless PAC) and Trump could use some genuine religious fanaticism in his campaign.

2. Ann Coulter: This one is just a natural fit. Coulter is a one-woman hate group much in the same way Trump has been a one-man hate group. It would be the 21st century’s version of Hitler and Mussolini. Their tagline could be “Trump/Coulter 2016: If you’re brown – get the F out.”

3. Herman Cain: I’m sure the Trump/Cain Nein-Nein-Nein tax plan would be fabulous. Also, Cain had some kind words for Trump last week. “The party is expanding,” he said. “They ought to be celebrating what Donald Trump is doing for the Republican Party at this particular point, but instead they’re pushing back.”

What is Herman Cain doing right now aside from posting spammy Conservative Tribune articles on Facebook? The answer: Nothing.

4. Rush Limbaugh: Let’s face it, if Limbaugh ran for president, his campaign would look very much like Trump’s. They are two peas in a pod. If there’s someone, somewhere that Trump didn’t offend – good ol’ Rush would make damn sure he took care of that.

5. Donald Trump, Jr.: Whoever Trump would pick as VP would be nothing more than a lackey. He definitely would not want someone who’s strong, opinionated or would even remotely overshadow him. Which makes his son the perfect candidate. Not only that, but “The Donald” definitely seems like the type of egomaniac who would love to see his last name twice on a ballot: Trump/Trump 2016.

While I’m clearly having a little fun here, it wouldn’t shock me at all if Trump selected someone completely ridiculous to be his vice presidential candidate. Sure, he might go more conventional for the sake of trying to balance out his vile personality, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pick someone who no one had ever dreamed would be on a presidential ticket.

After all, this is Donald Trump we’re talking about.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • The Cosmic Avenger

    Drumpf is an ass and a sociopath, but he’s not stupid, he’s probably got the best advice money can buy, even if he ignores it when he doesn’t like it. To have a chance at winning the general election he’d need to veer back towards the middle. He won’t have to worry about the far right voting for Clinton or Sanders, so he might be willing to lose a few percent of the far right who would stay home or write in someone else in order to win a much larger swath of the middle-right.

    I wonder if there is a slim chance he might find a Blue Dog Democrat, maybe one whose career is effectively over anyway, to run as his VP in order to appease moderates. IMO, none of the other Republican candidates would risk the ire of the party by running independently, because however much they hate Drumpf, splitting the vote like that would hand it to the Democrats.

    Just doing a bit of research, I came up with Pete Gallego, a conservative Texas Democrat who served for one term in the House before he lost his seat last year. Or Ron Barber, who served two terms for AZ before he lost last year, but is 70 and probably wouldn’t give a crap what either party thought of him. Either would be a good geographic choice, although someone from CA or FL might be better.

  • cmbennett01

    I’m not so sure it makes a big difference if they steal it from Trump at the convention or not. If they do the establishment keeps the GOP name and the insurrectionists revolt. If they don’t the rebels occupy the palace and the establishment has to go looking for a new home. Either way the party is split. The self-destruct button has already been pushed and they can’t un-push it.

  • Edward Krebbs

    I can’t imagine Trump’s ego and the ego of several others on the list existing in the same space at the same time.

    I get the humor, but in reality Trump will demand a spineless lackey who grovels at his feet.

    • Nathan Frigerio

      Like carson or christie?

  • Progressive Republican




  • Jet Maier

    I think he’ll try the Netanyahu system of taking all the big jobs for himself. He’ll be President, Vice President, SoS and SoD.

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