GOP Rep. Actually Tries Spinning Trump’s Emotional Instability into a Good Thing (Video)

Leave it to a Republican to claim that Donald Trump not ultimately firing Robert Mueller back in June is a good thing because it proves this “president’s” handlers are keeping him from self-imploding.

Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that Mueller’s continued investigation shows that Trump’s being kept in-check by the people around him.

“If it’s true, it [Trump ordering Mueller fired] would be concerning to me,” Stewart said. “But it would also show that the process worked, that the people and the organization around the President did what they needed to do and that the outcome was actually the right outcome and that was Mr. Mueller wasn’t fired.”

“Maybe the President, maybe he was angry, maybe he was frustrated, maybe for a moment he suggested this. We just don’t know. If he did, his instincts were wrong, but the people around him protected from those instincts,” he added. “And once again, the investigation went forward as it should, and I think the process served the President.”

In other words, Trump ultimately not firing Mueller “proves” that his emotional instability can be controlled by those around him.

This is how low the bar has been set for Trump. The fact that he didn’t do something horrible because the people around him were able to “protect him” from his own instincts is somehow a good thing — instead of an awful realization that this nation is currently being led by an unethical, incompetent, and corrupt person who needs to be “managed” by members of his administration to prevent his “instincts” from compelling him to do something terrible.

There’s a huge difference between a president seeking advice from people within his administration, and one needing to be managed and controlled by those around him because he’s emotionally and mentally unstable. It’s a good thing for a president to want advice from others before making a big decision. However, it’s not a good thing when a “president” is showing serious emotional and behavioral issues to the point where the people working around him are constantly trying to talk him down off a ledge.

Also, considering this story is almost certainly true and Rep. Stewart said he would be “concerned” by such a story, shouldn’t he now push for lawmakers to look into this matter?

I don’t see that happening.

I still go back to how low the bar is for this “president.” Members of his own party are claiming it’s a good thing that Trump tried to fire another person investigating him but was ultimately talked out of it, which “proves the process” works at managing the emotional and mental instability of a corrupt, and possible criminal, “president.”

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Watch Rep. Stewart’s comments below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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