GOP Rep. Steve King: I’m Just As Hispanic And Latino As Julián Castro

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) (Credit: Reuters/Larry Downing)

Rep. Steve King (R-IA)
(Credit: Reuters/Larry Downing)

The Republican Party is having a very hard time attracting the Hispanic vote, and Donald Trump’s antics are only making it worse. This isn’t a new thing either as Republican politicians have made demonizing Hispanic immigrants a central theme of their campaigns, especially in deep red states where many industrial jobs have been moved to foreign countries.

I know, blaming the local textile mill being shut down and moved to Bangladesh on immigrants from Central America doesn’t make much sense, but these are GOP voters we’re talking about.

However, few lawmakers have elevated themselves to the anti-Hispanic level that Rep. Steve King of Iowa has achieved, making him probably the most anti-immigrant member of Congress since Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann or Tom Tancredo were finally put out to pasture.

Steve King has a history of making remarks about how America becoming less white is a bad thing, saying that immigrants have “cantaloupe calves” from hauling marijuana across the border, or claiming President Obama “was not raised with an American experience.” Like Donald Trump, you sometimes can’t tell if Steve King has lost his marbles, if he’s trolling us all, or if he actually believes the bizarre statements he makes that will end up hurting the GOP in the long run.

This latest statement is just…bizarre. Responding to a Tweet by Nation of Immigrants which featured a statement from Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro about how the GOP was losing the Latino vote, Steve King stated that, “Does he know I’m just as Hispanic and Latino as he?”

Steve King’s ancestry is Irish, Welsh and German according to a statement he made back in 2002. Not once has he ever claimed to be of Hispanic descent, so this statement is just completely bizarre, and bordering on insane.

I guess if Rachel Dolezal can be an African-American, then Steve King can be Hispanic. I know this makes about as much sense as if David Duke were to declare himself to be Jewish and read from the Diary of Anne Frank at a cross burning, but this is Rep. Steve King we’re talking about after all.

Maybe Republicans have a strategy for winning the Hispanic vote, by declaring themselves to be Hispanic in solidarity with Steve King while hoping that nobody notices. It’s a crazy idea, but if they’ve been able to pull off the Southern Strategy and trickle-down economics scam all of these years, maybe Steve King thinks he can be a Mexican-American like Julian Castro – just like Piyush “Bobby” Jindal is really a Louisiana redneck.


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