GOP Rep. to Furloughed Workers About Back Pay: If You’re Not Working You “Shouldn’t Get Paid”

yoho-townhallSince the government closed over a week ago, there has been no shortage of ridiculous comments coming from many members of the Republican party relating to the antics that have gone on.  While most of the comments are your typical partisan political talking points, some have been outright disgusting.

A perfect example of this came, once again, from Florida Congressman Ted Yoho when he said at a town hall meeting that the furloughed workers who aren’t coming to work shouldn’t receive a paycheck.

Someone had called in to ask a question regarding the pay of those workers who aren’t actually being required to come to work and their belief that if they’re not coming to work, they shouldn’t receive back pay.  The caller said, “The people that are home watching Netflix and whatever, I’m not sure that we should be sending them checks.”

Yoho agreed:

“Well, when we voted on that, they were supposed to come back to work as part of that deal.  I agree 100 percent with you.  If they’re not working, they shouldn’t get paid.”

Which makes for a great talking point when you’re dealing with a bunch of short-sighted conservatives who seem unable to see past their own nose.  However, what this caller and Yoho failed to understand is that over 500,000 workers deemed “non-essential” have been told to stay home and not come to work due to the Republican-forced government shutdown.

They’re not staying home because they want to collect a free paycheck, they’re home because Republicans have decided to hold the country hostage because they can’t win elections.

So why does it make sense to deny their back pay when it’s House Republicans which are the cause of this whole shutdown to begin with?  Individuals like Mr. Yoho who have taken a stance that elections don’t matter and that the GOP will willingly take the government hostage to try to force the president into giving in to their demands.

Those 500,000 workers deserve their back pay (and probably will get it, by the way) because they would gladly be at work right now if Speaker of the House John Boehner would allow the House of Representatives to vote on a clean version of the Senate’s resolution (which would pass) and reopen the government.

But he’s refusing to do so—therefore the government shutdown continues.  And that’s not the fault of these workers who have been told to stay home, it’s the fault of the antics taken by the GOP with their futile (and extremely pathetic) attempt to stop “Obamacare.”  Not to mention the thousands of workers who won’t get a dime of back pay, and communities and local businesses which will never be the same thanks to these disgusting tactics being used by Republicans to bring misery upon our country.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • mngrayfox

    This yoo hoo belongs in the same mental hospital that MIchelle Bachmann does! He, like she, has a cranium that is empty except for two very weak neurons connected by a spirochete!

  • gemma liar

    as beautiful and profound as it is in showing the unctuous nature on the tea bag party,,,,, why do we keep seeing this stuff? does ANY rational thinking american doubt the validity of the oligophreniality of GOP actions??

    • Kelli Hernandez

      Actually yes. Many in America choose to sit in their pathological hate, while the tea sociopaths justify and fuel them with pathological rhetoric. These tea sociopaths are just that and they will, as you can see, keep going until Americans are destroyed…..

      • gemma liar

        kelli,,,,,my question was rhetorical as I completely agree with your most recent post. Luckily I seriously doubt the carcinogen known as the tea party will kill this great country,,,,, it will simply make us ill until we remove it. As was the john birch society,,,they too shall pass. sadly: America will have scars

  • Sixto Gallardo Jr

    If the repubs can force workers out of a job like they have done these last 11 days…
    We voters can fire ’em come November 2014 and on November 2016.
    The 46 repubs in the Senate and the 233 in the House…
    5 to 10 more repubs fired in the Senate and 17 more repubs fired in the House, but more would be a welcome site in keeping our People’s Business OPEN and America Working Moving Forward!!

    • EffTheGOP

      The only thing that concerns me is that we’ll have to put up with them for another year until we can vote them out. Personally I think we should storm the capitol and drag these idiots out of their seats by force before they manage to ruin anything else.

  • Guest

    Ted Yoho is just towing the Republican line. Inflict as much pain and suffering on the nation as possible as punishment for not putting them in the Whitehouse. Republicans are the kid that owned the ball and when he didn’t get to place the position he wanted he took his ball and left so no one could play. Time to grow up Republicans!

    • FifeAndDrum

      towing or toeing?

      Whitehouse or White House?

      You’re welcome! 😉

  • Ted Yoho is just towing the Republican line. Inflict as much pain and suffering on the nation as possible as punishment for not putting them in the Whitehouse. Republicans are that kid that owned the ball and when he didn’t get to play the position he wanted he took his ball and left so no one could play. Time to grow up Republicans!

  • therealtruthplease

    Does he include himself in this “if you’re not working, you shouldn’t be paid” philosophy? Does that mean that he will return his salary for the excessive number of days the House of Representatives has been on vacation throughout the year by the Republican House Leadership’s choice?

  • Guest35

    What a D-Bag… any of us that are on forced furlough would gladly be working EARNING our paychecks if we were allowed to do so. They make it sound like we are just sitting around enjoying our time off, when in reality the majority of us are sitting around trying to figure out how we are going to pay our bills and provide for our families.

  • Julie

    I thought Republicans promised to CREATE jobs, not DESTROY them!

  • jfm

    Hey Mr. NOT representative Yoho! How about turning back your paycheck. You were elected to represent us and make our lives better, not shutting down our services and running around making self-serving propaganda. The people in your district are hurting, and you and your Republican co-conspirators are the cause.

  • Rita Jane Clark-Smith

    Change the laws so that members of Congress only get paid for when Congress is in session. They are actually part-time workers and should not received benefits.

  • Lparault

    Compassionate conservatism in action…smdh.

  • colleen friemuth-betsinger


    • When will you idiots learn that only, let me repeat–ONLY Congress can shut down the government!!!! President Obama has absolutely NOTHING to do with it!!! Yes, the furloughed workers should definitely get paid. It is Congress that should NOT! You call President Obama an idiot??? Why? Because he won’t negotiate with extortionists and terrorists that are holding America hostage because when all legal and democratic means failed, (trying to repeal Obamacare 42 times!!!!) they decided to close the government and possibly make us default on our debts for the first time in history!!! And why is that? Because we have a liberal in the White House? No, this particular hate, disrespect and unprecedented un-American behavior didn’t exist until we elected a black man to the White House–not just once, but twice!! So make no mistake, this could end right now!! One man, John Boehner, the spineless Speaker of the House, could put it to a vote. It would pass and the government could open immediately and all employees would be back on the job on Monday! He knows it would pass and he doesn’t want that!! So, when you call someone a idiot, be sure you address the right person, or you will just be talking to yourself!!

  • Shirley Middleton

    Okay. So what about the Congress critters who show up (when they’re not “on vacation”) and don’t do squat?