GOP Sen. Thom Tillis Says Businesses Shouldn’t Require Employees To Wash Hands After Using The Toilet

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Senator Thom Tillis is a first-term Republican from North Carolina who apparently really, really thinks government regulations are too much. Thom Tillis apparently also thinks that restaurant employees should be able to not wash their hands after using the bathroom, so long as there’s a sign alerting customers to that fact.

Yes, seriously.

Granted, this is a hypothetical situation and nobody in their right mind would want their food handled by someone who hasn’t washed their hands after wiping their backside – but this is very indicative of the disconnect many Republicans have when it comes to government regulations.

During a Monday Q&A session with the Bipartisan Policy Center, Thom Tillis said this in regards to health and safety regulations:

“I was having a discussion with someone, and we were at a Starbucks in my district, and we were talking about certain regulations where I felt like ‘maybe you should allow businesses to opt out,’” Tillis said.

They just happened to be sitting by the bathroom, and an employee went in there.

“She says, for example, don’t you believe that this regulation that requires this gentleman to wash his hands before he serves you food is important?” Tillis recalled. “I said: ‘I don’t have any problem with Starbucks if they choose to opt out of this policy as long as they post a sign that says ‘We don’t require our employees to wash their hands after leaving the restroom.’” (Source)

Thom Tillis, like a lot of other people in his party, are incredible hypocrites when it comes to these matters. You see, they really love regulations when it is on the rights of individuals but not so much when it comes to businesses. In the world of Thom Tillis, it is the poor Starbucks coffeehouses and Chick-Fil-A restaurants in the United States struggling to stay alive under the foot of the repressive, liberal government lead by the EPA, OSHA and other regulatory bodies. Simply making a company have their employees wash their hands after touching their naughty bits and before touching something that is about to go into your mouth is infringing the rights of the poor business that is just barely getting by.

Thom Tillis then argues that the “free market” would take care of the problem – and he’s right, to some extent. I suppose that after a few cases of hepatitis being traced by the health department to my local Subway and the local news reporting on employees not washing their hands, that would probably wipe most of their business. Except if Thom Tillis and others had their way, there probably wouldn’t be a public health department either since that would also be unfair government regulation. Because, you know, the “free market.”

Guess what Thom Tillis doesn’t think is undue government interference and regulation? If you guessed involving politicians in matters of women’s healthcare, you’d be right. In his recent race against Kay Hagan for North Carolina’s Senate seat, he supported a ban on abortion and even thought the state had the right to ban contraceptives. If you also guessed wanting the government to enforce religious beliefs and discriminate against same-sex couples, you’d also be right. Tillis was also one of the last holdouts desperately trying to keep North Carolina’s ban on same-sex marriage on the books, despite the fact it was an unfair, unjust government regulation.

You can watch the C-SPAN video here with the remarks in question beginning around the 42:00 mark. You can also feel free to send Thom Tillis a message on Facebook letting him know how disgusted you are by his attitude on personal hygiene.


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  • Chinny Chutney

    Really? How about a source douche bag. If he did say it, it was clearly a joke. Go find something “real” to do with your time. Working for an unpaid libtard web-site is not employment.

    • Preadn

      The source is in the CSPAN video at the 42:00 mark, as it clearly states in the very last paragraph of the article. But, maybe you decided not to read the whole article, so that you could troll the author and anyone that commented on it.

    • Cemetery Girl

      I wouldn’t say he was joking, just picking an impromptu example of how far he’s willing to take his desire to keep the government out of the lives of its people. What right does big government have to tell people they have to wash their hands before handling the food of other people? His passion for cutting the oppressive regulations of big government just sound silly when he’s also passionate about being able to tell people they can’t get married or women can’t get contraception. Although he could turn this into a campaigning strategy. Public bathrooms across the state with his picture on the door and a slogan like “Vote for me and you’ll never be pressured to wash your hands before leaving here again!” Name recognition works.

      • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

        I don’t see it as “big government” telling anyone they have to wash their hands. I see it as the manager of an establishment that is serving the public food saying it. I love the people who don’t want “big government” telling them ANYTHING AT ALL and yet they enjoy all of the things that our government DOES do to make things go smoothly—-our roads, bridges, community workers like policemen etc etc etc. They’d be the first ones screaming if we didn’t have some semblance of order and laws to keep people safe and healthy.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Having worked in food service, I firmly believe that in some cases managers only demand it because of the government.

    • gmartini

      Funny, you call me a troll, yet your profile shows a whopping four comments under your belt. You really should think before you go off.

  • gmartini

    Sure hope the guy in the picture that is shaking the the “good” Senator’s hand doesn’t practice good and common sense hygiene. In fact, I hope the toilet paper that he used was some off brand, discount store, ONE ply. Enjoy, Senator Dumbazz!

    • Chinny Chutney

      And trolling an article is childish

      • gmartini

        I post here quite regularly so, I really don’t get your comment/reply.

      • moldyLOCKS


      • moldyLOCKS

        hey – it’s great having your profile on private isn’t it?

    • Pipercat

      As you can see, still plenty of cetriolos on these boards!

    • moldyLOCKS

      hey – it’s great having your profile on private isn’t it?

  • Cemetery Girl

    He nasty.
    Why have any health department regulations at all then? Restaurant doesn’t have working refrigerators, it’s cool. Free market will take care of that after enough people get food poisoning. Mice running around, no biggie. Business absolutely should have the right to ignore the health safety of their customers, after all cleanliness and proper food storage are costly regulations. (Can we please bring Gordon Ramsey in to talk to this guy? Please? I think it would bring about one of the greatest moments of TV ever.)

  • rossbro

    Hope the person who just repacked their hemorrhoids and ‘forgot to wash’ makes the sandwich for this jerkoff.

  • FD Brian

    I love how republicans can’t even distinguish between good things the government does and the bad things it does, now it’s just all bad regardless of how good the regulation is. You would think that less people getting hepatitis would be good. What a bunch of idiots.

  • Ken

    Another dimwit politician makes a stupid remark and the world seems to end. Wake up folks, nobody proposed a bill about it.