GOP Strategist Crushes Trump Supporters: ‘These Are Not People Who Matter’ (Video)

It’s not exactly a secret that the Republican party as a whole isn’t thrilled with the possibility of Donald Trump as their party’s presidential nominee. In fact, it’s a borderline nightmare scenario for the GOP. While they’ll all likely line up behind Trump if he ultimately wins, don’t kid yourself – they really don’t want him to be our next president. As I’ve said before, I fully believe there are many within the leadership of the GOP who would much rather see Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders win, regroup and aim for 2020, than have Trump rip the GOP apart from within.

One of the things I’ve found so amusing about all of this is the utter disdain so many Republicans seem to have for supporters of their party. As if they’re shocked that tens of millions of conservatives would rush to support a candidate who’s built his campaign on bigotry, racism, sexism and pushing blatant fear-mongering and propaganda.

Have these people not been paying attention to the Republican party for the last 10-15 years? 

Well, Republican strategist Rick Wilson did an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and absolutely tore into a good chunk of Trump supporters:

I think that there is definitely still a very significant portion of the party that is a limited government conservatism based faction of the overall coalition. Now the screamers and the crazy people on the all-right as they call it, you know, who love Donald Trump, who have plenty of Hitler iconography in their Twitter icons and names who think Donald Trump is the greatest thing. Oh, it’s something. But the fact of the matter is most of them are childless, single men who masturbate to Anime. They’re not real political players. These are not people who matter in the overall course of humanity.

He also went on to assert that he still believes that the “mainstream” Republicans are against the bombastic rhetoric Trump has often used.

The problem is, he’s absolutely wrong.

What Wilson represents are the “old guard” Republicans who are in complete denial as to what their party has become. These are people who claim Trump, the overwhelming frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, doesn’t represent the values of their party. I’m not sure how anyone who claims to know anything about politics, let alone calls themselves a Republican strategist, can say that with a straight face.

Wilson’s comments display an attitude seemingly felt by many Republicans of complete and total disgust at a large chunk of their party – especially Trump supporters who’ve been emboldened to say whatever vile thing they feel like saying because, well, their candidate does. While these folks still refuse to admit that this is what the GOP has targeted, embraced and become – they’re all going to soon realize that moderate Republicans no longer have a party.

Watch his comments below via MSNBC by way of Crooks and Liars:

Allen Clifton

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