GOP’s 2016 Hopes Falling Apart As Scott Walker Becomes Latest Serial Liar Exposed

scott-walker-6For reasons unbeknown to me, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been one of the fastest growing stars in the Republican party here lately. The only thing that I’ve been able to come up with for his odd ascension to one of the favorites for the GOP nomination in 2016 is the fact that he seems somewhat electable compared to people like senators Ted Cruz or Rand Paul.

Also, I think his popularity is linked to a push by many on the right for “anyone but Bush,” fearing that Jeb’s last name will cost them any chance at winning in 2016. (For the record, they’re right.)

But I still don’t get this sudden love affair with Scott Walker. By all accounts, the guy’s a scumbag. Not only that, but it seems the more the national media digs into him, the more shady he becomes.

Take for instance a story he’s told several times about getting to hold the infamous Reagan Bible that was supposedly last touched by the conservative legend. Personally, I find the story a bit creepy. Ronald Reagan was just a man – that’s it. While I understand that some looked up to him, to hear Walker tell his version of the story, you would think Reagan was some kind of holy figure with magical powers.

Now, I say “his version” because by all accounts, Walker has been lying about what happened for several years.

According to Walker, Nancy Reagan sought him out, while the library brought the Bible out especially for him to view and hold:

And they brought over a pair of white gloves to me and they said, ‘No one has touched this since President Reagan. It is his mother’s Bible that he took the oath of office on. Mrs. Reagan would like you to hold it and take a picture with it.

Walker’s version makes him seem as if he got the blessing of Reagan’s widow. It’s basically a roundabout attempt to make people believe that he would have been endorsed by the former president if he were still alive.

There’s just one little problem: that’s not what happened. Library artifacts curator Jennifer Torres said Walker’s office had sent them emails requesting to see the Bible and they were simply obliging his requests.

“We decided to remove the Bible the day Governor Walker was in town to comply with his request, took the Bible back to collections after the photo and re-installed it on exhibit a few days later,” Torres said.

Now, is this a huge deal? Well, yes and no.

Walker is clearly trying to paint himself as some kind of Reagan-esque Republican who would have been the conservative icon’s chosen candidate. Lying about the Bible story can be seen as nothing more than a petty political move to gain some favorability among conservative voters. But at the same time, didn’t NBC’s Brian Williams just get publicly destroyed for conjuring up a fake story that really harmed nobody? And isn’t that essentially what Walker’s story is – a sensationalized elaboration meant to add credibility to his character?

But hey, it’s just one little harmless lie, right?

Well, not so fast.

Walker also recently lied about ordering his college records at Marquette University to be unsealed. Not only that, but Walker’s profile on the fact-checking site Politifact is less than stellar, to say the least. Out of 130 statements they’ve fact-checked as of today, 63 have been false and another 18 were only half true. In other words, Walker isn’t exactly someone who I would call a “beacon of honesty.”

Even if you don’t consider many of his lies “harmful,” there’s something inherently dangerous about somebody who’s willing to lie about seemingly anything just to gain even a small advantage. Walker’s most recently exposed lies appear to be symptomatic of someone who seems more than willing to lie about even insignificant things.

And mark my words, this is just the beginning. Now that he’s become a leading GOP hopeful, the media is going to continue digging into things he’s said and done to find out just how honest he’s actually been.

This is similar to what happened to Chris Christie about a year and a half ago when he became a Republican superstar following his re-election. The moment he gained that national attention and the media dug into some of his behavior, that’s when everything fell apart for the New Jersey governor. While the bridge scandal certainly helped, a lot of that attention was a byproduct of the national fame he had garnered as a rising Republican star.

Fast forward to today, and Christie is basically just an afterthought. He’s someone who almost nobody sees as a viable Republican candidate.

So, while Walker is the “toast of the town” right now for the GOP, they might want to taper their excitement just a bit. It seems that the more national attention Walker gets, the more people are quickly going to realize just how dishonest and deceitful he really is.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Cufmann

    If Steve was sincere with his analysis and conclusion, he would’ve eliminated Hillary from consideration as a presidential candidate for lying several times about being shot at in Bosnia on the tarmac as her helicopter landed in Tusla.

    • Creeayshun Sighuntist

      Why are you deflecting? That is not very sincere of you. Aren’t you the least bit embarrassed about Walker’s habitual lying? Don’t you think it’s a bit strange to lie when the truth sounds better?

      • Cufmann

        This whole blog post is nothing but a big deflection.

        A deflection away from Hillary’s Ides of March Week From Hell.

      • Creeayshun Sighuntist

        Only a total dimwit would think any of this latest made up scandal about Hillary from the scandal mongers of the right, will have any impact on her.

      • Cufmann

        Right, but this Walker Scandal/Death Spiral/Game Changer thing is real.


      • Creeayshun Sighuntist

        yeah, the only somewhat controversial statements in the NYT article have been retracted and corrected. You should probably pay attention to the WHOLE story. But that would take some common sense…..

      • Cufmann


        Link, please.

      • William Lanteigne

        You first.

      • Cufmann

        I’m not the one making a stupid that I pulled out my hind end and nowhere else.

      • laten

        Seems to me Walker used a private email. Account while he was county executive, he tried to set one up in the governors mansion and was outed. He knew it was wrong.

      • William Lanteigne

        As long as we’re dragging in emails, what about the 22 million emails Carl Rove had deleted?

      • Cufmann

        What about them?

        Should the next Secretary of State be allowed to use his or her own private server for all government work, then give back whatever that person chose on their own discretion? Are you ok with that?

      • William Lanteigne

        This is a non-issue. There was no law broken. In fact, there was no law prohibiting her or her successor from using a personal email account until 3 months after she left the office. But lacking any substantive issues to discuss, RWNJs will drag this on ‘way past the point of brain-dead stupid.

      • Cufmann

        If the next Secretary of State is a Republican with eventual presidential ambitions, are you in favor of him keeping all his emails on a private server?

      • William Lanteigne

        “You don’t know if she broke no laws. You have no idea.” The law you allege was broken did not exist until after she left office.

        Or are you admitting that “guilty until proven innocent” is the new official Republican principle?

        The priorities should be:

        1.) Is the email server secure, in the interests of national security? Government servers are often not as secure as private servers, and often are a target for malicious hackers.

        2.) Can the email admins be trusted with matters of national security, and not divulge details for political sabotage?

        3.) What is the purpose of retaining emails? Are they relevant to national security, and/or for documenting diplomatic negotiations, and will they be needed in the future for diplomatic or national security purposes?

        4.) If subpoenaed, will the emails be used for making legitimate inquiries about sensitive diplomatic negotiations, or will they be used to fuel another politically-motivated “witch hunt,” like the pointless and unsuccessful “BENGHAZI!!!” hearings?

        5.) Will the emails be treated as sensitive government documents, only discussed in closed proceedings, or passed (“leaked”) to the news media for sensationalist, political games?

        6.) Will the decision to delete emails be made by political operatives, by Federal judges, by the Attorney General, or done at the direction of the Secretary of State?

        I don’t keep my emails any longer than I need to. Yes, I have some that are over 10 years old, but most (95%+) are deleted within 6 months, most of those are deleted within less than a week . Would requiring someone to retain all their emails be based on an assumption of guilt? That’s a clear 5th Amendment violation. Such emails might not be admissible, even if wrongdoing is suspected.

        7.) Regardless where emails are retained, retrieving them should require a subpoena by a Federal Circuit Court judge, and kept in confidence (not “leaked” to the media) under penalty of serious prison time. Senators should risk prison if their staff “accidentally leaks” them.

      • Cufmann

        William, you’ve just displayed an amazing lack of knowledge about the law as it pertains to records retention for public officials, the Freedom of Information Act, and the Federal Records Act. Not only amazing, astonishing.

        But tell me, since you were a big proponent of Mitt Romney releasing his tax returns to the public, private information to him, why do you think is within her rights as a public official to decide what information she was allowed to keep for herself after going completely outside the government email system? Why are your opinions so completely opposite on these two cases, snd are there principles you adhere to regardless of the politics involved?

        If Paul Walker was the next president and he nominated Ted Cruz for Secretary of State, someone with presidential ambitions, would you be ok with him using his own private server exclusively for all his government email, only giving back what he chose to give back two years after he left office, and ignored all FOIA requests because he thought they were witch hunts?

      • William Lanteigne

        Scott Walker isn’t going to be elected POTUS. The Republican primary process will rip him to shreds.

        Ted Cruz isn’t going to be elected POTUS either, nor would anyone be brain-dead stupid enough to appoint him SOS.

        IF the extremely unlikely happens and a Republican is elected POTUS, I’ve already outlined the 7 conditions under which I believe a private server would be acceptable. Try actually reading them.

        (Paul Walker is a deceased actor. The Wisconsin POS who may run for POTUS is Scott “D!ckhead” Walker.)

      • Cufmann

        You’re full of shit, to put it bluntly, William. There’s no possible way the government could grant exclusive private server use to all requests for government emails on those conditions. You lack even a basic understanding of government record retention, archiving, or what is the public’s property. You’re a complete buffoon.

      • William Lanteigne

        You asked a question. I provided an answer. You don’t like my answer, fine. Your lack of civility and resorting to insults reveals quite a lot about your integrity and character, or lack of, and a good deal less about my depth of knowledge. Hardly surprising from someone who supports the “Greed Over People” crowd.
        As for Mitt’s tax returns, he brought that upon himself by questioning others’ sincerity.
        I can’t take any of the current Tea Party “front runners” seriously, they have all done themselves serious damage that will only be revisited in the shredding machine that is the Republican primary process. That’s “Plan B,” if one is needed.

        Paul Walker is still a deceased actor. It is you who is the buffoon.

      • Cufmann

        The conditions you outlined are absurd and nonsensical. If for no other reason than not a single one is enforceable. Someone more secretive and paranoid about his/emails getting out to the public, and again, William, those are OUR emails, could easily come up with those weak excuses.

        Mitt Romney never demanded to see anyone else’s tax returns, he didn’t bring that on himself, that’s false. His returns aren’t public information, yet you demanded he release them. Hillary’s emails on the other hand are public information, subject to the FOIA, and governed by the Federal Records Act. She fired an ambassador for using a private email account, and she sent out a memo to State Dept. employees specifically telling them not to use private email accounts at work for government business.

        I don’t care for your answers because you’re just shilling for Hillary, and you’re just winging it. I’m trying to find out what your principles are, and you’re telling me that whatever Hillary did, that’s what your principle is.

      • papayaman

        Mr. Lanteigne, Hope you’re right about this. Am concerned that the billion bucks of Koch pelf will so overwhelm any meaningful dialog in the media with profuse relentless attack ads based on innuendo and lies repeated so often that most Americans accept them as self-evident truths, and consider themselves loyal informed patriots to vote for the Koch hand-picked finger puppet candidates.

      • sassym

        I’ve not trusted the New York Times, since they participated fully with Bush, in the run up to the Invasion of Iraq.
        Is it any wonder they didn’t anticipate the Obama Presidency? They have no idea what we know or feel out here in the real world.
        Too bad for them…too bad.

      • Cufmann

        What don’t you trust about the NY Times’ story? Hillary admitted to using her husband’s private server exclusively for both her work and private emails. She admitted to deleting 32,000 of those emails.

        What point are you trying to make here? The fact is, this isn’t a Republican-led story about Hillary.

      • sassym

        I thought I mentioned why I no longer trusted the NY Times.
        My mistrust began nearly 12+ years ago, when I realized they’d participated in the lies that led to to the invasion of Iraq.

      • DevilsAdvocate

        Typical. When facts are revealed, the typical R response is misdirection and diversion. We have to stop falling for the diversions and stick to the issue/s – the article is about Scott WALKER, not Pres. Obama – and not about Hillary Clinton. Many of ‘them’ don’t comment on Walker but post the FOX Faux News mantras.

    • Pipercat

      Who’s Steve?

    • bmart100

      This poor excuse has been so overused,that is all they have. Like our Pres using a telepromter. Please get serious or STFU.

      • Cufmann


        This is a bit more serious than using a teleprompter.

        If you’re gullible enough to be believe she went through all the trouble she did to use a private server just because of carrying one extra 4 oz. Blackberry, you’re free to do so. If you don’t believe that, then you’re fine with her hiding all public email from you, me, and the entire public. You’d have to be fine with.every public official doing that, too.

    • William Lanteigne

      Right, let’s bring in some of Sarah Palin’s outrageous acts of stupidity, just for “balance” and “sincerity.”

      • Cufmann

        Noes one is stopping you, it’s a free and open forum. I doubt your concerns about her were at all sincere since the actual Vice President has committed far more outrageous acts of stupidity than Sarah Palin has. I’m talking about Joe Biden, not John Edwards.

  • Keith

    The Moderates in America that the GOP of the Democrats need to win will never vote for a Union buster.

  • CW

    For those wishing to leave the country have a good trip. Be sure to take someone with you that knows the way back. But you are encouraged not to return. For the rest of you keep posting you all give me great humorous moments that just make my day.

    • jack bennett

      and take that liar lipbaum with .

  • Anne Clausen

    I live in Wisconsin. Would never vote for this rat. Read an article a few days ago that essentially says: Walker will promise very specific things. . . and then do the exact opposite. He is the exact opposite of Presidential quality.

    • Charles Vincent

      “He is the exact opposite of Presidential quality”
      So is the current POTUS.

      • sassym

        No way. The Legacy Bush left us, from the SCOTUS, to the economic collapse is the complete opposite of Obama’s WH run.

        No Spring chicken here, I paid a surcharge of my pay, to help with the Vietnam war. Republicans in the past seemed to care about the middle class and the working class. NO LONGER!

        Too much wealth, has bred enormous greed and lack of compassion from the wealthy class in our country and unfortunately it shows.

      • Charles Vincent
      • ronwhite99

        no hes not

      • dzerres

        “small” role – HE WAS THE ROLE -entirely (well in reality he was only the figurehead – he was to dull to understand that he was being used by Cheney and Wall Street). His two tax cuts for the wealthy and two unfunded wars put is into huge deficit which will take the next 20 years to get under control.

      • Charles Vincent

        Yay another link challenged moron. Is that the new strategy? To not look and say since you didn’t see the facts they don’t exist?

      • bmart100

        Yep, you’re a stupid repub that is willfully ignorant and a liar.

      • Charles Vincent

        Aww did I hurt your feelings. You’re an idiot if you believe he isn’t following policies of previous presidents including Bush.

      • William Lanteigne

        Right. That’s why the Republicans have fought every one of his policies tooth and nail, why they’ve attempted to repeal “Romneycare for Everyone” (aka ACA) 55+ times, why they have investigated “BEHGHAZI !!!’ at least 7 times, without finding any wrongdoing, why they have delayed voting on a new AG despite their hatred for Holder- right, because he’s continuing Bush’s policies. Makes perfect sense.

      • Charles Vincent

        FF is a direct copy of a bush administration gun walking program chief. and the Giethner fiscal policy is not much different than the bush fiscal policy. and don’t get me started on the various military action under Obama that continued the stuff bush did in some cases and expanded them in others.

      • ronwhite99

        telling ya charley ya gotta READ your posts before you hit the post button cause you are exposing to all the very nature of your dumbassness.lmao

      • Charles Vincent

        You mean like how I provided facts proving obama is exactly what I stated? You might want to lay off the liberal progressive koolaide chief.

      • ronwhite99

        why do you feel the need to perpetuate the Lying right wing nutcase paranoid fantasy stereotype? Put on your tin foil cap pull your head out of your rectum and rejoice in your new found freedom away from all the negativity that the republicans employ to try to scare the masses

      • Charles Vincent

        Keep those fingers in your ears and keep screaming nah nah nah I can’t hear your facts because You follow blindly along like the good little sheeple they want.

      • ronwhite99

        no Chuck you are wrong again. a swing and a miss buddy 🙁 law of averages says that at some point you may be right on Something…anything but not now and not on this.

      • Charles Vincent

        More ad lapidem from the peanut gallery

      • Theresa Easley

        Typical liberal moron.

      • ronwhite99

        you are wrong Chuck

      • ronwhite99

        so name calling is having a social discourse? typical

      • Charles Vincent

        Grow up I give back exactly what I get. In this case it was in response to;


        Charles Vincent

        6 minutes ago

        Yep, you’re a stupid repub that is willfully ignorant and a liar

      • ronwhite99

        educate yourself Charley before you hit post and people won’t realize how stupid you sound

      • dzerres

        blah, blah, blah. Two wars ended, deficit cut in half, the auto industry saved, the DOW almost 3 times what it was, housing recovered, unemployment down and OBL dead without a US casualty. I’d say that qualifies Obama to get on Mt Rushmore.

      • Charles Vincent

        Uh last time I checked were were still in Afghanistan and only out of Iraq because of the deadline to withdraw, something Obama had little to do with mind you, and Obama started three proxy wars. Way to be intellectually disingenuous. and the deficit is predicted to go right back up under Obama’s budget according to the CBO move along chief. The economy is still struggleing and unemployment numbers are gamed by excluding people that left the workforce or fell off unemployment. again move along chief. furthermore the bulk of the “new” jobs are minimum wage part time jobs and did nothing to replace the middle income jobs that were lost.

      • MaeScott

        if the repubs would get off their butts and pass a real jobs bill all that would change…but nahhh…. can’t do anything for the rest of the nation

      • Charles Vincent

        Learn to utilize links. And the dems are obstructing just as much. Moreover neither party has an interest in doing anything that doesn’t line their collective pockets, and neither party gives a shit about we the people. Please grow up and go take a class that teaches critical thinking.

  • Linda

    I hate to break it to you but the bible story is TRUE according to the Reagan Library. Of course you’ll never see a liberal retraction. They tell their lies and sheeple believe them without checking for accuracy. Then they spread them further. I’m in Wisconsin. Walker ran on a platform that told everyone what he was going to do and then SURPRISE, he did it and the left went crazy. There’s a reason why he was elected FOUR times in three years…

    • Teresa Groves

      1. According to Reagan Library Curator Jennifer Torres, the story as told by Scott is false. 2. Scott was elected THREE times in four years. Both verifiable facts – “checked for accuracy”. The reason Scott won (three times – not four) is that gubernatorial elections in Wisconsin are held in off-years when voter turnout is traditionally low. If the elections had been held at the same time as the Presidential elections, he would have lost. He will not be President. He will lose his governorship. That’s a promise.

      • MaeScott

        Scott won because his cronies cooked the vote counts….

    • papayaman

      That’s because there’s nothing for the liberals to retract. Can tell you’re a repub, because (1) You fabricated ad hoc statements that seem to support your view, but have no basis in reality. (2) You accuse liberals of the offenses committed by repubs. Repubs typically make stuff up, and present it as established fact. Repubs also typically accuse their opponents of being or doing that which they themselves do or are. In psychology, this is called projection. This seems based on something analogous to a tu quoque fallacy. To wit, you did this too, or even if you didn’t I will not allow that you wouldn’t do exactly this if you could, or were “smart” enough to think of it. Therefore, I am justified in having done it, preemptively..

  • The bible story is creepy to all of us outside the RW bubble but it has many features of fascist myth-making.

  • woodlandsprite

    “Serial Liar” is an accurate description. Walker fits the clinical definition of a narcissistic sociopath. He has an uncanny knack for coming off like a “regular Joe” while destroying everything around him.

    • papayaman

      Walker (1) Exacts revenge all out of proportion to the real or imagined offense of those he blames. (2) He exaggerates his accomplishments, or even makes up lies about these. (3) He seems to evince a special sense of entitlement (4) He is callous towards those who are disadvantaged, or issues glib rationalizations about those whose rights he seems to have violated. (5) He seems serially irresponsible towards those whose welfare he should be looking out for. (6) He seems to ascribe to it’s all about him in his motivations. (7) He lies almost constantly about everything, even when there is no need to lie. (8) He seems terminally and totally incapable of empathy. (9) His preferred associates sometimes have had run-ins with the law. This would seem enough diagnostic criteria to fit a co-occurring anti-social and narcissistic personality disorder. Could we expect someone like this to not become a despot presiding over a repressive dictatorship if they got the power that came with being POTUS. If he does become POTUS, expect him to aggressively and persistently attempt to expand the power of the executive branch. Also, we will get a 2nd Great Depression with the levers of power contrived so there will be no chance of a FDR and Marriner Eccles to get us out of it. Might be interesting in a tragic sort of way for Walker and the Koch bros. to battle it out for the most powerful person(s) in the universe. They will be allies at 1st, but inevitably, they will turn on each other as each wants all the power. Expect Walker to prevail, as he will have use of America’s military. America’s decline will become supercharged. We’re roughly where Germany was at in 1929, but there are some differences.
      Having posted this, I’m sticking my neck out, because if he becomes POTUS, all internet communication for as far back as they can go will be scrutinized for any statements not unconditionally obsequious to Mr W. Within a year or 2, a knock can be expected on my door at 3 AM. If I don’t answer, 3 big guys with handcuffs, leg shackles, and duct tape will break the door down and haul me off in front of my terrified wife, never to be seen nor heard from or of again.

  • DAV

    Like most modern Republicans, Walker is a liar who says what he thinks his core supports most want to hear – and they will continue to believe whatever he says because it is what they want to hear. They are the “Party of Stupid” and will continue to be because they dumb down to the lowest common denominator among the public. Sadly, those morons are the ones who are getting out on election day. Combine that with deliberate disenfranchisement of many non-Republican voters, and gerrymandering and they have a solid chance of keeping control of Congress and maybe gaining the White House in the next election.

  • CommonSense9

    he keeps that up and someday he might become as sleezy as Hillary

  • GenerallyConfused

    I’m not entirely sure that the Republican party /has/ a viable candidate in the 18 (?) people they have.
    …yeesh – this is going to be a nightmare of a presidential election cycle.