Exposing How the GOP’s Rhetoric on Trump and the Supreme Court is a Complete Circle of Hypocrisy

As most of us know by now, there’s a battle going on between Democrats and Republicans over the vacancy on the Supreme Court following Antonin Scalia’s death. Obviously Democrats believe that President Obama should be given his Constitutional right as president to nominate a replacement and have that person get a fair hearing. Meanwhile, Republicans are trying to play petty politics with the situation, claiming that “the people” should have a voice in replacing Scalia this November by electing a new president. That’s a rather ridiculous argument considering the people were given a voice to elect the person they wanted to fill Supreme Court vacancies – and his name was Barack Obama.

Nevertheless, that’s the absurd argument Republicans are trying to make.

Meanwhile, the Republican party is also actively attempting to undermine “the people” by trying to sabotage Donald Trump’s campaign with the hope that he won’t become the party’s nominee. Some within the party are making it clear that they’re more than willing to push this to a brokered convention where they can “steal” the nomination from Trump – even if he happens to be the candidate with the most delegates.

So, in once instance the GOP is saying “the people need a voice” in replacing the Supreme Court vacancy. Yet, at the very same time, they’re actively engaging in tactics to undercut “the people” by trying to derail their current presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump.

But then to make Republicans look even more idiotic, some of them have also said that if Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders wins, then they’ll work with President Obama to replace the vacancy in the lame duck session. In other words, it’s not about “giving the people a voice with this November’s election.” If that were the case, after Clinton or Sanders gets elected in November, Republicans would still hold off on replacing Scalia until that person is sworn into office next year so they can nominate their own replacement. Of course, it should never surprise us that Republicans want it both ways.

Though there’s even more irony and hypocrisy to all of this. As Republicans continue to play dumb concerning the rise of Trump as their party’s presidential frontrunner, what they’re doing with the Supreme Court nomination is exactly why Trump has become their party’s overwhelming frontrunner.

They’re not governing like responsible adults based on the intentions of our Founding Fathers when they put the confirmation process for Supreme Court Justices into the hands of the Senate. What they’re doing is pandering to the base – to ignorance. Since 2008, the Republican party has done just about everything it can to delegitimize and disrespect Barack Obama’s presidency. If he says jump, they say sit. If he supports something, they’re against it. All they’ve done since he’s been elected is push the idea (often not very subtly) that, while he might have been elected as president, he not really “one of us.” Therefore it’s acceptable to show him absolutely zero respect.

After all, he’s not really even an American, right?

Let’s not forget that Donald Trump’s rise to superstardom among many Republicans was built on him being a “birther.” A movement that’s clearly driven by racism.

This has all turned into an awful, drawn-out, shameful joke.

The Republican party built itself – for years – on pandering to the hate, bigotry and ignorance that drives many of Trump’s supporters. The same type of pandering they’re currently doing by obstructing President Obama’s ability to replace our current Supreme Court vacancy. All the while, even in their own “let the people decide” rhetoric, they’ve contradicted themselves as they actively try sabotage Donald Trump’s campaign by possibly taking the nomination process out of the “hands of the people.”

It’s all ridiculous. It’s all absurd. But it’s textbook Republican bullshit.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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