GOP’s Twitter Account Tries Attacking Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-All Plan, Fails Miserably

It’s no secret that most Republicans oppose any mention of a single-payer/Medicare-for-All health care plan. Despite the fact that nearly every other major country on Earth has some form of universal health care system in place for its citizens, the vast majority of the GOP is staunchly against ending the for-profit model we have here in the United States — the same model that’s led to millions of people going without any form of health insurance, some who are vastly under-insured, and many of those lucky enough to have insurance struggle to pay their premiums.

Common sense dictates that if nearly every other country on Earth has some form of taxpayer-funded single-payer health care system (including the United States via Medicare/Medicaid), and these programs are very popular among the majority of the citizens who benefit from these systems, it would only make sense for the United States to expand the very popular Medicare program for everyone.

Unfortunately, the Republican Party isn’t driven by rational ideas or common sense.

Even now with the GOP having the power to “repeal and replace Obamacare,” the single biggest promise they’ve made over the last few years, they’ve failed to do so. Not because “Obamacare is a disaster,” but because the socialist aspects of it are too popular.

Yet that irony never seems to register with most conservative voters.

Well, in an embarrassing display of ignorance, clearly in response to Senator Bernie Sanders’ push for a “Medicare-for-All” system in the United States, the GOP’s official Twitter account sent out the following tweet:

Before exposing what shameful propaganda this video is, I’d like to point out the idiocy of the GOP attacking single-payer health care — while admitting the “rest of the globe” has it.

The tactic the GOP used here is actually one I called out in an article I wrote recently. In it, I listed five ways Republicans con people into voting against their own interests. Here was #5:

5. They sell “outliers” as the majority: When credible polls are conducted, “outliers” aren’t included because they’re exceptions to the rule that skew the data.

Well, Republicans sell those outliers as the truth.

When they talk about socialized health care, they usually ignore the fact that nearly every major country on Earth has some form of single-payer health care system. Instead, they’ll sift through the data showing that socialized health care is much better than the for-profit system we have now to find the “horror stories” where someone having a baby couldn’t get into a hospital or someone died waiting for a surgery. While no system is perfect, Republicans disingenuously push “outliers” as the majority, convincing their voters that these exceptions to the rule are, in fact, the rule.

They do this with most major issues. From guns, to terrorism, to illegal immigration, they massively oversell the outliers, conning millions of their voters into believing that “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” that most Muslims are terrorist, and most illegal immigrants are “rapists and criminals” even though literally none of that’s true — yet millions of conservative voters believe that it is.

That is exactly what this tweet was.

Let’s just be honest, no health care system is perfect. In fact, nothing is. Even if 99 percent of people were absolutely satisfied with their country’s health care, of the millions of people in that country, I could still put together a “horror stories” video like the one the GOP just posted which painted that system as a nightmare.

Furthermore, most of the attacks Republicans use against universal health care (long waits, needing to go to other countries for treatment) are flat-out lies.

Last year, Donald Trump cited research by a right-leaning Canadian think tank attacking Canada’s health care system. The problem for Trump is that the study he cited actually debunks his party’s lie about health care.

As reported by BBC:

Mr Trump’s campaign cited research by the Fraser Institute, a right-leaning Canadian think tank, that found about 1% of patients (around 45,600 people) had non-emergency medical treatment outside Canada in 2015.

This was a 13% decrease from the 52,500 Canadians who were estimated to have traveled abroad for medical treatment in 2014.

But the study did not specify which country Canadians went to for health services, or differentiate between those who sought treatment while traveling and those who specifically left the country for treatment.

A 2015 report by the Commonwealth Fund ranked Canada last of 11 countries for wait times, and found that only 41% of Canadians could get a same-day appointment; 29% waited two months or more for a specialist, and 18% waited four months or more for elective surgery.

Keep in mind, those longer waits are for elective surgeries.

What that data tells us is that one percent of Canadians leave the country for non-emergency medical treatment outside of the country. However, despite Trump claiming that they came here for treatment, the study doesn’t actually specify where they went.

Even though I know most Republicans don’t enjoy using it, let’s look at the “logic” here, shall we?

The main argument Republicans use against universal health care is long waits. So, using that “logic,” they think we should have a for-profit system where literally millions of Americans don’t even have the option to wait a few days to see a doctor — because they don’t have health insurance — rather than having a system where, while clearly not flawless, every American would have the ability to see a doctor if they needed to.

Their argument is everyone having access to health care with slightly longer waits is worse than millions of people having absolutely no coverage.

It’s completely asinine.

For me, this goes back to a saying I use often: If the truth is really that bad, then there’s no reason to lie about it. With Bernie Sanders set to push a “Medicare-for-All” plan, the same type of plan that earned him a lot of popularity among Americans during his primary campaign, it’s obvious the GOP is terrified of more Americans getting on board with single-payer health care.

Though even in their desperate attempt to slander the idea of universal health care, they embarrassed themselves by admitting that nearly every other country on Earth has this system, because they realized a long time ago that for-profit simply doesn’t work.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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