You Have Got to be Kidding: Are Republicans Really Trying to Blame Obama for Iraq?

bush-laughingI love this Republican mindset that just because George W. Bush is no longer president, he’s not to blame for anything that’s currently going on in this country – or the world for that matter.

Republicans were blaming President Obama for our economy almost immediately after taking office.  As if he could wave a magic wand and fix everything Bush screwed up during his eight years.  Hell, some of them tried to say that he caused our economic collapse.

But these conservatives I’ve run across trying to blame President Obama for what’s going on in Iraq might be some of the most ridiculous yet.

Honestly, who thought once we pulled our military out of Iraq they’d continue to be a peaceful, strong democracy?  I’m not a military strategist, but the fact that Islamic insurgents are now taking over cities in Iraq is exactly what I figured was going to happen shortly after we left.

But now this is all Obama’s fault because he pulled our troops out of Iraq?  What the hell did these people want to do, leave our military in Iraq for another few decades?  Because that’s probably what it would have taken in order to give Iraq a real chance at establishing some kind of stable democracy.

And judging by Bush’s “mission accomplished” moment in 2003, I don’t think a 10, 20 or 30 year occupation of Iraq is what the Bush administration had planned when this war started.

But nonetheless, President Obama took office in 2009 and all of Bush’s disasters were left for him to clean up – Iraq included.

Though it’s absolutely absurd anyone could blame President Obama for Iraq.

There are essentially two choices Obama had concerning Iraq:

  1. Keep troops in Iraq indefinitely (something the vast majority of Americans didn’t support).
  2. Pull troops out and let what’s happening now happen.

That’s about it.

Like I said, unless we were planning a decades long occupation of Iraq, some form of insurgent forces were eventually going to take that country over.

Because not only did we remove Saddam from power (arguably the man who oddly enough kept Iraq from falling into the hands of some radical Islamic insurgent group), but we also destabilized the entire nation.

A destabilization that was only enhanced due to the utter incompetency of how the Bush administration handled the early stages of the Iraq war.

But now Republicans want to blame Obama for what’s going on in Iraq?

When it comes to any issues that are going on in Iraq, the blame begins and ends with the people responsible for starting the Iraq war in the first place – the Bush administration.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • william wilkerson jr

    Amen, Full Stop,

  • Avatar

    If next President is a Democrat, Republican will blame that one for Iraq war fiasco, botched Katrina response, non-existential economy turmoil, rise of terrorism in 2000, and voted for Obama.

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom


  • megavolt

    You’re missing a big point. The Iraq withdrawal was negotiated by the Bush administration and the Iraqi government. Obama just kept the terms of that deal.

    Amazing how no one is mentioning that.

    • strayaway

      I agree. I keep reminding people here that the Iraqi parliament ordered the US out while Bush was still President. Although candidate Obama promised to take troops out immediately when he became President, he kept them in until a month before that deadline and negotiated to keep our troops there longer. Senator Obama also voted for all of President Bush’s requests to fund the troops. Obama has done everything he could to maintain Bush’s Iraq policies. It is therefore wrong for Republicans to cast blame on Obama for not pursuing Bush’s Iraq policies. What a bunch of hypocrites. Hillary shouldn’t be faulted either because, as Senator, even enthusiastically supported Bush and voted to give Bush the power to attack Iraq.

      • Mary Kaye

        Gee. Could that be because Congress was also lied to?

      • strayaway

        There were a few Senators and Representatives, Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich come to mind, who called Bush on his lies. How was it that they were able to see through the lies while other Republican and Democratic politicians including Hillary and Senator Obama were unable to? Incompetence is not a good defense.

    • Pro-ChoiceTexan

      Bush and Cheney are still responsible for lying to the American people in the first place to get us into the war. The blood of all the dead Americans and the innocent Iraqi people is on his hands. And, it is his fault that thousands of American soldiers have severe injuries.

    • Mary Kaye

      If Bush and Cheney hadn’t lied to the country in the first place, we never would have gone there and Bush and Cheney would have had no troop withdrawal to negotiate. It’s on Bush and Cheney, not Obama.

  • Karen Mitchell

    Remember when Cheney told us that he didn’t expect the invasion to last more than six months and that it should only cost us around a billion dollars?

    • Anthony Edwards

      I think he should split the difference.

      • Karen Mitchell

        I don’t follow you…………..

      • Anthony Edwards

        I think he should pay the overage. The amount that went over the estimated cost, or at least go halvsies.

      • Karen Mitchell

        Ok, gotcha. I don’t think even Halliburton has that kind of money…………….

  • R RS

    Idiotic Republicans blame Obama but fail to understand that Iraq’s president is Jalal Talibani. Despite the hundreds of billions of dollars in money and arms he has gotten he failed to unite his country. Therefore, he is solely responsible for the rise in violence.

    Bush said “mission accomplished” – he was right: he did accomplish what he set out to do and that was to destabilize the entire region and create perpetual war and war profiteering.

  • PleaseMakeItStop

    It’s the most asinine of all their assertations and that is saying something (Kenya, Benghazi, Bergdhal)!

  • Ezra Bennett

    At this moment, every single thing that is wrong with the economy and the spending that the Teatards keep whelping about can be attributed to the former administration. Carte Blanche handouts to Halliburton and funding for a two front war in addition to trillion dollar handouts to his corporate buddies all contributed to the shitshow we are just now pulling out of after a decade.

    What did you expect from an AWOL TANG member, D student at Yale business College and two time failed CEO (Arbusto Oil, Harken Energy, anyone?)

    They keep harking on a presumed amount of incompetence on the part of the Obama administration, but completely ignore the complete idiocy of our former president…

    • strayaway

      “At this moment”, Iraq is being overrun, Iran has sent in troops to defend Iraq, oil prices are taking a jump, the US embassy is being partially evacuated while President Obama has been playing golf in California for the last two days. I’m glad that President Obama hasn’t sent in US troops but he should be a little more involved with the evacuation of Americans and otherwise securing US interests.

      • Ezra Bennett

        Well, what the eff did you expect was going to happen once we “fulfilled our obligation” by “bringing peace to the region” by taking out Saddam Hussein? The SOFA ran out. Talabani called for the remainder of the American military to vacate. Period.

        This was a poorly executed, horribly thought out invasion of a sovreign nation based on conjecture, lies and fear of a perceived threat. Our presence there has irreparably damaged Iraq’s infrastructure and destabilized the balance of power in the region and opened the door for a myriad of problems. Like it or not, it’s all our fault.

        He is as involved with the evac of the remainder of our forces as CENTCOM needs him to be. That’s why we have military commanders, strayaway. The only “obligation” the president has at this point is to honor President Talabani’s request that U.S. Forces evac from his country. The president is doing just that.

  • Lawrence Devine

    We won the lottery when President Obama was elected. He has performed miracles to correct the economy after the Bush recession and straighten out our international relations after the belligerent neocons nearly destroyed our reputation abroad. Thank you President Obama. G. W. Bush will go down in history as the worst of the worst presidents.

    • Esp. miracles of linguistics, all males of military age he droned turned out to be enemy combatants as soon as they were dead.

      • so, you freakin teabagger, I supposed Bush is the best president ever?

      • More like wrestling, different teams, same owners.

      • Charles Vincent

        They are on the same team Monte.

  • This whole fiasco has been caused by people who fail to read and understand history. The British tried occupying Iraq after WWI, and failed. Earlier they failed to occupy Afghanistan and failed. A whole potful of regimes found this area ungovernable going back to the Mongols. We should not be surprised at the current events.

  • bmz

    Obama is far from blameless here. Pursuant to international treaties to which we are signatories, he was obligated to prosecute Bush, Cheney, etc. for war crimes from: waging an aggressive war; to torture. His failure to do so not only is in violation of law but also permits the general amnesia we suffer from. by encouraging America to forget our criminal past, he is encouraging us to repeat it. If Hillary had been elected president, these crimes would never have been swept under the carpet–and we would not be suffering from this insane Republican rhetoric.

    • DAB

      Hillary= Bengazi =Whitewater Fiasco ! Yeah , bmz , she’s REALLY something to look forward to ! Don’t you remember she was FIRED from her Watergate investigative team for breaking the law !? Her track record sucks ! Try looking up “Whitewater ” !!!

  • Darrell West

    Somebody may gave them a sleeping power that had begin of the Iraq war and they woke up today.

  • Jim Bean

    And I love the Democrats mindset that since Bush was once President, they can never be held responsible for what is currently going on in the country.

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      jimbo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, U really eschew the obvious when presented with facts!
      james; what is EXACTLY your opinion overall of GWs administrations effect upon America ??

    • poppaDavid

      The guy that does the screwing is responsible for the baby.

      That doesn’t change even when a better man steps in to act as the adult.

    • Reading comprehension is an important skill to pick up in life.

    • Ezra Bennett

      There’s an old saying about farts…

      He who smelt it dealt it.

  • Some blamed the economy on Obama getting elected, before he took office.

  • FiineTapestry

    It’s a bonafide alternate reality over there at Fox News. Beckel just sits there, at The Five, looking at all the bozos in disbelief… yes, they are blaming Obama for every single thing he does… yes, and they would have, no matter what he did about Iraq… they would blame Obama even if he went back to the past and did exactly to the letter whatever they now say he should have done… because he’s Obama.

  • Kpeters

    Iraq didn’t want us there anymore. Period. End of story. If they did want us to stay, were we supposed to stay there indefinitely? This was bound to happen as soon as we left. Not to mention, we shouldn’t have gone there in the first place. They used lies & the fear of 9/11 to settle an old score with Sadam. I cannot believe the number of people that just chose to believe the Republicans’ revision of history.

  • Darrell Brown

    Look at the map from 100 years ago. The territory there was divided almost Identical to what it is NOW after these rebel attacks.these 3 Factions will NEVER coexist without some sort of Violence. The United State cannot be the World’s Police force any longer!!NO TROOPS should be placed back in Harm’s way over there!!!

  • Steve T. Wilson

    Allen Clifton, Megavolt is right. This was all negotiated in 2008 on the troop withdrawal by 2011. Maliki-Bush Plan.