Gov. Bobby Jindal Says President Obama Can “Learn From Louisiana”

bobby-jindalTrying to maintain some sort of relevance in the political sphere, Bobby “Stop Being The Stupid Party” Jindal criticized President Obama once again in a press conference held in Baton Rouge on Thursday, ahead of the President’s visit to New Orleans on Friday to discuss domestic exports.

According to, Jindal stated the following:

“I think there is an opportunity for the President of the United States…for him not just to be the leader of his political party, but to be the leader of every American… I hope he will learn from what we’re doing here in Louisiana. I hope he will take these policies back to Washington, D.C.”

These comments came as he attacked the President on economic growth, education, health care and energy policies. So let’s let that sink in for just a minute… Wait, what can the President learn from what’s being done in Louisiana? I understand Jindal has to keep toeing the fine line between keeping the establishment GOP happy and maintaining his relationship with the Tea Party which is key to any chance of a 2016 Presidential nomination – but this is just ridiculous.

Let’s go through the 4 things Bobby Jindal said the President is getting wrong, the things he thinks the President could “learn from” and how they’re actually doing in Louisiana.

1. Energy policies

Louisiana’s economy is almost completely dependent on oil. Sure, there’s money made from the tourist and seafood industries, but without the oil business we’d be even more poor than we already are. Oh, and obviously President Obama is absolutely trying to destroy the oil industry, right Bobby? Oh wait. What’s this? Oh, it’s just a data table from your own Louisiana Department of Resources which shows that domestic oil production has increased every single year and foreign oil imports have decreased every single year since President Obama was first elected.

2. Economy

While Louisiana’s current unemployment rate is 7.0% versus the national average of 7.2%, a percentage difference of only 0.2% is really not that remarkable when you consider that Louisiana’s economy is almost completely reliant on the oil industry – which has just so happened to have thrived under President Obama, despite the BP oil spill in 2010.

3. Education

Do you really want to go there? Seriously, Bobby? Ok, Louisiana ranks below the national average in every single category. Even the highly conservative ALEC ranked Louisiana 49th out of 51, despite giving their education policies a “B” rating by their strange standards.

4. Health care

Let’s see here… Louisiana ranks 49th out of 50 states when it comes to health statistics.  Due to poverty, poor nutrition and being denied access to the Medicaid expansion by their own Governor, I really don’t think President Obama has to “learn” anything from Louisiana – other than how to not run a government.

Last winter, you implored your party to “stop being the stupid party”. Governor Jindal, perhaps you should take your own advice.


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