This is How Our Government Should Deal with Donald Trump Until He’s Cleared of Treason

All partisan hyperbole aside, I think it should be pretty bipartisan that no sitting president should be allowed to pass major legislation, or fill vital vacancies such as an opening on the Supreme Court, while they’re currently under investigation by U.S. intelligence officials for potentially committing treason by colluding with an enemy that attacked us.

Is that really such a radical idea?

Let’s not forget, many Republicans still think Hillary Clinton should be in prison over her use of a private email server over four years ago, while Speaker of the House Paul Ryan actually filed paperwork to have her access to classified material revoked. These are many of the same people who are aware that Trump and his associates (several of which are members of his administration) are currently under investigation for possibly committing treason, yet they don’t seem to mind that a possible traitor has the power to make massive decisions in this country that could very well play right into the hands of what’s in Russia’s best interests — not our own.

Let’s be bluntly honest here: Donald Trump and his campaign are currently under investigation for possibly betraying this country by colluding with Russia on his way to “winning” the 2016 election. Furthermore, part of this investigation includes a dossier put together by a very credible former MI6 spy that includes allegations that Trump’s been compromised by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Despite what Trump says, and most of his supporters believe, this is not all “FAKE NEWS!” or some “hoax” driven by Democrats upset over the results of the 2016 election. These are very real investigations (dating back months) based on a growing list of evidence U.S. intelligence officials have found credible — including that dossier.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say seven or eight months from now some earth-shattering information comes out proving, without a shadow of a doubt, that Trump betrayed this country. However, prior to that occurring, he would have been allowed to sign all these major pieces of legislation, including replacing a vacancy on the Supreme Court.

What happens then? Does everything Trump’s done up until that point become nullified? After all, how can Republicans justify keeping in place legislation, or even a Supreme Court Justice, that was put into place by someone who betrayed this country? Especially considering that treason would have occurred during the 2016 election and clearly would’ve had an impact on who won.

The truth is, a big part of this investigation revolves around coordination between Trump’s campaign, Russia, and Wikileaks regarding stolen information that was frequently used to attack Hillary Clinton by “The Donald.” Hell, he used it practically every single day in interviews and in the speeches he gave at his campaign rallies.

Doesn’t it make more sense to highly restrict Trump’s presidential powers until he’s cleared of being a traitor?

This isn’t about being a Democrat, a Republican, a liberal, or a conservative. If Trump’s cleared of any wrongdoing, then I’ll gladly admit I was wrong. What this is about is the fact that we have a man in charge of this country who’s legitimately under investigation for committing treason by colluding with an enemy during the 2016 election. An election where the results were clearly impacted by the Russian cyber attack that Trump may have very well been using in cooperation with Russian officials to attack his political opponent.

And I think if we’re going to let Trump continue to wield the powers he currently has, including replacing Supreme Court Justices, then we need to include an asterisk to all of it that stipulates if he’s found guilty, every piece of legislation or decision he’s made as “Commander-in-Chief” will be instantly voided, nullified, or repealed.

Because I think if there’s one thing every American should be able to agree upon, it’s if a president is ever convicted of treason, anything and everything they did while in office should be stricken from our books because nothing they did can be trusted to have been done in the best interests of the American people.

If Donald Trump and the GOP are so convinced he did nothing wrong, then agreeing to instantly undo everything he did while in charge if it’s determined he did betray this country shouldn’t be anything they should have to worry about, right?

As they say, let’s see Trump and the Republican Party “put their money where their mouth is.”

Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know if you agree.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Carol Lynn

    Except for that pesky ‘innocent until proven guilty’ axiom. What we need is an independent, more thorough, and quicker investigation of the charges.

    • georg1951

      Only goes into effect if he is found guilty of treason–that is guilty.

  • Brian

    Ah yes. The horrible crime of not being a communist. How about we say all legislation Obama passed is suspended until he’s cleared of wiretapping citizens? Better yet, how about you provide concrete evidence, or even concrete charges of “Russia hacking the election” before you start spouting your garbage? Could it be you’re just upset you lost?

    • Kathyeoverlock

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    • Janet Marlette

      Nope, but it could be that I am upset that a BLITHERING DO-NOTHING IDIOT is pretending to be POTUS, after betraying the country to “get even” with Obama for laughing at his dumb ass. As far as clearing Obama of wiretapping, HE HAS BEEN CLEARED ALREADY. Got it now?

  • Barbara Wolff Chase

    Not only do I agree completely, been thinking the very same thing for a while! So glad you put it in writing!