Greg Abbott Refused to Answer Whether or Not He Would Have Supported Ending Bans on Interracial Marriage

greg abbottThere are many questions we can be asked that don’t have a simple “yes” or “no” answer to them. But then there are those questions that shouldn’t be difficult to answer, such as whether or not interracial marriage should be legal. The answer, unless you’re a racist or a bigot, should clearly be “yes.”

Well, not if you’re Texas Attorney General (and gubernatorial candidate) Greg Abbott.

During an interview with San Antonio Express-News’ Peggy Fikac, his defense of Texas’ ban on same-sex marriage was brought up. He was then asked whether or not he would have supported bans on interracial marriage that were overturned in 1967 in the Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia. Because at that time, Texas had laws prohibiting interracial couples from getting married.

You would think a simple “no” would have been easy to come by, right? After all, who in their right mind would support bans on interracial marriages?

Well, apparently this wasn’t a simple “yes” or “no” question for Abbott.

“Right now, if there was a ban on interracial marriage, that’s already been ruled unconstitutional,” Abbott said. “And all I can do is deal with the issues that are before me. The job of an attorney general is to represent and defend in court the laws of their client, which is the state Legislature, unless and until a court strikes it down.”

Actually, I guess that’s not a full-on refusal to answer the question. In fact, his comments actually seem to confirm that he would have supported bans on interracial marriage. Considering at the time of Love v. Virginia, Texas had laws preventing interracial marriage and Abbott made it perfectly clear that it’s his job to defend the laws of his state.

Then when Fikac apparently expressed uncertainty on how to take Abbott’s answer, he responded by saying, “Actually, the reason why you’re uncertain about it is because I didn’t answer the question. And I can’t go back and answer some hypothetical question like that.”

My theory on questions like these is that if they’re a simple “yes” or “no” question, and the person being asked refuses to give a simple answer, it’s most likely because the one they would give would negatively impact them.

Because like I said, Abbott actually made it fairly clear that it’s his job to defend the laws of Texas. And in 1967, Texas had laws against interracial marriage.  Though it should be pointed out that as an attorney general, he is not required to defend laws with which he disagrees.

And while conservatives are trying to point out the fact that Abbott is married to a Hispanic women as a defense for his refusal to directly answer whether or not he would have supported a ban on interracial marriage, it’s important to note that these bans typically targeted marriages between whites and African-Americans.

But answers such as these should be alarming for all Texas voters. Either Abbott is a robot who will blindly defend any law because it’s a law (no matter how ignorant), or he’s really unsure in 2014 whether or not he would have supported bans on interracial marriage.

Though no matter how you look at it, with Abbott currently leading challenger Wendy Davis in the polls, it’s not looking good for the citizens of Texas.

And mark my words, if this state does elect Greg Abbott as its next governor, he’s going to make liberals in Texas long for the “moderate” days of Rick Perry. Which is an absolutely terrifying thought.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Avatar

    It’s unbelievable how willing Texans are to going for Abbott. He’s going to put that once great state down the toilet. The economy in that state will be real bad. Mom-pop stores shutting while walmart expanding all over the state. My friend told me he drove past town of only 1,000 people completely nowhere out in county yet the wal mart supercenter store is right outside of that town. Fracking boom will be gone in few years due to no water left.

    Rick Perry can forget about 2016 because America isn’t keen on having yet another Texan trigger-happy President. W. Bush is still fresh in my mind.

    • Nemisis

      RP has already put Texas in the toilet and given it a swirly.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Know, perry put it down the toilet, Abbott will SMEAR it all over the bowl with a brush. But since the voter ID law was QUASHED by SCOTUS, I think enough decent people will show up for Wendy and Freedom for women.

    • Stephen Barlow

      I think Jeb is also doomed. Christie is the only chance and the Feds are waiting for Steve and Bridget to choose JAIL or SELLING OUT Christie in 2016. I can’t WAIT to see him doing a Blagojovich kind of decade. Maybe they can be ‘cellie’s’. I can just hear Blagojo asking Chrristie, “Do you wanna be the husband or the wife.”

      And when Big Chris answers The husband, BLagojo will tell him, ” Well get over here and suck your wife’s schwanz honey!”

  • Cemetery Girl

    Sad how in 2014 interracial marriage is still touchy. Really, it should be a clear cut case of anyone would now be supportive of overturning the ban, but let’s be real, that isn’t the case. Even if he would have supported overturning the ban, if he says so he will tick off people that still feel it’s horrible for minorities to marry white people. Some would say it is because he would have refused to do his job (defend a law that was wrong), but laws get changed. It’s not like a law can never, ever be removed or replaced.

    • Stephen Barlow

      All interracial marriage does is IMPROVE the gene pool!!! It’s all that inbreeding that has MADE the Republican Party as daft as any Royal Family in Europe!!!

  • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

    It’s hard to believe that on this day and in this time, we are still discussing whether or not different races should marry each other!!! I don’t think I can stand any more years of people like Greg Abbott and there are SO many in this state of Texas!! Sad!

    • Stephen Barlow

      50 years ago is the REDS wheelhouse and it’s where all Mitch’s children want to live. Back when taxes would EVER have thought that ANY American would sabotage the economy so permanently and lie so completely, consistently, contemptuously and cowardly about it.

  • worrierking

    I’m almost positive that Abbott is not against interracial marriage. But I am also 100% positive that Abbott won’t say anything to alienate those voters who are against interracial marriage. It’s a Republican thing. If you’re one of them this kind of thing comes naturally. If you’re not, you find this repulsive.

    • Stephen Barlow

      He has done more than any other State’s Attorney to IMPEDE voting rights for minorities. I think that is where his conscience lies.

  • Nemisis

    Ask a question poorly and you will get a poor answer.
    I like Abbot’s take on doing his job as directed by law.
    I think Abbot is not against inter-racial marriage.
    The question should have been, “would you seek to change the law or support changing in the law.?”

    If answered as asked, and his answer a simple “No.” then it is plausible that his opponent could spin the answer to indicated Abbot would allow his personal feelings to interfere with his job.

    If you don’t like a law seek to get it changed.
    Till the law is changed you still must obey it.
    Even if your the SA.

    • Stephen Barlow

      He is a lawyer and I am cure he has been briefed by FOX Reporters on the GOP party line of “Admit nothing, deflect and spin word salad until Palin orgasms.”

  • Stephen Barlow

    There is more to a Sate’s Attorney’s job than PROTECTING and DEFENDING Unconstitutional laws whackjobbedup by the Republican legislature. I mean Closing All But one abortion clinic… Abbott Defended how many times?

    And swore to DEFEND limiting ALL TEXAS WOMEN’S Constitutional Rights? until he loses his job.

    I am SURE Greg was a frequent visitor to the NI**ERHEAD Fishing Camp owned by the Covernor, Rick Perry. I also bet he has used state funds from the Attorney General’s office to pay for, African American Entertainment there and in hotels across the state. But I can’t prove it. He’s the same kind of racist Thomas Jefferson and so many “Southern Gentlemen” have been for centuries.

    Except Mr Jefferson wasn’t a coward and provided for his conquests, he didn’t rent them with tax money. But he wasn’t brave or honest enough to take his long term love affair public in 1800. You would think that Greg Abbott would feel competely comfortable publicly displaying his adulterous love of “Chocolate with his wife at State functions and on the campaign trail when he debates Wendy Davis on WOMEN’S RIGHTS, Healthcare, Schools and Equal Pay.

  • Richard Mcgee

    Where is my second amendment solution to the right wing nut jobs destroying this country what would be said if all of us armed liberals were to raise up against them. Of course the GOP would call us traitors and say that we are out to destroy this country it amazes me how people that do things wrong just claime that the other person does things wrong and people believe it
    I know this is over simplified but you get my point

  • John Cardani-Trollinger

    Um – his wife is hispanic. He is IN an interracial marriage!