Gun Nuts Up In Arms After Hugh Jackman Supports Gun Sense

Screenshot from Hugh Jackman's Instagram account.

Screenshot from Hugh Jackman’s Instagram account. Click to enlarge.

Hugh Jackman, actor and handsome man, posted a photo to his Facebook page and Twitter on February 10. In the photo. Mr. Jackman is holding up his left arm to show a “Not One More” bracelet from He added a hashtag-“#notonemore,” and a link to As of this article, there are 4,338 comments underneath the photo, and yours truly decided to scroll through them to see what folks thought of Mr. Jackman’s photo, the bracelet, and gun sense. There’s spammer Josh Brumfield, who just keeps posting to gun manufacturers. A woman who lost her 14-year old daughter to gun violence. Many people who agree with Joe the Plumber’s contention that the Second Amendment outweighs everything. And so much anger, both in support of gun sense, and against it. is an organization familiar with gun violence. Members include Erica Hochsprung, whose mother Dawn, was the principal at Sandy Hook Elementary school, Lucy McBath, whose son was murdered with a gun in 2012, and Tom Sullivan, father of Alex, killed in the Aurora, Colorado move theater massacre. These people have suffered loss, they have cried and mourned, and they have come together to say not one more. They are brave beyond words, for they understand that by coming out in support of sane gun laws, they invite scorn, ridicule, and threats of violence and death.

The comment thread underneath Hugh Jackman’s photo is proof of the hatred lobbed towards people who dare stand up to gun nuts. Not sane, rational gun owners, gun nuts. People who really do believe the answer to gun violence is more guns and less laws, people who have no empathy. People like Henrique Vasconcelos, who wrote:

The second trumps all rights. It is the second that guarantees them all. You would destroy your civil right to self defense. Whats next destroy your first ammendment so you don’t have to hear any more cussing. (sic)

The second trumps all rights. Dead first graders, slaughtered moviegoers, families ripped apart by gun violence, all mean nothing. How can anyone really believe this?

Josh Brumfield weighed in by posting links to gun manufacturers and the NRA, then posed his thoughts on Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America:

Oh look who posted! ! Mommies demand gun control yaaaaay! Btw mommies, why do you block people who oppose your views? Do you hate the first amendment as well? Also, I’m gonna keep shopping at Kroger, which has had it’s numbers raise because of Mommies and Every Ghetto.

Moms Demand Action blocks people because the women that lead the organization (and anyone who supports them) receive death and rape threats on an hourly basis. Fans of conservatives on Twitter will hound MDA members, telling them they should be killed, raped (often with guns), their families are targeted, and their children are threatened. Every Ghetto refers to Everytown. Nice to know Josh is not only a gun nut, he’s a racist.

Moving on to Wayne Rutledge, who will be boycotting everything Hugh Jackman does, calls Jackman a monkey, and wants to club liberals:

2A. Sorry bub. I will be boycotting you and anything with you in it. You are an actor – paid to entertain. Your opinions unfortunately influence the sheep that give a crap what Hollywood thinks. I really wish you people would understand that you are all just dancing monkeys and the majority of your types are complete retards. Dance, monkey boy, dance. Keep your opinions to yourself. Save a baby seal – club a liberal.

Wayne’s comment begs the question: If Hugh Jackman is just an actor, what does that make Chuck Norris? Or Kirk Cameron? Or any of the other right-wing “entertainers” who appear on Fox and inundate the country with their nonsensical statements? Entertainers like Craig T. Nelson, who famously spoke about government assistance during an appearance with Glenn Beck, saying:

I’ve been on food stamps and welfare. Anybody help me out? No. No.


Ernest Bryson brought George Soros into the mix:

American’s have the right to own firearms. Get over it, you shill for Soros and Bloomberg!

Forward Progressives has been accused of being “paid for” by George Soros by conservatives, which we find pretty silly. If we were getting paid by a billionaire, don’t you think we’d drive nicer cars? Or donate more money to charity? Everyone who isn’t a conservative is, at least once, labeled a shill for George Soros, so welcome to the family, Mr. Jackman.

Theodore Gundling’s comment is short and sour:

No longer a fan you libtard.

Finally, because they always go here, we have a Holocaust comparison. These are particularly repugnant, owing to the fact that nothing in this country will ever come close to the horrors of the Holocaust. No one is being rounded up and killed because of their faith, no one is disarming an entire segment of society. But the folks who believe all that is right around the corner never fail to pop up in conversations to post something awful, like Mike Jen King does:

So misguided, Go’s to show that everything is for sale in Hollywood. Your crowd might as well tattoo a number on your arm.

An actor posts a photo of himself wearing a bracelet, sold by includes mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons who have lost someone they love to gun violence. But to gun nuts, Hugh Jackman’s photo is a sinister plot, funded by George Soros, to take away all the guns in the U.S., and anyone who doesn’t love guns is headed for a concentration camp. Or people who do love guns are headed for a FEMA camp. Sometimes, the paranoia gets confusing.

Kudos to Hugh Jackman, for having the courage to share his photo. He had to know what would happen; he’s a smart guy, and this is, after all, America, land of the ammosexual. Hopefully, Mr. Jackman was not inundated with death threats, or threats against his family. Of course, given that Mr. Jackman is part of the Illuminati, we all should have been expecting this. Let Justin Kyle share the truth:

ILLUMINATI PUPPET. subhuman scum bowing to your masters. GET OUT OF AMERICA!! NEVER COME BACK!!

George Soros shill, Illuminati puppet, libtard. Gee, I thought Hugh Jackman was just a talented actor who did a fabulous job in “Les Miserables.”

Erin Nanasi

Erin Nanasi is the creator of The Bachmann Diaries: Satirical Excerpts from Michele Bachmann's Fictional Diary. She hates writing about herself in the third person. Erin enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with family. And wombats. Come visit Erin on on Facebook. She also can be found on Twitter at @WriterENanasi.


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  • Pete cocoon

    I am lost for words.

  • Cuzzy levin

    People need guns today.. Fuck u cunts that are scared of them!

    • TheNefilim

      They need them because lunatics like you are already armed

      • Charles Vincent

        FYI gun owners don’t need anything nor do gun owners need to justify having them its a right not a privilege. Don’t feed the trolls moron.

      • TheNefilim

        Go fuck yourself Chucky

      • Charles Vincent

        No thanks I don’t swing that way Chief.

  • Pete cocoon

    Where is Tony

  • tm4justice

    Nice article, Erin. I agree with much of what you said. I do not identify as a liberal or a conservative (I’m pretty moderate), and I don’t necessarily agree with a lot of the current gun control legislation (I think there should be stricter regulations but not necessarily in the way the bills are proposing), but I was highly disturbed by some of the comments I read in response to Hugh Jackman’s innocent picture, and I am highly disturbed that members of Moms Demand Action get rape and abuse threats. I remember seeing someone comment that he hopes Hugh Jackman gets shot with no way to defend himself. NOBODY should be threatened, attacked, or ridiculed for their beliefs or for supporting a cause they believe to be good. I also saw people saying Everytown’s cause is evil, that Bloomberg is racist, and that Everytown lies intentionally. I did my own research and found that those claims are exaggerated or misguided. And there are plenty of highly conservative organizations with members who are openly racist and who harass others or who wish death on people, so they have no room to talk.

    Hugh Jackman is a wonderful man. I had the pleasure of meeting him, and even in person I was able to tell how genuine, generous, kind-hearted, and loving he is. His wife is equally as wonderful (I met her too). I got to watch Mr. Jackman enthusiastically run a huge charity auction (giving some of his own money as well) to help people suffering from HIV/AIDS after his play when it in no way was required of him and none of the other actors were still doing it. And he was kind enough to hang out with me and other fans before his shows, talking to us and answering questions, posing for pictures, hugging many of us, and signing autographs. His wife and family were close by. I see him as a wonderful person and a good role model (his track record for being humble, generous, moral, kind-natured, and generous speaks for itself), and it is a shame to see people boycott his movies over this, but if they do, it is their loss. I just hope they will leave Mr. Jackman and his family alone, learn to be respectful, and to tolerate the opinions of others. Thanks again for your thoughtful article.

    • Pete cocoon

      Hey shit brick justice or should I say tm4. Killing and grilling baby , Zimmerman /nuggett 2016. Nice poem Einstein, againnnnnnn you sound like your drunk and been huffing your lovers genitals. Rot in hell hippy

    • VictorPWiley

      Hugh Jackman is a closet queer.

    • VictorPWiley

      Jackman is a jag off. Get a FOOKIN clue douche bag

    • Pete cocoon

      Choke on feces justice

    • TheNefilim

      Oh look, 4 perfect examples of the term gun nut…

      • tm4justice

        lol, right?

    • Cemetery Girl

      I have never understood gun enthusiasts that are supportive of harassment and/or threatening comments about those that favor gun restrictions. It isn’t behavior that benefits the reputation of gun enthusiasts, it actually provides support for a need for restrictions. It makes far more sense to promote an image of rational communication instead of embracing very hostile communication. There are rational, responsible gun owners out there and they need to become more vocal.

      • Charles Vincent

        Maybe its because they are tired of the nonsensical ideas put forth by the left that have no efficacy nor do they address the actual problem.

      • Cemetery Girl

        There are reasonable, responsible gun owners that do support discussion about gun regulations. The angry, hostile comments/threats do not represent all gun owners, just like wanting to make every weapon illegal does not represent the views of every liberal.

      • Charles Vincent

        The problem is no one on the left employs any form of reason when it comes to the subject. Everyone(there are exceptions) on the left I have ever had a debate with on this subject displays an irrational view of a subject the don’t clearly comprehend.

      • Cemetery Girl

        The problem with that is there are some liberals and progressives that that are gun owners.

      • Charles Vincent

        That’s like saying some conservatives support abortion. Really irrelevant to the topic. Answer a question for me. What was happening first people killing people or people killing people with firearms? And why if firearms are the real problem do we prosecute the people and not the weapon they used?

      • Cemetery Girl

        You claim the problem is all liberals are irrational when it comes to guns and do not understand them, but it is irrelevant that some liberals are gun owners. Stick with your broad generalizations.

      • Charles Vincent

        Hardly a broad generalization I can point to any left leaning sight this one included to prove the point. And you still dodged the questions o posed to you.

  • Bacon s meat

    I watched sound bites of the White House summit, brilliant

  • Cemetery Girl

    Hugh Jackman is an individual with the same ability to share what he wishes on social media as the rest of us. Being famous doesn’t void his ability to have opinions and share them. If he had a completely opposite view of guns all those commenters would have been cheering him.