Gun Nuts and the NRA: Two of the Biggest Contributors to America’s Problem with Gun Violence

open-carryWhen it comes to the problem of gun violence in this country, there’s no easy solution.  No one thing is going to solve the problem and any possible solution that might actually work will most likely take time for it to actually show meaningful impact.  But it’s indisputable we have a very real problem with gun violence in this country and something needs to be done about it.

But that will never happen as long as the NRA has anything to say about it.  Their rhetoric, fear mongering and propaganda make it nearly impossible to have a rational debate about dealing with gun violence in this country.

Because no matter how many guns we have in this county, their answer to any issue pertaining to gun violence will always be the same thing – more guns.  

Not only that, any push to pass even the most sensible of gun regulations (even something as simple as universal background checks) brings about mass hysteria from gun nuts proclaiming that the government is coming to seize everybody’s guns.

It’s an endless cycle.  The NRA and their fellow gun nuts proclaim that we need more guns to protect us from the guns that their lobbying has helped ensure more easily found their way into the hands of criminals.  Honestly, it’s quite genius.  They lobbied to ensure tens of millions of guns easily find their way into our society so that later they could argue that more guns are needed to protect ourselves from the guns criminals easily obtained, because getting a gun is so easy you can get one at Walmart right next to fishing gear.

Though in reality what they’ve done is they’ve lobbied to ensure people like Elliot Rodger can legally, and easily, buy guns.

In fact, before this pathetic psychopath went on his rampage, he was what the NRA would have called a proud, patriotic gun owning American.  Using “NRA logic,” a “bad guy with a gun” was actually a “good guy with a gun” – just before they decided to open fire on their innocent victims.

But at the root of all of this remains the NRA.  The single biggest force behind the inability to have any kind of rational debates about what we can do to try to reduce gun violence in this country.  Because like I said earlier, their only answer is more guns.  But not only do they believe that more guns are the answer to everything related to gun violence, if they had their way it would be even easier for people to buy guns.

For too long we’ve let the lunatics at the NRA do everything they can to ensure that anytime the issue of reducing gun violence is mentioned, the discussion loses any possibility of common sense and rational discourse.

And as long as we continue to let the radical ideologies of the NRA pollute every single discussion on tackling gun violence, I can promise you we’re only going to see more and more of these mass shootings.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Edward Krebbs

    I’d also add that with social media, as soon as a tragedy happens the pro-NRA types widely disseminate false propoganda in the hope that no one calls them on it. For example, it was only a few hours after the shooting in the town next to UCSB that they started that this was on a campus and hence a gun-free zone (if I had been there with my rifle……). Only problem was it was NEAR campus and involved students but was NOT ON campus. Then when called on this they move the goalposts to the shooter had a psych check to have guns just a few days before (uh, what state agency did that ?). etc. etc

    • Bine646

      People, like you, making this a NRA issue is the reason tragedies like this keep occuring- you are misdirecting your energy. Elliot was a deranged human who was able to manipulate the system so he was deemed “a wonderful humanbeing” by medical professionals. That is the issue, how an individual like this was able to work the system so he could carry out his crime. Kind of scary that a 21 yr old can doped medical professionals whose job is solely to pick out these type of individuals- makes you think huh.

      Laws in CA prevented further distruction, he was not able to obtain military grade weapons, was not able to purchase extended magazines, etc etc. This made Elliot turn to other means for weapons- knives n his car.

      Eliminating the NRA would not of stopped Elliot bc pyschopaths like him are intelligent enough to find other “weapons” to carry out their acts. Guess its up to these medical professionals to get it right, pay alittle more attention to the details or perhaps be better at their jobs

      • Edward Krebbs

        Bine646, you seem to be arguing, and I’d agree, that a lot of the problem are weapons in the hands of people who are not psychologically competent to handle the same. The NRA and 2nd Amendment extremists have stridently argued against background checks for all. They have stridently argued against limiting ownership because of psychological problems making one a danger with firearms. You mention CA limiting extended magazines and military grade weapons prevented him from doing further damage. The NRA has stridently argued against limitations on extended magazines.

        So basically, they seem t stand against everything that you suggest might have an effect.

        And getting back to my original posting, you seem to have read a lot of the explosion of social media garbage / damage control including details which if true would be breaking doctor/patient confidentiality. Just a casual read of the news media shows that many of his acquaintances were highly concerned about him. But that doesn’t play into the NRA’s song.

      • Bine646

        The NRA is a nonprofit organization started in the late 1800s to educate n promote gun safety/ownership, provide training for law enforcement and preserve the history of the firearm. Its has millions of members which provide over half of the funding that the organization receives, so beginning the 1930 the NRA created a new division (legislative affairs division) to inform its members on new legislation being passed.

        The NRA supported the National Firearms Act (which prohibited gangster weapons) and the FFA which established licensing for firearms.
        It wasnt until the 70s when they created a superPAC that they really entered the political scene- but has that hurt their membership? Seems not- so your problem is really with the stance of millions of your fellow americans on the gun issues- not the nonprofit (no salary, no employees) organization who is voicing their opinion?

        You can argue that the NRA has become more political in the past 40 years but so has so many other organizations and movements. Super PACs are part of our political scene, so to become upset that one organization is using the same lobbying power as another is ridiculous- especially when they are protecting the interests of the people who are donating the money. Or when politicians are voting in their favor.

        Country was founded with firearms, the NRA is simply an organization trying to educate, preserve and promote that. These mass killings (Sandy hook, Aurora, Columbine, California) were not carried out by NRA members trying to force their message on the masses- they were carried out by crazed lunatics who are terrorists trying to force their message/fear on the masses. NRA is fighting asinine laws like gun confiscation during times of state of emergency or banning all “assault” weapons like .223s from responsible owners- while you can purchase higher powered firearms…..
        We see how all these “laws” are working in areas such as Chicago ( now dubbed Chiraq- where they use handguns instead of assault rifles to prove a point to the politicians) and California where maniacs are killing girls over being turned down.

        You wanna start blaming people for their direct impact on the masses- blame HipHop which promotes all of these things directly to our youth. From murder, to rape, to gang life, to drug sales…..

      • Stephen Barlow

        BLAH BLAH BLAH, Since 1977, they have been a terrorist organization.

      • Bine646

        Terrorist organization? They shooting down planes n blowing up buildings? You are a clown

      • Stephen Barlow

        They proliferate GUN DEATHS by lobbying and promotion of fear.

        They applaud shopping with loaded assault rifles and say they are in it for the sportsman.

      • Bine646

        The denounced the Open Carry Group so wrong again pal

      • Stephen Barlow

        Not on day one or day 6… ONLY after the public opinion chapped their asses hard enough.

      • Bine646

        So they didnt applaud? Exactly

      • Stephen Barlow

        Not even close. Wonder how much NRA funding Open Carry got a start up capital?

      • Bine646

        Not even close? So why did you say it? They publicly denounced their movement- time to move on Stevie

      • Stephen Barlow

        WHEN? A week AFTER Target booted them all?

      • Bine646

        You are clueless when it comes to the news huh? World wide web has all the info, answer your own questions pal

      • Stephen Barlow

        I think the COPS psych exam should be a requirement for gun ownership. because if a TRAINED COP isn’t fir to control a MURDER TOOL, then an untrained, emotionally motivated impulse shopper most DEFINITELY should NEVER have a gun.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Eliminating YOU would reduce gun proliferation.

      • Bine646

        Two months late to the convo there pal. Nice for the peanut gallery to finally show up

    • Stephen Barlow

      These are Republicans you are talking about man!!! There is no truth in them.

  • AntiLies

    a person will kill if he wants to. Why, instead of a gun, he could use a knife. OH DARN, WAIT! HE DID!!
    or, he might use a car! OH DARN, HE DID THAT, TOO!

    please post the links to your petitions to ban knives and cars here, I’d like to see them.

    I agree it’s about time we start legislating those damn car manufacturers! THEY HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS, you know!

  • Meye Opinion

    When you look at the other first world countries like Australia, Canada, the UK, we all have similar cultures. The same music, video games, movies etc. The main difference is our gun control laws and laws that were enacted immediately following any massacres that we did have. That’s not to say we don’t own rifles or handguns but rather there are vigorous controls, registration and licensing in place. Anyone can buy a hunting rifle but you can not open carry (unless you’re in the countryside)and you certainly can not buy semi automatics with ease. Or 70 round clips. The only reason Canada is having an increase in these weapons on the street is because they are trickling in from the States! For the most part though the percentages are low. Oh, I’m Canuckian btw, living and loving in the US of A. I have seen the change from common sense and respect in this country over the last decade or so. Probably about the time of the Dixie Chicks fiasco and the ‘you’re either for us or against us’ bs that those of us watching abroad were laughing hysterically over. Such utter nonsense from the phoney cowboy and his evil henchman The Penguin! Faux news has also divided and inflamed the nation. Rush, coulter, beck et al are just pure evil and nastiness. Utter disrespect for everything and everyone. Outright lies passing as truth. What used to be considered fringe lunacy is now making headlines and getting airplay whereas decades ago it would have been considered unAmerican cowardly behaviour. For that reason alone it was not given a recent FCC license in Canada, and we are grateful. I think they could possibly be one of the key factors to this problem. Easy gun access and a tv channel fomenting fear and hate. I now step of my soapbox (:.

    • Bine646

      Our country is very young when compared to others- its quick to look up how we obtained our freedom from one like Great Britain.

      • Stephen Barlow

        WOW, THAT’s an unconnected set of points!!!

        Hey sparky, When England wrested it’s freedom from Rome, were they any different than America was in 1776?

  • Stephen Barlow

    I wonder if suing the NRA for gun proliferation, like suing a power company for polluting deaths (think Erin Brockovich and PGE) would be a strategy.

    It would force them to PROVE that guns don’t kill. They would have to open their files like Big Tobacco had to open their research… and MAKE THEM LIABLE. Remember Philip-Morris? they are now a Foreign company, Altria. To avoid liability for selling cancer by the carton.

  • SYG

    I tried using logic against a rock one time. The rock didn’t listen to my facts, but simply stood still in its position. It was like talking to a Forward Progressive Democrat. Same results.