Guns, God and Bullsh*t: The Real Truth About the Republican Party

huckabee-crossLong ago I reached my tipping point with Republicans as far as it pertains to me being able to take the vast majority of them seriously. It’s not that I want to have such a massive divide between myself and my conservative counterparts, it’s just that I can’t deal with people who are completely irrational.

Once upon a time our differences were as such that we could at least find amicable ground on which to find some sort of compromise. Nowadays many Republicans have shifted so far right that Ronald Reagan would have trouble winning a GOP primary. After all, can anyone imagine today’s conservatives voting for someone who passed an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants, negotiated with Iran and raised taxes in 5 of his 8 years as president?

Who knew there would come a time when I would long for the days when Democrats and Republicans simply disagreed on how to combat climate change, not whether or not it’s actually real.

But the last few years Republicans have created this alternate reality that seems to only exist in their own minds. One where the only requirement for something to be real is their desire for it to be real.

Their incessant rhetoric about “fiscal responsiblity” is a great example of this. Despite the fact that a Republican president hasn’t balanced the budget since Eisenhower did it in the 1950’s, Republicans will swear up and down that they’re the party for “fiscal responsibility.” Yet none of these folks can seem to explain how a party is “fiscally responsible” while adding trillions to the debt. You know, like Reagan and both Bushes did.

Their rhetoric about guns is another topic where they’re completely irrational. Our Second Amendment literally has the words “well regulated” written in it, yet they oppose pretty much any attempt to “well regulate” guns in the United States. Never mind the fact that tighter regulations on firearms wouldn’t impact a single law-abiding (and mentally sound) American citizen.

The reality is, they’ve fallen victim to the fear-mongering propaganda that’s been pushed by the NRA at the behest of the big gun and ammo lobbies. They’ve become so absurd that one of their go-to catch phrases – “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” – quite literally says that the only way we can stop a “bad guy” is by letting them shoot and/or kill at least one victim before that “bad guy” can be identified and stopped by the “good guy.”

Just think about this for a moment. If someone is armed to the teeth with a Glock holstered to their hip and an AK-47 strapped to their back, and someone with a pistol walking right behind them decides to pull out their gun and fire three rounds into the back of that AK-47 toting individual’s head, how did guns protect them? All they ultimately ended up with is a very well armed corpse, whose murderer may or may not be “stopped by a good guy with a gun.”

The only way to stop bad guys with guns is to do everything we can to make sure criminals and the mentally unstable don’t get them. We can pass strict gun laws in this country and still have a nation where tens of millions of law-abiding and mentally sound Americans have guns. But you can’t even begin to have that discussion in a reasonable manner because most Republicans are completely incapable of being reasonable when it comes to guns.

Then there are the Bible-thumpers. You know, the people who seem to validate their Christianity by their church attendance.

Yet, the two big “Bible issues” Republicans harp on most (abortion and gay rights) are two topics of which Jesus Christ (the man on which Christianity is based) never spoke. Though he did speak quite often about helping people, being generous, giving, helping the needy, providing for the poor and about the dangers of greed.

So, one would think that a party claiming to be “all about the Jesus” would be comprised of staunch advocates for programs that help the poor, sick and needy, right? Except, the Republican party doesn’t stand for any of that. In fact, they often push for policies that hurt poor people, while benefitting the richest among us. Not only that, but many times Republicans go out of their way to vilify the poor, often referring to them as “moochers” and “lazy.”

Here’s my rule: Until you start following the teachings of Jesus Christ (helping the poor, the sick, the needy, the weak and “loving thy neighbor” – without exception) you should really stop calling yourselves the “party for Christian values.”

Even when it comes to their opposition to the Affordable Care Act. Let’s go ahead and state what most of us already know: The “mandate” was a Republican idea from the 90’s. Practically every argument Republicans use against the ACA is nothing but an argument for true universal health care.

These are also the people who talk endlessly about “freedom and liberty,” while pushing for laws that restrict and control the private lives of all homosexuals and women.

Though let’s not forget how much they claim to love our Constitution. Well, that is until the Supreme Court (otherwise known as the third branch of our government created by that very same Constitution) rules against something they want. Then our Supreme Court Justices suddenly becomes “nine unelected lawyers” who are wielding unconstitutional power over the will of the American people. Which makes absolutely no sense considering the Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionally of a law is exactly what they’re supposed to do.

I could literally keep going on and on… and on about the hypocrisy of the GOP. It’s a seemingly endless stream of talking points, empty rhetoric and propaganda. And it’s only getting worse.

That’s why I believe the new slogan of the Republican party should be “Guns, God and Bullshit.” Hit me up on Facebook or Twitter and let me know if you agree.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Steve Temke

    This article points out the Republican strategy: Dazzle the rubes and yokels with the bullsh*t while you stick to your REAL agenda which is making sure the rich folks get richer.

    • justavenger

      Cite facts, post proof, use peer reviewed journals from scholastic sources. Or STFU.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        One needs only to read to realize Temke is correct. The Republican strategy is to protect the 1% and screw the rest of us. Tax cuts for the rich. Raise the retirement age. Privatize Social Security. Get rid of Medicare,etc, etc, etc.

      • justavenger

        Wonderful ideas, I would go one further that would improve everyone’s lives, gut government by half. Close down entire agencies, condense regulations, privitize ALL medical expenses, return Healthcare to doctors and patients, install medical savings accounts and do away with Medicare and Medicaid.
        Next gut entitlements and use that money to help the private sector create real jobs for American citizens. Use the vast tax surplus this creates to pay off the ten trillion in debt Oblojob added and end all foreign wars not approved by Constitutional declaration.
        More privation and a lot more Capitalism will solve all our ills, socialism and failed Democrap government programs have crippled this country. Liberalism is a mental disorder, Conservative ideas work everytime they are tried.

      • Jon Grasseschi

        Except for, you know, every time they’ve been tried.

      • mikeatle

        You are so full of shit you don’t even know how awful you stink.

      • Gregory771

        When somebody drops the first ‘name call’ one knows that it’s written by someone who doesn’t quite understand what’s being discussed…..

      • justavenger

        What the f**k are you talking about? I don’t think you even know.
        How much does Soros pay you trolls?

      • css

        You need new material. That mental disorder, Soros paying trolls, etc. is just dumb.

      • justavenger

        Truth never gets old and it always retains it substance. Unlike your shift with the winds twisted ancient ways, wickedness has been around since the wicked liberal brother cracked the good brother’s head open with and assault.

      • Mike Watkins

        You know when someone is stupid they do not know they are stupid because they are stupid. You are a case in point

      • justavenger

        It is so refreshing to see you’re no longer in denile.

      • css

        Have you read about Kansas? Don’t think it’s working.

      • justavenger

        It is working GREAT. Government spending the citizen’s tax dollar responsibly, people learning to take care of their own needs. No borrowing from their grandchildren and running up debt they cannot pay off. I cannot wait for all local, state, and federal governments to be responsible.
        How about earning your own way and paying your own bills and stop stealing from your neighbors.

      • css

        You are downright hilarious.

      • justavenger

        Why thank you, I hope you get that mental disorder worked on.

      • css

        I hope you learn to love America.

      • justavenger

        Ah, projecting again, what’s with you people and attaching your situation to others

      • Bruce Norbeck

        How about YOU learn some actual economics, instead of blathering nonsense your GOP handlers fed you? Because I can guarantee you’re either a troll or else painfully ignorant.

      • justavenger

        You are an uneducated ignorant fool. It is sad that you never finished high school.

      • Howard Sands

        You are one of the rubes or yokels that Mr Temke is talking about. Instead of telling him to STFU, maybe you can take your head out of your ass and let his words encourage you to educate yourself.

  • Eg Kbbs

    They’ve already become so entrenched in a constellation of strict ideologies shared by only a few other people that they can’t even get along with themselves. Only time before they implode.

    • Philip Marks

      I quite agree, they are on a implosion course, as the only way to get support it so be more “conservative” than the last guy which inevitably eliminates more and more people as they go on. This party will surely shrink itself to greatness! Well I think it will be great when it shrinks away anyhow.

  • Eg Kbbs

    Having lived in a major city and now living in a rural area, I have a clear perception that the rural areas are irrefutably sold on the idea that the cities are full of gangs, violence, drugs, sexual displays (including straight and especially LGBT) etc. that we don’t have here in the country. Also, cities are full of people mooching off govt payments (especially interesting not only for govt crop payments, but that my county has one of the highest unemployment rates and highest rates of people living in poverty in the state). Age is older (and full of folks angry that they aren’t in the good ole days when they could call a black person with the N word, etc.)

    Meanwhile, the cities see the country as full of the cast from Deliverance.

    Of course, this has similarities to the Brexit vote and also a strong correlation of Trump voters.

    • Eg Kbbs

      Should have added, to the rural, the cities are full of them minorities that act differently.

  • James

    And the bullshit is deep!