Guns vs. Ebola: The Great Republican Hypocrisy

guns-vs-ebolaSince the dawn of conservatism, the one belief that’s been a constant is their staunch anti-government stance. This nation fought a Civil War because southern conservatives believed that their states had the right to own human beings as property. These Confederate states seceded from the United States over what they claimed was an “illegal” push by the federal government to end slavery and grant slaves their freedom.

And whether it’s been their opposition to women’s suffrage, desegregation, civil rights, interracial marriage, gay rights or women’s rights, these same states, supported by conservative ideology, have held the constant belief that the government is bad and our Tenth Amendment (states’ rights) matters more than federal law.

When it comes to guns, most conservatives are very anti-government regulation. In fact, if it were left up to most conservatives, we would have little or no regulations on guns. After all, according to many of these people, the reason why gun violence is such an issue in this country is because we need more guns. 

Apparently over 300 million guns aren’t enough.

Any time there’s any mention from anyone at the federal level that we need sensible gun reform (universal background checks, limits on magazine size, the banning of certain kinds of military-style semi-automatic rifles) conservatives and their NRA brethren go berserk. Perhaps their most famous line is the one that makes absolutely no sense – “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.” The theory behind that seems to be that once a “bad guy” shoots someone with a gun, then the “good guy” can stop them. This rarely ever happens of course, nor does it help the first victim claimed by the shooter, but why let facts or reality stand in the way of some good old fashioned right-wing gun-loving propaganda?

But when it comes to guns, and the 8-10k American lives lost every year due to gun related homicides, conservatives don’t want the government anywhere near this issue.

However, have 4 people within the United States get diagnosed with the Ebola virus (with only one death among the four), and suddenly many of these same anti-government conservatives can’t get enough of the federal government. In fact, not only can they not get enough of the federal government, they’re wanting the government to do more to regulate travel.

Who would have ever thought, conservatives feverishly pushing for the government to implement more regulations.

Between 8-10k Americans die every year due to gun violence, but we shouldn’t do anything to try to regulate guns. Four people get diagnosed with Ebola and all hell breaks loose.

But here’s a fun fact: Every single American – every single one of us – is more likely to be killed by a handgun today than to catch Ebola. In fact, around 25 people die every single day from gun related homicides.

Look at the right-wing panic following four cases of Ebola (with only one death). Now imagine if 25 Americans per day were dying from Ebola. And with over 300 million guns in this country, don’t even tell me we have a “lack of guns” problem that’s allowing gun violence to run rampant.

Now, are these two situations exactly the same? No. They’re two different threats. One is actually killing 25 Americans every day, whereas the other is a disease that’s typically very hard to transmit unless you’ve been in direct contact with the infected bodily fluids of someone showing signs of having the virus.

Though what I’m trying to do is point to a glaring hypocrisy from the right. They claim the government is worthless and too regulatory – until it’s something they want the government to regulate. Then suddenly they’re big fans of the federal government. Take same-sex marriage for example. Conservatives would love a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage.

And while it’s rational to be cautious about Ebola, the outrageous and irrational fear-mongering being pushed by many conservatives is laughable. But again, between Ebola and gun violence, which one will claim more American lives today?

Ebola: 0

Guns: 25

In fact, if you look at the over 4k people who’ve died from Ebola in Africa, that’s about on par with how many Americans have died since March (when this outbreak began) from gun violence.

And we won’t even get into heart disease or cancer, which kill over 1 million Americans every year. Two problems that could be greatly reduced if every American had access to health care – another issue conservatives vehemently oppose.

Just imagine how much greater this country could be if we didn’t have to constantly deal with Republican ignorance and propaganda.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • BoiseBoy

    It is hard to understand how the NRA which was started as a social club and safety education for sportsmen hunters allowed its organization to become a lobbyist for assault weapons for the gun industry.

    • Michael Siever

      Simple answer: $$$$$$$

    • Steve Brains

      it was taken over in 1977 by gun manufacturer’s who lobbied for a convicted MURDERER to be president of the group. Selling guns makes more money than annual dues.

      • Jim Bean

        Its a non-profit organization, Steve . . .Brains(?)

      • Steve Brains

        Yep, and 90% of their income is from Gun Manufacturer’s and their stockholders. tax status has nothing to do with the SOURCE.

      • Jim Bean

        Sol Goldman Investment, Goldman Sachs, JS Capital Management, Bonanza Oil – contributors to Planned Parenthood.

        And once again, you foolishly trusted your ‘brain’ alone and did no research to nourish it.

        From factcheckdogorg: The National Rifle Association of America, on the other hand, reported $227.8 million in revenues in 2010 — nearly half of which came from member dues ($100.5 million) and program fees ($6.6 million).

      • Steve Brains

        And that has WHAT to do with the NRA gunrunning operations?

      • Steve Brains


        So out of $227 MILLION, $6.6 Million if from Sportman’s and educational programs.

        So 97% of their income is for propaganda and political blackmail and less than 3% is for What the NRA Mission Statement CLAMS is their purpose.

        Thanks again.

        NOW… let’s look at the NRA splinter PACS and other groups.
        The NRA has four charitable subsidiaries: the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund, the NRA Foundation Inc., the NRA Special Contribution Fund, and the NRA Freedom Action Foundation.[2][7][8][5] The NRA is also affiliated with the Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA), its lobbying arm, which manages its political action committee, the Political Victory Fund ALL have their own income sources in ADDITION to the $220 million spent on Extortion of Legislatures and Black ball propagandatising.

        Additionally, the NRA has 34 MAJOR CORPORATE sponsors, or affiliates who PAY the NRA a percentage of it’s income from sales to NRA members.

        It’s quite possible that the whole of the NRA racketeering operations NET $2 BILLION tax free dollars per election cycle.

        That’s a lot of strong arming cash to beat Congress up with. No wonder MORE THAN HALF the House voted AGAINST the desire of 90+% of American Citizens for Gun Controls. (0% of america was DENIED elected Representation in Congress because of the probably $2 Billion PAC (Political Assassination Committee) subsidiaries of the NRA.

        SPortsman’s Group My ASS!!!

    • Jim Bean

      They are also a lobbyist for me – an NRA member – and I have to pay them good money to do it because the Left is forever trying add that one more piece of magical legislation that will do the trick that the last 400 pieces were supposed to, but didn’t.

    • Charles Vincent

      That isn’t even close;
      “Union veterans Col. William C. Church and Gen. George Wingate formed
      the National Rifle Association in 1871. The primary goal of the
      association would be to “promote and encourage rifle shooting on a
      scientific basis,”

  • Steve Brains

    Actually, the odds of getting killed by a gun (including by a COP) are 30,000 to 1 this year. The 6 other Americans with Ebola diagnosis and treatment have either been cured or are being cured. But the real bonus is that once you are an ebola SURVIVOR, you become a CURE, a serum treatment for many other Ebola victims.

    NO gunshot wound survivor can EVER prevent another gun death or be a survival mechanism/source/treatment for ANY OTHER GUN WOUND.

    I think open season on Repubicans @ the polls is in order. It’s EXACTLY the kind of influence these people need. 30,000 Republicans gun deaths in one day, Nationwide. Every week until they realize that 300,000,000 guns in the hands os people with a righteous purpose is too many. We would ALL be STANDING OUR GROUND against the “Imminent Threat” that 300,000,000 guns in the hands of minimally trained persons, INCLUDING MINORS. Have kids conceal carry (SNEAK) their ambush weapons into church on Sunday and shoot the four people next to them and then thrown down the piece and surrender. They get charged as a juvenile and since it was SELF DEFENSE under SYG, they get a WALK.

    52 Sundays times 30,000/day = ENOUGH DEAD REPUBLICANS to make a difference.

    BEcause a Good guy with a righteous gun trumps a bad guy any day.

    • Saul Good

      A gun can ABSOLUTELY prevent a lunatic liberal from knifing someone to death:)

      • Steve Brains

        Possibly. Within 21 feet, the knife is the better weapon to draw. But ambush carry is the theme of the Cowardly State these days… knock your self out.

  • Thomas Barnidge

    Has anyone used Ebola to defend themselves? Is Ebola mention in the constitution? Surely you can come up with better reasons to disarm the public and slam Republicans….

    • strayaway

      Liberals believe in a “living Constitution”. Maybe that’s why they want to protect ebola rights. Some Republicans, on the other hand, are stuck on the quaint notions of providing for the common defense and general Welfare.

  • Eg Kbbs

    Already I’ve seen a torrential downpour of comments that WA is a false flag attack by CIA / FBI. Ammosexuals don’t have to wait for the facts and therefore know their facts prior to the investigation.

  • Eg Kbbs

    I’ve always been more than a little suspicious that the hyping of the fear over Ebola is more a matter of using a convenient excuse to do what you wanted to do anyway.

    Not only Christian Nationalist / White Supremacists / KKK groups hate people who aren’t WASP. They and many others have been in terror that whites won’t be the majority in a few decades. They’ve wanted to close the border and ship back any blacks, hispanics, etc.

    The spreading of Ebola is their chance. Even though the science is that closing our borders will make things worse…. Even though more people have married Kim Kardasian than have contracted Ebola in the USA and Europe (saw it put that way elsewhere. Wish I could claim that were original to me)…..

    They can hype the fear over Ebola and use that to close the borders, which is what they wanted to do all along.

  • John

    Big Gubment is evil unless it does our bidding. #TeaPartyLogic

  • Jim Bean

    As the spread of guns has widened dramatically, the ill-effects caused by guns has decreased dramatically.

    As the spread of Ebola widens, so will the ill-effects of it widen.

    Its an erroneous application of the term ‘hypocrisy?”

  • mb2bm55

    This article is so devoid of any intellectual value that it manages to encapsulate every aspect of idiocy the internet has enabled. How I ended up being linked to this article is a small aside to the mystifying way in which this author has somehow connected a political stance on gun control with a virus and drawn a damning conclusion. His brain should be preserved for the study of future generations

  • Saul Good

    We have the right to bear arms. Accept it. Or, do you want to outlaw knives, too?
    Obama wants a scapegoat when this Ebola thing blows up, so I know this “czar” is worthless.
    Dems are hypocrites about Ebola: “Don’t quarantine someone to protect the population from a virus that kills HALF of those it infects, but you better get a chickenpox shot even though studies have proven vaccines have actually killed/irrevocably harmed people.” The calm-mongering on this issue is sickening.
    Also, if those PROFESSIONAL, PROTECTED nurses contracted Ebola simply from helping the affected (unlike HIV and AIDS where there needs to be a REAL exchange of bodily fluids to transmit) what makes you think the many ordinary people coming into close contact with unquarantined Ebola victims would be safe? The answer is that you don’t know all about Ebola and how to GUARANTEE our safety regarding it, so you shouldn’t write an article mocking people who don’t trust the Obama administration’s worthless assurances, as it puts your ignorance on full display.