Hannity Fans Embarrass Themselves, Destroy Expensive Appliances After Company Pulls Ads From Show

When it comes to politics, we’re in unprecedented territory. While I’ve never viewed most Republican voters as rational, logical, or even factually-driven people, I’ve never seen the type of hypocrisy or outright insanity like I have over the past few years. Especially the last two since Trump’s rise to the top of the GOP.

As if supporting a self-admitted sexual predator who mocks POWs and called a Gold Star widow a liar wasn’t bad enough, further proving that there really isn’t a depth to which many conservative voters will not stoop, we can now add their support for a Senate candidate accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old to the list of things the majority of Republican voters apparently find acceptable.

Of course, I’m talking about Roy Moore and the allegations by several women that, while in his 30’s, he attempted to engage in relationships with them while most were underage, with one being as young as 14 at the time.

Moore quickly rushed to Fox News’ Sean Hannity, where lowlife Republicans go seeking a safe place to promote their propaganda, to do an interview that only seemed to make the situation worse. Throughout an interview where Hannity did everything he could to help him “prove his innocence,” the Alabama Senate candidate only made himself look even more guilty.

This led to people reaching out to the show’s advertisers, urging them to dump the Fox News host for trying to slander the accusers, while defending a child predator.

One of the five companies that ultimately decided Hannity had finally crossed a line was popular coffee maker company Keurig.

Via USA Today:

Some conservatives are destroying their Keurig coffee machines in protest of the company pulling ads from Sean Hannity’s show over his coverage of the sexual misconduct allegations levied at Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Keurig, Realtor.com, 23 and Me, Eloquii and Nature’s Bounty all pulled their ads from the television show, in response to the Fox host urging viewers not to rush to judgment against Moore.

On social media, many used the hashtag #BoycottKeurig to slam the company for pulling its ads. Some posted videos of themselves smashing their Keurig machines and others vowed never to use the coffee maker again.

Apparently to “show us liberals,” quite a few of Hannity’s fans decided to post videos of themselves destroying their Keurig coffee makers that often cost well over $100.

Let me repeat that.

In an effort which many of these folks believed would upset liberals, they destroyed their very expensive kitchen appliances after a company pulled its ads from a show where the host has tried to make an accused child predator look innocent.

If that doesn’t summarize the ignorance of the type of people who watch Hannity, I don’t know what will.

Not only are these people sick in that they seem fine defending a man who, while in his 30’s, has been accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old, but they think liberals would be upset watching them destroy extremely expensive coffee makers that they had already paid for.

Angry or upset aren’t the words I’d used to describe my feelings after learning that Hannity’s fans were destroying their Keurigs after the company pulled its support from his show. I think “vindicated” is more accurate. Vindicated in my belief that it takes a special kind of lowlife, brainwashed, factually and morally deprived fool to view Fox News’ Sean Hannity as a credible source of information. The type of people who would defend a child predator and destroy their very expensive coffee maker thinking liberals would be “upset” over the gesture, instead of laughing at them for how incredibly stupid they are for doing so.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go make myself a cup of coffee on my Keurig.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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