Hannity’s Latest Attempt to Defend Roy Moore is One of His Most Pathetic Yet

On Monday, Fox News’ Sean Hannity took his desperate attempts to defend an accused child sexual predator to another pathetic level when, instead of actually trying to defend Moore, he did what he usually does — he attacked the “other side.”

This time he tried to slander liberal website Media Matters. The headline on his website read: Media Matters DEFENDS DEMOCRATS on Sex Scandals

Of course, that’s utterly ridiculous and sensationalized trash.

What Hannity did is link to a story written by some no-name anti-Media Matters website that has an Alexa ranking (a site that monitors Internet traffic) of 586,796 — in the United States. For those of you wondering, yeah, that’s fairly irrelevant. The website doesn’t have a “privacy policy” section, any links to any kind of social media presence, has only published a handful of articles, doesn’t identify who wrote them, and doesn’t even put the dates when they were published.

In other words, it’s a trash blog that receives almost no traffic started by some anonymous person that seems fixated on trashing Media Matters.

Yet Hannity’s website used this blog as a source for the article where he claims Media Matters has “defended Democrats on sex scandals.”

And what does both Hannity and this worthless anti-Media Matters blog use to back up such a claim?

Well, of course, they had to bring up the Clintons. But they also brought up Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) who, just a few years ago, was the subject of several articles published by conservative site The Daily Caller concerning accusations he had sex with underage prostitutes:

Media Matters has a long history of supporting not only Hillary and Bill Clinton in their efforts to silence the former President’s accusers, but more recently allegations against embattled New Jersey Democrat Bob Menendez, who has also been accused of inappropriate sexual relations.

The problem for Hannity is, the allegations against Menendez were soundly debunked back in 2013. One of the women who had accused the senator of sexual misconduct admitted that she was lying and had been paid to do so. Even the FBI, along with Dominican Republic law enforcement officials, found absolutely no evidence to back up the claims against Menendez.

Which is what Media Matters reported on over four years ago:

In another devastating blow to the credibility of The Daily Caller, the Associated Press is reporting that Dominican police have determined that three women who said they had sex with Sen. Robert Menendez for money were actually paid to make the false accusations.

They then linked the AP story that said the Dominican Republic had determined the three women who accused Menendez of having sex with them were “paid to make false claims by an attorney in the Caribbean country.”

I would like to point out that while this trash blog and Hannity’s website both made these slanderous claims against Media Matters, neither linked back to an article, comment, or statement from the liberal website that actually proved the accusations they were making against them.

For the record, if you’re ever reading an article that doesn’t link back to anything that proves their claim, especially a credible source, not just some random blog like Hannity did in his post, then most of the time what you’re reading is probably either heavily exaggerated, contextually inaccurate, or just outright fiction.

Obviously neither Hannity nor this random blog could link back to anything Media Matters published to support the nonsense they were trying to sell — because it wasn’t true.

Yes, Media Matters did defend Menendez against these allegations, but that’s because when The Daily Caller was pushing these stories out against him, the evidence was clearly sketchy and, ultimately, turned out to be lies made up by three prostitutes who were paid to say what they said.

Yet you won’t see any of that mentioned by Sean Hannity on his show, Twitter, or in the article his website published.

Instead, like he always does, Hannity was more than fine selling outright lies. Only this time he’s doing it in a sick and desperate attempt to defend Roy Moore, someone who’s been accused of being a child sexual predator.

Just when you think Sean Hannity can’t stoop any lower, all you really need to do is give him some time. He seems more than eager enough to prove that he can always be a bigger scumbag today than he was yesterday.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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